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Nothing Without His Horse

I see a man wearing a fitted cap with a tassel attached on top.  He is a warrior standing in place, looking all around him.  Asia.  Mongols.  A defensive wall, a wide steppe before me.  Windy, wild territory.  You are a horse rider, knowledgeable and able, riding with a hording army, razing an unspeakable amount of land before you.  Helping to instill fear and turmoil in every heart with the mere mention of the hordes you ride with.  Many men like you, able bodied and agile on a horse.

I see a face, a close-up of the rider, dark hair, wild eyes.  He moves swiftly and effortlessly among the others, bow and arrows on his back.  A well chosen weapon of stealth.  Several shirts or tunics worn with trousers and leather boots.  I see a blur, a rush of warriors on either side of me, a long line that continues on.   A long column of men, ready to kill, pillage, and destroy.  The dust in the air is palpable.

This is a fearless man, seething with rage and a powerful fighting spirit that cannot be unimbued.  The connection with his horse underlies his source of power and heightened abilities, for it is the horse that carries him such long distances.  He is nothing without his horse and he knows this.  The horse is an extension of himself, creating a force with super abilities, speed, strength, and stamina.

Sweat, leather, grease.  I see and hear the whir of arrows.  Every target met.  An expression of utter madness on his face and in his wild eyes.  Horse and man working as one, decimating a battlefield of men before him.  The goal is only to kill.  None are afraid to die out here on the steppe.  None.  All are fearless.

I sweep my arms around me, gathering glittering stars into my hands.  I watch as I let the stars fall onto you.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is wide open, expansive and deep, visible lustrous light is seen here.  At your 3rd eye, I view a quiet spin, making one revolution after another and constantly stopping.  I feel a need to control here, constant control, an unwillingness to let things unfold as they happen.  Your throat chakra is tight.  Also, control issues here.  Control over yourself and who you are becoming.  Your heart chakra is spinning and giving off an intermittent light.  Choosing.  Love is plentiful and meant for all, it transforms, expands and grows the more it is heaped on others.  This is not only beneficial to you, but to others as well.  At your solar plexus, I feel a strong, vibrant light.  Empowerment, focus and will.  Again, a need for control.  At your sacral chakra, spinning, a strong force of raw creative energy felt here.  You are grounded at your base chakra.  I must add here that the feelings I receive for your lower chakras are so strong and full of vitality, there must be an outlet for this whether creatively or by pure intention in manifesting things.  A definite ability to manifest or create.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear wearing bits of leather clothing, sweat, dirt, and a fierce look on your face.  A sheath of arrows grasped tightly and angrily in your hand.  Ascended Master Lord Maitreya appears radiating intense light around him.  He is with you at the present time, helping to detach from old ideas and concepts in order to express creative ideas not previously seen on Earth before.  He is assisting you with this.  The presence of Archangel Michael is also felt, extending love and pure light.

I ask to see a timeline.  The fierce warrior appears once again seated on his horse.  The passion, camaraderie and commitment to this tribe of men is intense.  The level of horsemanship and the relationship with the horses is remarkable.  A deep respect felt here for the horses that have turned the man from ordinary mortal to invincible warrior.  An indescribable respect.  At the present time, I see you talking, generating ideas, frustration felt at an inability to set things into motion just yet.  In the future, I see items being placed in a precise order.  Choosing and carefully placing them in an exact alignment.  Your breath is held.

End of Reading