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Sand Slips Through Her Fingers

I see a woman standing before me.   Her hair is long.  She is dressed in long robes with muted colours. I watch as her eyes move to her hands.  A handful of sand slips silently through her fingers just as tiny sand grains drop down an hourglass.   Imperceptibly moving without gaining momentum.  Time moves ever onward.  I watch her drop her hands to her sides.  This is The Sinai.  Egypt.

You are with a nomadic group, moving, resting, then pushing onward again.   Though imperceptible to you, time is moving on as you and your group make their way through the desert, seeking a promised land.

I see a light filled, sparkling, blue sky above me.  These are difficult and hard times for your group.   A deep knowing, a strong faith runs through each of you.   This enables all of you to move forward.   I’m being told time is insignificant here.

Timelessness,  the importance of being and living within the moment.

Unexpectedly, I hear music from Abba, “Dancing Queen”.

You are with your family here.  Many families have come on this journey.  You will grow up here in the desert.   Hopes and fears burn within you.  An intense desire to move out of the desert, yet never seeming able to move forward.

There is a protective light around your group.  One can see this from a distance.

I take sparkling light fromt the sky and hand it to you.  A sad, forlorn look on your face.  A never ending journey.  A desire to push time forward, but an inability to do so.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is a beautiful, open expanse.  Blues and violets are seen here with iridescent dots of light energy.  Wide open, moving.  At your third eye, I suddenly see a green, visually lush background.  Spinning and opening, slowly allowing vistas to enfold before you.  A clarity of vision will come to you in time.  Just allow.  At your throat chakra, I feel a spinning, but then an abrupt, painful closure.  A tightening.  A flickering light.  You perceive who you are but those around you dismiss this.  Unaccepting or unwilling to acknowledge, this causes pain within you.  A bright light shines forth at your solar plexus.  Joyousness, love of life is felt here.  Your purpose is becoming apparent, revealing itself to you with joy.  At your sacral chakra, a burning creative desire is felt here, relationships holding importance and giving emotional stability.  At your base chakra, I feel you are grounded and anchored to Mother Earth.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first, with your long gown.  Your face is slightly browned from the strong desert sun.  You stand simply, smiling, your hands to your side.  Jesus Sananda appears with you, a loving presence continuing to awaken and strengthen inner devotion, expressing Love, so that it may be freely shared with all.  There is support of natural healing, a correct balance of spiritual and physical well-being.  The Ascended Master St. Germaine’s presence is felt, helping create harmony and peace through melodious sounds.  Mary Magdalene’s presence also comes through, supportive and loving.  Archangel Michael’s beautiful loving light surrounds you, inspiring all seekers of higher truth and knowledge.  His Blue Ray influences the throat chakra, helping to encourage clear communication on all levels.

I ask to see a timeline.  Weary of life in the desert.  A want and desire to reach a sacred land.  You and your nomadic group do not lose faith, nor are they discouraged.  A deep sense of knowing and believing pushes you all on.  Though time moves forward, your inherent faith never diminishes.  You and your group are protected on this journey.  At the present time, I see you looking down one street and then furtively glancing down another, unsure of which direction to follow.  Then as now, you are surrounded by a protective light.  “It is not which road you take to get somewhere that is of importance, rather the journey at hand, in and of itself.  Please don’t lose sight of this.”  In the future, I see a congestion of cars, all moving in one direction.  Heads turning back to see an awesome view.  All have a knowing that all is well.

End of Reading.


A Silent Prayer

A woman is praying in a church, her eyes are closed and I watch as the silent words of her prayer drift above her head.  A fervent request, intentioned with supplication and desire.  The request is rattled off several times after which the woman gets up and leaves the church.  We are in the Philippines.  1800s.  This woman wears western clothing, she is the offspring of a mixed marriage, living in a well-off household, much above the means of the locals living around her.

As a single woman, her mind is occupied with thoughts of her future marriage.  Destined to marry someone of her social level, a man has already been found for her.  A sheen of charm and sophistication surrounds this particular man, but hidden under the polish and gleam is abusiveness.  An unhappy and failed marriage looms before her and she can only ask and pray for intercedence.  The fact that she is not in control of her future is disappointing and frustrating, being only able to move forward, willingly and happily, and thus maintain appearances.  The thought of being wantonly abused by another makes her shudder.

She begs for interference in the church for no one, not even her close family, sees the man’s true nature.  She might as well walk into a burning fire.  These moments of vacillation, of fervent hope, and deep prayer do not prevent the inevitable.  A doomed marriage, a hurt woman, and a man encouraged by society to engage in a narcissistic control over women, abusing and hurting with complete disregard for others and no inner moral objections.  For society, neighbours, and family do not consider this of him.

The mirror given to this man shows his actions are acceptable and more importantly, justifiable.  You are seen as the impetus for his anger, outbursts, and violence.  Your unwillingness to conform to his ideals and wants creates imbalance.  Your imbalance mitigated by an inner need for justice and equality and his imbalance exacerbated by impertinence.  Your behaviour is unacceptable in his world.

I see an outline of a church in a twilit sky.  Stars appear.  The energy that is here I present to you.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is deep and open, lights appear twinkling here.  Your 3rd eye revolves and spins, but slowly, a feeling of being overwhelmed by what is out there.  At your throat chakra, a tightness is felt, a need to conform to those around you and an inability to choose things for yourself.  Your heart spins, emitting a vibrant light.  A genuine love is felt here for those around you.  At your solar plexus, I see an expansive light, but feelings appear of falling intermittently into a depression.  A love for life that changes and moves to extremes.  At your sacral chakra, I feel a sense of confusion, emotions overwhelming you.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear seated, wearing 19th century clothing, prayer beads in your right hand.  I feel the presence of Ascended Master Kuthumi with you at this point in time, he helps you work on self-awareness and keeping faith.  His wisdom and love is around you.  The presence of Mary Magdalene is felt, love enfolding you.

I ask to see a timeline.  I am brought back to the scene in the church.  The prayers being uttered, but not believed.  A sense of hopelessness pervades you, knowing that unhappiness is just but a moments breath away from you.  Tied to your family’s wishes, you see no clear way forward for yourself, and only as habit you enter the church to pray.  This will not change the outcome of your situation.  At the present time I see some major decisions need to be made.  Awareness of possible outcomes may help you in finding an answer, think progressively, without limiting your expectations.  In the future, I see sparkling eyes, a happiness that radiates from your face, for you have found your niche.

End of Reading

A Longing to Leave

A woman emerges with long, blond, straight hair; her eyes are electric blue.  She is a Pleiadian and she is one of your “guides.”

We are on a beach with warm, golden sand.  The sand glistens like crystallized brown sugar.  I’m enticed to sink my toes into this warm, glistening sand.  This woman does not have a voice, our conversation is telepathic.  I hear a song as we sit on the beach together: “Wake Me Up” by Avicii:

“So wake me up when it’s all over
When I’m wiser and I’m older
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn’t know I was lost”

I’m being shown this beach because there is a “longing” to leave.  The water and horizon stretches out endless before you, but you do not want to go out into the water just yet.

She wants to show you that it’s okay to leave the beach now, it’s okay to wade past the shore, it’s even safe to go out into the deep waters.  Your guides are constantly by your side!  Please journey out and experience what life has to offer you.  You know there is more out there, more you would like to experience, yet you vacillate.

I feel a tiny current of fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of the journey.  Fear of movement.

The Pleiadian woman and I pull down a new “backdrop,” a new scene is being set before our very eyes.

Vast, open space, glittering stars, fluid colours moving like fog: blues, greens, yellows.  As if standing on a broad, open air stage, we allow this “fog” from space to envelope us and conceal us.  This concealment is important; it’s as if we’d like to “slip through the night,” so all are unaware when and whence we’re going.  As the colourful fog surrounds you, I read your chakras.

I allow crystal, white, pure energy to flow through me.  The energy turns from white to yellow on it’s way to you.  This is unfamiliar to you.  You are unsure if you want to accept it.  I do not coerce, I allow you time and complete free will in accepting or denying this beautiful light energy.  Only hesitantly do you reach out and slowly extend your hands.  You are uncertain and unsure.  I remind, light is love.   You are undecided as to something that occurred in your past.  I understand.  I allow the packet of “past energy” to transmute in the Violet Flame.  It disperses as pure radiance out into the Universe.  You suddenly show me several more packets of energy needing transmutation.  We throw each packet, one after another, into the Violet Flame.  These are turned into pure white brilliance.  You now allow new energy to come “in.”

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me:

Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene immediately appear, both radiating so much love.  I see a magnificent white guardian angel behind you.  This angel, with golden wings, has “saved” you at times.  As I understand, your incarnation at this time is in tandem with the “Divine Feminine.”  You are part of a collective, adding brilliance and light to counter the “Divine Masculine” that has so embodied our society today.  You are part of this movement to counter that.

There is a woman here, short hair and glasses.  She says she is trying to talk to you, but you do not hear her!  Please try to become aware of her presence around you, there are messages she would like you to receive.  There are also several cats lying around, dozing on one another.

I ask to see a timeline:

A robust woman comes into view.  Round, red cheeks.  This is the turn of the century, a baker’s wife.  You enjoy selling the bread, sweets and cakes that are regularly baked.  You immensely enjoy the townsfolk, chatting with them, talking, and most especially gossiping.  This will get you into a bit of trouble in the town, this gossiping, sniping behind others backs.  Causing problems for others where heretofore were none.

At the present time, I see you in a dilemma about your future, being unsure about taking steps in one direction.  Please, rest assured, that no matter what choices you decide on, they all, eventually, will get you to the same place.  Think, create, and manifest abundance, joy, and what you want out of life.

In the future I see you settled and happy with someone.  Although at times, fear ripples through you, as insecurity overcomes you at times.  You fear you will lose this person.  Balance must be maintained in any relationship.  As others around you allow you your freedom, so you must do the same.

End of Reading

Walking the Labyrinth

I saw you within energy that felt like translucent bubbles, one on top of another, weightless, clear, yet forming a wall.  A myriad of images, reflected in the bubbles, create an impenetrable wall.  This is a dizzying effect and I don’t know where to look first.  A kaleidoscope of ever shifting scenes and images: people coming and going.

Just as there are many scenes going on in the bubble wall, so are there many interpretations.  None is correct, yet all are correct.   “Expand your thinking and allow yourself to grasp this concept.  Your own view of how you see things is reflected in the bubbles just as another interpretation can been seen from a different vantage point.  Many views from many different perspectives.”

I feel a very different energy emit from the Great Galactic Source.  A rumbling ensues.  It feels as if it needs to move mountains, shift things.  Rumbling vibrations are felt as I pass this energy over to you.

The rumbling energy I viewed earlier is “blasting” through you, cleansing each chakra on its way.  I see each chakra spinning with a clearer, positive energy.

There are many woodland animals around you.  Rabbits, with their long ears flattened down, are not on “alert”.  A full second of time extending into infinity, this moment of non-fear.  They scamper away.  “Suspend yourself in this infinite moment, lose sight of your fears, worries, stresses.  Find this still moment in time within yourself.”

I ask to see a timeline, we are transported to the time of Mary Magdalene.  You are with the “cross followers”.  You are with a group who will visit each station of the cross, pausing, praying as you go.  Pilgrims.  You worship and follow Jesus.  You have chosen this Faith of your own Free Will.

The scene shifts to a church floor.  It’s a labyrinth.  A spiral on the church floor.  A journey within.  A journey without.  This has been your path during this lifetime.  You are following the spiral and hope to attain the Centre.  Every move inward, corresponds in your heart, to the Stations of the Cross.  Your Faith is firm.  Redemption and Salvation.  You willingly follow “the course” of life, for deep within you, you realise and understand that this is where you want to go.  You are One with God.

In your current timeline, “You find yourself in crisis after crisis.  As soon as one crisis is mitigated, another comes up.  This will continue unless you get to the root of the problem.  Your stress arches way beyond what you visually see, having repercussions that, at first, seem unconnected.  Focus your energy inwards, your “breathwork” inward to bring more peace about.  For you are nurtured and loved.”

“As all of us have Free Will, your expectations may be set up for disappointment.  Please accept the choices of others around you and realise these choices are made for their own soul journey.”

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me:  Mary Magdalene dressed in blue, small angels come around you.  You are sitting down, quietly waiting, a serene smile on your face.  Mary Magdalene is ALWAYS by you, a constant source of support.  A gentleman appears on your father’s side, an old woman behind him.  They know you.  They send love and are so very proud of you.  Your “pilgrim” soul group is with you.  They are those who walked the stations after Jesus’ death.  Your faith tested and held true to you.  This group is with you, full of love and support.