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A High Vantage Point

I see a child, a young girl with short pig tails.  Her hair is like straw, a few freckles on her face.  Wide blue eyes look up.  Looking down, I watch her walk along a dusty country road, away from an isolated house.  There are fields and trees around her, but she continues on.

A woman appears with shining grey eyes and glistening silver hair.  Her hair is long and appears to illuminate light.  She is one of your guides, a Pleiadian.

The little girl has arrived at her secluded hideout.   It’s not a treehouse with a high vantage point of observation, rather a fort with a camouflaged entry, allowing an unhindered view of those who happen to pass by.  The girl enters her domain and in her mind, the trees, bushes surrounding her are transformed into a kingdom where she is prime ruler.

In this kingdom, you choose a prince to rule with you.  An imaginary character, yet very real to your heart.  He fulfills your every ideal, appeases you, compliments you and most of all loves you.  This prince is necessary in your life, you’ve been lead to believe, in order to be whole, feel loved, wanted, and most of all, fit into every conditioned expectation society has created.  These thoughts, in word and deed, have been shown to you over and over again.  In full glory, you relive them in your hideout.  By yourself.  Your guides are here, listening to your play, wanting to tell you that you are whole, you are loved and you are appreciated.

“You are not alone.  For love is within you, always has been and always will be.  You too can bask in the love of All that Is, you too are an important part of this.  Yet it is within you to be discovered.  You are not alone, never have been.  You are loved and we will never forsake you.  This is but a gentle reminder, for all is within you.”

Angels gather around, console and comfort you.  I view your chakras in the white light surrounding you.  Your crown chakra is deep, open and wide, undulating shades of light energy move here.  At your brow chakra or third eye, I see a stubborn closure, shutting out that which is just beyond you.  At your throat chakra, I feel a slight pressure, given to indicate there is more to your presence than you currently reveal.  At your heart chakra, a sudden intake of breath, as if trying to swallow and keep so much love in that is bursting to shine forth.  This is a beautiful love that wants to be shared, but is kept inward, waiting.  At your solar plexus, a flood of previous memories, previous lives, once stored, now opened, enabling freedom and control in your life.  Ambition clarified as you realise strength is within you.  At your sacral chakra, a burning fire, a desire that leads to imbalance, emotional insecurity.  At your base chakra, I see you grounded, sitting upon the Earth.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You are again in your hideout, smiling, pleased with the imaginary world you have constructed.  Perfect in every detail, your happiness secured.  Mary, the Universal Mother, shines her beautiful loving light around you, protecting and guiding.  The Ascended Master El Morya is also around you, helping you achieve self-awareness.  This will enable you to express deep inner thoughts and feelings.  Archangel Gabriel, with her beautiful light, surrounds you, aiding in enhancing your creativity and in releasing fears in order to become more joyful.  Your guides settle around you, immense love is felt.  They are helping you to create harmonious relationships with others.

I ask to see a timeline.  “There is, within your heart, an impasse.  The societal expectations which have become your own, have created a place within you that is difficult to manoeuvre out of.  Within your heart space, is an open, neverending flow of infinite love and wisdom.  It is your own expectations that prevent you from realising , All Love is within”.  At the present time, I see candles glowing.  While peering at the candlelight, a deep breath is taken.  You are at peace.  All is One.  In the future, I see a face peering at me towards the side.  It’s indiscriminate in it’s gaze.  There is white all around, feelings of relief and happiness are felt.

End of Reading








A Silent Prayer

A woman is praying in a church, her eyes are closed and I watch as the silent words of her prayer drift above her head.  A fervent request, intentioned with supplication and desire.  The request is rattled off several times after which the woman gets up and leaves the church.  We are in the Philippines.  1800s.  This woman wears western clothing, she is the offspring of a mixed marriage, living in a well-off household, much above the means of the locals living around her.

As a single woman, her mind is occupied with thoughts of her future marriage.  Destined to marry someone of her social level, a man has already been found for her.  A sheen of charm and sophistication surrounds this particular man, but hidden under the polish and gleam is abusiveness.  An unhappy and failed marriage looms before her and she can only ask and pray for intercedence.  The fact that she is not in control of her future is disappointing and frustrating, being only able to move forward, willingly and happily, and thus maintain appearances.  The thought of being wantonly abused by another makes her shudder.

She begs for interference in the church for no one, not even her close family, sees the man’s true nature.  She might as well walk into a burning fire.  These moments of vacillation, of fervent hope, and deep prayer do not prevent the inevitable.  A doomed marriage, a hurt woman, and a man encouraged by society to engage in a narcissistic control over women, abusing and hurting with complete disregard for others and no inner moral objections.  For society, neighbours, and family do not consider this of him.

The mirror given to this man shows his actions are acceptable and more importantly, justifiable.  You are seen as the impetus for his anger, outbursts, and violence.  Your unwillingness to conform to his ideals and wants creates imbalance.  Your imbalance mitigated by an inner need for justice and equality and his imbalance exacerbated by impertinence.  Your behaviour is unacceptable in his world.

I see an outline of a church in a twilit sky.  Stars appear.  The energy that is here I present to you.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is deep and open, lights appear twinkling here.  Your 3rd eye revolves and spins, but slowly, a feeling of being overwhelmed by what is out there.  At your throat chakra, a tightness is felt, a need to conform to those around you and an inability to choose things for yourself.  Your heart spins, emitting a vibrant light.  A genuine love is felt here for those around you.  At your solar plexus, I see an expansive light, but feelings appear of falling intermittently into a depression.  A love for life that changes and moves to extremes.  At your sacral chakra, I feel a sense of confusion, emotions overwhelming you.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear seated, wearing 19th century clothing, prayer beads in your right hand.  I feel the presence of Ascended Master Kuthumi with you at this point in time, he helps you work on self-awareness and keeping faith.  His wisdom and love is around you.  The presence of Mary Magdalene is felt, love enfolding you.

I ask to see a timeline.  I am brought back to the scene in the church.  The prayers being uttered, but not believed.  A sense of hopelessness pervades you, knowing that unhappiness is just but a moments breath away from you.  Tied to your family’s wishes, you see no clear way forward for yourself, and only as habit you enter the church to pray.  This will not change the outcome of your situation.  At the present time I see some major decisions need to be made.  Awareness of possible outcomes may help you in finding an answer, think progressively, without limiting your expectations.  In the future, I see sparkling eyes, a happiness that radiates from your face, for you have found your niche.

End of Reading

Teams of Stormtroopers

I hear the lyrics from Eminem, “The Monster”

I’m friends with the monster
That’s under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head
You’re trying to save me
Stop holding your breath
And you think I’m crazy
Yeah, you think I’m crazy (crazy)

Note to Reader:  As with every reading, please use your own discernment.

Stormtroopers, but they are not from war torn Germany during The Great War, they are from Mars.  I listen to the following narrative:

“A battle fought long ago with no consequent winners.  A battle fought for the sake of fighting, expressing extreme hostility and control over others.   This war has been somewhat captured in science fiction movies, but all have yet to understand the full destructive capabilities of those fighting against each other.  Modern military equipment today is antiquated in comparison to what was used at this time.”

“War is of a low vibration.  We succeeded in succumbing to our base emotions, being driven by an intensity of emotion that you on Earth would consider psychotic.  We did not hold back, we exercised no prudence or caution and we thought very little of others and the outcome of our actions.  Our elusive goal was victory over our pursuers, a want to control them.  We saw blazing flash fires, crashing vehicle modules and extreme intensities of heat.  Teams of stormtroopers in protective clothing would rush to scenes of violence, helping to either escalate the fighting or clear the scene entirely.  We saw no surrender.  All sides fighting.”

“I want to tell you these things in order to put a stop and quell violence and warfare on Earth.  You are all Earth guardians, having chosen Earth as your landing stage.  Do not betray the dedication and sense of responsibility that each of you hold in your hearts.  Your lives are not about destruction, senseless killing, and all calamity of horrors.  One must find love in one’s heart, love for fellow men, for Earth, for Creation.  I am but a reminder to all of those who follow in the path of destruction.  Ultimately it only destroys you, limiting your own growth.  I send this message with love.”

I watch in astonishment as a bright star suddenly vapourises before my eyes.  The shining light blinks into nothingness and I am left with darkness before me.  I observe shimmering light fall around you, sensing a need to soothe and console.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is a big expanse, a shining light is exposed here.  A deep connection with Source.  Your 3rd eye revolves and spins, but spins with intermittent black outs.  A sense of trying to gather too much information at once.  At your throat chakra, I sense an inner harmony.  A knowing of who you are in your heart and complete acceptance therein.  At your heart chakra, a blazing light shines forth, a love for humanity and the planet.  A need to keep everything safe here for millennia to come.  Your solar plexus spins, shining forth a joyous love for being here at this point in time.  Your sacral chakra spins, but dims at times.  A reluctance is felt to involve yourself too deeply in relationships.  At your base chakra you are grounded.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear as I quickly saw you at the start of the reading.  You are wearing stormtrooper gear, ready to move with your unit.  Attachment to base emotions is felt here as well as the realisation of the need to release.  The Ascended Master Sanat Kumara is here with you at this point in time, helping you and Humankind understand that thoughts are real and can have form, even in another dimension.  There is a group hovering around you.  Men in arms from the past, helping you and encouraging you to let go of suppressed thought forms.  These are your brothers.  I feel the presence of AA Michael with you, a beautiful, radiating love that encompasses all.  A knowing and ambition to fulfill your mission here.

I ask to see a timeline.  You and your team were caught unawares.  Liquidised, vapourised immediately.  Though your life was led in pursuit of fear, warfare, superiority, many lessons have been deeply ingrained within you.  Your depth of knowledge is accessed of this destructive era while here on Earth, spreading love and peaceful thoughts around you.  Avoiding conflict at all costs.  At the present time, I see a sports match being played.  Enjoyment at winning but in a confined, organised way.  In the future, I see you attending to others, helping in a most useful and caring way.

End of Reading

Open Your Hands

A vulnerable child, taking handfuls of candy, more than can possibly fit in its palms, is unwilling to share.  Although the fists are tightly squeezed, candy spills onto the floor; though there is more than enough for all…

I see you bringing a fistful of energy down from the Great Galactic Sun.  Brightness and shine escaping through your fingers, although your fists are tightly held.  You are trying to hide this *bright* energy from others, you want no one to see what you have in your hands.  You are unwilling to share, afraid it will be taken away from you.

This *bright* energy is love, it’s capable of moving and spreading among people, causing them to adjust and transform.  You have within you the ability to move others.  Please open your tight fists and allow this *brilliant*  energy to move where it needs to go.

I’ve taken this *bright* energy down through me now and I’m offering it to you.  I coax softly and tell you that this will not be taken away from you.  You will ALWAYS have this!  You allow me to open your hands.  Hands that were squeezed so tightly shut.  For this is YOUR ability, to gather this beautiful golden light energy and offer it to others.  They will not take it away from you, for this cannot happen, for you are an infinite source of this energy.  This is you!

Wondrous things happen when you open your hands.  Nothing is taken, nothing is removed.  *Pops* *Bubbles* *Fizz*.  I hear this as the energy is released out of your palms.  Like a fizzy drink, you’ve held this energy in for so long that carbonation has formed.  A golden yellow light, capable of recharging, creating happiness and release amongst those around you, escapes.

I bring the bright energy up into the Universe through you and as it returns back, it’s smooth, beautiful, gliding and sublime.  It remains yellow and soothing but no longer “fizzy”.

I ask your guides to assemble themselves for me.  You are standing, posing to be more exact, with your head turned to the side, one leg completely extended.  Mother Mary and the Venetian Master surround you.  The Venetian Master is with those who practise “self-expression”, working within the Golden Ray.  His love and Golden Light is with you at this time.  Angels abound around you.  A pleasing, colourful radiance is extended out onto you.

Your mother comes forward, radiating love, kindness and gentleness.  She extends her hand out to you, smiling and offering words of praise.  She has never left your side, always near you, a constant presence.  Rest assured, she is there.

I ask to see a timeline:

There are big trees around.  We are in a forest clearing.  A glade.  I hear horses coming in the distance and the clatter of carriage wheels.  This is Europe, France.  I see strange suits and opulent wigs.   There is a quick exchange of words.  You are in a hurry to get somewhere, for you are late.

Your appearance is extremely important to you.  This fixation on yourself and your clothes leads one to think that you have led a most idle life.  Boots, stockings, breeches, waistcoat, coat, costly materials, luxurious fabrics, your whole attire has been meticulously attended to.

Your appearance will decide the outcome of a “meeting”.  This is a life of “illusion” and you lead it well.  Greed.  Indulgence.  Privilege.  You have forsaken many of your ideals to lead this conceited and self-centred life.

In your current timeline, “I see you in limbo at the present moment with a few choices available to you.  Weigh each individual offer carefully and know in your heart that you will make the “correct” decision to move forward.  Place at your disposal, those who you’ve done favours for.  Now is the time to utilise and see what others can offer you.  Do not limit yourself for you are capable of so much.”

In your future timeline, I see a school, a business.  You are kept happily busy, doing what you enjoy most.

End of Reading

Let It Be

Before the reading began, a black spider drew me in.   I saw other insects: dragonflies, butterflies, shiny beetles.  This black spider stands watch, observing.

I feel heavy, deep breathing signifying a “heavy heart”.

An old woman in a dust cluttered attic mutters to herself.  Musty old things surround her.  Dust particles are visible, hanging in the air, as the sunlight slants through a window.  In the cramped space, the old woman is searching for something.  She wants to show me on old photo album, a story of unrequited love.   A young man, so sure of himself, full of self-confidence appears in these photos.  Handsome.  Fun.  Good-natured.  Always a laugh.  As the old woman looks at these photos, tears run down her face.  She thinks about what she does not have, what could have been and a bitterness settles itself around her.  A life lived longing for someone, the rejection stings her heart.  This rejection and bitterness she has lived with her whole life.  There is sadness.  No vent.  She has sealed her heart.  The spiders in the attic stand guard here.

Energy from the Great Galactic Source.  A single “ping” is heard, as if a single note was played on a harp.  Our energy instantly “synchronizes” the moment we hear this.  This is an “attunement”.  The energy is soft, gentle, loving, supporting.  As our hearts pour out our sorrows, we are instantly healed.  Love, gratification and joy fill our most inner being.  We KNOW we are ONE with God.

My heavy heart is lighter now.  This sorrow from the past, that has so heavily weighed down, has now been removed.  This longing for someone has finally been severed.  I need not dwell on him.

I ask your guides to assemble themselves.  Mother Mary quickly comes to your side, comforting you.  Angels surround you pouring out love.

I hear this lyric:

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be”    The Beatles, Let It Be

“You are loved!”

This sorrow, so penetrating and so deep, makes it difficult for me to see others around you.  As if a thick fog surrounds you.

The connection distorts again.  I feel a deep sludge, moroseness, depression.  It is difficult to move out of this condition.  I send “pin-pricks” of light in order to move out of this gloom and morass.  It is so over-consuming.

I ask to see a time-line.

This is the Great War.  A quick flicker of images appear and disappear.  It lasts only a second in time.  I know now that you intended to marry someone, but the Great War has destroyed it all.  Everything.  You feel cheated, disillusioned, unhappy.  Your wrath is endless and you take this out on the world around you.  It consumes you.  You cannot look past this event and move on.  You cannot forgive.  You are unable to move forward in your life.  These emotions consume you so entirely it wrenches your heart.

In your current time, I see you jump between bouts of depression and good times.  You need to find balance in your life and love yourself.  Your heart is so big but you are afraid to open it entirely for someone.  You do not want what has happened in your “past” to repeat itself.  You carefully guard your heart.

The Doctor

I connected directly with Source.  He said He knows you intimately, you are very close.

One of your guides whispers to me the following message for you,  “Remember **you chose** every single incident that’s happened in your life for a reason, to clear your karma.  You are here to experience these things, to bare your soul, in order to undergo vast changes in yourself.”

At this point, I drew energy down into myself from the Galactic Core and immediately, my heart chakra expanded tremendously to accommodate a huge amount of energy to be sent to you.

You unwillingly appeared, a mere shadow of yourself, tentatively extending your arms and hands out to me.  The self-pity, loathing, and feelings of unworthiness were immense.  The energy extended from my hands as featherlight, sparkling particles.  Anything more substantial would have bowled your over.  You are very ill.

I gather that you have chosen to experience these basic painful problems in your body for a reason…

In another realm you are a doctor.  I see you with a white coat.  You have decided to experience this degraded human condition in order to understand the psyche, the pain, the emotions and physical turmoil.  This information you will take back with you.  You are not what you perceive as your physical human self.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.

A puppy dog comes bounding up to you, looking much like a beagle.  White, brown and black, full of joy, licking your hands.  You are also full of joy, being around this puppy.

AA Raphael appears, he is around you at this time in your life, helping in your healing, alleviating pain.  A group of angels formed themselves and grouped around you, very protective of you.  There is a group of “doctors” around you from off-world.  “You have forgotten why you chose to be here at this time.  You agreed to experience ALL of this in order to access records of it later.  Though a painful experience now, you will grow from this.  The information you are gathering is vital and so important to the data collection.  Please remember, you are more than your physical body.”  A gentleman appears who looks much like your father, emanating love.

I ask to see past life:
In England, a young man stands, waiting.  You are in love with a young girl, your face reflects your exuberant emotions and deep love.  This is the turn of the century, around 1900.  You are young and full of life.  I see forward in time, you have no idea you will soon be in WW1, an army doctor, a surgeon.  You will witness pain and suffering but will not experience it first hand.  You are in a protected area, far from the Front.  What you witness on your operating table is ghastly, frightening but you become immune to it all.  Only a witness to the pain and suffering a World War causes.

Current time:
In the grip of extreme pain.  “You consciously believe your past has to do with your current state.  This is far from the truth.  You have forgotten why you decided to incarnate at this time.  Please be aware, your past in no way reflects your current dilemma.  You have chosen to experience a patient’s pain and route to recovery.  This will deepen your own knowledge and broaden your skills in the area of healing.”

I ask to see a future timeline:
“You will take the knowledge gained with this lifetime and use it to better understand a patient’s position.  You will become more caring and loving in dealing with those with physical symptoms and distress.  Your wisdom and insight gained on Earth will guide you in your “mission”.”   At this point, I see you being guided and watched again by the team from “elsewhere”.  I ask from exactly where, and they only reply, “off-world.”  They monitor your vital signs and check your recovery progress.  This team is with you every step of the way.  Please pay attention to your dream state, your sleep state.  You meet with your “team” during this time.

“Please, before you go to sleep, set the intention to ask your guides to help you remember why you are here.  You are loved and supported.  Remember, you would not have taken this life on if you knew you would be unable to cope.”

At this point, your team shouted out to me:


This is the end of the reading.