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A Calico Print Dress

A Native American Indian woman clutches a young girl’s hand. Above them, spacious, blue open skies stretch wide over the horizon. A close heat is felt, the oppressive heat of summer. Dressed in a calico print dress, the girl is forcefully dragged away; she must run in order to keep pace with the woman. Prairie schooners are seen in the distance. This is North America sometime during the mid 1800s.

Suddenly, bickering girls voices are heard.  A new scene emerges of two young girls vying for their mother’s attention.  Appearing as a severe, devout woman, the mother is unperturbed with the girls’ clamour. Pioneers, settlers, moving within a space of time that is defined by borders, territory and resources, make their way across land that is inhospitable. Disputes with local tribes, those displaced by western expansion, fuel sharp tensions and aggravate attacks.

The Native grasps the young girl’s hand tightly, the girl is confused as to what is happening around her. She is being led quickly away from dead family members after witnessing a violent, merciless attack upon them. Stunned and incoherent, she does not grasp the desperate situation she is in and stares blankly ahead, unable to comprehend what lies before her. Words are uttered in a foreign tongue. The travails that await you are numerous.

The sun’s rays dispense unbearable heat. You have a desperate thirst but are given no water. As you slowly take in the scene that surrounds you, a dull ache ensues, knowing that you are now being held captive by those your family and relations found to be most primitive.  Days pass by and you languish, unwilling to eat what little is given to you. Your heart is at its lowest point, welling with misery and sadness.  You learn to cope with your situation and months pass by.  Any bleak hope of being rescued and found is soon packed deeply away as you slowly find yourself assimilating to your new life.

As you close your eyes tightly, your old world, your family and kin close up behind you. Painful, recurring memories pop into your vision. These visions begin to fade with time, as do your memories of your previous life. You are treated poorly by others. Exhorted by their whims, you lose yourself completely. No defence. No struggle.

The oppressive energy lifts and allows brilliant sunlight to flood in.  I view your chakras. Your crown chakra is lucent, opening to a vast, wide, brilliant expanse.  A cosmos of deep, blue, vivid space with peripheral lights.  Divine light is revealed here.  At your third eye chakra, all is open and flowing; scenes vividly compete with one another.  From your throat chakra flows a waterfall of energy.  Much information needing to come out and truths hoping to be revealed.  At your heart chakra, a blossoming, opening and outpouring of love, radiant and glowing.  At your solar plexus, a feeling of anxiety, a tightness felt as coiled rope or springs is felt here.  This anxiety permeates the emotional aura.  At your sacral chakra, spinning, clear and lightly making adjustments, energy calibrates in tonal succession.  At your base chakra, a feeling of being deeply connected yet conversely free with all that is.   A sense of community, soul group connections is solidified.

I ask your guides to please present themselves to me.  You appear first wearing the calico print dress.  The beautiful illuminating light of Archangel Uriel completely surrounds you.  The glow allows everything to be seen and any residual feelings of disorientation to dissipate.  The Ascended Master Serapis Bey appears near you, helping to stimulate and express creative ideas.  His energies assist those attuned to Nature and the Devic Kingdom.  The beautiful, blue light of Mother Mary also enfolds you, bringing energies of intuitive wisdom.  Her presence also promotes a stronger connection with Nature’s Elementals; this benefits all life on Earth.  A grandfather presence is felt.

I ask to see a timeline.  Forbearance and inner fortitude were sustaining qualities at a time of intense trauma and pain.  Taken as a young girl, you had to endure lessons of hardship, futility, and acquiescence.  Though pain and terror remained in the hearts of those family members you left behind, you were able to tolerate your servitude with equanimity, accepting without deliberating on your condition.  As you adapted and persevered, a deeper understanding emerged of living with and on the Land.  This bond strengthened and brought about a direct connection with Nature.  For we are all One.  At the current time, I hear voices excitedly talking.  Happiness and relief about a current or upcoming project is felt.  There is a strong community presence.  In the future, I see the completion of one last final project.  A sense of coming together, coming full circle and being heard with the resultant feeling of self-satisfaction and a job well done.

End of Reading


“I don’t care, I love it.”

I’m sitting in the “crook” of a huge tree.  There is a massive expanse of green foliage above me.  It’s wonderful to sit in this tree.

I hear the lyrics for this song from Icona Pop:

“I Love It”

I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone.
I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn.
I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs.
I crashed my car into the bridge.

I don’t care, I love it.
I don’t care.

the words continuing on and on as feelings of defiance make themselves felt.  The lyrics drum on in my head with special loud emphasis on “I don’t care.”

I see you now in an intersection of a run-down neighbourhood.  I see you standing on the corner of these streets, energetic red flames flaring out all around you.  You enjoy the smoke and spectacle you are making.  This is the “hood.”  You relish in your devilish pranks, mayhem, chaos.  Your anger is mollified with every outbreak of violence.  You continuously stoke your fires, as a revving engine, ready to burst forward at any minute showing your scorn for those around you and your surroundings.  Intolerance, total APATHY.  You desire action and now.

I sweep my arm above me into the stars, grabbing what I can of all the “loose” energy you’ve dispersed out there.  It’s a difficult job gathering this intense energy you’ve randomly and wantonly thrown away.

I light a candle and watch as the match burns and disintegrates.  Pure satisfaction in the destruction.  I add another match to it and watch as the orange flames rise even higher.  Yes, utter satisfaction here.  I change the flame into a violet flame of transmutation.  I allow the fire to burn out and with it your seething tension, anger and frustrations are swallowed away in it.

I breathe deeply and allow this anger to leave me and in it’s place comes a complete calm.  A soothing balm.  I ask that this fiery energy of yours becomes transformed into positive, constructive, creative energy within you.  An energy to draw inspiration from and drive.  For this is just a willful phase you are going through, this too will pass.

Creative force energy, I draw down through me from Spirit.  There are Native American guides assisting me here.  They are with you at this time.  I see smoke around them, they are blowing smoke….  for they know you and know exactly what is needed here.  Impudence, insolence, and disrespect surround you yet the Native guides do not leave your side.  The smoke is being blown on you.  North, South, East, West, I feel a dizzying spin.  I feel I’m on drugs.  Words are only formed with much difficulty and concentration.  I ask for white light to penetrate us.

A fine mist of glittering white energy descends upon us.  Inner Earth beckons you.  I allow the energy to filter through me and as I do so, I view your chakras.  I see you shaking, almost as someone coming down from drugs.  Underneath your brazen exterior, you are kind and gentle.  Now I realise, this is just a mask for you, protecting your fragile self, your most inner self, from intense pain.  You elicit pain to protect yourself from feeling pain.  The soothing energy runs through you, gentle and unassuming.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me:

The group of Native Americans are there with their “smoke.”  I see angels flutter to you.  Around these angels I see beautiful hues: blues and pinks.  Soft and calming.  I see AA Raphael with his healing energy.  There is an older woman with straight hair, a severe face, quite a serious demeanor.  She is with you, supporting you in all your endeavours, encouraging you on and advising you not to waste your abilities.  She says to balance yourself and your emotions, for doing so will “fuel your fire.”  There is an old man with white hair and eyeglasses.  An outpouring of love and support.

I ask to see a timeline:

Horses, ponies, I hear “Pony Express.”  I feel an immense love for the great outdoors, the expanse of land and riding.  You are among other men.  This suits you for you have little patience and feel almost a contempt for women.  A hard life here, it is not easy, but this excites you.  These are “hard” rides, you push the horses you ride to exhaustion.  You drink and gamble away your earnings.  A dissolute life but it suits you “just fine.”

I currently see you with a passion, a desire to achieve something, anything.  This is entirely possible and within your means.  You understand that balance is the key, maintaining calm, achieving equilibrium.  For the extremes from anarchy to total apathy cannot be maintained and should not be continued.  You are a master of your own destiny.  You can “create” your own show.  There are those waiting on the wings to help you.  Still, I view you at the crossroads, muscle shirt, bare arms, wanting to cause trouble.  Your face leering for others to goad you on.  Stop and see the immense constructive possibilities within you “to create.”

In the future I see you directing others.  You have become a source of encouragement, strength and grounding for young people.  The will look up to you with a sense of respect.  You’ve been in their situation before and completely understand.

End of Reading