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Through An Hourglass


A vast arid landscape emerges in the distance. Scorching hot, dry air swirls and falls as sweltering heat rises. Time flows steadily through an hourglass, twisting and evading the imperceptible downward trickle of sand. Languor is pervasive. Ancient Egypt, circa 1500 BC.

Water lashes a sandy marshy shore where lithe green stalks stretch out to greet the sunlight. Wind blowing in from the north gradually moves crystalline granules of sand through turbid water to the banks of a wide river. The silt drifts slowly down river and shifting sludge slowly coats the river bottom. Layers of erosion move time and shift the river, current and all. Loosely dressed, you wade out into the river, arms held high above your head. The water rises almost to your waist and presses your gown close around you. Your hands try to shield the bright sunlight from your eyes.

Thickets of reeds rise high above the river, their heads thrust out to the sun. Cut and collected, the reeds are hauled away on your shoulder in bundles. You move slowly to the water’s edge, but as the current pushes you back, you dig your toes into the sandy river bottom. The bundles of reeds are stacked neatly into piles on the bank of the river. In the cloudless sky above, an ibis spreads its white wings and takes flight. This is early morning and the work has only just begun. The harvest will continue till midday, but your work does not cease here. Intricate weaving, devotion baskets and rudimentary utensils are made with the collected reeds. Your work is set before you in rhythmic motion with nature. A deep yearning for knowledge and learning is held within you. Though inaccessible during this lifetime, your interest is peaked and awakened at this time. Compliance within a rigid order and society is valued here.

Water buffalo lurk near dusky water. Dancing celestial stars move and transform a dark night sky. Seasonal and rhythmic, you work within nature. Unimpeded by upper hierarchical laws. Your freedom is the natural Earth. Moving among the grasses and tall reeds, touching the water, your learning at this time is only through nature and earth’s living creatures. Although to an outsider you are seen to be living in poverty, your life is rich in physical and tactile sensations of the natural world, positing a seed that pushes within you a need and want for further knowledge and understanding.

Stirrings of infidelity emerge out of the night’s darkness. Your partner, unfaithful and dishonest, creates division within you. Solace is found in the reeds, the water, the endless weaving. Feelings flow from your fingertips and infuse each reed with an emotional overlay. The unwitting recipients of your woven wares further perpetuate and disseminate your emotional turmoil.   I watch as you move slowly through the water, pushing against the current and stepping deftly over debris. Sunlight streams directly overhead and the following is heard from ‘Dust in the Wind,’ Kansas:

                                   All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity

Brilliant white light flows into your crown chakra revealing an immense expanse, limitless in transcendence. Radiant lights appear here with strong connections. Your third eye charka revolves slowly, adjusting to self-perceived limits. You are not limited but your perception must adjust and change, thus allowing your inner vision to illuminate and shine. Your throat charka spins rotating methodically and measured. Words chosen with care and meaning, you protect yourself and are protected. At your solar plexus the brightness cascades and lights up that which is far beyond. The effluence of light is warm, loving and encompasses that which you surround yourself with. A deep love for mankind and nature is felt here. At your sacral chakra a feeling of uncertainty or bated breath causes slower revolutions, the chakra spins measured. This feeling or retention of worry does not serve or benefit in any way. Allow emotional concerns to dissipate and as such will be resolved. You are firmly grounded at your base chakra.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves. You appear first. An odd piece of cloth is wrapped tightly around your head. A loose shift hangs on you. Your simple life reflects in your wide smile, accepting of limitations and seeking to work within the confines of your life situation. You accept all that is. The delicate light of Archangel Ariel surrounds you, assisting to provide a deeper connection with the environment and animals. There is a pull, a connection to Agartha with a “watcher.”

I ask to see a timeline. The past perhaps was a difficult period to get through but necessary in order to see the bigger picture. It’s futile to get caught up in it but rather pause and observe for clarity in order to move forward in a positive direction. Life is about learning and taking the knowledge from previous experiences and applying it to similar situations in the future. Possibly competition reared it’s head and if so, you can ask yourself, how can you shine above the rest? At the present time, you may begin to see a positive situation where opportunities to form connections or alliances can create something new. As with all partnerships, ensure there is an even exchange of energy where you are not energetically drained causing potential disharmony. Success sometimes comes from the most unlikely of sources and in many forms. Keep an open mind. Be aware that you possess the inner strength to complete things you have been working on. You may view this as a struggle, but even so, gather your inner reserves to achieve an outcome you desire. Take a step back and realise what you’ve been through. What you’ve learned along the way can be seen as a valuable resource. All experiences feed your spirit and offer you knowledge for the future.

End of Reading


Tales of Old

Two women deep in conversation stand close to each other. One has a blanket wrapped tightly around her shoulders. The calendar, a cycle of seasons, is being discussed with the placement of spiritual days. The younger girl listens solemnly as the older woman recites the ceremonial days to come. Both women have long dark hair falling around their shoulders. This is North America, 16th century.

Spider woman, her hair drawn taut into the web she spins, intricately connects the stories she tells and all wait with bated breath to hear her words. Tales of old, remembered for eons gone, link the present time with yesterday and tomorrow. You are the storyteller, connected to Spider Woman.

The blanket covering your shoulders is infused with brilliant light and a star circle is placed at its centre. It sits at the middle of your back. Energy radiating off the blanket is pure golden yellow light and it shifts around you in a star pattern.

Gazing towards the stars, you feel a link, a pulsing energy that is not only understood, but is felt on the deepest level. Oral stories are told and passed down and you are among these storytellers. Yucca leaves, a pipe with swirling smoke move vertically through the air as if magically extending further out into space, the domain of your stories. The rising sun is your beacon and the setting sun is the door that closes upon each day before the sun rises again. You and your kin form a tight knit circle, the circle shown on your blanket enclosing a star.

Masks, lurid creatures, thunderbirds and hawks are seen in your world where dimensional differences are minimal, your connection to the past, present and future cannot so easily be separated. Your vision has developed here among these people, your ancestors and their place in time. The star continues to shine brightly radiating golden threads of light to connect with others as you share the creation story. As their link, you are highly esteemed and regarded as a seer and as you share with others your connection to the Star People grows stronger and the aura around your blanket becomes brighter.

A storyteller, a creation reader among the tribe, you are able to connect two realities where others can also feel the connection to the Star People. You are their conduit. Turquoise blue empowers you.  A stone sending bearing signals that you cherish and carefully wear. You sit and tell the old stories weaving new information and thoughts that you have received. It’s a communal life, seasonal and full of deep spiritual meaning. The yellow aura, the star cloak is around you now. You receive guidance, instruction and infused light messages, which are diligently passed on to others through you.

I step back to view your chakras. There are fine etheric threads holding your feet deep into the ground where the Agarthan connection links you to them. You are balanced at your base chakra. The energy moves upward encircling your sacral chakra. Here the energy is also balanced moving synchronously with your base chakra. Your solar plexus is wide open, the chakra moving and spinning reflecting brilliant light, allowing your intention and will to align. Your heart chakra spins balanced and open; an ever slight depletion is sensed from extended exertions, which are not physical but rather inner spiritual. At this time of forgiveness and compassion, please do not forget to take time for yourself and center in self-love. At your throat chakra, a raw feeling, interpreted as over exertion either through lack or too much communication or sharing. Your chakra spins here but fluctuates in speed, but when clear, any perceived creative blocks will be minimised. Your third eye chakra shines brilliantly and spins wide open. Perceptive dreams bring wisdom and insight. Your intuition has expanded bringing clearer visions for you. At your crown chakra, a beautiful, billowing of white light energy extends interdimensionally around you. Clarity extends through you as the connection with your Higher Self and Angelics is heightened.

I ask for your guides too please assemble themselves. You appear first, cloaked in the blanket still radiating the beautiful yellow star. The energy surrounding you is immense, palpable and awe inspiring. Your connection continues today. You bow your head down and pull the blanket slowly around your face as your eyes close. A Native American guide stands behind you to your right. He assists you and is present in dream work. The beautiful unfolding blue light of The Master Lady Mary is around you with Motherly Love bringing comfort and understanding.  The Archangel Raphael guides you at this time in all of your healing work. As well as encouraging personal growth, vision and intuition, harmony and balance are encouraged.

I ask to see a timeline. Upheaval and distress, discernible in the past, may have brought about heartache, loss or perhaps even disappointment, but all the strength you possess will allow you to move past the pain and propel you forward. Currently, a time of endings is close at hand, whether pertaining to changes in your personal life or career, you have the strength and courage to get through this transformational time, knowing that renewal follows every conclusion and opportunities do appear because nothing in life remains motionless. If, in the future, you are consumed with self-doubt and are unable to move forward due to being indecisive, realise that you have the strength, courage and power to make decisions, allowing a resolution to be forthcoming. Have faith in yourself; listen to your inner guidance and intuition. As a spiritual being, you have unlimited power at your command and your inner strength, willpower and courage can assist you in coping with adverse conditions in front of you or the many surrounding your life.

End of Reading

Lotus Root Ponds

Lotus root ponds in a small lot, an allotment, are seen in the distance. It’s harvest time for lotus. Roots will be dug up, dried and then ground and packaged neatly in square folds of paper. Blossom jam stands next to the paper squares. A woman keeps a tidy house, spare and clean. She is demure, her plain kimono reflects a natural fastidiousness and is modest in appearance.

This is the Meiji Era, Japan, 19th century, a time of confrontation, Eastern and Western culture. Adapting to changing times and adjusting to that which is new, to that which all are unaccustomed is felt here. Though many feel pressured to adapt, you keep your simple traditional appearance though yearn for that which you do not possess, that which has reached Japan’s shores. Internally you are ready for change, yet are unable to manifest the courage necessary to release the strong ties to culture and tradition that are held deep within you.

You measure, weigh and sell ginger root, lotus root, and various vegetables. You watch the daily commerce, the slow changing appearance of those that buy goods from you.

A meddlesome plan has erupted. Riots break out with violence and people storming the ground, a small world has turned upside down in one night. Two men are injured in the acts of hostility, many are brandishing fire and flagrantly disobeying order and the authorities. Distaste for Western incursion. Police search houses looking for perpetrators.

You have borne witness to cultural changes during these times and realise a stubborn transition is underway and cannot be stopped. There is fear of that which you trust and know will become cultural relics. Aware of retribution you offer shelter to a man in western clothing involved in the riots. By providing a safe house and moments of respite to him, there is acceptance of the unknown, of the inevitable changes which are unfolding and an understanding emerges that times must evolve and nothing remains constant.

Twinkling stars and a bright burst of opalescent colour appear above you. Your crown chakra is a magnificent space of light energy. Barely perceptible impulses or connections with distant cosmic forces and beings are felt here. Messages are received and you are heard. Loving light permeates this space. Related kin from a binary star system. Your third eye chakra spins intensely, rapidly revolving and absorbing information, some of which you are unaware of, yet is accessible to you. This chakra is clear, open and spinning. At your throat chakra, on the right side, constriction is felt, a reflection of your emotional, spiritual side. A tightening that slowly releases with your voice. You will clear this constriction through your ‘teachings.’ At your heart chakra is an open outpouring of love, light, humility and gracefulness. An energetically abundant feeling is sensed here, spreading love and reaching many different people. Your solar plexus chakra spins brightly but with fluctuating light. A feeling of uneasiness, lingering self-doubt is perceived yet does not lessen the light emitted here. Your sacral chakra spins slowly. I’m being shown energy at your back, an energy accelerator chakra that activates the higher chakras, and these, once activated, allow you to see things as they truly are. Everyone is evolving and this is a process where time is needed and mistakes are made. Being able to forgive others as well as yourself is part of the spiritual function of this chakra. At your base chakra, I feel grounding energies. Close links with nature link you to Earth. A harmonic feeling is sensed here.

I ask your guides to please present themselves. You appear humble and appeasing, head bowed down wearing a traditional kimono. The beautiful light of Archangel Gabriel shimmers emerald green near you. As a divine healer, he assists in healing and helps to find inner guidance, love, compassion, balance and inspiration to heal others.

I ask to see a timeline. Emotional withdrawal is felt. Nothing in life is at a standstill and the world is in constant flux. You may have faced your worst fears and looked into the darkest shadows of your soul. By confronting what you have avoided, you can walk courageously through it. Also, by no longer denying your past, a cleansing process can ensue. Mother Earth willingly assists you during periods of change and healing. Currently what you’ve been building is firmly established and you can be open to receive as you’ve given so much, although remember that nothing remains stagnant and the winds of change are always at your door. In the future, the impossible can always become possible and lives in the power of your belief. Use your natural ability of intuition as you reach your goals and desires, share your experiences because others will be attracted and drawn to your inner light. Maintain a positive attitude and shine your inner star.

End of Reading

The Patron Goddess

A solemn procession is viewed where funerary rites are given. Chanting is heard that transcends the Earth, creating an absolute spiritual transformation.

Mortar and pestle grind herbs, a thick mixture laced with oil, an ointment to be used for soothing bodily aches and pains. The scent holds as much or more importance than the medicinal properties of the herbs themselves. You crush as you utter sounds of written epistles, infusing the singular qualities of words onto the herbs. These pastes are applied onto those seeking relief. Sustaining potions that allow one to traverse a magic line delineating space and time.

Isis is your patron goddess. Daily devotions and flowers are left at the temple. Ablutions applied, refreshed. This is ancient Egypt. Vegetables and fruit form your diet and cultivated plants frame the world around you. You willingly supplicate yourself, seeking knowledge to create liniments and colourful embellishments infused with scents. The herbs and minerals applied are organic concoctions that are used lavishly as adornment. You wear your own artisanal creations, advertising your wares. Gifted with precious minerals, you grind and transform them creating potent charms, amulets which are sealed with the botanical mixtures made by your hands.

The funeral procession, seen earlier, moves on to Thebes. A crowd throngs to the waterways, all wanting to view the ceremony. For a mere glimpse allows the passing souls transference where acknowledgement and judgment can occur. The occasion allows the uncertainty of death to bring about the safe departure of the soul. This is an important event to be witnessed by all. Those that observe the processions and hear the incantations hold within them the residue of that energetic juncture.

An herbal garden is maintained. There are indigenous flower stamens that you collect and utilise. Important minerals that are not scoured or sourced by you are a tangible resource and hold medicinal properties. Your loyalty remains dedicated to the goddess Isis. With your sandals removed, you enter the temple offering flowers and murmured prayers. This you do everyday and over the course of time have created an energetic bridge. Your herbal treatments are defined by your charms. Isis shines.

I watch a sparkling tincture of light unfold around you revealing an infinite field of light. Energetic connections move and appear as illuminated brilliant impulses creating bright fluctuating light in your crown chakra. This light moves into your third eye chakra where visions and spectres wait for your abated breath to acknowledge and allow. Your chakra spins while you gather courage. The visions are in your dreams, can be seen out of the corner of your eye and come as unbidden thoughts. Your throat chakra spins, deflecting light, a coarse sensation is felt here. The strong desire for your voice to be heard accepted and embraced is tangible. Light continues down to your heart chakra. A beautiful unfolding love is felt here, a deep emotional love for humanity, Earth and all life forms. This bright light filters into every aspect of your life creating solemn beauty, joy and happiness. Your solar plexus chakra spins open and evenly, an energetic pulse is felt as a forceful storm. At your base chakra a balanced spin, concordant with Earth’s energies. You are anchored.

I ask for your guides to please present themselves. You appear first, various emulsions and pastes are spread before you. Honeysuckle and rose scents punctuate the air. The beautiful, green healing light of Archangel Raphael surrounds you, telling you that you have brought into this lifetime a healer’s touch and knowledge which you perhaps could not account for. This is a gift that can be further developed and accessed. The beautiful energy of the Master Lady Mary is currently felt around you. As the Motherly source of life on Earth, she bestows intuitive wisdom and confidence. Her comforting ways, despite any religious beliefs that may accompany a woman, help create a strong connection with Nature’s Elementals. There is an American Indian guide also currently near you. A drum can be heard beating in the distance. She is an older woman, wise, with a very deep voice. Her song accompanies the beat of the drum. Perhaps you hear her too?

I ask to see a timeline. In the recent past, you may have felt immobilised by a sense of fear that has prevented you from making decisions or choices. This is you, holding yourself back, creating limitations caused by your emotions. By finding the courage to overcome these feelings, new people and conditions can manifest for you even when you’re unable to see that which is ahead. Know that you possess all the tools you need to free yourself; you’re forgetting how strong you really are! As soon as you cut through your limitations, you will be more open to access creative endeavours and ideas and with new beginnings will come a new sense of purpose. Tap into that force within you and use it to move forward, allowing your excitement and joy to affect others. Although you may be tired and weary from the struggle, now is not the time to give up. Access your inner reserves to see and achieve the desired outcome you would like to have. As you explore various avenues in your life, the knowledge you gain will be an invaluable resource that can feed your spirit and help you in your future. No matter what is happening around you, maintain positive thoughts in order to light the path before you and attract exactly what you are emanating. Keep shining your brilliant light.

End of Reading

Salvo. Salvo.


© IWM (Q 13285)

Clicks are heard. Hardened steel, flint is loaded and drawn. Fire! A volley of shots rage abruptly with an unbearable noise. Dust, heat, and water droplets evaporate in the distance creating a hazy outline, a mirage that shimmers like glass. Beads of sweat form on your brow. You are part of the 3rd regiment, a cavalry unit.

A dead body is seen, its eyes rolled back in its head.

The ship navigates around Africa, sailing around the coast to reach the Suez Canal – a major feat of human engineering. You, along with your fellow troops and horses, arrive here, shuttled and ferried over a vast distance. Brown woollen uniforms, basic issue, each one of you handed a rifle and a horse to be cared for, cradled and treated with exceptional care. For this would be your lifeline and would sustain you in times of stress.

Dark blood gushes onto a torn uniform.

A shanty town in an oppressive heat is seen in the distance. Egypt, Aswan. A shorts stay commences here before having to move on with the regiment. Your mates, blokes you’ve only just become acquainted with, shift uneasily. Fright is not detected in their eyes only a slight nervous waver in their voices as conversation is made to placate the stillness.

Grisly bone, broken and split, rips through an unidentifiable body part.

A South African accent is heard, “And which side are you on man?” A brief reply, “For King and country.” Your unit has dismounted. The horses must be left behind. Intense regret and deep sorrow is felt among the troops. You are seen momentarily, eyes wide with red hair, you turn as bullets begin to fly. Troop movement, Egypt is left behind as Gallipoli emerges.

Salvo. Salvo. Blistering metal glistens as shots are discharged. A few men penetrate and make their way through enemy lines. Yet, who is the enemy here?   A voice utters, “For Crown and State.” An advance of men charge with bayonets, slicing, gouging and yelling as dust surrounds and clings to sweaty skin.

You, the man with the wide eyes and red hair, see everything around you. You hear the deafening noise; battle cries mixed with gunfire and automated weapons – more feats of humankind. This is mechanised warfare to be fought with proper machines, an accomplishment for the 20th century. Your hearing has been compromised during these battles.

I see you suddenly standing amidst a flower of life pattern. Light radiates above and gently drifts and encompasses you. This flow of energy enters your crown chakra. The thunderous noises of the distant battlefield scenes fade into a distilled, vibrating quiet. Space is both infinitesimal and vast, with energetic connections radiating in all directions. Light opens and moves into your third eye chakra. I see it spin and immediately halt where fear and agitation are felt. These feelings prevent the smooth flow of energy. You are capable, as all of us are, of seeing much more than what is in your field of vision. The energetic light shifts down to your throat chakra, compression and tightening is felt here. Deep lingering memories have eviscerated your communication. I watch pure white energy seep and meld into this energy field to create a balanced open spin. The energy travels further to your heart chakra. A diffusive green light is seen here. Pain is felt. Memories have created an unwillingness to allow others to suffer. Archangel Gabriel rebalances and allows you to receive and spread love. Forgiveness, self-love and compassion expand. Your solar plexus chakra is brilliantly lit, open and spinning. A general feeling of strength, perseverance and happy enthusiasm is perceived. The light continues to your sacral chakra.   An open spinning balance is sensed where the material world and that which you value the most merges. The light extends to your first chakra, your base chakra, which is open and moves in concordance with who you are at your core and what you came here to be.

I ask for your guides to kindly assemble themselves for me. You are seen again on the flower of life pattern, wearing the brown woollen soldiers uniform. I hear snippets of conversation, “the cost of lives taken and the unfairness of war.” I hear these lyrics:

And there’s another country, I’ve heard of long ago, 

Most dear to them that love her, most great to them that know;

We may not count her armies, we may not see her King;

Her fortress is a faithful heart, her pride is suffering;

And soul by soul and silently her shining bounds increase,

And her ways are ways of gentleness, and all path are peace.

                                                                              “I Vow to Thee My Country”

The beautiful light of Archangel Gabriel is perceived, helping to enhance creativity, promote optimism and positive energy around you as any remaining fears are gently eased away.

I ask to see a timeline. Currently you are surrounded by brilliant light bringing forth renewal, joy and pleasure. Despite what is happening around you, growth, success and happiness radiate from within you. Others feel drawn to your warmth, compassion and generosity. Your light reaches far and wide and truths begin to emerge where certain paths can be seen. With continued focus on happiness and the most joyful of memories, this light will shine even more brightly on your current path. Leaving the past behind, and moving on, the time has arrived to finish a difficult cycle in your life and move forward. You can learn and grow stronger from lessons you have learned in the past. A healing process is underway where your goals and desires can be set to allow what is most beneficial for you to enter into your life. A new sense of purpose will allow you to set a new foundation for the future. New ideas, revelations and positive energy will be at an all time high attracting others to feel your excitement and joy. Know that this is your time to spread your wings and fly.

End of Reading



A Black Raven

An argument has broken out between two brothers. Heated words are heard as a man steps purposefully away and walks into the distance. Harsh sounds and tones resonate behind him moving from a high to low pitch.

He boldly strides away from the confrontation, loudly enunciating his words with anger, each vowel extended in order to exert his will. He will not be swayed or pushed instead he chooses to remain steadfast with his own notions of trade, ledgers, and movement.

A black raven turns its head. On the vast eastern steppe of Inner Mongolia a camp is set up, a tented circle spanning a wide distance. This is China around the 13th century.

Biting winds carry grass seeds far and wide. The tents are secure from the brazen wind. Clouds litter the sky, allowing the sun quick moments of respite. Feelings of intense hostility are sensed. Each brother holds an uncompromising position neither willing to budge and their anger is directed towards each other. A change in burdens and responsibilities is met with animosity. Both men refuse to concede.

Hundreds of horses gallop across a wide plain. The strong gusts of wind lift and carry the seeds further afield, moving, dispersing, and creating ripples of change. Trade in grain, highly valued and needed, is part of the change. One brother, his tunic fitting loosely around him, refuses to allow his brother to take control. The concept of self-determination lies deeply within his heart and he will not submit to coercion.

The distant horizon stretches as far as the eye can see. The solid earth trembles in sonorous pounding waves as horses, multitudes of them, are seen moving across the plain. Muscular with a short stature, they appear strong and robust. North, South, East, West, the animals move together with the wind and the grass, forever seeking the sweet grass.

Nomadic tribes moving as the wind does, changing direction and following the horses. You are one with your horse. Precision and controlled movement is swift as the wind and feared by many. A raid, a territorial dispute, and a push for more control causes two brothers to be unwilling to compromise and cede authority, creating a rift within the clan.

This argument will result in a division between the two, each seeking their own self-interest. Words are heard as fire symbols catch the sky: devaluation, proceeds, marking objects for trade, glass beads, animal hides, sky bear and the mountain people. There is a complete disregard for one another. The spring rains will soon come to quench the dry lands. A rain of agonies, tearing down what is around them and forcing each man to comply with the will of the other. Consequences of this event will lead to many dead with tempers raging and seething among the living.

I see beautiful ribbons of white light from the Great Galactic Sun flood the plains. Horses continue to move agilely across the steppe. I watch light energy instantly flow into the emotional and spiritual side of you and observe your chakras. The light moves to your base chakra. It spins, balanced and grounded with the physical world around you. At your sacral chakra an uneven spin leads to a slight imbalance where you perceive yourself in connection to Spirit. At your solar plexus chakra, light moves broadly and swiftly outwards. Your heart chakra spins, casting an immense and ever widening brilliant light outward. A deep love, humility, and reverence are felt here. At your throat chakra, a slight tightness is felt where emotional communication or expression is hindered. Your third eye chakra is wide open, allowing clear intuition, insight and wisdom. From your crown chakra, a massive expanse of light imbuing a higher perception and connection with all that is.

I ask your guides and angels to kindly appear before me. You stand furthest forward and your guides assemble behind you. A leather helmet covers your head. Leather flaps hanging from your loose trousers, a leather belt is tooled with geometric designs. Your legs astride, your hands and arms placed with their full weight upon a sword. The beautiful light of Archangel Gabriel, the messenger, appears around you, helping to enhance communication and creativity while balancing energy levels. The Ascended Master Sanat Kumara is also felt around you, aiding in the realization that with a raised consciousness thoughts are real and can form in other dimensions.

I ask to see a current timeline from the past into the future. That which you have been building in the recent past is firmly established with a strong and solid foundation. The Universe can now give back to you, but realize that nothing remains stagnant and the winds of change are always at your door. At the present time inner strength is within you to complete what you may have been working on. By accessing inner reserves of discipline and perseverance, you can achieve your desired outcome. In the future there is spiritual awakening, clarity and truth. As you evaluate the past and lessons you’ve learned, you will be able to forgive, accept and heal so that you can move forward in a balanced way. Trust what you know to be true and understand that what was once not obvious can now be realized and understood.

End of Reading

Gates of the Abbey

A limitless expanse of darkness stretches out before me. Gradual tones of blue crease onto the tight edge of blackness as stars tumble forth, their exquisite light ignited in brilliant gold. The painted sky of an illuminated church manuscript. Stars glitter and beckon in the night sky. Colours seep onto the page in rich blues and golden yellows. Although the stars depicted are decorative and two dimensional, this is where you long to go, to transcend the earthly realm and move beyond that which is human. Your convictions run deep knowing the day will come for you to return whence you came. The sky. The stars.

White woollen gowns clothe women lying prostate on the ground. Each woman is blessed with Holy Water and given the sign of the cross. Their hair has been shorn revealing uneven ends cut closely around the head. This is an abbey around the 12th century, France.

Stories from the Bible are being read aloud and those living within the household gather around a warm hearth in the evening, imagining the lives of Disciples and Saints. Each trying to find similarities between their own current lives and those they admire and beatify. A constant challenge for each individual, a want to put into place teachings from the Bible.

Dull grey skies press down upon an autumn day. A child, a very young girl, stands next to her father. With a large dowry in hand, he accompanies you to the gates of the abbey. The novice within admits you alone. It’s a difficult parting, for on the one hand there is rapt expectation, but on the other, incredible sadness in leaving the ones you hold so close and dear. A life of domesticity no longer stands before you.

Your outstretched body lines the ground. The other women lie beside you in their coarse woolen gowns. Cold flagstones are felt beneath you. A discernible trembling is felt, knowing that your life will be given over in service to Christ. Feelings of pride and elation rise, there is a fervent desire to share your accomplishments with your family, so that they too can acknowledge your sacrifice and duty as you pledge fealty to those above you. A deep joy gathers within you. For your future will be one in commune with God.

A tapered candle is lit. An intrusion is felt. A deep spiritual presence moves and shifts any outside interference to the side. Urgent discussions are held between two women. A sense of urgency pervades the scene. A situation has arisen that must be delicately handled. The Abbess is present. Your position in the abbey has given you freedom of movement, thought, and learning that you would not have been permitted at home. You work, as a group of women, exerting control in the local community in a manner that is assertive, bringing wealth and power over local authorities.

As golden stars fall from the sky of the manuscript, I view a curving shaft of energy as it moves through your chakras. Entering your right foot, the ribbon of light is blocked. Emotions felt are high. An issue is felt, emotional or spiritual, regarding your own sense of self or your relationship to Spirit. The balance you sustain in life, whether through your own personal belief system or the support of people around you is in question at this time. Focus on yourself at this time. Grounded energy, appearing as gravelly black and white granite, comes off your feet in multiple showers. Moving upward from your base chakra to your sacral chakra, permeability is here. A gradual easing is felt, severing ties within your memories, relationships and interactions with others from the past. Moving beyond your seat of stored memories, know that they do not bind or trap you in anyway. Your solar plexus moves clockwise, radiant and glowing. Life, as a natural process of spiritual evolution, requires a need to forgive others as well as yourself with the realization that making mistakes is part of the process. To restore peace and harmony when emotions are exhibited, energy should be defused and not escalated. Your heart chakra, spinning and diffusing a brilliant light, is sensitive to tension and stress. Around your throat chakra, tightness within the spin is felt, accessing self-repression and communication. Your 3rd eye chakra spins sparkling, your own intuitive abilities and inner perception are developing. Your crown chakra glows brightly as expanded consciousness and self-realisation grows. Loving-kindness for all sets in.

I ask for your guides and angels to present themselves. The warm, loving blue light of Mother Mary enfolds you. She is with you to give encouragement and enable you to establish yourself in society. Her comfort and understanding is expansive. The turquoise light of Archangel Haniel is seen around you, helping you to focus on self-expression through higher feelings and emotions as well as developing your unique individuality. Haniel is the Archangel of divine communication and assists to fulfill your soul’s mission by guiding you through visions, perceptions, personal revelations and angelic coincidences. Turquoise invokes the infinite blue emptiness radiating in all directions. Through this blue sky stretching out to infinity, you can gain an understanding of the expansiveness and true soul freedom if we allow our horizons not to become narrow and limited.

Viewing a timeline back into the past, I see firmly established foundations that allow you to be open to receive, but as with all partnerships, an even exchange of energy is needed in order to maintain harmony and balance. Success may have come in the most unlikely of places. At the present time, emotional satisfaction and happiness are felt with an accomplishment of goals. Hold on to these beneficial feelings when you need inspiration and positive energy. This is the right time to heal past memories that have been holding you hostage and forgive others and yourself. This will give you a clear and unobstructed path. The future may show weariness, but you do have the inner strength to complete what you’ve been working on. You can achieve what you’ve been working toward with resolve and inner reserve. The knowledge and experience you will gain will be an invaluable resource for you.


End of Reading