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Sand Slips Through Her Fingers

I see a woman standing before me.   Her hair is long.  She is dressed in long robes with muted colours. I watch as her eyes move to her hands.  A handful of sand slips silently through her fingers just as tiny sand grains drop down an hourglass.   Imperceptibly moving without gaining momentum.  Time moves ever onward.  I watch her drop her hands to her sides.  This is The Sinai.  Egypt.

You are with a nomadic group, moving, resting, then pushing onward again.   Though imperceptible to you, time is moving on as you and your group make their way through the desert, seeking a promised land.

I see a light filled, sparkling, blue sky above me.  These are difficult and hard times for your group.   A deep knowing, a strong faith runs through each of you.   This enables all of you to move forward.   I’m being told time is insignificant here.

Timelessness,  the importance of being and living within the moment.

Unexpectedly, I hear music from Abba, “Dancing Queen”.

You are with your family here.  Many families have come on this journey.  You will grow up here in the desert.   Hopes and fears burn within you.  An intense desire to move out of the desert, yet never seeming able to move forward.

There is a protective light around your group.  One can see this from a distance.

I take sparkling light fromt the sky and hand it to you.  A sad, forlorn look on your face.  A never ending journey.  A desire to push time forward, but an inability to do so.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is a beautiful, open expanse.  Blues and violets are seen here with iridescent dots of light energy.  Wide open, moving.  At your third eye, I suddenly see a green, visually lush background.  Spinning and opening, slowly allowing vistas to enfold before you.  A clarity of vision will come to you in time.  Just allow.  At your throat chakra, I feel a spinning, but then an abrupt, painful closure.  A tightening.  A flickering light.  You perceive who you are but those around you dismiss this.  Unaccepting or unwilling to acknowledge, this causes pain within you.  A bright light shines forth at your solar plexus.  Joyousness, love of life is felt here.  Your purpose is becoming apparent, revealing itself to you with joy.  At your sacral chakra, a burning creative desire is felt here, relationships holding importance and giving emotional stability.  At your base chakra, I feel you are grounded and anchored to Mother Earth.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first, with your long gown.  Your face is slightly browned from the strong desert sun.  You stand simply, smiling, your hands to your side.  Jesus Sananda appears with you, a loving presence continuing to awaken and strengthen inner devotion, expressing Love, so that it may be freely shared with all.  There is support of natural healing, a correct balance of spiritual and physical well-being.  The Ascended Master St. Germaine’s presence is felt, helping create harmony and peace through melodious sounds.  Mary Magdalene’s presence also comes through, supportive and loving.  Archangel Michael’s beautiful loving light surrounds you, inspiring all seekers of higher truth and knowledge.  His Blue Ray influences the throat chakra, helping to encourage clear communication on all levels.

I ask to see a timeline.  Weary of life in the desert.  A want and desire to reach a sacred land.  You and your nomadic group do not lose faith, nor are they discouraged.  A deep sense of knowing and believing pushes you all on.  Though time moves forward, your inherent faith never diminishes.  You and your group are protected on this journey.  At the present time, I see you looking down one street and then furtively glancing down another, unsure of which direction to follow.  Then as now, you are surrounded by a protective light.  “It is not which road you take to get somewhere that is of importance, rather the journey at hand, in and of itself.  Please don’t lose sight of this.”  In the future, I see a congestion of cars, all moving in one direction.  Heads turning back to see an awesome view.  All have a knowing that all is well.

End of Reading.


I don’t know where I am or how I got here

Yesterday’s reading:

Before I even started a very fluffy, dark-tabby cat energy swirled around you.  Each step and movement of the cat was very deliberate, a desire was there to quietly entice one in….  This cat wanted to ensure it had an audience, although without any sense of inflated ego or narcissistic quality, I felt it was purely to entice whoever was watching.  With deliberate, feline movements, a tail whirled and wrapped itself around you, mesmerizing and slow.  I felt an outpouring of love, pure unadulterated love for the world and humanity in general.

At this point I felt compelled to ask AA Uriel to be present along with AA Michael.

I saw a vivid orange surrounding you!

Your hands outstretched to meet mine!!  Beautiful!!  You connected so easily, so willingly, you vibrate love on all levels.  It’s more than this, you WANT to connect with others.  I felt compelled to call forth a “star resonance energy” to intertwine our connection, to pour forth from me into you.  Your wavelength or vibration is different than mine.

As I asked for a group to please assemble themselves for me, in order to see your guides, I saw you, sitting in a chair and talking and talking!!!  At this point, I felt quite a number of people/souls miss you and felt you were in “your element” among these souls.  You are very comfortable in this realm.  These are not deceased relatives but souls that you are/were connected with.

Quite suddenly, this image is interrupted as I quickly have a slight glimpse of a man.  I view only his lower legs and feet.  I’m immediately caught by the sight of his sandals and I suddenly think, am I looking at Jesus’ feet ?!?!   As my gaze moves slowly upwards, I see he is dressed in a gown and appears to be from Biblical times.

My gaze is suddenly caught by a quick movement behind you as **HUGE** beautiful angels appear with enormous wings; their wings were absolutely immense!!!  The amazing thing about the wings were how colourful they were, not light and pale but really beautiful, deep, dark, vibrant colours.  Colours one sees on very old stained glass windows.   I cannot stress this enough, but Archangels are behind you, supporting you, “You are loved.”  These angels are a MAJOR force in your life, and I feel there is an intimate connection with you.

I asked to see a past timeline:   The man I previously saw from Biblical times reappears and I hear just keywords, visualizing each one in turn:  golden wheat fields, a very dry desert, rich brown dates, the Sinai, river water, and  taxes.   This man appears to have a strong connection with the Sinai area, working in a “magistrate”, dealing with levied taxes and interacting with Romans.

I asked to see a future timeline:  I view a lovely house, the important point being near a river.  Water is very important.

I asked to see where you currently are:  I feel you are trying to create a warm house environment while being considerate and kind to others.  This house environment appears to be very important in your life, creating contentment and warmth.  The cat reappears again exuding a warm energy as it touches and moves ever so slowly.   The house reappears again but I am viewing it from every possible aerial vantage point.  “Home is where the heart/hearth is.”  I feel this lovely burning fire in a hearth with love and warmth escaping.  A very loving energy but too focused on the house and creating this warm space.  You fly freely!!

This is where my reading ended.