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Teams of Stormtroopers

I hear the lyrics from Eminem, “The Monster”

I’m friends with the monster
That’s under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head
You’re trying to save me
Stop holding your breath
And you think I’m crazy
Yeah, you think I’m crazy (crazy)

Note to Reader:  As with every reading, please use your own discernment.

Stormtroopers, but they are not from war torn Germany during The Great War, they are from Mars.  I listen to the following narrative:

“A battle fought long ago with no consequent winners.  A battle fought for the sake of fighting, expressing extreme hostility and control over others.   This war has been somewhat captured in science fiction movies, but all have yet to understand the full destructive capabilities of those fighting against each other.  Modern military equipment today is antiquated in comparison to what was used at this time.”

“War is of a low vibration.  We succeeded in succumbing to our base emotions, being driven by an intensity of emotion that you on Earth would consider psychotic.  We did not hold back, we exercised no prudence or caution and we thought very little of others and the outcome of our actions.  Our elusive goal was victory over our pursuers, a want to control them.  We saw blazing flash fires, crashing vehicle modules and extreme intensities of heat.  Teams of stormtroopers in protective clothing would rush to scenes of violence, helping to either escalate the fighting or clear the scene entirely.  We saw no surrender.  All sides fighting.”

“I want to tell you these things in order to put a stop and quell violence and warfare on Earth.  You are all Earth guardians, having chosen Earth as your landing stage.  Do not betray the dedication and sense of responsibility that each of you hold in your hearts.  Your lives are not about destruction, senseless killing, and all calamity of horrors.  One must find love in one’s heart, love for fellow men, for Earth, for Creation.  I am but a reminder to all of those who follow in the path of destruction.  Ultimately it only destroys you, limiting your own growth.  I send this message with love.”

I watch in astonishment as a bright star suddenly vapourises before my eyes.  The shining light blinks into nothingness and I am left with darkness before me.  I observe shimmering light fall around you, sensing a need to soothe and console.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is a big expanse, a shining light is exposed here.  A deep connection with Source.  Your 3rd eye revolves and spins, but spins with intermittent black outs.  A sense of trying to gather too much information at once.  At your throat chakra, I sense an inner harmony.  A knowing of who you are in your heart and complete acceptance therein.  At your heart chakra, a blazing light shines forth, a love for humanity and the planet.  A need to keep everything safe here for millennia to come.  Your solar plexus spins, shining forth a joyous love for being here at this point in time.  Your sacral chakra spins, but dims at times.  A reluctance is felt to involve yourself too deeply in relationships.  At your base chakra you are grounded.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear as I quickly saw you at the start of the reading.  You are wearing stormtrooper gear, ready to move with your unit.  Attachment to base emotions is felt here as well as the realisation of the need to release.  The Ascended Master Sanat Kumara is here with you at this point in time, helping you and Humankind understand that thoughts are real and can have form, even in another dimension.  There is a group hovering around you.  Men in arms from the past, helping you and encouraging you to let go of suppressed thought forms.  These are your brothers.  I feel the presence of AA Michael with you, a beautiful, radiating love that encompasses all.  A knowing and ambition to fulfill your mission here.

I ask to see a timeline.  You and your team were caught unawares.  Liquidised, vapourised immediately.  Though your life was led in pursuit of fear, warfare, superiority, many lessons have been deeply ingrained within you.  Your depth of knowledge is accessed of this destructive era while here on Earth, spreading love and peaceful thoughts around you.  Avoiding conflict at all costs.  At the present time, I see a sports match being played.  Enjoyment at winning but in a confined, organised way.  In the future, I see you attending to others, helping in a most useful and caring way.

End of Reading


The Ways of the Shaman

A tribal person with straight black hair stands before me in profile.  His hair falls down to his cheekbones and is cut straight across.  He has dark skin and commands an imposing presence.  Pacific Island – New Guinea.  A flutter of birds erupts into a riot of colour, these shades are reflected in the headdress he is wearing.

Structures on stilts appear before me, a village.  A group of people living together, elders, young adults, children.  All part of the community, all accepted for who they are and all contribute.

The man I see is a shaman within the tribe.  A guide for you then as well as now.  He would like to impart to you the ways of the shaman that you may access the old ways.  “By learning knowledge today will impart wisdom in order to gain knowledge of old.  You have been well taught and the skills and lessons still remain within you.  Seek the four directions.  Acknowledge the wind, the rain, the Earth, the sky and the sun.  Know that your knowledge is boundless and timeless.  You may access it always.”

I feel this particular guide has much wisdom to impart to you.  Deep earth knowledge connected with the seasons, the weather, the planets, the flora and fauna.

He shadows you, trying every conceivable way to make you listen.  “You must reconnect with nature.  This is an important aspect of your training.  Seek guidance without, relearn skills that you have already honed.  Practice daily.  Meditate and be diligent.”  This man states only a few words at a time, but each word seems to contain whole ideas, expressions of feelings and immense knowledge.  Please be aware that he is there.

I hear the lyrics from OneRepublic, “Counting Stars”,

Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby, I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard,
Said, no more counting dollars
We’ll be counting stars

I see star studded dust.  Open, deep space, an immense stage or backdrop upon which you will write and direct your own play.  An area where your creativity and imagination will know no bounds  An area of alchemy and magic.  Know that within you are powers of creation.  Guidance around you coax co-creation.

There are bright red ruby lights that I must grab to give to you.  I drop them into your hands watching them glitter and glow.  As the ruby lights are deposited on Earth, you bring back with you diamond energy that you scatter into the vast wide universe.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is expansive and vast, brilliant lights are seen here.  Your 3rd eye spins and flutters so quickly.  I see many images coming in here.  At your throat chakra, I also feel an expansive energy.  A feeling of coming into yourself, an understanding of who you are and what you are.  At your heart chakra, I feel a heaviness, a burden of forgiveness.  Please lighten up here, allow the forgiveness to dissipate and fill yourself with loving, golden light.  Your solar plexus is spinning wildly.  Happy to be here at this point in time.  Excitation.  Your sacral chakra is moving, albeit, sluggishly.  You are grounded yet floating at your base chakra.  A feeling of being able to move is felt here.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  I see you as a young initiate, being taught the rigours and customs of this tribe.  Very subservient and respectful.  Your guide, the shaman I saw earlier, is also here, esteem and regard held high, service and duty are underlying currents here.  AA Uriel is present with love and kindness.  I feel a wealth of nature creatures present that need only be called upon by you.

I ask to see a timeline.  I see you busy in this village collecting firewood.  The shaman has informed your parents that you have been chosen as his initiate.  A solemn acknowledgement to tradition, a blind obeyance.  You will learn much under his tutelage.  At the present time I see you working, overworking.  A need for rest is felt.  In the future, I see you using your previous knowledge, intent, and serious.

End of Reading

“Shine Bright Like a Diamond”

I am drawing down white crystalline light.  You accept it through your fingertips and as the energy moves inside you, it glows, giving off an effervescence.  Angels are present with us now.  The energy courses through you and enters into the ground, it is sent to Inner Earth.  The energy returns through you, exiting your crown chakra, and is sent into the universe like a diamond.  I hear these lyrics from Rihanna, “Diamond”:

Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamond
Shining bright like a diamond
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky

We both watch this beautiful moment.  I hear the quietest of voices beginning to tell me a story about a far away planet, another galaxy, warfare.  Destruction and pods of souls exiting this planet as refugees.  I’m unfamiliar with this planet, but carefully listen to the story.  I hear the name Aldebaran.  An exodus of the planet occurred, there is no one that can return home, for everything was ultimately destroyed.

A mixture of very dulled emotions felt here, sorrow, anger, and hope.  It’s only the slightest feelings I get here.  Almost unemotional.  These feelings have long been processed and worked through that they now are looked at with detachment.  Though unemotional, the feelings are still perceptible and are still present among these people.

You have incarnated on Earth to bring your divine gifts and show others unconditional love.  You are one of many, helping to raise the consciousness and light here on Earth.

I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is open, immense, expansive.  A direct connection or conduit here.  Your 3rd eye is open, spinning.  You’ve forgotten your gifts!  These gifts are slowly opening up for you, slowly.  Each presented in turn when you are ready.  Your throat chakra I see as being tightly closed up, and then as a time lapse, slowly opening.  Your true, divine nature slowly being “released”.  At your heart chakra, I see bright, vivid light, shining so brightly.  A heartfelt love for Gaia and humanity.  A joyful love expressed in doing your job here.  Your solar plexus is spinning, albeit, waning slightly.  Slight confusion over how to best enjoy life and physicality.  Your sacral chakra is spinning, open.  I see your base chakra as if you are slightly “lifting” off the ground.  You are ready to “move”.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  I see the family of souls hovering close around you.  Protecting you.  They care for you dearly.  These star beings are around you now.  The angels are still present that were here at the beginning of the reading.  Ascended Master Jesus is with you, helping to awaken and strengthen devotion within the hearts of humanity.  He assists with any natural healing practices.  AA Raphael is with you, beautiful green healing light emanates here.  “You are so loved!”

I ask to see a timeline.  In quick sequence I see the destruction of the planet and the many craft that take away those who have survived.  This is your legacy that you wish to never see repeated.

At the present time, I see you continuing with what you’ve started.  Strengthening your knowledge as you gain more experience.  “Please continue your work here.”

In the future, I see silver tracks before you.  Two of them.  It’s outside, you look at them and then look up.

End of Reading

The Care Package

Note to the Reader:  This reading surprised me.  I wrote as I “received” the information.  Please use your own discernment.


I see a star map, brilliantly outlined against deep space; tiny stars appearing, twinkling and then disappearing.  The stars seem to want to indicate a map to me in the solar system.  Vega.  You are from the star system Vega.

You find everything on Earth strange and difficult to adapt to.  You cannot assimilate properly.  You are easily affected by negative energy and negative thoughts that are casually cast your way.

My attention is drawn to a tiny blossom falling into a river current.  Although tossed and turned in the water, the blossom manages to stay afloat…  barely.  For this is not a weak current but strong and heavy, with eddies and flows and at times turbulent and wild.  The tiny blossom, with innocent eyes, looks out upon this wild ride with equanimity.  Being dropped into the river suddenly, there is nothing this blossom can do at the moment except, “weather” the current.

The twinkling stars fade into stardust at the tips of my fingers.  I rub my fingers together with the stuff and feel a pulsing beat rushing through me.  The stardust surges with a vengeance, much like the pulsing river.  As it hits my heart chakra, an unusual swirling and mixing starts.  This stardust is churning emotions within me.  I “shoot” the stardust to you:  Messages from home, unearthly emotions, a “care package” of sorts.  It was as if you had finally received a long awaited letter from home!

You are unable to truly reveal your true self, your gifts, your true identity and this is stifling you.  Tears wanting to come out, where none can.  Holding so much in.  A weeping heart, a longing to go “home”.  You are not at home here and there are many that you miss.  Your will is so strong and this is why you are here now.  I allow the star energy to filter out into the night sky, becoming ONE in love and beauty.

I ask for your guides to assemble themselves:  Lord Lanto steps forward.  He is guiding you at this time on Earth helping you to raise your vibration as well as those around you; he works through educational systems.  AA Gabriel with beautiful “golden” wings is also around you, helping you to feel grounded and deflect negative energy around you.  There are energetic “sparks,” “stars,” “souls” around you.  Pinpoints of shining light energy.  They comfort you.  I see you smiling, sitting, feeling quite at home among all.  There are “star beings” behind you.  Support and love from all.

“You were “selected” to come here, one of many candidates that applied.  Your deep earnestness and strong will, your ability to complete previous “journeys,” previous experiences elsewhere, helped in the decision.  You are the right one!  Though you do not see it, cannot realise it, you are completing your journey magnificently.  If you held our vantage point, you could see the difference you are making on Earth.  Your vibration is helping so many around you attune to new ideas and new experiences.  You are helping and allowing others to wake up.  We are indebted in gratitude to your devotion in service to humanity.”

You have been on other planets in other realms, but this is your first time on planet Earth.  I see no previous lives when I move backwards on your timeline.  I’m given quick glimpses of other realms.  In each case, each travel, your destiny was known to you.  This is the first time you have been blindly “dropped off.”  Confusion, self-doubt and self-worth enter at all times into your conscious existence.  Please do not allow these doubts to overshadow your work at hand.  Though “blind,” you have navigated brilliantly through this point of human expansion.  Your contribution is massive and please do not underestimate yourself!  “We send loving greetings and blessings that you continue in your exemplary journey here at this most momentous time in human history.”

End of Reading

A Deep Connection with the Amazon Rainforest

Felt impelled to call forth Energy from the Great Galactic Sun.

A tropical rainforest.  Dense green growth and lush foilage.  Distinct pipe sounds, like a pitch pipe, hunting at dusk.  I see you hidden, crouching behind the leaves, blowing into the pipe.  A melodic call drifts through the air, up, high into the canopy.  This is South America, you are part of a tribe here.  This life is what you would today refer to as “hunter/gatherer”.  Coexistence with nature, harmonizing with Mother Earth.  There is no animosity between all of you, rather a communal spirit, you work together as “one”.  A beautiful harmonization together.  Living with and from the forest.  I spy the tree canopy once again, shade, you are listening for a small animal to return the pitch pipe call.  Your group will catch this small animal.  You will keep blowing on the pipe, mimicking the animal sound and thus enabling you to locate it.

Amazonia.  You are in synch with nature.

I ask your guides to assemble themselves for me.  Immediately, I see a man with long hair and a beard.  I know/feel this is Lord Maitreya, so wise.  He is with you at this time in your life, guiding you so you seek and find the tools for self-empowerment, that you may raise your own conscious vibration.  In so doing, you are also helping those around you to raise their own vibrations.  Lord Maitreya is with you on this path of “knowing who you are”.

A beautiful angel appears, large with white wings, there is a complete gentleness surrounding this beautiful being!  There is a short discussion before a grey-haired woman with glasses and a round face appears on your mother’s side of the family.  Two gentlemen appear on your father’s side, both emanating love.  “We have a message for her.  Tell her she is loved, we’re following the progress she is making.  Bravo!”

A powerful mixture ensues as I pull this Energy from the Great Galactic Sun into my heart, this brew bubbles and surges and I hold it out to you.  I realise the great connection you have with the land, intimate tribal knowledge.  A sacred bond with beautiful Earth.  I hear the pitch pipes in the background as I pass off this energy.  I feel as if I’m in a revered ancient ceremony, gratefully aware of the honour associated with participating in a venerable ritual.  We circle the Sun energy between us and send it directly to Mother Earth.  We truly are “Earth Keepers”.

I ask to see timelines.  The scene shifts back to the rainforest and your deep connection with the Earth.  Living as One.  Viewing this lifetime is just a gentle reminder that you lived in harmony.  On your current timeline, I see you talking and talking, using your voice, “Please take care of your throat area!”  On your future timeline, I see a quick glimpse of silver hair and a silver jumpsuit.

“You are where you should be.”