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Lotus Root Ponds

Lotus root ponds in a small lot, an allotment, are seen in the distance. It’s harvest time for lotus. Roots will be dug up, dried and then ground and packaged neatly in square folds of paper. Blossom jam stands next to the paper squares. A woman keeps a tidy house, spare and clean. She is demure, her plain kimono reflects a natural fastidiousness and is modest in appearance.

This is the Meiji Era, Japan, 19th century, a time of confrontation, Eastern and Western culture. Adapting to changing times and adjusting to that which is new, to that which all are unaccustomed is felt here. Though many feel pressured to adapt, you keep your simple traditional appearance though yearn for that which you do not possess, that which has reached Japan’s shores. Internally you are ready for change, yet are unable to manifest the courage necessary to release the strong ties to culture and tradition that are held deep within you.

You measure, weigh and sell ginger root, lotus root, and various vegetables. You watch the daily commerce, the slow changing appearance of those that buy goods from you.

A meddlesome plan has erupted. Riots break out with violence and people storming the ground, a small world has turned upside down in one night. Two men are injured in the acts of hostility, many are brandishing fire and flagrantly disobeying order and the authorities. Distaste for Western incursion. Police search houses looking for perpetrators.

You have borne witness to cultural changes during these times and realise a stubborn transition is underway and cannot be stopped. There is fear of that which you trust and know will become cultural relics. Aware of retribution you offer shelter to a man in western clothing involved in the riots. By providing a safe house and moments of respite to him, there is acceptance of the unknown, of the inevitable changes which are unfolding and an understanding emerges that times must evolve and nothing remains constant.

Twinkling stars and a bright burst of opalescent colour appear above you. Your crown chakra is a magnificent space of light energy. Barely perceptible impulses or connections with distant cosmic forces and beings are felt here. Messages are received and you are heard. Loving light permeates this space. Related kin from a binary star system. Your third eye chakra spins intensely, rapidly revolving and absorbing information, some of which you are unaware of, yet is accessible to you. This chakra is clear, open and spinning. At your throat chakra, on the right side, constriction is felt, a reflection of your emotional, spiritual side. A tightening that slowly releases with your voice. You will clear this constriction through your ‘teachings.’ At your heart chakra is an open outpouring of love, light, humility and gracefulness. An energetically abundant feeling is sensed here, spreading love and reaching many different people. Your solar plexus chakra spins brightly but with fluctuating light. A feeling of uneasiness, lingering self-doubt is perceived yet does not lessen the light emitted here. Your sacral chakra spins slowly. I’m being shown energy at your back, an energy accelerator chakra that activates the higher chakras, and these, once activated, allow you to see things as they truly are. Everyone is evolving and this is a process where time is needed and mistakes are made. Being able to forgive others as well as yourself is part of the spiritual function of this chakra. At your base chakra, I feel grounding energies. Close links with nature link you to Earth. A harmonic feeling is sensed here.

I ask your guides to please present themselves. You appear humble and appeasing, head bowed down wearing a traditional kimono. The beautiful light of Master Lady Nada surrounds you, helping to remove falsities that cover Truths many fail to see. Lady Nada brings reassurance to those who feel they’ve been drawn into whirlpools of misleading information and by being non-judgmental, she helps with those who are inclined to be over critical, even of themselves, by manifesting a more evenly balanced attitude within. The beautiful light of Archangel Gabriel shimmers emerald green near you. As a divine healer, he assists in healing and helps to find inner guidance, love, compassion, balance and inspiration to heal others.

I ask to see a timeline. Emotional withdrawal is felt. Nothing in life is at a standstill and the world is in constant flux. You may have faced your worst fears and looked into the darkest shadows of your soul. By confronting what you have avoided, you can walk courageously through it. Also, by no longer denying your past, a cleansing process can ensue. Mother Earth willingly assists you during periods of change and healing. Currently what you’ve been building is firmly established and you can be open to receive as you’ve given so much, although remember that nothing remains stagnant and the winds of change are always at your door. In the future, the impossible can always become possible and lives in the power of your belief. Use your natural ability of intuition as you reach your goals and desires, share your experiences because others will be attracted and drawn to your inner light. Maintain a positive attitude and shine your inner star.

End of Reading


A Harrowing Dash for Refuge

A grotto.  A deep cavern.  I watch one sparkling drop of water silently fall from the cavernous ceiling.  Glistening and shining.  The water drop falls to the floor, yet the sparkles contained within it remain in a tight circle, they do not scatter.  All remains within the rock walls.

You are on a horse, saddled behind a man, clutching him very tightly.  You cannot risk falling off the horse.  Heavy rain makes your long wool dress soaked as sharp winds lash and cut both of you.  Meant to be a quick jaunt, this instead has turned into a harrowing dash for refuge.  Europe.  18th century Ireland.

You have decided to take a chance and make a run for it, trying with all your might to avoid being transported.  The man you are with an accomplice, both of you against The Crown.  At this point it doesn’t matter.

Dark hair, blue eyes.  You know the grotto and seek it’s shelter.  Running like common outlaws, seeking escape.  Fear writhes within you.  Thoughts only on escape, the wind and rain slow your progress.  Lamentable fate of servitude awaits.

I view your chakras as I see you in the distance.  Your crown chakra, is radiant, glowing and spatially vast.  Glittering beautiful flecks appear here.  Your third eye is completely open, yet utilisation is not complete.  A fleeting glance of fear is felt, there is more potential here.  At your throat chakra, I visually see a mouth covered, preventing any voice from coming out.  This was not done by yourself, rather by those who are around you.  Stifling and preventing a blossoming effluence of your soul.  At your heart chakra is a beautiful, warming glow emanating outward.  Slow and deliberate, the glow wraps around and envelopes things steadily and purposefully.  At your solar plexus, I see a spinning and then a reverse in direction.  A feeling that you want to put yourself out there but then back-pedaling.  Fear, parental and societal conditioning reining you in.  You seek to overcome societal restrictions but are stricken at times with your own misgivings.  At your sacral chakra, I feel sparks of creativity and a passionate artistic nature.  This chakra is open and spins in a deliberate manner.  You are Inspired with creative thoughts.  At your base chakra you are grounded, connected to Earth.

I ask your guides to please present themselves for me.  You appear first in your woolen gown.  Woeful eyes hide a sense of hope.  Mother Mary appears radiating a beautiful blue light around you.  Her energies of intuitive wisdom assist you.  Master Lady Nada and Master Ragoczy are near, offering assistance in heightening the level of your Spiritual Self.  Master Lady Nada assists when you are over-critical of yourself, helping to create a more balanced attitude within.  Her love works with you.  Archangel Raphael’s energy surrounds you, helping you develop intuition and insight through balance.  He guides us all in healing work.

End of Reading