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Cowslips and Daisies

A bright green pasture full of cowslips and daisies basks under an intense blue sky. I watch butterflies wink coquettishly and display an alluring flash of colour when I hear the word, “Scarborough.”  This pasture is used as common grazing land.  A shuddering din and clang, noises from a mine extracting precious minerals are heard at another distant location, linked together here by a road.   You have been lured to the field by the abundance of wildflowers, wanting to sit in the sun for a span of a few hours in order to escape your daily workload.  A brief respite to relieve the clinging winter chill left in your bones. The sun shines brightly and white clouds can be seen in the blue sky.

This is Wales around the 4th century.  Roman troops have pushed their way through and have, over the years, changed not only the landscape but also the commercial wealth of the community.  Brigands as well as upstanding citizens want to exploit the mineral wealth.

Your dress is from flax linen, coarse and long. Holes have been mended to make your appearance respectable. A galley of men, not quite a legion, have marched though this area, bringing watchmen and relief troops for a Roman fort.  Accommodation has been granted to those of higher rank to sleep in dwellings where small tokens, gifts of beads, are exchanged for room and board.

Your family had, at one time, accompanied these troops on a march ever northward, crossing wide tracts of land, before arriving at this current location.  A small fortune could be amassed if properly planned out.  A type of crude tavern is erected offering plain food and the occasional bed.   A constant supply of workers from the mine as well as soldiers into the frontier, guarantee an ever flowing supply of coins. The work is burdensome.

The end of a passing era has started here, a changing of the guard and those ruling the commerce of the local area.  You will watch troops withdraw and relinquish control, a time of considerable uncertainty.  Wealth around you will not disappear, although men will soon cease to call upon the family establishment.  You instinctively brace yourself for significant changes in your life and community.

I stand back to view the sun shining down upon you and as I do so, I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is an open, grand expanse.  Multifaceted lights sparkle here.  At your third eye chakra, I see a deluge of information coming in, a sense of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin. Balance must first be obtained.  At your throat chakra, I feel a sharp tightness and a sense of constriction, a sluggish spin.  Opportunities are not utilised to express yourself.  At your heart chakra, a beautiful, spreading glow of energy and love moves ever outward.  Your solar plexus chakra spins in a loose ellipse, feelings of intermittent ambition followed by a lack of insight derails plans put into place.  A constant shift and desire to maintain balance yet unable to.  At your solar plexus, there is a swift movement and current of energy with an ability to tap into your inherent creativity.  At your base chakra, I feel a sense of being grounded and see an etheric tie with quartz crystals.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me. You appear first in your flaxen gown, arranging crystals in a perfect line.  The brilliant sunshine of Archangel Jophiel descends around you, bringing joy and upliftment.  He assists in building connections that align you to your higher self, guides, and angels and this helps you to absorb new information and approach life in a new way.  The beautiful, loving, blue light of Mary, the Universal Mother, enfolds around you as she brings her gifts of intuitive wisdom.  The Master Lord Buddha’s radiating love also resonates around and within you, instilling the richness of wisdom.

I ask to see a timeline.  The past reveals a need to move on and leave behind a difficult cycle in your life that has come to an end.  This implies going forward, moving into calmer waters and realising that lessons have been learned from which you have grown and become stronger.  With a healing process under way, it’s possible to set goals and desires to ensure a positive future.  Synchronistic events can now be easily seen, allowing conditions and people to enter into your life for your highest good.  At the current time, balance and harmony is needed in your inner as well as your outer life.  What you perceive to be happening around you is really an externalisation of an inner process or conflict that you may be currently experiencing.  There must be a state of balance emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually in order to make rational decisions.  One must be responsible for choices made as well as ones made in the future.  In the future, the qualities of patience and letting go of control are essential.  Being able to pause and assess that which is in front of you or re-evaluate goals that you’re seeking is prudent.  Take time to review and remember what has worked well for you in the past and not what others believe to be true.  Reflect and plan how you can handle potentially complex situations that may arise.

End of Reading


A Calico Print Dress

A Native American Indian woman clutches a young girl’s hand. Above them, spacious, blue open skies stretch wide over the horizon. A close heat is felt, the oppressive heat of summer. Dressed in a calico print dress, the girl is forcefully dragged away; she must run in order to keep pace with the woman. Prairie schooners are seen in the distance. This is North America sometime during the mid 1800s.

Suddenly, bickering girls voices are heard.  A new scene emerges of two young girls vying for their mother’s attention.  Appearing as a severe, devout woman, the mother is unperturbed with the girls’ clamour. Pioneers, settlers, moving within a space of time that is defined by borders, territory and resources, make their way across land that is inhospitable. Disputes with local tribes, those displaced by western expansion, fuel sharp tensions and aggravate attacks.

The Native grasps the young girl’s hand tightly, the girl is confused as to what is happening around her. She is being led quickly away from dead family members after witnessing a violent, merciless attack upon them. Stunned and incoherent, she does not grasp the desperate situation she is in and stares blankly ahead, unable to comprehend what lies before her. Words are uttered in a foreign tongue. The travails that await you are numerous.

The sun’s rays dispense unbearable heat. You have a desperate thirst but are given no water. As you slowly take in the scene that surrounds you, a dull ache ensues, knowing that you are now being held captive by those your family and relations found to be most primitive.  Days pass by and you languish, unwilling to eat what little is given to you. Your heart is at its lowest point, welling with misery and sadness.  You learn to cope with your situation and months pass by.  Any bleak hope of being rescued and found is soon packed deeply away as you slowly find yourself assimilating to your new life.

As you close your eyes tightly, your old world, your family and kin close up behind you. Painful, recurring memories pop into your vision. These visions begin to fade with time, as do your memories of your previous life. You are treated poorly by others. Exhorted by their whims, you lose yourself completely. No defence. No struggle.

The oppressive energy lifts and allows brilliant sunlight to flood in.  I view your chakras. Your crown chakra is lucent, opening to a vast, wide, brilliant expanse.  A cosmos of deep, blue, vivid space with peripheral lights.  Divine light is revealed here.  At your third eye chakra, all is open and flowing; scenes vividly compete with one another.  From your throat chakra flows a waterfall of energy.  Much information needing to come out and truths hoping to be revealed.  At your heart chakra, a blossoming, opening and outpouring of love, radiant and glowing.  At your solar plexus, a feeling of anxiety, a tightness felt as coiled rope or springs is felt here.  This anxiety permeates the emotional aura.  At your sacral chakra, spinning, clear and lightly making adjustments, energy calibrates in tonal succession.  At your base chakra, a feeling of being deeply connected yet conversely free with all that is.   A sense of community, soul group connections is solidified.

I ask your guides to please present themselves to me.  You appear first wearing the calico print dress.  The beautiful illuminating light of Archangel Uriel completely surrounds you.  The glow allows everything to be seen and any residual feelings of disorientation to dissipate.  The Ascended Master Serapis Bey appears near you, helping to stimulate and express creative ideas.  His energies assist those attuned to Nature and the Devic Kingdom.  The beautiful, blue light of Mother Mary also enfolds you, bringing energies of intuitive wisdom.  Her presence also promotes a stronger connection with Nature’s Elementals; this benefits all life on Earth.  A grandfather presence is felt.

I ask to see a timeline.  Forbearance and inner fortitude were sustaining qualities at a time of intense trauma and pain.  Taken as a young girl, you had to endure lessons of hardship, futility, and acquiescence.  Though pain and terror remained in the hearts of those family members you left behind, you were able to tolerate your servitude with equanimity, accepting without deliberating on your condition.  As you adapted and persevered, a deeper understanding emerged of living with and on the Land.  This bond strengthened and brought about a direct connection with Nature.  For we are all One.  At the current time, I hear voices excitedly talking.  Happiness and relief about a current or upcoming project is felt.  There is a strong community presence.  In the future, I see the completion of one last final project.  A sense of coming together, coming full circle and being heard with the resultant feeling of self-satisfaction and a job well done.

End of Reading

Cartloads of Pestilence

I find myself in a dark room, a wooden floor creaks below my feet. A man with a thick dark moustache and dark eyes appears wearing a white shirt, a wool vest and a coat. A mop of thick dark brown hair curls and waves uncontrollably. A comb has tried unsuccessfully to tame the loose locks. 19th century, Ireland.

I hear arguments, voices yelling impassioned words at one another about property rights and jurisdiction. Voices that have continued on into the present day. A need for one to morally stand his ground, an impassioned plea that goes unheard.

Dirt and dust collect in the corners of this room. Your boots kick the dust up as you pace the floors, your anger reluctant to dissipate. This room is your cottage, a fitful state of penury. Although you have tilled the soil, seeded the land and shifted boulders, you have no rights to that which you toil upon. The taxes you pay as well as the rents for the land creates destitution, lack, and a bitterness that engulfs and overflows your entire spirit. You can do no more.

I see withered, diseased crops before me. Cartloads of pestilence. A shadow of fury and deep anger mixes with despair. A sense, a feeling of being utterly broken and ruined falls upon you. Anxiety is high, desperation and anger fuel your soul. You long for an escape from this misery, you search your restless mind as you pace the room. Tithing and taxes. You are finished.

A compulsive hatred of social class and the inequality that accompanies it. A need and want to change the system, be the man that you are. Rank feelings of disgust, loathing and contempt for those that control this base system. These feelings compel you to move your feet, to make strides forward, extend yourself and leave. You release what you have shouldered and what generations before you have been saddled with. With each pace forward in that tiny room, you prepare yourself for a new life. Your anger severs the foundation that was given to you at birth and creates a resolute feeling of strength that allows you to cope.

Under the darkest midnight sky you leave, never to return. There will be no traces of your desertion, no witnesses to see you flee. Your anger continues to provide strength and propel your feet forward. For you will walk with a decent stride to escape your fate. A ship laden with human cargo is your destination; your feet carry you here. Placid water stretches out before you and not a tear or sentimental thought is lost in these shores. You leave behind misery as you reach towards the coast.

As sunlight strikes the top of your head, I view your chakras. Light from the Great Galactic Sun flows as a conduit to your crown chakra. Sparkles of light move in this vast void, immense with lucid colours streaming through. Your third eye chakra revolves slowly and carefully. A need to analyse and think through all information that comes through here. “Sometimes all cannot be fully explained or accounted for within the confines of present human thought. Be open to that which is not in your realm of patterning and thought imprints.” At your throat chakra, I feel a scratchy rawness. You are heard and you make others hear you. An audible and intelligible voice. I see your lips moving and there are times when others hear nothing thus creating this scratchy rawness. Protect your voice. At your heart chakra, a glowing light penetrates beyond our vision of sight. Strong, luminous, a caring heart for humanity. Your solar plexus shines brightly and clearly, occasionally a slight shadow falls across it as it spins. This anger from the past, the issue of social equality and contempt for authority is present. You may create your destiny with intentions of positive force and value. Your sacral chakra spins quickly, is aligned and stable. You align yourself with the Earth and shift when needed. You are grounded at your base chakra. I allow residual energy to flow into the core of the Earth and return through your chakras. The pattern that is created is that of an ankh.

I quietly ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me. You appear dishevelled wearing a wool coat and trousers, a look of defiance and defeat crosses your countenance. You sit with your head back and arms outstretched. The beautiful light of Archangel Jophiel permeates the scene, inspiring and clearing mental perception. He brings soul illumination and helps strengthen your connection with your higher self.

I ask to see a timeline. Your past stretches out before you with generations of people making a hand to mouth movement, continuous motion. Generations. A cycle you have stopped during this previous life. Acknowledgment and gratitude surface from those before you that had to endure the same fate. You allowed your deep convictions of fairness and endurance of austere conditions to compel you to move and create change. A pattern has broken. At the current time, I hear giggling laughter. Brief enjoyment before a door appears, a decision must be made whether to open it or not, with lasting repercussions. In the future, I see a wide gulf, an ocean of water with its tides. You decide not to move or align with current thought. You are your own active will, accepting the challenge of asking questions of your own inner source.

End of Reading

Working Deep in the Shafts

A rugged man with flexing, ripping, burly muscles.  Sweat runs down his chest.  Heaving for air, his breath runs deep down into his windpipe and lungs.  I follow dense air into a dark tunnel.

This is a mine, a tin or iron mine.  Europe, around the year 10BC.  Hammer and anvil are before you.  A group of men operate the mine, toiling sun up to sun down.  Those who work deep in the shafts have the lowest stature among the men and fewer rights.  Those working closer to the exist were also closer to their freedom and rights as an attenuated Roman citizen.

Bellows-fire, a furnace is also at hand smelting that which comes from the mine.  You are smelting the metals together.  Heavy labour has accorded you strength and striated muscles.  A slave within a complex system, dependent on a supply chain yielding food and necessary clothing and tools.

A ticking noise is heard in the background.  Each day completed is one less day served in captivity.  Unbeknownst to you, once your servitude has ended, your life will not abruptly change for the better, rather you will continue to toil away daily.  Wishing and longing for a day in the future serves no purpose whatsoever.

I view your chakras.  A very deep purple is seen around your crown chakra, whirling stars and bright points encircle you.  At your third eye, I feel a wide opening.  Strands of DNA are shown moving swiftly, meeting, combining and restructuring.  At your throat chakra, I feel a raw feeling.  A voice making itself present and known without an audience, as words fall on deaf ears.  At your heart chakra, I view an enveloping green moving and radiating outwards.  Love encircling all it meets.  Your solar plexus glows brilliantly, yet at times waning as ambition falters.  Your sacral chakra spins and shines brightly, balanced.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask to please view your guides.  The glow of an intense fire lights up your face.  Wet with sweat and grime, wide eyes are turned in my direction.  Your work is your peace and solitude.  Here is your reason for Being.  An inner knowledge, a knowing that you are not enslaved within and the fact that this can never be taken from you.  The iron ore melts as intense heat radiates around you.  The Ascended Master Kuthumi is near you now, helping you with self-awareness and allowing you glimpses of understanding Earth’s mysteries.  Archangel Michael appears briefly, helping you speak your truth and encouraging you to seek ever higher truth and hidden knowledge.  His love suffuses this scene.

I ask to see a timeline of past, present and future.  A quick succession of scenes roll past, melding a hammer, sweat and heat.  Camaraderie and working together as a team is strongly felt.  All of you in this mine have but one goal, to become free men.  Unattainable and unrealistic for most during this lifetime.  At the current time, a heavy burden lies on your shoulders and a direction needs to be fixed.  Rely on your intuition and keep your goals in mind as you seek assistance from others.  In the future I view wide eyes, and feel a deep intake of breath.  The realisation dawns on you, a planetary city, a planetary scope.  A viewpoint far exceeding your own.

End of Reading

Framed Within a Mirror

A dog is here, curled up asleep,  golden caramel colour.

I hear lively music, dancing, clicking heels.  Fabulous colours.  I’m being drawn into a whirlwind going round and round, dizzying but exhilarating.  The feelings of happiness are overwhelming.  Mexico, 19th century.

A girl’s face is framed within a mirror.  A young teenager, she gazes steadily at herself as she places flowers in her hair, red flowers.  She is busying herself for a dance, looking to every detail, smoothing her wide dress with her hands.  Picking up a fan, she walks the room, practising with it, opening, closing, fluttering her eyes.  Her dress swings with her as she moves this way and that, exaggerating her every step.  Lost in reverie, she is absorbed in herself and her movements.  Voices call her.

It is dusk, there are light strung up.  Many people are here enjoying themselves.  An immense party.  You are with a group of girls, laughing together, yet each looking with pointed eyes at perspective suitors.  Several gazes are directed at one young gentleman.  Tall, slender, dark haired, he laughs, thinking lightly of the girls’ interest in him.  This young man will break many hearts here, his callousness is seen by the women as masculine strength.

I hear invisible voices warning the girls, but the voices go unheeded.  Each girl, so wrapped up in themselves, they do not hear or sense the entreaties.

You and one of your friends are rivals for this man’s interest.  A difficult life will follow for one of you, having pursued this young man.  His indifference, unsympathetic attitude, and shallow capacity for love will create imbalance in the relationship.  The party continues, a joyous festivity in which all participate.

The softest angelic whisperings are sent.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra, open, spacious, tiny filaments of light are seen.  Your brow chakra or third eye, is moving slowly.  Perceptions are slowly shown to me, as photographs, one after another.  You can perceive and know at a higher level but you prevent yourself from this.  At your throat chakra, I see you mouthing words but others around you fail to listen.  Frustration in communication and allowing yourself to be heard and have a voice.  At your heart chakra, a vivid light here, deep feelings of compassion for others yet love is held back, held fast onto.  At your solar plexus, visible light is seen here, vibrant and focused.  You know what you want to do and achieve.  At your sacral chakra, I feel a closing motion, you do not want to feel pain.  You are grounded and level with Earth at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear with your wide flowing dress, the red flowers in your hair.  The festive mood is still prevalent here, feelings of joy and happiness are felt.  Ascended Master Jesus is with you, helping to open yourself in order to express love that you may share it freely with all.  The Ascended Master Lord Lanto is also around you, sharing knowledge that you may teach and guide others to develop spiritual understanding.  Archangel Raphael’s beautiful luminous light is near you, helping you develop your intuition and personal growth.

I ask to see a timeline.  The party is coming to an end, many people have left already.  Dawn will soon arrive, red and orange reflecting onto the hard ground.  To savour these last moments a bit longer, to stretch out the night endlessly, just to continue in this happiness at this moment.  Elation and satisfaction reflect in your face.  At the present time, I see a furrowed brow contemplating problems.  With no solution in sight, frustration sets  in.  In the future, I see two hands together and feel a sense of acceptance in your current circumstances.  All is well.  All is as it should be.

End of Reading

The Wings of a Small Bird

There is a woman before me, striking black kohl outlines her eyes.  Her father is present, standing behind her.  As a patriarch, all control rests in his hands.  Persia.  2nd Century.

You are his beautiful small bird.  Having watched you learn to fly, he will now have to watch you leave the roost, relinquishing his hold on you.  A prize possession, worthy of bringing in an immense dowry.

As an independent free-spirit, you are fully aware of the prospects before you, believing you will always be in control.  You possess inherent strength.  Self-confidence and poise surround you.  Feelings of derision for your male suitors are apparent.  You find them weak, exploitable, and lacking in intelligence.

The wings of a small bird flutter before me.  A small beautiful bird that is leaving the family nest to create a new one elsewhere.  Yet your sentiments clearly remain with your doting father.  Your allegiance and devotion to your father will remain a stronger bond than any you create with your new husband.

It’s a game for you.  Marriage is but a game.  Your ultimate goal is securing land, property and possessions to tighten and strengthen your alliance with your patriarchal father.  Two rulers in two families having much in common.  The small bird appears again.  A beautiful song, a wanting to go home, evoking pathos and ultimate loyalty.

The power, influence and control you gain in your marriage is transferred into your family line.  This is a well thought out plan as you manipulate the situation to your advantage.  It could go no other way.  A satisfaction here, a triumph, knowing that you have succeeded where others have been imposed upon and exploited.  Your skillful manner in controlling the marriage is perfectly executed.

Luminous green light on either side of you, I feel trees and serenity.  The small bird is here.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is open, still and vast.  Bright tiny radiant lights are seen distantly interspersed.  A white violet light is seen here.  At your brow or third eye chakra, I feel detailed analysation is carried out, your intellect imposing itself methodically.  At your throat chakra, I feel a spiraling movement.  As it is moving downward there is pushing outward.  Moving beyond what others expect of you, creating and pushing boundaries put before you.  This motion is continuous.  At your heart chakra, a sudden bright glimmer flickers behind a pink light.  This bright glimmer, though well hidden, is attempting to reveal itself.  The soft pink light is finding it ever more difficult to cover the intensity of the glimmer as it wants to flare and dazzle brightly.  You are subduing an immense amount of love.  At your solar plexus, I see ambition that wanes intermittently.  Indecision resulting in some anxiety.  At your sacral chakra is emotional stability and creative balance.  You are grounded with the Earth at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear in a loose floor length gown.  The beautiful glow of Mother Mary enfold you.  She brings with her comforting and understanding energy.  She is helping you to make a stronger connection with nature’s Elementals.  These Elementals assist in environmental concerns.  Also around you is Archangel Metatron, helping you achieve spiritual growth and emotional balance.

I ask to see a timeline.  You view your betrothal as an opportunity to greatly empower yourself, viewing the opposite sex as feeble and spiritless.  Your ambition will be fully gratified and realised beyond that which you intended.  At the present time, I see you in deep thought, pondering ideas and how to manifest them.  In the future, I hear a treble, a fine tensile wire is seen.  Moving currents.

End of Reading



A Crystal Grid

Colours of sunset reflect on the horizon, magenta, orange, pink, violet and blue.  This is not Earth.  A star constellation to the south.

Messages come in.  A crystal grid programmed elsewhere.  Atlantis.  A group leader of around five people source information using a system similar to our computers today.  Incoming patterns and information are stored with access in dual time.

To right the wrongs of the past is an enormous undertaking.  It weighs heavily on your shoulders.  This time you do not want to take one misstep and so move carefully, albeit, slowly ahead.

“The grid alignment has been adjusted and all incoming Source values are continuously applied.  Communication through all open circuits is noted.”

Your dreams are interwoven with energetic grid placement values, determining your mission.  A high pitched noise, a plethora of incoming information that is instantaneously analysed.  There is no sense of time here, it all just happens.

An intense energy that feels overwhelming is halting any attempt to access past information.  I allow beautiful pink and white light to permeate everything.

I see a big hall, a very high ceiling, voices are on edge, working quickly to counter and stop earth movements.  A time of intense stress, voices raised, all working to diffuse the incoming energy.  All are taken unaware, unprepared for the magnitude of the situation, the consequences which entail.  No one foresaw the ultimate loss of control.  An underestimation that took everyone by surprise, including you.

This information, the dramatic results are held deep within you and others.  “Lest we forget,” is an anchor, pushing and moving you on.  This link with the past allows you to work with others on the energetic grids surrounding us.  A sense of responsibility for something, perhaps, you are unaware of.

Light blue light filters down upon you.  Electronic processing.  Your crown chakra is open wide and glittering, flashes appear like diamonds.  At your brow chakra or third eye, there is a forward facing channel of light .  It feels like a screening device, for filtering and receiving information selectively.  At your throat chakra, a sense of being inhibited by the society around you, despite this, you continue shining your light.  You will not be marginalised.  At your heart chakra, a deep outpouring of love.  A sense of responsibility here for others, but this is not on a conscious level.  At your solar plexus is what I would describe as a spiraling storm, a winding or curling movement indicating energy escalating in movement.  Your focus and ambition being guided in a certain direction.  At your sacral chakra, a sliding movement, hovering, not anchoring onto one relationship.  At your base chakra, you are solidly grounded with Earth.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear as you did in Atlantis, wearing a white gown, tucked at the middle.  Determination is felt here.  The beautiful light of Mother Mary is around you, strengthening the energy of your intuitive wisdom.  Archangel Jophiel is here, helping you connect and align with your higher self and allowing you to feel laughter and joy.

I ask to see a timeline.  Your group has just been given orders to intercept and change incoming transmissions.  A definite feeling of urgency, there is a loss of communication.  Your group is now isolated and on their own.  There is not, however, enough time to change the directions of the impending signals, energetic waves.  I see everyone taking cover.  Regret in not fulfilling orders, frustration with the complex situation.  A need to set things right.  At the present time, I see a safe idyllic spot.  An inner place to hideaway for a time, before being brought “out”.  In the future, I see you with a group of people.  Some of these people you have known before.  Projects continue on.  Planning and coordination are tantamount in this case.

End of Reading