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A Cataclysmic Turn of Events

There are vibrations in the air.  Dust outlines each vibration.  Geologic striations.  I’m being shown rock striations.  I feel an earthquake coming on.  Atlantis.  These are pre tremors.

A priestess, secured with guarding temple artefacts.  All know in their hearts what is to come, yet denial is present among many here.  I hear, “This cannot collapse.” and “We are finished.”

I concentrate completely on why this is being shown to me.  I feel an immense emotional upheaval, an outpouring of tears.  A need for the release of all emotional residue remaining here.  The tears cleanse, helping to disconnect from the magnetic pull of this dimensional timeframe.

I must collect myself and remember that I am only an observer, collecting past memories that they may finally be acknowledged, let go, and released into the conscious collective as pure white, shining light.

You were tasked with overseeing artefacts with energetic output.  This work was done by a team, cleansing, honing, and reestablishing connections.  Reprogramming and clearing.  A definitive feeling of guilt resides here.  Not stepping out of your role, supporting what was established without clearly seeing later repercussions.  An automaton, not realising detrimental consequences for others.  Distancing yourself, isolating yourself from moral responsibility.  A cataclysmic turn of events was never envisioned, only the continuation of your Job.  Each individual here, in their own secure memory, though separate and distinct, have added to the gross collective thought, creating negligence and pain.  This energy is currently held in the collective conscious thought of every individual and as the pain is cleared and lifted, there is healing on a plantary level.

Energy from the Great Galactic Sun, a golden light, encompasses the whole of your body.  I read your chakras as this light is activated and integrated.  Your crown chakra is luminous and wide, a deep expansive space.  Your 3rd eye revolves, albeit slowly, integrating information piecemeal.  A tendency to stop and analyse before seeing a complete picture.  At your throat chakra, I see you speaking and speaking, but the words are not always heard.  Never tiring, you continue to speak, trying to perceptibly change the outlook of others using words that they are unwilling or not ready to hear.  Your heart chakra is wide open, a waterfall of love and compassion.  Those around you are in this waterfall.  Your solar plexus shines but wanes, fatigue and anxiety felt,  Your will, at times, must compromise.  Your sacral chakra hums and spins, creativity having a natural release.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first, both hands holding up crystals, smiling and happy in the knowing.  Mother Mary’s beautiful blue light settles in around you, giving encouragement and helping to establish yourself securely in society.  Archangel Gabriel’s presence is felt, uplifting and joyful, helping to ease any fear of experiencing pleasure.

I ask to see a timeline.  I am in the past again and feel the tremors, watching you and others rush to collect precious artefacts.  Deep in your heart, you know this to be pointless.  You wonder why.  It’s difficult to imagine the force of the collective thought at this time.  A negative spiral of focused thought, coming quickly and decisively to end the paradise.  At the present time, I see you cradling someone.  Your beneficial influence imparts creativity and balance, a guiding light for this person.  In the future, I see and hear a crowded city.  Traffic is congested, yet within you is a knowing that this need not be.

End of Reading