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A Stick With Feathers

A young, dark skinned man is before me.  He shakes a stick with feathers attached to it, part of village life, showing that you belong.  There are certain coloured feathers with meaning, you are represented by one coloured feather.  The feathers move together as one when held in the breeze.  He was your brother at one point in time.  He is with you on your journey now.  8th century.  Mesoamerica.

He shows me cultural relics and ceremonies from times past.  So central to their society, one cannot disconnect the ceremonies from the people, they are intrinsically important to understand who they are.

I see you working in a household.  Making dedications, creating a centrepiece, an offering for the deities.  You do this often, having  a firm devout belief in the power these deities hold.  Fear is felt here, respect for their wrath if displeased.   You court them everyday.  Religious ideology, zealotry.

I see irrigation, water ways, water moving.  You move past these irrigation wells to get to your place of dedication.  Bones, animal carcasses, there is no water for them.  A massive die off of animals.  A time of survival, confusion and fear.  Fury of the gods.

A group of people, a village, release their hope of regaining what they once enjoyed.  The land is parched, they can no longer sow their crops.  Anger, frustration, but most of all fear is felt.  The gods are not continuing their benevolence.  You seek to appease them, bringing offerings, yet this is to no avail.  The parched, dry land.  All evaluate their inner selves and think only of self-preservation.  I see you and your brother trudging away.  You have each other to rely on during this siege.

White light from the Great Galactic Sun shines forth.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is wide open, shafts of light are seen, a vast and beautiful expanse.  At your brow chakra or third eye, I see and feel a quick spinning, trying to process too much information and being overwhelmed, shutting down, imbalance.  At your throat chakra, a feeling of slight pressure, indicating the expression of your true self being slightly restricted.  At your heart chakra, there is a sea of green, soft green.  I feel much compassion and love, a gentle sort of love.  Empathy and forgiveness for others is central here.  At your solar plexus, it appears as a spark that has yet to reach it’s zenith.  Ambition and focus being formed.  At your sacral chakra, a slight sliding movement, concentration on relationships.  At your base chakra, I see you standing.  You are grounded with Earth.

I ask for your guides to please present themselves.  You are surrounded by green trees.  Archangel Raphael’s beautiful green light is visible around you, encouraging personal and spiritual growth as you develop your insight and intuition.  The Ascended Master El Morya is also near you, assisting you in achieving self-awareness, helping to express inner thoughts and feelings.

I ask to see a timeline.  The drought conditions have not abated, you, along with many others have left the village.  With heavy hearts, consternation, and anxiety you seek to recreate that what you once had.  This however, is fraught with difficulties and impediments.  It feels as if your heartstrings are pulled by the gods, their every whim creating unhappiness and despair.  At the present time, I see boxes on the ground.  A metaphor for placing those ideas, emotions, and wants that are no longer needed, tucked safely away.  Moving on, packing up, adjusting and realising.  In the future, I see raindrops lashing against a window.  The glass stopping any rain from penetrating inside.  A wild storm.

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A High Vantage Point

I see a child, a young girl with short pig tails.  Her hair is like straw, a few freckles on her face.  Wide blue eyes look up.  Looking down, I watch her walk along a dusty country road, away from an isolated house.  There are fields and trees around her, but she continues on.

A woman appears with shining grey eyes and glistening silver hair.  Her hair is long and appears to illuminate light.  She is one of your guides, a Pleiadian.

The little girl has arrived at her secluded hideout.   It’s not a treehouse with a high vantage point of observation, rather a fort with a camouflaged entry, allowing an unhindered view of those who happen to pass by.  The girl enters her domain and in her mind, the trees, bushes surrounding her are transformed into a kingdom where she is prime ruler.

In this kingdom, you choose a prince to rule with you.  An imaginary character, yet very real to your heart.  He fulfills your every ideal, appeases you, compliments you and most of all loves you.  This prince is necessary in your life, you’ve been lead to believe, in order to be whole, feel loved, wanted, and most of all, fit into every conditioned expectation society has created.  These thoughts, in word and deed, have been shown to you over and over again.  In full glory, you relive them in your hideout.  By yourself.  Your guides are here, listening to your play, wanting to tell you that you are whole, you are loved and you are appreciated.

“You are not alone.  For love is within you, always has been and always will be.  You too can bask in the love of All that Is, you too are an important part of this.  Yet it is within you to be discovered.  You are not alone, never have been.  You are loved and we will never forsake you.  This is but a gentle reminder, for all is within you.”

Angels gather around, console and comfort you.  I view your chakras in the white light surrounding you.  Your crown chakra is deep, open and wide, undulating shades of light energy move here.  At your brow chakra or third eye, I see a stubborn closure, shutting out that which is just beyond you.  At your throat chakra, I feel a slight pressure, given to indicate there is more to your presence than you currently reveal.  At your heart chakra, a sudden intake of breath, as if trying to swallow and keep so much love in that is bursting to shine forth.  This is a beautiful love that wants to be shared, but is kept inward, waiting.  At your solar plexus, a flood of previous memories, previous lives, once stored, now opened, enabling freedom and control in your life.  Ambition clarified as you realise strength is within you.  At your sacral chakra, a burning fire, a desire that leads to imbalance, emotional insecurity.  At your base chakra, I see you grounded, sitting upon the Earth.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You are again in your hideout, smiling, pleased with the imaginary world you have constructed.  Perfect in every detail, your happiness secured.  Mary, the Universal Mother, shines her beautiful loving light around you, protecting and guiding.  The Ascended Master El Morya is also around you, helping you achieve self-awareness.  This will enable you to express deep inner thoughts and feelings.  Archangel Gabriel, with her beautiful light, surrounds you, aiding in enhancing your creativity and in releasing fears in order to become more joyful.  Your guides settle around you, immense love is felt.  They are helping you to create harmonious relationships with others.

I ask to see a timeline.  “There is, within your heart, an impasse.  The societal expectations which have become your own, have created a place within you that is difficult to manoeuvre out of.  Within your heart space, is an open, neverending flow of infinite love and wisdom.  It is your own expectations that prevent you from realising , All Love is within”.  At the present time, I see candles glowing.  While peering at the candlelight, a deep breath is taken.  You are at peace.  All is One.  In the future, I see a face peering at me towards the side.  It’s indiscriminate in it’s gaze.  There is white all around, feelings of relief and happiness are felt.

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Made of Silken Threads

Imbolc.  St. Brighid appears, disappearing as quickly as she arrived.

There, right before me, stands a woman dressed in a long gown.  A netting holds her hair together, it’s made of silken threads.  There is something peculiar about this woman’s eyes, they are an unusual but striking colour of green.  One is immediately arrested when she stares at you.   Mixed feelings stir, curiosity and anticipation in what she will say or do.

Britain.  Around 1200.  This woman is of the aristocracy.  Mistress of the house, keeper of the keys.  Her gown is woven and appears unwieldy, heavy, and thick.  It prevents her from making any quick movements.  The dress mirrors the society of the time, keeping a woman confined, unable to move freely, very restrictive.  It’s as if the dress completely dominates and controls her.

The keys rattle by her side, signifying her freedom is in her own possession.  Although, undoubtedly she may feel free and aware, her presence at the house is necessitated by the heavy load of the keys.  She is unaware of her confinement.

A larger view of this society is shown.  Had this woman ultimately and forever left her house without her keys, the patriarchal church men would not accept her free status.  Feelings of constriction and being bound, close my throat in.  A darkness overcomes me as I can only think of an unwilling incarceration.

I view you moving around within the household.  Manoeuvring one could say, using your voice, your charm, making subtle suggestions and thus creating your own power base under you.  You wield a power that is not at first apparent.  You instruct, give admonitions, praise and subtly but finely utilise your abilities in influencing the men around you.  It appears the keeper of the keys does exert power and control in this particular household.  Done covertly and sweetly, you manage and control.

A bright disc of light appears above us.  I view your chakras, the colours and feelings that are merged with them.  Your crown chakra is an open space.  Shimmery specks appear as a constellation, receiving and sending vital information.  Your brow chakra or third eye appears to radiate a heat.  Spinning quickly, causing the chakra to open loosely with every revolution.  You have opened yourself to all sorts of energetic information and perhaps feel this as overload, being unable to wade through the details.  At your throat chakra, I feel a loosening of the tension I felt earlier.  You are at a place in time where your learning, outlook and beliefs can be freely shared with others.  Being unrestricted in this manner allows you to express and be yourself freely.  At your heart chakra, I see holograms of doves escaping.  The significance perhaps of wanting, broadcasting Peace on Earth.  A tireless proclamation that there finally be peace.  At your solar plexus, shining bright light escapes.  There is much stored energy here to push you through trying times.  A survivor at heart.  At your sacral chakra, I see placid movement, in time and keeping with yourself.  Balanced.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear in the garments of a high born, wealthy, medieval woman.  The demeanor on your face reflects this.  Jewels adorn you.  I’m drawn again to the netting around your hair.  Entrapment.  Encasement.  Archangel Gabriel’s presence is felt, shining silver and white, helping you in any form of communication.  Loving and all encompassing.  The Ascended Master El Morya is beside you, helping you to express inner thoughts and feelings, very supportive and offering immense love.

A timeline stretches before me.  I am told, “The past is in the past, there is no need to dwell here.  The lessons learned may be taken with you and hearkend.  Past lives are but a scant reflection of the sum totality of your current aspect.   You now, illuminate the radiance of your being.”  At the present time, I see a downcast look, a soulful expression.  Work ahead of you that you perhaps would not like to focus on.  In the future, I see strangely clad people wearing clothing reminiscent of Ancient Greece, working together in a construction project.

End of Reading