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Golden Chrysalides

I just want to share this vision that was shown to me this morning. Many, here on Earth, are entering Golden Chrysalides, stepping into energetic golden circles. I watched them enter with arms outstretched, much as the Vitruvian Man standing inside his perfect circle. Some chose to crouch down, just as The Thinker, analysing their current condition. Each person seemed to physically incorporate that which they wished to perpetuate on a higher level. These chrysalides form a protective barrier around each person enabling them to move through the current forming energies. It’s a wonderful time to be here on Gaia. Stay safe knowing you are encased in beautiful, glowing light whence you will emerge as newly formed beings. Blessings to All.


A Waterworld

A beautiful shade of blue energy with tinges of pink and purple comes arcing down with ever increasing speed.  Watching it, as it comes full force downwards, looks much like the nose cone of the space shuttle.  Before any collision, the energy suddenly splits down the middle and parts, one moving to the left and the other moving to the right.  This trailblazer of light cleanses and purifies everything in it’s midst, leaving behind a beautiful scene that opens up before us.

A waterworld appears before us.  The intensity and variety of colours is amazing.  This is a natural world that fosters a deep connection with cetaceans and merfolk.  I’m unsure of where I am and turn to you for guidance, but you are mesmerized by the colours, the serenity, the utter calm and peace felt here.  It’s a startlingly beautiful place.

I am told this was your first world.  This is not here on Earth, there is nothing comparable, save perhaps Lemuria.  The water is crystal clear, placid and calming.  The shores appear in various hues of purple, violet.  The colours feel and appear to radiate energy.  The most beautiful sunset or sunrise on Earth is incomparable to what we both see.  I know the light is emitting a frequency that subdues and calms.  Another galaxy.  We both stand wide-eyed, looking at all around us.  Pleased, happy and peaceful.  Wanting to linger here longer, we cannot, we are swiftly pulled back out as being pulled from a picture in a book.  We are shown this place, I am told, in order to remember.  To remember the peaceful calm, the loving light in order to restore balance and bring this back to Earth with you.  Recreate this balance within yourself.  Beauty, love and joy emanates from you as it did in this waterworld.

I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra emits a beautiful silver light.  The moon at times reflects this.  You are an open channel for communication.  Dolphins.  At your third eye, I feel rapid movement.  Intense downloads of information, but this information sits and does not move out of you.  At your throat chakra, I feel a tightening.  I visually see around you those that try to block and hinder your communication.  At your heart chakra, an awesome amount of love and compassion spills forth for humanity, Gaia, the animal kingdom.  A great respect is felt for all sentients.  At your solar plexus, I feel a sudden great intake of air, a feeling of being unempowered.  Imbalance and fatigue set in.  At your sacral chakra, I’m being shown stability and balance.  You are grounded with Gaia at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  In this tableau, you appear first in a watery sheer turquoise gown.  You are back in the waterworld.  Around you, the beautiful glow of blue light from Mother Mary surrounds you.  Her love is a constant presence.  The Ascended Master Lady Nada is felt, a fragrant scent of rose is here.  She is helping you heighten your Spiritual Self by supporting you in being non-critical, non-judgmental, restoring balance and clarity.  Archangel Raphael’s presence is felt, loving, guiding, healing.  Healing yourself in turn will bring love and compassion to heal others.

I ask to see a timeline.  You are here on this waterworld to remember who you are, the qualities you’ve brought with you, encouraging these qualities in those around you.  Calm, loving, maintaining balance.  At the present time, there are undulating waves of energy peaking and subsiding.  These energetic waves appear to collect and push you in extreme directions, resulting in imbalance.  Try to remain centered as the energy intensity releases.  In the future, I see someone, running, laughing.  There is intense joy in the present moment.

End of Reading

A Peaceful Revolution

Before the reading started, I heard this song in my head and these lyrics:

“Revolution” from The Beatles

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it’s evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction
Don’t you know that you can count me out

I heard the hard-hitting drums from the song, but they sounded like real gunfire…

There is a “shy” North American Indian peering from behind a tree.  This person does not want to reveal themselves to me.  I decide to sit quietly here among the brown leaves and twigs and wait.

Healing, medicinal plants, old customs, smoke, gunfire, strangers wearing odd clothes.

These are words sent to me in a short space of time from this person hiding behind the tree.  I look up into the sky and see a flock of geese flying in a V-shape formation.  This is important, I am told.

Thus begins her story.  She behind the tree, and I sitting on woodland leaves.  “We must fly like the geese and move as a group.”  I try to pinpoint a time in history, she does not use our calendar.  Early 19th century, perhaps 18th century.  North America.  A piercing war cry is heard in the distance.  It’s terribly loud and rattles me to the core.  I realise now that she won’t come out from behind the tree.  She is not hiding from me!  She is hiding from others lurking wherenot.  She was unfortunate to have been born during a time of intense tribal fighting.  Territorial disputes.

Her communication with me is by sending “pictures”, there are no words.  I will try my best to piece this story together as I understand it.

Violent fighting broke out among several tribes, I hear “Pawnee, Shawnee”, I also her the word “Potomac”.  Many in her tribe were slaughtered.  Butchered.  Her tribe has now dispersed, they now longer represent the flock of geese I saw above me.  It’s difficult to move forward together without the semblance of a group.  I hear more shots in the background.

There is much she doesn’t understand, attacks from not only other tribes but from strangers in odd clothes.  They will continue on, for they must in order to stand up for their ways, their tribe.

Musket smoke is visible in the air.

One can smell it.

This woman’s eyes will be scarred with visions of bloodshed, death, and fighting.  An unshakable spirit resounds within her to stand up for herself, not back down, the fighting spirit of a revolutionary.  This woman with her long black braids KNOWS the stars.  We will create a “peaceful revolution”, without bloodshed and violence, for the pain is immeasurable.

I contemplate as I sit among the brown leaves, I imagine bringing forth diamonds from the stars.  The Earth is sacred ground.  I send the diamonds falling directly onto this sacred ground.  Energetic waves are created which reverberate directly to you.

I observe your chakras:

You crown chakra is open and vast.  Twinkling lights appear like stars here.  Your 3rd eye chakra is moving.  There is a direct connection with Native American healing or shamanism.  At your throat chakra, I feel an urge to cough, it’s something quite distasteful here.  I send healing energy here and bathe this area in ALL LOVE.  I feel you cannot get the words out correctly to express yourself, to be understood.  Frustration and self-loathing.  At your heart chakra I experience an immense outpouring of love.  You have a direct connection with Gaia and so much love pours out for her.  Around your solar plexus area I feel a tightness, a fear or anxiety presents itself.  The sacral chakra spins, carefully guarding your creativity.  A “floaty” feeling at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear as the Indian woman, long black braids on either side of your face.  There are Elders here.  I see feathers on a long staff and old, gnarly, wrinkled faces.  You belong with them.  You have your position in the V-formation of geese.  A deep and loving connection with them, with Gaia and nature.  A totem appears, a black crow.  This is integral to who YOU are.  The musket smoke I saw earlier pervades this scene.  Angels appear with AA Michael.  “You are so loved and cherished.”  A very slinky animal appears, I believe it is a weasel.  Very mischievous.

I ask to see a timeline.  The Indian woman appears again.  This time, I am looking closely at her.  She is shaking with fear, her heart is racing and she seems confused as to where she should go next.  The geese have disassembled and great chaos and confusion reign.  She will get a grip on herself, think rationally, and survive.  This is her revolutionary spirit, fighting for self-preservation, tribal-preservation.  Her existence.

At the present time I see you behind a huge pile of books.  Only with difficulty will you work your way through them.  “Do what you can and manage your time wisely.”

In the future, I see a look of wondrous surprise on your face.  A car.  I’m unsure what this refers to but can only comment on the expression of delight and happiness.

End of Reading

Gossamer Gowns

I was prompted to light a white candle.  It was important, I was told, that the candle be white.  I was then told to look intently into the flame to see what I must behold.  As I stared for several minutes into the bright flame, cool air swirled around it, and I was swiftly taken into the midst of a forest clearing.  A sheltered site and isolated.

There are charcoal burners here.  Folk who make a living from the forest, the wood, the flame, but amid the burners are “sojourners into the wood”, making nightly appearances, appealing to woodland spirits.

I hear jugs and swaggering, two men flourishing cider.  Men making merry during the watchful guard of the long, burning wood.  Constant supervision, lest the fire go out.

These are gossamer gowns that disturb the charcoal burners, seen like ghosts in the forest.  Unsure if what they see is real or not.  These women are practicing “their” craft, worshiping the season, the woodland, the divine forest.

The burning charcoal exudes immense heat and light here in the wood.  The men’s bawdy actions with their insipid drink cause them to be unsteady on their feet, unable to follow the gossamer gowns deeper into the darker part of the forest.

The group of women gather further away from the charcoal burners, unseen, not followed, their ceremony is continued, unremarkable to the uninitiated but full of symbolic for those who are initiated.

You gather the light around you, a flicker through the shadows to establish your “white light”.  A priestess, doting on ceremony, among the forest, shining your white light.

The Great Galactic Sun appears. There is a relationship that you hold with the Great Galactic Sun.  No words are needed.  “You are greatly loved!”  Sparks fly out to you.  Great gobular flecks of light travel down, having the quality of raindrops, holding light patterns within the droplet shape, ready to disperse upon contact.  You know this and are in full expectation.  We both twirl with outstretched arms under this “rain of light”, our arms scattering the light, where, we do not know.  We beam with delight in this action, spreading light to the “uninitiated”.

I view your chakras and see a wide sea in your crown chakra.  Glittering jewels float within this sea of light.  Your 3rd eye is rotating, “trying and trying”.  Relax, do not try so much.  In time, information will come to you without your beckoning.  Your intent is more important than your wish.  I must interject here to say that you are perfectly capable of receiving information, but your intense desire is the focus and not the information itself.  Focus on the flow of sights and sounds around you.  At your throat chakra is a luminosity that I have not seen before.  A gifted speaker, please utilise your gift of words and articulation.  Your heart chakra spins and radiates much love outward.  Love for animals, people, anything that encircles you.  Your solar plexus also shines, spins, radiates light.  I see no troubles here.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask your guides to appear for me:

Goddess energies appear, you are acquainted with these souls from previous lives, they flock around you now, their ever flowing white light settles in around you.  Gaia energy is here, Ascended Master Lady Nada, and Mother Mary.  Angels in white also appear.  A reminder that white encompasses all light, every colour in the visible spectrum.  This white light is attached to you.  I see an older woman with white hair, she is near you now.  This woman gives you nudges now and again, sometimes which you acknowledge and at other times disregard.  She is guiding you during this time.

I ask to see a timeline:

I’m being shown the forest scene again.  The men, the charcoal burners who refuse to acknowledge and see what flits right before their eyes.  They notice, they see, but can only dismiss what they see as a mirage.  You were not seen, not acknowledged for what and who you are.  A ghost, a glimmer of light, a mirage. Yet, you keep your beliefs, your religion, your forest.  Only among those like-minded people like yourself, are you accepted for what you are and respected for holding your beliefs.

At the present time, I see you are part of a wide network of light bearers.  You have the ability to shift and maintain light around you.  The divisional line we saw in the past, separating you from others, is no longer divisive, you can freely move across now and this helps with your own acceptance of yourself.  You are helping humanity!

You have crossed into a City of Light in the future.  Finally accepted for what you are and your gifts of healing are revered.  I hear these lyrics from the 5th Dimension song, “The Age of Aquarius”:

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation
Aquarius! Aquarius!
End of Reading.

The Ground Crew

An echoing BOOM, a repetition of words that I could not stop, words that repeated themselves endlessly.  I am in a cave.  Echolocation.

“You are part of the “ground crew”.  Although you are in faint disbelief of your “gifts”, you must incorporate them to reflect the coming times.  For you will be asked for.  Yes, you are part of the “ground crew”.  You have chosen to be of service to others.  You have come during this most important time.  For your gifts are needed and will be welcome in the “coming times”.  You must continue to develop yourself, reflecting your abilities, you will be in great demand by others.  Your “abilities” traverse the universe, go beyond the mundane.  Yes, you will be in great demand.”

I see a juxtaposition of two very differing lives:  one as a Japanese martial artist, another as an ascetic monk.  I am being shown these two lives for a reason: spirituality.

I hear a Japanese drum; a single resonant tone.   Someone is with you, talking to you: “You must learn to grown out of your comfort zone.  You must train your body and your young mind in the ways of the old.”  This is the voice of your Japanese “Master”.

I see you in a “dojo”.  You were a disciple trained in martial arts.  You have harnessed your self-discipline and now you focus on your energetic abilities.  Your ties with the ancient Japanese arts are long and deep.

I see, hear, feel ancient Japanese clothing, customs, moral codes, codes of ethics, honour and reverence for elders.  “Do not forget your heritage!” I hear this as a strict request, “You are not to waver, you must pursue what you came here for.”

An ascetic monk is quietly revealed to me.  Hair closely cropped except for a shining bald crown area.  I hear murmured prayers in the background.  You lead a life of steadfast prayer, devotion, and complete surrender to your Faith.  Your life is ordered, disciplined.  You possess nothing.  You are frugal and sparing with all that you touch.  Your frugality is known among your Brothers, and for this, you are respected.

An existence measured in ritual, ceremony, prayers.  Your focus is on a plane of existence beyond the mortal one before you.  Every one of your steps is measured and you do not deviate from this course.  You are supported by your “Fraternal Brotherhood”.

Before I could summon energy, I hear a “whoosh” sound.  The energy came so quickly!  Knowing exactly where to go…  Magnificent.  Exquisite.  Energy from the Great Galactic Sun.  A shining, brilliantly bright energy.  My hands glow with it.  I look down at my hands, watching this amazing energy radiate a yellow glow.  You are also there, standing beside me.  I suddenly feel quite reckless and turn to see you smiling at me.  We are imagining how we will loosen this energy.  Like teenagers perpetrating a most wild folly, our imaginations run rampant with ideas.  This is a fresh, young, vibrant energy.

We are in agreement: we will watch as the energy is unleashed, watch the unexpected outcomes, the surprises, rather than manipulate and form it.  We know and understand that in the disorder and chaos this energy may bring, harmony will ensue.  For energy innately knows where to go and where it is needed.

You are smiling.  The ground beneath us shifts under our feet, but you are unfazed and pay no thought to this.  This is one of your “abilities”.  Although grounded with Earth’s energies, you can transcend this, gliding and moving where you are needed, yet remaining centered and balanced.  You are one of Gaia’s “crew”.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  A huge magnificent angel appears, wings changing colour.  I see a deep, vivid blue.  I perceive this to be AA Michael.  He surrounds you with his magnificent presence.  You are part of a “crew” of angels.  Your “crew” is beside you now, doting on you, watching over you.  A grandmother appears on your mother’s side.  She is with you at this time.  I feel a closeness, a love, a tender bond.

I ask to see timelines.  We jump again to the monk’s life.  There is something intrinsically important from this life that frames your current life.  I see you kneeling, bent, in devoted fervent prayer.  You have forsaken your life for a deep connection with God.  Your life is devoted to Service.  You have moved beyond being an Initiate, you’ve entered Sacred Space.  It is this Sacred Space you are accessing now.  Deo servio.

In your current time, your memories are awakening within you.  You are able to access “areas” that others, currently, cannot.  This information you access is in Service to humanity.  “Please continue with your endeavours for they are greatly needed in this time of planetary ascension.  Our love, our appreciation, and our depth of gratitude knows no bounds.  For you are One with Us.  God is Love.”

On your future timeline, I see you continuing in Service.  A traveler, traversing time and space.  For your experience will ever broaden, enabling you to extend your current domain.  Your Service will be greatly needed.”

End of Reading