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Gates of the Abbey

A limitless expanse of darkness stretches out before me. Gradual tones of blue crease onto the tight edge of blackness as stars tumble forth, their exquisite light ignited in brilliant gold. The painted sky of an illuminated church manuscript. Stars glitter and beckon in the night sky. Colours seep onto the page in rich blues and golden yellows. Although the stars depicted are decorative and two dimensional, this is where you long to go, to transcend the earthly realm and move beyond that which is human. Your convictions run deep knowing the day will come for you to return whence you came. The sky. The stars.

White woollen gowns clothe women lying prostate on the ground. Each woman is blessed with Holy Water and given the sign of the cross. Their hair has been shorn revealing uneven ends cut closely around the head. This is an abbey around the 12th century, France.

Stories from the Bible are being read aloud and those living within the household gather around a warm hearth in the evening, imagining the lives of Disciples and Saints. Each trying to find similarities between their own current lives and those they admire and beatify. A constant challenge for each individual, a want to put into place teachings from the Bible.

Dull grey skies press down upon an autumn day. A child, a very young girl, stands next to her father. With a large dowry in hand, he accompanies you to the gates of the abbey. The novice within admits you alone. It’s a difficult parting, for on the one hand there is rapt expectation, but on the other, incredible sadness in leaving the ones you hold so close and dear. A life of domesticity no longer stands before you.

Your outstretched body lines the ground. The other women lie beside you in their coarse woolen gowns. Cold flagstones are felt beneath you. A discernible trembling is felt, knowing that your life will be given over in service to Christ. Feelings of pride and elation rise, there is a fervent desire to share your accomplishments with your family, so that they too can acknowledge your sacrifice and duty as you pledge fealty to those above you. A deep joy gathers within you. For your future will be one in commune with God.

A tapered candle is lit. An intrusion is felt. A deep spiritual presence moves and shifts any outside interference to the side. Urgent discussions are held between two women. A sense of urgency pervades the scene. A situation has arisen that must be delicately handled. The Abbess is present. Your position in the abbey has given you freedom of movement, thought, and learning that you would not have been permitted at home. You work, as a group of women, exerting control in the local community in a manner that is assertive, bringing wealth and power over local authorities.

As golden stars fall from the sky of the manuscript, I view a curving shaft of energy as it moves through your chakras. Entering your right foot, the ribbon of light is blocked. Emotions felt are high. An issue is felt, emotional or spiritual, regarding your own sense of self or your relationship to Spirit. The balance you sustain in life, whether through your own personal belief system or the support of people around you is in question at this time. Focus on yourself at this time. Grounded energy, appearing as gravelly black and white granite, comes off your feet in multiple showers. Moving upward from your base chakra to your sacral chakra, permeability is here. A gradual easing is felt, severing ties within your memories, relationships and interactions with others from the past. Moving beyond your seat of stored memories, know that they do not bind or trap you in anyway. Your solar plexus moves clockwise, radiant and glowing. Life, as a natural process of spiritual evolution, requires a need to forgive others as well as yourself with the realization that making mistakes is part of the process. To restore peace and harmony when emotions are exhibited, energy should be defused and not escalated. Your heart chakra, spinning and diffusing a brilliant light, is sensitive to tension and stress. Around your throat chakra, tightness within the spin is felt, accessing self-repression and communication. Your 3rd eye chakra spins sparkling, your own intuitive abilities and inner perception are developing. Your crown chakra glows brightly as expanded consciousness and self-realisation grows. Loving-kindness for all sets in.

I ask for your guides and angels to present themselves. The warm, loving blue light of Mother Mary enfolds you. She is with you to give encouragement and enable you to establish yourself in society. Her comfort and understanding is expansive. The turquoise light of Archangel Haniel is seen around you, helping you to focus on self-expression through higher feelings and emotions as well as developing your unique individuality. Haniel is the Archangel of divine communication and assists to fulfill your soul’s mission by guiding you through visions, perceptions, personal revelations and angelic coincidences. Turquoise invokes the infinite blue emptiness radiating in all directions. Through this blue sky stretching out to infinity, you can gain an understanding of the expansiveness and true soul freedom if we allow our horizons not to become narrow and limited.

Viewing a timeline back into the past, I see firmly established foundations that allow you to be open to receive, but as with all partnerships, an even exchange of energy is needed in order to maintain harmony and balance. Success may have come in the most unlikely of places. At the present time, emotional satisfaction and happiness are felt with an accomplishment of goals. Hold on to these beneficial feelings when you need inspiration and positive energy. This is the right time to heal past memories that have been holding you hostage and forgive others and yourself. This will give you a clear and unobstructed path. The future may show weariness, but you do have the inner strength to complete what you’ve been working on. You can achieve what you’ve been working toward with resolve and inner reserve. The knowledge and experience you will gain will be an invaluable resource for you.


End of Reading




Cowslips and Daisies

A bright green pasture full of cowslips and daisies basks under an intense blue sky. I watch butterflies wink coquettishly and display an alluring flash of colour when I hear the word, “Scarborough.”  This pasture is used as common grazing land.  A shuddering din and clang, noises from a mine extracting precious minerals are heard at another distant location, linked together here by a road.   You have been lured to the field by the abundance of wildflowers, wanting to sit in the sun for a span of a few hours in order to escape your daily workload.  A brief respite to relieve the clinging winter chill left in your bones. The sun shines brightly and white clouds can be seen in the blue sky.

This is Wales around the 4th century.  Roman troops have pushed their way through and have, over the years, changed not only the landscape but also the commercial wealth of the community.  Brigands as well as upstanding citizens want to exploit the mineral wealth.

Your dress is from flax linen, coarse and long. Holes have been mended to make your appearance respectable. A galley of men, not quite a legion, have marched though this area, bringing watchmen and relief troops for a Roman fort.  Accommodation has been granted to those of higher rank to sleep in dwellings where small tokens, gifts of beads, are exchanged for room and board.

Your family had, at one time, accompanied these troops on a march ever northward, crossing wide tracts of land, before arriving at this current location.  A small fortune could be amassed if properly planned out.  A type of crude tavern is erected offering plain food and the occasional bed.   A constant supply of workers from the mine as well as soldiers into the frontier, guarantee an ever flowing supply of coins. The work is burdensome.

The end of a passing era has started here, a changing of the guard and those ruling the commerce of the local area.  You will watch troops withdraw and relinquish control, a time of considerable uncertainty.  Wealth around you will not disappear, although men will soon cease to call upon the family establishment.  You instinctively brace yourself for significant changes in your life and community.

I stand back to view the sun shining down upon you and as I do so, I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is an open, grand expanse.  Multifaceted lights sparkle here.  At your third eye chakra, I see a deluge of information coming in, a sense of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin. Balance must first be obtained.  At your throat chakra, I feel a sharp tightness and a sense of constriction, a sluggish spin.  Opportunities are not utilised to express yourself.  At your heart chakra, a beautiful, spreading glow of energy and love moves ever outward.  Your solar plexus chakra spins in a loose ellipse, feelings of intermittent ambition followed by a lack of insight derails plans put into place.  A constant shift and desire to maintain balance yet unable to.  At your solar plexus, there is a swift movement and current of energy with an ability to tap into your inherent creativity.  At your base chakra, I feel a sense of being grounded and see an etheric tie with quartz crystals.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me. You appear first in your flaxen gown, arranging crystals in a perfect line.  The brilliant sunshine of Archangel Jophiel descends around you, bringing joy and upliftment.  He assists in building connections that align you to your higher self, guides, and angels and this helps you to absorb new information and approach life in a new way.  The beautiful, loving, blue light of Mary, the Universal Mother, enfolds around you as she brings her gifts of intuitive wisdom.  The Master Lord Buddha’s radiating love also resonates around and within you, instilling the richness of wisdom.

I ask to see a timeline.  The past reveals a need to move on and leave behind a difficult cycle in your life that has come to an end.  This implies going forward, moving into calmer waters and realising that lessons have been learned from which you have grown and become stronger.  With a healing process under way, it’s possible to set goals and desires to ensure a positive future.  Synchronistic events can now be easily seen, allowing conditions and people to enter into your life for your highest good.  At the current time, balance and harmony is needed in your inner as well as your outer life.  What you perceive to be happening around you is really an externalisation of an inner process or conflict that you may be currently experiencing.  There must be a state of balance emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually in order to make rational decisions.  One must be responsible for choices made as well as ones made in the future.  In the future, the qualities of patience and letting go of control are essential.  Being able to pause and assess that which is in front of you or re-evaluate goals that you’re seeking is prudent.  Take time to review and remember what has worked well for you in the past and not what others believe to be true.  Reflect and plan how you can handle potentially complex situations that may arise.

End of Reading

A Calico Print Dress

A Native American Indian woman clutches a young girl’s hand. Above them, spacious, blue open skies stretch wide over the horizon. A close heat is felt, the oppressive heat of summer. Dressed in a calico print dress, the girl is forcefully dragged away; she must run in order to keep pace with the woman. Prairie schooners are seen in the distance. This is North America sometime during the mid 1800s.

Suddenly, bickering girls voices are heard.  A new scene emerges of two young girls vying for their mother’s attention.  Appearing as a severe, devout woman, the mother is unperturbed with the girls’ clamour. Pioneers, settlers, moving within a space of time that is defined by borders, territory and resources, make their way across land that is inhospitable. Disputes with local tribes, those displaced by western expansion, fuel sharp tensions and aggravate attacks.

The Native grasps the young girl’s hand tightly, the girl is confused as to what is happening around her. She is being led quickly away from dead family members after witnessing a violent, merciless attack upon them. Stunned and incoherent, she does not grasp the desperate situation she is in and stares blankly ahead, unable to comprehend what lies before her. Words are uttered in a foreign tongue. The travails that await you are numerous.

The sun’s rays dispense unbearable heat. You have a desperate thirst but are given no water. As you slowly take in the scene that surrounds you, a dull ache ensues, knowing that you are now being held captive by those your family and relations found to be most primitive.  Days pass by and you languish, unwilling to eat what little is given to you. Your heart is at its lowest point, welling with misery and sadness.  You learn to cope with your situation and months pass by.  Any bleak hope of being rescued and found is soon packed deeply away as you slowly find yourself assimilating to your new life.

As you close your eyes tightly, your old world, your family and kin close up behind you. Painful, recurring memories pop into your vision. These visions begin to fade with time, as do your memories of your previous life. You are treated poorly by others. Exhorted by their whims, you lose yourself completely. No defence. No struggle.

The oppressive energy lifts and allows brilliant sunlight to flood in.  I view your chakras. Your crown chakra is lucent, opening to a vast, wide, brilliant expanse.  A cosmos of deep, blue, vivid space with peripheral lights.  Divine light is revealed here.  At your third eye chakra, all is open and flowing; scenes vividly compete with one another.  From your throat chakra flows a waterfall of energy.  Much information needing to come out and truths hoping to be revealed.  At your heart chakra, a blossoming, opening and outpouring of love, radiant and glowing.  At your solar plexus, a feeling of anxiety, a tightness felt as coiled rope or springs is felt here.  This anxiety permeates the emotional aura.  At your sacral chakra, spinning, clear and lightly making adjustments, energy calibrates in tonal succession.  At your base chakra, a feeling of being deeply connected yet conversely free with all that is.   A sense of community, soul group connections is solidified.

I ask your guides to please present themselves to me.  You appear first wearing the calico print dress.  The beautiful illuminating light of Archangel Uriel completely surrounds you.  The glow allows everything to be seen and any residual feelings of disorientation to dissipate.  The Ascended Master Serapis Bey appears near you, helping to stimulate and express creative ideas.  His energies assist those attuned to Nature and the Devic Kingdom.  The beautiful, blue light of Mother Mary also enfolds you, bringing energies of intuitive wisdom.  Her presence also promotes a stronger connection with Nature’s Elementals; this benefits all life on Earth.  A grandfather presence is felt.

I ask to see a timeline.  Forbearance and inner fortitude were sustaining qualities at a time of intense trauma and pain.  Taken as a young girl, you had to endure lessons of hardship, futility, and acquiescence.  Though pain and terror remained in the hearts of those family members you left behind, you were able to tolerate your servitude with equanimity, accepting without deliberating on your condition.  As you adapted and persevered, a deeper understanding emerged of living with and on the Land.  This bond strengthened and brought about a direct connection with Nature.  For we are all One.  At the current time, I hear voices excitedly talking.  Happiness and relief about a current or upcoming project is felt.  There is a strong community presence.  In the future, I see the completion of one last final project.  A sense of coming together, coming full circle and being heard with the resultant feeling of self-satisfaction and a job well done.

End of Reading

Like Two Black Buttons

The base of Mt. Parnassus, ancient Greece.  A woman is dressed in a white gown, flowing to the ground.  Eyes stare dully forward like two black buttons.  The gods are calling.  A summons to prayer. “Earthly wisdom, godly wisdom, let us be thy servant.  May we fare well in our intended duties.  Allow anguish to be lifted in joy as we gather together requesting assistance of the gods.”

A priestess in ancient Greece with hair of auburn brown; ringlets adorn each temple of her forehead.  The round curling hair acts as an energy vortex, for your insights come through the temples of your head.  At the slightest sounds, a breath of wind or the touch of a breeze, you shake your curls allowing the energy to dissipate and gather once again when the curls have settled.

Candles lit.  The Ides of March.  Turning tides.  Words begin and falter from your mouth.  Lips parted, an invocation to the gods is heard.  Forced.

There are those near you desperately wanting information and the assistance of the gods.  You are requested and compelled to provide, to give, and to supplicate to the gods.  You are their intercessor.  Rest is not to be had.  Weary and worked beyond your capacity.

Many priestesses are here.  Their work is unforgiving and unrelenting, walking between the Earth and the gods, relaying messages and beseeching protection from many sources.  The ceaseless nature of your work requires energy that is quickly spent.  An endless line of men and women await their turn, their moment to communicate with the gods through you.  For you are their portal to another realm.

The Great Galactic Sun shines forth to reveal your chakras.  Your crown chakra is an open, wide expanse, dark and vast.  Pinpoints of light shine here like beckoning stars. Your direct connection to Source continues today.  Your third eye revolves gently but surely.  Information is stored here for access at a later point in time.  Your throat chakra spins, receiving information clearly yet outward communication is hindered.  You are not communicating all that you see.  Your heart chakra pulses, light fractures and colour tinctures expand and extend into darkness.  As the light appears, your love spreads outward.  A bright light shines at your solar plexus that is tempered.  More can be revealed here, as if a lampshade has been drawn purposefully.  At your sacral chakra light spins evenly, gratitude is felt here.  Your base chakra is grounded at this time.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You sit at a table; a flickering candle placed before you illuminates your radiant face.  Master Jesus immediately appears behind you along with Mother Mary.  Their presence lightens your load, allowing you to express and freely share the love within you.  The intuitive wisdom of Mother Mary surrounds you, enabling and allowing you to find courage to seek your place in society.  Her love is with you and can always be called upon.  The beautiful blue light of Archangel Michael suffuses the scene, supporting balanced communication with yourself and with all others on all levels.  He inspires you to become a seeker of higher truth and hidden knowledge.

I ask to see a timeline.  Your highly developed intuition and gift of prophecy is utilized by many to reach the gods.  Many take the long trek to seek your knowledge, your vision beyond this worldly realm.  The temple light burns brightly near you today.  A temple guardian.  At the present time I feel upheaval and a subsequent settling back upon the Earth.  A feeling of being quickly gathered and gently placed elsewhere.  In the future I see and unimpeded access to that which you had not.

End of Reading



The Records of Atlantis

Now is the time to receive a Soul Report

The face of a young girl peers before me.  A long face with brown skin, dark eyes and hair.  She motions with her eyes that silence must prevail.  I watch as she clasps her hands together in a prayer position, moving them upward and circling around.  I follow her movements and feel we are falling into deep space.

Nothingness surrounds us, only stillness ensues.

The records of Atlantis.  Deep in space and time.  A chant, a dance, words are mouthed to me but I hear nothing.  A calamity.  I turn and see you turning a symbolic hourglass over.  Sand slowly tumbles to the side indicating a shift in time, setting things right, starting over.  Light footsteps echo upon a beautiful smooth floor, a young woman wearing a long gown emerges.  Your story is difficult to communicate, my throat feels closed up, your voice is silent yet you continue to move, expressing yourself by purely visual means.

Rocks, trauma, pain.  You are empathic, the catalysation of history, of a few defining moments, reverberate within you, finding no voice.  Stoic, you keep silent.  You insist on remaining quiet.

I feel my heart surge with fear and terror, a tidal wave of cataclysmic ruin.  I ask what you are doing here.  Chanting is your response.  A temple guardian, a string of words endlessly repeated.  You are in a large hall with others.  I see your mouths moving but hear no words escaping.  Your movements accompany your chants, orderly and rhythmic.  A sudden harmonic high pitched sound is heard as each of you hold and sustain your notes.  Galaxy guardians inciting strength and courage in tumultuous times.  Sounds that normally transport and elevate seize abruptly and suddenly.  A sense of utter loss, regret and hopelessness runs deep.  I step away from this scene of chanting women, the residual feelings are overwhelming.

I ask to view your chakras.  A purplish blue enfolds from your crown chakra, bright and vivid with pinpricks of light shining brightly.  Your third eye revolves yet you have placed a block here.  At your throat chakra, I feel tight constriction, an inability to express that which runs deep within you due to an internal conflict of fear and truth.  You stand unable to reveal yourself completely.  At your heart chakra, deep billowing love and compassion for humanity is at your inner core.  This love shines brightly and is visibly felt in your aura and beyond.  The constriction at your throat chakra affects your solar plexus, beautiful light emanates, yet you do not step into that which is your true self.  Your sacral chakra spins, feelings of relenting, allowing others to dominate, a sense of allowing your creativity to be bypassed is felt here.  At your base chakra, I see you spinning, moving and adjusting, yet remaining grounded with both feet planted firmly on the ground.  Remaining grounded is important to you.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first, in a white gown with gold trim above your waist.  Olive skin, dark hair and eyes.  Your eyes are warm reflective pools of feelings and emotions.  Peace and quiet rein here, an unwillingness to awaken that which is unwanted and uncalled for.  Poise, grace and humility surround you.  The sheen of white fabric you wear is unusual, sheer yet sparkling and shining.  A need for calm.  A light angel comes in on your right, a beautiful peach, pink colour surrounds it.  I hear the name Elizabeth the Mighty.  Soothing quiet, a calm orderliness ensues and is felt around you.  A father, a short man enters, smiling, talking, he appears old, having had a long working life.  The beautiful light of Mother Mary suffuses the scene, her presence enlightens your intuitive wisdom and grace, providing comfort and understanding.  Archangel Raphael’s beautiful green light is seen around you, as attuned to nature’s Elementals and the Devic Kingdom, helping to develop your divine vision and bring personal growth and harmony in balance as well as helping to release any pent up processes.

I ask to see a timeline.  A procession moves within a temple.  All are wearing white gowns.  A rhythmic chanting in cadences.  I am told this chant, this prayer, is usual to uplift and elevate but at this time is used to ward off tumult and chaos.  Lips move, words are quickly recited, yet no intervention is seen.  Hearing beats and chants alludes to the continuance of life.  The absence of sound vibrations is, in essence, the end of physical life, thus the allusion to silence signals an end.  Your silent chants will no longer be heard.  The distant echoes subside faintly within the Universe.  Life is sound.  At the present time I see smiles, hear laughter and idle chatter.  Pleasantries exchanged, delight in what everyday brings, come what may.  In the future, I cast the net of my vision outward to see you at a dizzying height, staring down at mounds of earth.  A smile lights your face.

End of Reading

A Harrowing Dash for Refuge

A grotto.  A deep cavern.  I watch one sparkling drop of water silently fall from the cavernous ceiling.  Glistening and shining.  The water drop falls to the floor, yet the sparkles contained within it remain in a tight circle, they do not scatter.  All remains within the rock walls.

You are on a horse, saddled behind a man, clutching him very tightly.  You cannot risk falling off the horse.  Heavy rain makes your long wool dress soaked as sharp winds lash and cut both of you.  Meant to be a quick jaunt, this instead has turned into a harrowing dash for refuge.  Europe.  18th century Ireland.

You have decided to take a chance and make a run for it, trying with all your might to avoid being transported.  The man you are with an accomplice, both of you against The Crown.  At this point it doesn’t matter.

Dark hair, blue eyes.  You know the grotto and seek it’s shelter.  Running like common outlaws, seeking escape.  Fear writhes within you.  Thoughts only on escape, the wind and rain slow your progress.  Lamentable fate of servitude awaits.

I view your chakras as I see you in the distance.  Your crown chakra, is radiant, glowing and spatially vast.  Glittering beautiful flecks appear here.  Your third eye is completely open, yet utilisation is not complete.  A fleeting glance of fear is felt, there is more potential here.  At your throat chakra, I visually see a mouth covered, preventing any voice from coming out.  This was not done by yourself, rather by those who are around you.  Stifling and preventing a blossoming effluence of your soul.  At your heart chakra is a beautiful, warming glow emanating outward.  Slow and deliberate, the glow wraps around and envelopes things steadily and purposefully.  At your solar plexus, I see a spinning and then a reverse in direction.  A feeling that you want to put yourself out there but then back-pedaling.  Fear, parental and societal conditioning reining you in.  You seek to overcome societal restrictions but are stricken at times with your own misgivings.  At your sacral chakra, I feel sparks of creativity and a passionate artistic nature.  This chakra is open and spins in a deliberate manner.  You are Inspired with creative thoughts.  At your base chakra you are grounded, connected to Earth.

I ask your guides to please present themselves for me.  You appear first in your woolen gown.  Woeful eyes hide a sense of hope.  Mother Mary appears radiating a beautiful blue light around you.  Her energies of intuitive wisdom assist you.  Master Lady Nada and Master Ragoczy are near, offering assistance in heightening the level of your Spiritual Self.  Master Lady Nada assists when you are over-critical of yourself, helping to create a more balanced attitude within.  Her love works with you.  Archangel Raphael’s energy surrounds you, helping you develop intuition and insight through balance.  He guides us all in healing work.

End of Reading

Under a Cloudy Sky

A young girl stands under a cloudy sky.  The wind rushes past her face, sweeping strands of hair loose.  A storm is approaching.  You delight in these moments before the rain breaks and thunder rolls in.  A woman calls you to come inside.  You are needed to help prepare an evening meal.  You fetch cool, clear water.  Staring into the wooden bucket, the reflection glitters in your eyes.  Denmark, 14th century.

Sagas of monsters, demons, gremlins are recited tonight.  All listen thoughtfully, carefully.  All know how the stories end.  Battles fought, monsters and demons vanquished to a nether world.  In your own mind, you creep into these stories, quietly weaving a new plot where you appear.  The drama intensifies where you have placed yourself.

A country life with endless chores, moving through the seasons.  You yearn for action, an adventure, a longing for the past, the times of your ancestors.  Fighting, pillaging and foraying into unknown wild territory.  You become the mighty heroes in the old tales.  Your imagination reels and becomes alive.

You seek daily reminders and signs of the glorious past.   Looking at a view of the coastline, the ocean water, the sun creating glittering, shining diamonds within the water.  A longing to leave, to move with the water.  Your dreams push aside the harsh work that lays before you.  Ever trying to live in another world.

Energy brought from the Great Galactic Sun is brought down.  I view your chakras as your face is turned upwards towards the Sun.  Your crown chakra is open, brilliant, a wide space, twinkling lights are seen.  At your third eye, I see an old Moai.  The face appears only for an instant and quickly disappears.  Your chakra is spinning, though unevenly, unbalanced.  I feel taking in information but not knowing how to process it.  At your throat chakra, I feel a tightness.  You, yourself, are limiting your ability to be and express yourself.  An underlying fear is felt of revealing yourself only to confront disappointment from others.  At your heart chakra, I feel movement circling inward.  Self introspection before moving outward.  A vibrant, glowing light is seen at your solar plexus.  Joyful laughter is heard, a smiling face, enjoying life.  At your sacral chakra, there is balance, emotional stability.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first, dressed in a long flaxen gown, a natural colour.  You have assembled your heroes behind you from the old Norse sagas.  The beautiful, loving, blue light of Mother Mary surrounds you, helping to create a stronger connection with Nature’s Elementals.  The Ascended Master St. Germaine is also here, his unconditional love radiates around you, helping you attain the simple, real qualities of life.  Archangel Raphael’s loving green light is seen, encouraging personal growth and creative balance.

I ask to see a timeline.  You are on a working farm in a village near the sea.  Time is held in constant suspense by your imagination.  The old sagas from long ago weave their way into your daily life.  At the current time, I see a stopping point of pause and reflection.  An inner search to reveal the best possible way forward.  In the future, an energetic cloud of white light, engulfing the backdrop of a city.  All is peaceful.

End of Reading