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A Battle Has Commenced

A mouth stretched tightly in pain extends into a grimace.  In the corner of a tight, dark room, crutches suddenly appear.   Agony abounds in this tiny, small space and is openly felt by all that are present.  The leg, the leg must go of one sailor on a frigate that finds himself in a most unexpected clash.  Vessels tottering on waves, there is absolute chaos.  Thick smoke and the smell of powder fuses clog and choke the putrid air.

The stifling smoke does not clear.  A battle has commenced.  The sound of creaking wood, clashing waves and musket balls.  Turbid wakes surround the ships holding men in position to do battle.  A burning stench permeates this scene off the New England Coast in the 1700’s, a conflict waged between a powerful, wealthy, colonial ruler and those that threaten its economic prosperity.

Impressments around Bournemouth and beyond filled the rank and file crew.  A tender to complete the cross-sea voyage.  A distant sighting allowed slight time to prepare vessel and crew.  Men wreaking havoc on one another to appease an imperial appetite for commerce and wealth.  Musket balls fall, damaging rigging and planking alike.

You are aboard the frigate.  I hear the word, “boatswain.” Not tall of stature, but equipped with resolve, determination and strength.  The musket ball cinches your leg as you cross the deck.  I look on as a cry of pain wrenches your mouth into a grimace.  The leg must go.  The surgeon on board works with utmost speed assisted only by a few men.  This surgeon is around you today.  Compassion, charity and concern are observed for this unforeseen act of God could have befallen any of you.  Help is rendered with a sense of duty, obligation and loyalty.  Your life is saved at this moment yet so altered.  Service that will be remembered.

A great ray of light is cast down upon this ship and crew.  Memories that are indelibly embedded in the space of time unravel in the light as I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra shimmers.  Many points of fractured luminescence shine here in this deep expanse.  At your third eye chakra I see a man whispering to your brow.  Guidance being given in spoken words.  Your chakra turns slowly as you reach out for stabilisation, acknowledgement and reassurance.  “This is real,” you are being told, “listen to your inner voice.”  At your throat chakra, a tightly held grip is felt, allowing no words to come out.  An alter ego self unwilling to allow truth to be heard.  The grip is firm.  At your heart chakra, a soft dewy morphing light of love moves and envelops all that is around you.  Truth holds the frequency of love.  This will continue to spread and grow as your reality changes and truth is revealed.  Your solar plexus spins as a tightly wound clock.  Feelings of anxiety mix with the perception of having too many choices.  Indecision is felt here.  A deep fire burns at your sacral chakra; resolve and determination are at the heart of any decision once it is made.  At your base chakra, I see you holding onto a pole as the Earth moves under your feet, ever shifting.

I ask for your guides to please present themselves.  You appear seated, your legs extend outward.  The beautiful green light of Archangel Raphael appears around you, helping to ease any perceived restrictions you feel at this time.  Green is found in the middle of the colour spectrum, equalising and balancing mental and physical energy.  Archangel Raphael assists to heal yourself and as you do so, inner guidance and love is found to heal others.  A medium sized brown and white collie dog sits at your feet.

I ask to see a timeline.  A woven, undulating tapestry is put before me.  We move swiftly to the point in the past where a service was meted out under dire circumstances.  A sense of gratitude to those who stood by you and assisted.  Beleaguered and weathered in service to country, your attitude to compassion and charity changes, as your own physical situation must adjust.  A reflection that may be remembered and brought forward today.  At the present time, I see a battle of wills, an internal struggle to find a means of action allowing your own truth to shine out.  In the future, birds are seen circling, emitting a wailing noise.  As gusts of wind change their course, they remain focused on that which is before them which is internally driven and unquestioning.

End of Reading




The Beaver and the Hawk

A ring of fire erupts before me with flames leaping into the air.  Smoke curls and twists at awkward angles.  I see two North American Indian men standing back to back.  They each represent different tribes; their hair adornment is as different and distinct as their dress.

Gesticulating with hands, emotions full of anger shadow their faces.  Standing with their backs to one another, a telltale sign of disagreements, disaccord, and disharmony.  Violence and fighting will break out here, fires will seethe with rage.  Matters will be settled with war.  At the crux are salmon, food links, and a piercing disharmony in nature.  A cyclical interruption causes panic among the people. North America, 17th century.  I hear the word “Seneca.”

The image of a snow peaked mountain appears.  The yearly migration of animals in the surrounding foothills is observed in fast forward.  Your tribe, including your mate, have overstepped their territorial boundary in following the cyclical migration.  Disagreements erupt as anger spews forth.  Unwilling to arbitrate and settle in negotiation, a bitter chase and fight ensues.  The beaver and the hawk.

These disputes from the past penetrate your emotional aura. Obstacles appear where few exist.  Former circumstances regarding authority conflicts may lead to restricting yourself, imposing self-limitations and doubt.  In a broader sense, one may see this as a test and lesson.  Past issues regarding control sway your idealism and visions leading to long-term dreams.

I recede into the background and view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is a stellar space, dispersed with glinting, sparkling points of light.  Your third eye chakra revolves slowly, carefully opening new insights, you are moderating yourself.  Your throat chakra vibrates with raw emotion.  Hoarse with voluble thoughts, a want and a need to help and assist humanity.  Your heart chakra radiates a beautiful glowing light further amplifying your want to help.  As I view your solar plexus, it expands and then contracts quickly.  Shuddering anxiety is felt here.  Your sacral chakra spins as I am shown a wheel.  Emotional aspects are moving within the wheel to be dealt with.  At your base chakra, I see you firmly rooted and grounded.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first with long black hair, a long face and somber eyes having witnessed and seen so much in this life.  A beaded belt, wampum, a highly treasured possession girdles your waist.  An angelic guide, David, assumes a position on your right.  Archangel Gabriel’s energy is perceived around you, motivating and helping to balance body energy levels, creating a spiritually uplifting centre.  The love of the Venetian Master is with you at this time.  His guidance helps with self-expression through the arts and music radiating knowledge and knowingness.

I ask to see a timeline.  A tumultuous yet tenuous relationship, giving your personal power away to another, following their words not your own.  At the present time a calling, a want to be of service, setting your mind to achieving a goal is uppermost in importance.  A need to focus on what moves and inspires you.  Clearing out and then polishing that what remains will add stability and balance. “Take that which inspires you to create change in this world.  Your dreams are a rapid undercurrent for movement towards a unified goal.  Be the catalyst for change that you are.”  Be the dreamer, a guide.  Pay attention to your thoughts and dreams for intuitive insights to dispel self-doubt, obstacles, and struggle.  In the future I see a potential for beginnings, receptive to change.

End of Reading

Open Your Hands

A vulnerable child, taking handfuls of candy, more than can possibly fit in its palms, is unwilling to share.  Although the fists are tightly squeezed, candy spills onto the floor; though there is more than enough for all…

I see you bringing a fistful of energy down from the Great Galactic Sun.  Brightness and shine escaping through your fingers, although your fists are tightly held.  You are trying to hide this *bright* energy from others, you want no one to see what you have in your hands.  You are unwilling to share, afraid it will be taken away from you.

This *bright* energy is love, it’s capable of moving and spreading among people, causing them to adjust and transform.  You have within you the ability to move others.  Please open your tight fists and allow this *brilliant*  energy to move where it needs to go.

I’ve taken this *bright* energy down through me now and I’m offering it to you.  I coax softly and tell you that this will not be taken away from you.  You will ALWAYS have this!  You allow me to open your hands.  Hands that were squeezed so tightly shut.  For this is YOUR ability, to gather this beautiful golden light energy and offer it to others.  They will not take it away from you, for this cannot happen, for you are an infinite source of this energy.  This is you!

Wondrous things happen when you open your hands.  Nothing is taken, nothing is removed.  *Pops* *Bubbles* *Fizz*.  I hear this as the energy is released out of your palms.  Like a fizzy drink, you’ve held this energy in for so long that carbonation has formed.  A golden yellow light, capable of recharging, creating happiness and release amongst those around you, escapes.

I bring the bright energy up into the Universe through you and as it returns back, it’s smooth, beautiful, gliding and sublime.  It remains yellow and soothing but no longer “fizzy”.

I ask your guides to assemble themselves for me.  You are standing, posing to be more exact, with your head turned to the side, one leg completely extended.  Mother Mary and the Venetian Master surround you.  The Venetian Master is with those who practise “self-expression”, working within the Golden Ray.  His love and Golden Light is with you at this time.  Angels abound around you.  A pleasing, colourful radiance is extended out onto you.

Your mother comes forward, radiating love, kindness and gentleness.  She extends her hand out to you, smiling and offering words of praise.  She has never left your side, always near you, a constant presence.  Rest assured, she is there.

I ask to see a timeline:

There are big trees around.  We are in a forest clearing.  A glade.  I hear horses coming in the distance and the clatter of carriage wheels.  This is Europe, France.  I see strange suits and opulent wigs.   There is a quick exchange of words.  You are in a hurry to get somewhere, for you are late.

Your appearance is extremely important to you.  This fixation on yourself and your clothes leads one to think that you have led a most idle life.  Boots, stockings, breeches, waistcoat, coat, costly materials, luxurious fabrics, your whole attire has been meticulously attended to.

Your appearance will decide the outcome of a “meeting”.  This is a life of “illusion” and you lead it well.  Greed.  Indulgence.  Privilege.  You have forsaken many of your ideals to lead this conceited and self-centred life.

In your current timeline, “I see you in limbo at the present moment with a few choices available to you.  Weigh each individual offer carefully and know in your heart that you will make the “correct” decision to move forward.  Place at your disposal, those who you’ve done favours for.  Now is the time to utilise and see what others can offer you.  Do not limit yourself for you are capable of so much.”

In your future timeline, I see a school, a business.  You are kept happily busy, doing what you enjoy most.

End of Reading