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Like Two Black Buttons

The base of Mt. Parnassus, ancient Greece.  A woman is dressed in a white gown, flowing to the ground.  Eyes stare dully forward like two black buttons.  The gods are calling.  A summons to prayer. “Earthly wisdom, godly wisdom, let us be thy servant.  May we fare well in our intended duties.  Allow anguish to be lifted in joy as we gather together requesting assistance of the gods.”

A priestess in ancient Greece with hair of auburn brown; ringlets adorn each temple of her forehead.  The round curling hair acts as an energy vortex, for your insights come through the temples of your head.  At the slightest sounds, a breath of wind or the touch of a breeze, you shake your curls allowing the energy to dissipate and gather once again when the curls have settled.

Candles lit.  The Ides of March.  Turning tides.  Words begin and falter from your mouth.  Lips parted, an invocation to the gods is heard.  Forced.

There are those near you desperately wanting information and the assistance of the gods.  You are requested and compelled to provide, to give, and to supplicate to the gods.  You are their intercessor.  Rest is not to be had.  Weary and worked beyond your capacity.

Many priestesses are here.  Their work is unforgiving and unrelenting, walking between the Earth and the gods, relaying messages and beseeching protection from many sources.  The ceaseless nature of your work requires energy that is quickly spent.  An endless line of men and women await their turn, their moment to communicate with the gods through you.  For you are their portal to another realm.

The Great Galactic Sun shines forth to reveal your chakras.  Your crown chakra is an open, wide expanse, dark and vast.  Pinpoints of light shine here like beckoning stars. Your direct connection to Source continues today.  Your third eye revolves gently but surely.  Information is stored here for access at a later point in time.  Your throat chakra spins, receiving information clearly yet outward communication is hindered.  You are not communicating all that you see.  Your heart chakra pulses, light fractures and colour tinctures expand and extend into darkness.  As the light appears, your love spreads outward.  A bright light shines at your solar plexus that is tempered.  More can be revealed here, as if a lampshade has been drawn purposefully.  At your sacral chakra light spins evenly, gratitude is felt here.  Your base chakra is grounded at this time.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You sit at a table; a flickering candle placed before you illuminates your radiant face.  Master Jesus immediately appears behind you along with Mother Mary.  Their presence lightens your load, allowing you to express and freely share the love within you.  The intuitive wisdom of Mother Mary surrounds you, enabling and allowing you to find courage to seek your place in society.  Her love is with you and can always be called upon.  The beautiful blue light of Archangel Michael suffuses the scene, supporting balanced communication with yourself and with all others on all levels.  He inspires you to become a seeker of higher truth and hidden knowledge.

I ask to see a timeline.  Your highly developed intuition and gift of prophecy is utilized by many to reach the gods.  Many take the long trek to seek your knowledge, your vision beyond this worldly realm.  The temple light burns brightly near you today.  A temple guardian.  At the present time I feel upheaval and a subsequent settling back upon the Earth.  A feeling of being quickly gathered and gently placed elsewhere.  In the future I see and unimpeded access to that which you had not.

End of Reading




A Crystal Grid

Colours of sunset reflect on the horizon, magenta, orange, pink, violet and blue.  This is not Earth.  A star constellation to the south.

Messages come in.  A crystal grid programmed elsewhere.  Atlantis.  A group leader of around five people source information using a system similar to our computers today.  Incoming patterns and information are stored with access in dual time.

To right the wrongs of the past is an enormous undertaking.  It weighs heavily on your shoulders.  This time you do not want to take one misstep and so move carefully, albeit, slowly ahead.

“The grid alignment has been adjusted and all incoming Source values are continuously applied.  Communication through all open circuits is noted.”

Your dreams are interwoven with energetic grid placement values, determining your mission.  A high pitched noise, a plethora of incoming information that is instantaneously analysed.  There is no sense of time here, it all just happens.

An intense energy that feels overwhelming is halting any attempt to access past information.  I allow beautiful pink and white light to permeate everything.

I see a big hall, a very high ceiling, voices are on edge, working quickly to counter and stop earth movements.  A time of intense stress, voices raised, all working to diffuse the incoming energy.  All are taken unaware, unprepared for the magnitude of the situation, the consequences which entail.  No one foresaw the ultimate loss of control.  An underestimation that took everyone by surprise, including you.

This information, the dramatic results are held deep within you and others.  “Lest we forget,” is an anchor, pushing and moving you on.  This link with the past allows you to work with others on the energetic grids surrounding us.  A sense of responsibility for something, perhaps, you are unaware of.

Light blue light filters down upon you.  Electronic processing.  Your crown chakra is open wide and glittering, flashes appear like diamonds.  At your brow chakra or third eye, there is a forward facing channel of light .  It feels like a screening device, for filtering and receiving information selectively.  At your throat chakra, a sense of being inhibited by the society around you, despite this, you continue shining your light.  You will not be marginalised.  At your heart chakra, a deep outpouring of love.  A sense of responsibility here for others, but this is not on a conscious level.  At your solar plexus is what I would describe as a spiraling storm, a winding or curling movement indicating energy escalating in movement.  Your focus and ambition being guided in a certain direction.  At your sacral chakra, a sliding movement, hovering, not anchoring onto one relationship.  At your base chakra, you are solidly grounded with Earth.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear as you did in Atlantis, wearing a white gown, tucked at the middle.  Determination is felt here.  The beautiful light of Mother Mary is around you, strengthening the energy of your intuitive wisdom.  Archangel Jophiel is here, helping you connect and align with your higher self and allowing you to feel laughter and joy.

I ask to see a timeline.  Your group has just been given orders to intercept and change incoming transmissions.  A definite feeling of urgency, there is a loss of communication.  Your group is now isolated and on their own.  There is not, however, enough time to change the directions of the impending signals, energetic waves.  I see everyone taking cover.  Regret in not fulfilling orders, frustration with the complex situation.  A need to set things right.  At the present time, I see a safe idyllic spot.  An inner place to hideaway for a time, before being brought “out”.  In the future, I see you with a group of people.  Some of these people you have known before.  Projects continue on.  Planning and coordination are tantamount in this case.

End of Reading


A Waterworld

A beautiful shade of blue energy with tinges of pink and purple comes arcing down with ever increasing speed.  Watching it, as it comes full force downwards, looks much like the nose cone of the space shuttle.  Before any collision, the energy suddenly splits down the middle and parts, one moving to the left and the other moving to the right.  This trailblazer of light cleanses and purifies everything in it’s midst, leaving behind a beautiful scene that opens up before us.

A waterworld appears before us.  The intensity and variety of colours is amazing.  This is a natural world that fosters a deep connection with cetaceans and merfolk.  I’m unsure of where I am and turn to you for guidance, but you are mesmerized by the colours, the serenity, the utter calm and peace felt here.  It’s a startlingly beautiful place.

I am told this was your first world.  This is not here on Earth, there is nothing comparable, save perhaps Lemuria.  The water is crystal clear, placid and calming.  The shores appear in various hues of purple, violet.  The colours feel and appear to radiate energy.  The most beautiful sunset or sunrise on Earth is incomparable to what we both see.  I know the light is emitting a frequency that subdues and calms.  Another galaxy.  We both stand wide-eyed, looking at all around us.  Pleased, happy and peaceful.  Wanting to linger here longer, we cannot, we are swiftly pulled back out as being pulled from a picture in a book.  We are shown this place, I am told, in order to remember.  To remember the peaceful calm, the loving light in order to restore balance and bring this back to Earth with you.  Recreate this balance within yourself.  Beauty, love and joy emanates from you as it did in this waterworld.

I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra emits a beautiful silver light.  The moon at times reflects this.  You are an open channel for communication.  Dolphins.  At your third eye, I feel rapid movement.  Intense downloads of information, but this information sits and does not move out of you.  At your throat chakra, I feel a tightening.  I visually see around you those that try to block and hinder your communication.  At your heart chakra, an awesome amount of love and compassion spills forth for humanity, Gaia, the animal kingdom.  A great respect is felt for all sentients.  At your solar plexus, I feel a sudden great intake of air, a feeling of being unempowered.  Imbalance and fatigue set in.  At your sacral chakra, I’m being shown stability and balance.  You are grounded with Gaia at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  In this tableau, you appear first in a watery sheer turquoise gown.  You are back in the waterworld.  Around you, the beautiful glow of blue light from Mother Mary surrounds you.  Her love is a constant presence.  The Ascended Master Lady Nada is felt, a fragrant scent of rose is here.  She is helping you heighten your Spiritual Self by supporting you in being non-critical, non-judgmental, restoring balance and clarity.  Archangel Raphael’s presence is felt, loving, guiding, healing.  Healing yourself in turn will bring love and compassion to heal others.

I ask to see a timeline.  You are here on this waterworld to remember who you are, the qualities you’ve brought with you, encouraging these qualities in those around you.  Calm, loving, maintaining balance.  At the present time, there are undulating waves of energy peaking and subsiding.  These energetic waves appear to collect and push you in extreme directions, resulting in imbalance.  Try to remain centered as the energy intensity releases.  In the future, I see someone, running, laughing.  There is intense joy in the present moment.

End of Reading

The Journeyman

I see someone kneeling directly on to a stone church floor.  Your hair is cut short, looking squarish, framing your face.  Diligent and earnest in your prayers, you remain kneeling for some time.  This is the Middle Ages.

A journeyman, a wanderer, living off the charity of others.

I suddenly perceive a child turn his dirty face up to me, beckoning me with a finger to follow him.  I hear an echo of children’s voices, a hollow echo, bouncing off nothing.  The child points to ashes where a fire once raged.

You have come into the church, you have nothing, this is your refuge away from your daily toils and work.  Here you find a tranquil stillness, a subtle transcendental peace that affects you inside.  It allows you to weather any storm and always find the calm inside of you.  A man of meager earnings, yet you constantly seek this peace and serenity inside of you.

Terribly disfigured from fire as a child, you are seen as repulsive and repugnant by the local people.  Scathed, you try to endure the pain and loneliness, seeking to always move forward using your feet to move you from one town to the next.   A journeyman.  Your solace only sated in the church.  Here you find communion, companionship and the audience which you are continually denied.  You are loved here.

Your frequent escapes into the church placate your disappointments and your lack.  Forlorn and despondent,  you pour out streams of words that linger around the altar and rise up to the Godly heights of the church ceiling.  Extreme sadness is felt by you, the prejudice and scorn you face from those outside is constantly by your side.

Feelings of loneliness engulf me as well.  I understand your shelter in the church.  I reach for a handful of light energy, a mix of stardust and stars.  I hand this light to you.  This past life is only with difficulty emerging.  The emotions felt here are so tangible, so full of sadness and loneliness that we must seek to uplift them before we look further.

I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is wide open, deep, with pin-points of sparkling light.  Your 3rd eye moves very slowly, almost sluggishly, refusing to see everything around you, a fear is felt here.  At your throat chakra, I feel a distinct tightness, your self-expression and communication slightly blocked.  At your heart chakra, I perceive a glowing light, but not very bright, a sense of vulnerability and lack of trust is felt.  Your solar plexus is shining and spinning brightly.  Your will and intentions are set.  At your sacral chakra, I see a spin and light shine forth.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first, wearing worn out and threadbare garb.  Physically disfigured, you experience life as a vagabond, wandering from one place to the next.  You want to utilise the experience from this point in time of alienation, loneliness, trust in God, and poverty to better understand the human condition.  Ascended Master Hilarion is with you at the present time, helping to cleanse and heal the physical, mental and emotional self.  “We must all realise that Life is a cleansing and healing process.”  His love shines with you.  Archangel Raphael is with you.  His presence and emerald healing light surround you, helping you to find inner balance and harmony.

I ask to see a timeline.  I see you wandering, moving and walking endlessly.  You walk from one small town or parish to another, seeking not only employment, but solace within.  At this time your peace is found in every church you enter.  At the present time, I see you seeking and gaining knowledge.  This will help you to gather Light on your path.  The realisation that Life’s Journey is purposeful and with every detour, with every unexpected twist, comes new lessons to be learned.  In the future, I see you with a stern face, knowing your abilities.  Odd padded clothing, reminding me of a fencer.

End of Reading

The Apprentice

I am told this is ancient Siam, but am inundated with feelings of Burma.  I see an apprentice to a sculptor watching many dancers move their heads from side to side, their arms, hands and fingers making slow deliberate movements.  This apprentice is watching the movements and carefully studying them.  What stays and remains in his memory will be carved into stone.  A remarkable gift, almost like photography, able to envision one clear precise dance movement and etch it into stone.

The young apprentice rarely leaves the studio where his master works.  Only now is he being entrusted to watch, remember, and visually recreate at a later time.  He is learning his craft.

The dancers entice with their eyes, their curling hands, it’s difficult to stay focused, his eyes follow the girls’ movements.  Only with great determination does he not become entranced, allowing his thoughts to wander from his craft.

A fine dust filled studio.  There are many young men carving figures here.  A colossal number of carved figures will be needed, the men work creating one beautiful piece after another.  A devotion to their trade.  A fine eye for detail, the ability to distill a moment in time and recreate this in polished stone is extraordinary.  Your master uses your talents, your visual acuity to stylize the carvings.  They will be placed on a stone temple, a gift to the gods.

Pounding chisels, a constant rhythm, forming, hammering and shaping sandstone.  Arguments break out regarding a stone quarry.

Chanting monks.  Robed.  They are bald headed.  Solemn, moving forward through the temple, chanting.  A long procession.  A temple being reconstructed, damaged through warfare.

There are two simultaneous paths advancing through this temple, one of prayer and asceticism and the other waging warfare, yet the two are inextricably linked.  Intense ritual moves throughout the temple.  Two opposing streams, one seeking peace and enlightenment, the other destruction and power.  Both lines of energy move through this temple, one causing it’s physical destruction and another it’s magical rebirth.  Both are here at this point in time.

Both sides beseech the craftsmen, both demand quick reconstruction.  One wants to grasp the power held within the temple and use it for promoting bloodshed, the other seeks to promote issues of faith and adherence thereof.  You, the craftsman sit at the crutch of these two seemingly opposing sides with mounting pressure to finish a job given to you.

I see a square of fabric wrapped around your legs.  You are barefoot.  Though chosen in your craft to create important depictions, you remain grounded and not full of ego.  A quantity of energy I move between my hands.  There is a bouncy quality to the energy.  Brilliant light escapes as I hand this to you.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is open, a vivid vast field of light, sparkles shine intermittently.  Your 3d eye is spinning, moving.  I feel much work has been put in and now you are reaping the effects of that work.  Your throat chakra spins, giving off a visible light.  A slight closure is felt, a type of protective mechanism, protecting yourself from others.  At your heart chakra, I feel a wide opening, a love, energy pouring and streaming out.  A need is felt that you ought to staunch this open flow of energy.  Your solar plexus is also shining brightly, a knowing of having this life, claiming your personal power and utilising this for good.  At your sacral chakra, I feel a relationship brewing.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear with the fabric around your waist, the tools of your trade in your hands.  A stone panel carved in bas relief is behind you.  A smile on your face knowing you have contributed much to a temple in construction.  Angels encircle you.  The presence of AA Michael surrounds you, radiating love and strength.  Ascended Master Jesus Sananda is with you at this point in time, strengthening your inner devotion and in so doing, awakening those around you.

I ask to see a timeline.  You are hewing the stone, carving meticulous and defined facial features.  One beautiful piece after another.  A chisel within your hands, a gift to reproduce as art, adding beauty and your own creativity to one piece after another.  An earnest desire to do the best you possibly can.  At the present time, I see issues about control and being confronted with things that were previously not considered.  Maintaining a relationship and having emotional stability.  In the future, I see a white band tied around your forehead.  Your face is solemn and bowed.

End of Reading

The Dancer

I see a young man stamping his feet onto the ground.  Stamping feet in rhythm with drums.  The percussion sounds like rolling thunder.  A large group of men, all dressed similarly, dancing together.  Heavy movements as the soles of their feet hit the ground in unison.  The dance sounds and looks like a threat, inducing nature to respond in kind.  The men are fearless, strong and create an image of an immense force, a force to be reckoned with.  We are in Polynesia, pre-Christian times.

This group of warriors is showing and exerting their prowess at fighting and wielding clubs in their dance, moving them around their bodies in an imaginary battle.  The qualities of agility and strength are observed in each man, each warrior.

I follow the movements, legs are splayed, stamping to either side.  i no longer am seeing these dancers as men.  Masks conceal their faces, I feel an intense entreaty to a god.  Submission and fear envelop those watching you.  What started as a human dance has culminated in transcending to the heavens.  Beckoning the gods and showing your true mighty greatness.  Intimidating and full of power.

A powerful drum has sounded throughout, a strong beat interchanging with light tapping noises.  The sound of rain falling.  The dancers change again, the men circling around, their arms in the air, making dashing movements as rain would, coming down in torrents.  Again, I no longer see the dancers as men, rather as dashing, slashing rain falling around me.  A curious thing to lose oneself in this dance, for not only is the observer lost, but the dancer as well.

The dancers are of a warrior clan, the strongest and boldest in the tribe.  You are one of them.  Entrusted to pass the knowledge on to the next generation, venerated knowledge.  Knowledge given over to your tribe which has been celebrated for many, many years.  I hear the song, see the pounding legs before me and am impressed with the respect and deference recorded in the dance.

Your dance allows you to transcend time, allows you to move beyond your ordinary self into something mighty and immense.  There are masks being shown to me, wooden masks, ceremonial masks.  Some are very frightening and scary, their appearance allows energy to permeate the dance.  Frightening and intimidating, you and your fellow dancers are allowing yourselves to control your environment, things you cannot see.  By manipulating the masks you decide when these things appear and when they do not.  A fear of not being in control.  A fear of being, you manage the elements, you are the manipulators and controllers.

A bright shiny light is unleashed with every stamp of your feet.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is wide, open, distant and vast, stars appear here.  Your 3rd eye is open, spinning, there is a direct link with ancestral spirits here, helping, advising, guiding.  At your throat chakra, I experience a short but intense squeeze.  The thought of not being able to share your gifts with others due to a negative reception from them.  At your heart chakra, I see a bright light being emitted, a spinning light, a joy and love for humanity is felt here.  At your solar plexus, I feel a want to shelter yourself, as if you want to crawl into a shell and hide.  Though full of gratitude for your life at this point in time, I feel an inhibition and need to seclude yourself from others.  At your sacral chakra, I feel a sliding movement, a need to move away from one relationship and into another.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first as the  dancer, it’s daylight now, intense sunshine illuminates you.  A feeling of pride at your abilities and accomplishments.  The knowledge that you are in control of your environment surrounds you.  Angels come to your sides.  AA Michael is with you as a fellow soldier in arms, protective and full of love.  The Ascended Master El Morya is with you at this point in time, helping to control willpower and tolerance when life seems difficult.

I ask to see a timeline.  Your dancing, which demonstrates control and agility, is admired by many and takes much time and energy to learn.  You succeed in transcending the here and now, bounding to the heavens in your dances.  At the present time, I see you sitting in a chair looking around you, feeling forlorn, lost, having difficulty placing yourself in the present moment.  In the future, I see you working, diligently and preoccupied, completely immersed in what you are doing.

End of Reading

A Silent Prayer

A woman is praying in a church, her eyes are closed and I watch as the silent words of her prayer drift above her head.  A fervent request, intentioned with supplication and desire.  The request is rattled off several times after which the woman gets up and leaves the church.  We are in the Philippines.  1800s.  This woman wears western clothing, she is the offspring of a mixed marriage, living in a well-off household, much above the means of the locals living around her.

As a single woman, her mind is occupied with thoughts of her future marriage.  Destined to marry someone of her social level, a man has already been found for her.  A sheen of charm and sophistication surrounds this particular man, but hidden under the polish and gleam is abusiveness.  An unhappy and failed marriage looms before her and she can only ask and pray for intercedence.  The fact that she is not in control of her future is disappointing and frustrating, being only able to move forward, willingly and happily, and thus maintain appearances.  The thought of being wantonly abused by another makes her shudder.

She begs for interference in the church for no one, not even her close family, sees the man’s true nature.  She might as well walk into a burning fire.  These moments of vacillation, of fervent hope, and deep prayer do not prevent the inevitable.  A doomed marriage, a hurt woman, and a man encouraged by society to engage in a narcissistic control over women, abusing and hurting with complete disregard for others and no inner moral objections.  For society, neighbours, and family do not consider this of him.

The mirror given to this man shows his actions are acceptable and more importantly, justifiable.  You are seen as the impetus for his anger, outbursts, and violence.  Your unwillingness to conform to his ideals and wants creates imbalance.  Your imbalance mitigated by an inner need for justice and equality and his imbalance exacerbated by impertinence.  Your behaviour is unacceptable in his world.

I see an outline of a church in a twilit sky.  Stars appear.  The energy that is here I present to you.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is deep and open, lights appear twinkling here.  Your 3rd eye revolves and spins, but slowly, a feeling of being overwhelmed by what is out there.  At your throat chakra, a tightness is felt, a need to conform to those around you and an inability to choose things for yourself.  Your heart spins, emitting a vibrant light.  A genuine love is felt here for those around you.  At your solar plexus, I see an expansive light, but feelings appear of falling intermittently into a depression.  A love for life that changes and moves to extremes.  At your sacral chakra, I feel a sense of confusion, emotions overwhelming you.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear seated, wearing 19th century clothing, prayer beads in your right hand.  I feel the presence of Ascended Master Kuthumi with you at this point in time, he helps you work on self-awareness and keeping faith.  His wisdom and love is around you.  The presence of Mary Magdalene is felt, love enfolding you.

I ask to see a timeline.  I am brought back to the scene in the church.  The prayers being uttered, but not believed.  A sense of hopelessness pervades you, knowing that unhappiness is just but a moments breath away from you.  Tied to your family’s wishes, you see no clear way forward for yourself, and only as habit you enter the church to pray.  This will not change the outcome of your situation.  At the present time I see some major decisions need to be made.  Awareness of possible outcomes may help you in finding an answer, think progressively, without limiting your expectations.  In the future, I see sparkling eyes, a happiness that radiates from your face, for you have found your niche.

End of Reading