Thank you all for writing these testimonials!  I feel incredible gratitude and love!  If you would like to write a testimonial, please scroll down and use the contact form at the bottom of the page.  Much love, light and blessings. ♥


“Your reading was magic…it just makes us travel back in time!
Thank you again for the enlightening reading and for the clarity you brought to me. :)”


The whole reading makes sense and I find it very reassuring to know about my current Guides.
Thank you so very much.”


Thank you so very much for a unique and wonderful reading.
I contacted you after reading the two readings by you that Gary Carlson posted on his site.


“WOW!!! Thank you so much Carolyn! That was an amazingly vivid and eloquently written story that resonates with me on many levels!! It has provided me with validation about my path and many of the details that I learned in several previous readings with Dr. Lauren Cielo.  I love the story because it answers the question as to why I am on my current path. Also I like the geo-political comments about “Men wreaking havoc on one another to appease an imperial appetite for commerce and wealth.” I very much support the current movement led by David Wilcock. I had a past life reading with Lauren and she said she saw 2 past lives but only discussed one of them for the reading. I believe that you have provided me with the 2nd past life since it is different than the reading she provided which had to do more with showing me that I was clairvoyant in a past life. Also the part about Archangel Raphael resonates with me on several levels. First is that he is the “healing” angel. Second is the color green. I often see green when meditating and when checking my aura under the red light (Jerry Wills trick) it’s always green. Finally I got a set of Angel cards and Raphael was the angel that most appealed to me (maybe because I knew he was the healer angel).  Lauren also mentioned a renaissance era guide who throws roadblocks in my way when I need help with something. Sounds very much like the Venetian Master you mention. And I do need help often when emotions take center stage when dealing with my two very challenging boys! 🙂  Finally the parts of your reading relating to me being unsure or anxious or having too many choices rings true and is the reason I get many different readings as a way to help me converge on the truth and validate what I am hearing. Your reading has helped immensely in that regard!”


“I was deeply moved by your reading. I give thanks to my guides and beings of light that showed once more through the reading that I am never alone.  Actually, the same day that I contacted you, I felt consoled by a short mantra that my cousin related to me from my father some years after he passed: “Remain in my heart Jesus; All for you my God.” When I pronounced those words on that day, I deeply felt Jesus presence comforting me since I have recently had some health related issues. I will copy here a soul report that Gary Carlson did for me two days before getting your reading and that will give you a better idea of how much Spirit through you have helped me find direction. I’m going to add that your reading has clarify the mystery of why, although I try, I tend to disengaged from people when I know that I could have been more present for them. I am kind and thoughtful, but I know, I’m not there fully. I shy away at those times. I definitely understand about my throat chakra, “…receiving information clearly yet outward communication is hindered.  You are not communicating all that you see.”  I suppose that the chakra information refers to the present.  Also, the “tempered light” at the solar plexus, I believe is related to this too.  Of all my incarnations, this specific life comes to me at this time because I need to let go of that weary feeling that still lingers and should not be afraid to delve into it again, when I find opportunity interacting with people at a deeper level. Thank you, thank you, thank you Carolyn.  Keep on doing this mission of love.”


“Wow, thank you. You have really tapped into my imaginery child, my imaginary look out. It is exactly where I am from. I always knew it. Also the woman with silver hair, I’ve seen her before, I didn’t know she was Pleadian, neither did I know she was a guide of mine. Also the part with the kingdom… Thank you for such insight. You are truly blessed with these visions. Thank you. Love and light xxx”


“Oh my goodness, thank you so much! That was amazing! Even though I’m usually pretty composed and it’s hard to upset me/or make me too sad, that story hit home for some reason so maybe that means something? Not to mention it’s about Native Americans, I always thought if I saw a past life of mine it’d be something like that and agriculture (though I’m not sure why? haha) But this helps tie it together. It actually sounds like an amazing book that I wish I could read to see what happens next (:”


“Your reading was absolutely amazing, it made me cry. (In a good way, of course!) I felt such a overwhelming amount of peace while reading it, and it all just came full circle towards the end (I hope that makes sense!)  You are a absolute angel for sharing your gifts like this. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a insightful, and amazing reading.”


“I can’t thank-you enough seriously that was amazing. It’s really weird, ever since I was young I had a weird connection with merfolk, and another past life reader told me I was definitely linked to the underworld of mermaids etc. I can’t comprehend it though I must admit – I mean I didn’t expect it AT all but I’m very pleased with it you get me? Your writing is so eloquent, I really do admire that.”


“Its the first time I got a remote soul reading and I actually did relate to my reading.  The part where I am always in my thoughts and deciding.  The third chakra was also on the spot, as always I reflect on what I see and very talkative in the inside.  As for the throat chakra, I am always clashed with high expectations, I also had a hard time picking a career to do and finding the meaning as well.  I’m not that intuitive myself but I was learning about the 1900’s and its expanding technologies.  So overall Seraphinity did awesome job with these readings :D”


“Thanks for the reading.  I felt a lot of what you said resonated with me.  I still today feel like I carry the core essence of the Horseman in my daily routine.  With the chakras, you hit the traits with point blank accuracy.  I know I need to show more love from my heart chakra to the world around me and my throat chakra is too tight which causes a lot of problems I have now communicating with people and why I may appear aloof and standoffish to many around me.  I know it’s related to issues with control so I wasn’t surprised by that.   🙂   With the 3rd eye chakra, even though I feel intuitive right now you said it does a quiet spin stopping intermittently.  What I take from that is if this chakra is working properly that I would discover greater abilities that I didn’t even know that I had.   🙂   I would recommend you to anybody out there who wants a Remote Reading.”


“Wow! So the person that I saw in the Past Life Regression Hypnosis from Youtube is the person on that reading (I think that was November). 🙂 He was holding a mask, dancing and smiling to me. The name that I got there is Karin. It resonated to me more now. I wish I’ll be a dancer too in this life time, haha.”

“The Chakra reading resonated to me also. Crown Chakra -Wow! I’d like to see those stars.. 🙂 ; 3rd Eye – It’s really nice to know about the ancestral spirits helping me. ; Throat Chakra – Yes, I suffer from recurrent tonsilitis, sinusitis and sore throat. It’s also true that I have a problem sharing my skills because I think they’re not good enough, comparing on what others can do. ; Heart Chakra – Yes, I love everyone! 🙂 ; Solar Plexus – Yes, I kinda have a problem opening this like my throat chakra. I often feel alone and would like to be alone sometimes but I make sure to be accomodating and present to others. I thank the Source everyday for this life. ; Sacral Chakra – I didn’t have any romantic relationships so I don’t have any idea but I think the sliding movement pertains to something; choosing the right one carefully, maybe.”

“I’m glad to know that the angels are here with me. I always see blinks of light and purple lights around me, especially if I’m sad. It’s my first time to know about Ascended Master El Morya, but I will thank him everyday from now on. 🙂 I think Karin tells me about my low self esteem in the present time, I will ask help from him. 🙂 About the future, yes I will work more diligently! :)”

“This is one of the best gifts I got last Christmas. I also love the way you write your readings, I wish I’ll be that expressive too. I want to be a writer. 🙂 Everything resonated to me and it’s accurate, especially in proving that the hypnosis session is true. It answered so many questions of me in this time.  Thank you very much 🙂 I am full of gratitude to you. Love and many Blessings for you! Namaste! :)”


“It is an amazing reading. I resonate with the reading. This is actually the first time I have been told of the shaman man, but knowing that he stands as a shadow really reminds me of how I often feel that someone stood behind even in dreams. And to know that he is trying to get my attention goes very well with the feeling I have experience for years. This desire to remember, to really know more about myself and something my conscious mind does not know yet. Again, this reading reiterates the belief that I came to accept that I have many of the answers it is just not uncover yet. I really like how she writes the reading. She describes what she saw, I find that very interesting. If I can do reading, I would like to adapt her way of writing/expressing it. I can’t comment on how accurate it is, after all a reading is an insight. But, I would definitely recommend her if anyone wants a reading.”


“I hope you enjoyed doing that reading as much as I enjoyed reading it! It definitely resonated with me! Spot on! You are so talented! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me(: totally made my day .”


“You did a fantastic job of picking up on my energies hon!”

“The past life in that region resounds with what I’ve seen in my meditations..its a life I would love now..its what im working towards..the resounding messages were spot on with what I needed to hear currently..I will keep on doing everything I do with joy and love…”

“The chakra assessments were spot on!..you were able to identify how each of my main chakras looked from your view..and I was able to verify that each was working or even off..exactly how you explained..”

“I am happy to know who a few of my guides are..I knew one already from your reading and now I have gained another I didnt know about..thank you..and their reasons for being in my life is exactly what I have asked I need help with..im reassured that they are with me, helping me through the tough year I have had..and my dream to help other with my abilities..I asked for a free reading from you..because I just wanted help of any kind..”

“I got a reading that not only energetically felt right and mystical..but also gave me a boost…keep doing your good work*..your doing a fantastic job!..keep on chugging :)”



“Thank You so much for your time and energy:)  Thank You for Archangels Raphael’s healing energy!  Description of suffering woman in Tsarist Russia does not resonate with me.  However I can totally relate to her inner turmoil – wanting to suffer.  In this lifetime feels like I was born with guilty conscience because time by time I get this feeling – wanting to punish myself for something..  As for Mumford & Sons lyrics- I can totally relate to these lyrics.”

“Regarding your reading”

“I always wondered about my attitude towards marriage and children because I don’t want to get married at all. I don’t want to get married and have children I am in loving, caring relationship at the moment -just don’t want to get tied down.  I always saw marriage as a trap – now I finally understand why ..”

“As for chakra reading.”

“” Your are shining a bright light around you, attracting many toward you with your joie de vivre”  I think that bright light what You saw in Your vision is my Reiki Healing energy.  People often seek for my advice,confide in me (even strangers)  I’m considering to become counselling therapist. Mother Mary radiating her loving light and Archangel Raphael sending his healing energy. Such a beautiful healing experience :) Thank You :)

“Love and Light.”



“Seraphinity read me very well and I learned a few things too. She saw how different I am from other people and was good at reading my chakras. I also feel like I learned a few things about myself which I will explore in meditation.”


“Seraphinity has an amazing gift. She got everything absolutely correct and I left the reading in amazement. She read my chakras and was able to tell me my exact personality…right down to specific details that nobody knows about me … such as that I have a lot of self-hatred. She looked into a past life which I was a native american and I have been told by others that I have a native american man attached to me. She also told me that it was important to tell me that she sees a letter ‘V’ for me and the day before the reading there were 2 huge letter ‘V’ shapes in the sky…not made of clouds…they were dark blue. My husband and I discussed how weird it was, so when she told me that she needed to tell me about the letter ‘V’ … I was floored. There are so many details that she told me and each were correct. I’m amazed with Seraphinity and with her abilities.”




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