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The Patron Goddess

A solemn procession is viewed where funerary rites are given. Chanting is heard that transcends the Earth, creating an absolute spiritual transformation.

Mortar and pestle grind herbs, a thick mixture laced with oil, an ointment to be used for soothing bodily aches and pains. The scent holds as much or more importance than the medicinal properties of the herbs themselves. You crush as you utter sounds of written epistles, infusing the singular qualities of words onto the herbs. These pastes are applied onto those seeking relief. Sustaining potions that allow one to traverse a magic line delineating space and time.

Isis is your patron goddess. Daily devotions and flowers are left at the temple. Ablutions applied, refreshed. This is ancient Egypt. Vegetables and fruit form your diet and cultivated plants frame the world around you. You willingly supplicate yourself, seeking knowledge to create liniments and colourful embellishments infused with scents. The herbs and minerals applied are organic concoctions that are used lavishly as adornment. You wear your own artisanal creations, advertising your wares. Gifted with precious minerals, you grind and transform them creating potent charms, amulets which are sealed with the botanical mixtures made by your hands.

The funeral procession, seen earlier, moves on to Thebes. A crowd throngs to the waterways, all wanting to view the ceremony. For a mere glimpse allows the passing souls transference where acknowledgement and judgment can occur. The occasion allows the uncertainty of death to bring about the safe departure of the soul. This is an important event to be witnessed by all. Those that observe the processions and hear the incantations hold within them the residue of that energetic juncture.

An herbal garden is maintained. There are indigenous flower stamens that you collect and utilise. Important minerals that are not scoured or sourced by you are a tangible resource and hold medicinal properties. Your loyalty remains dedicated to the goddess Isis. With your sandals removed, you enter the temple offering flowers and murmured prayers. This you do everyday and over the course of time have created an energetic bridge. Your herbal treatments are defined by your charms. Isis shines.

I watch a sparkling tincture of light unfold around you revealing an infinite field of light. Energetic connections move and appear as illuminated brilliant impulses creating bright fluctuating light in your crown chakra. This light moves into your third eye chakra where visions and spectres wait for your abated breath to acknowledge and allow. Your chakra spins while you gather courage. The visions are in your dreams, can be seen out of the corner of your eye and come as unbidden thoughts. Your throat chakra spins, deflecting light, a coarse sensation is felt here. The strong desire for your voice to be heard accepted and embraced is tangible. Light continues down to your heart chakra. A beautiful unfolding love is felt here, a deep emotional love for humanity, Earth and all life forms. This bright light filters into every aspect of your life creating solemn beauty, joy and happiness. Your solar plexus chakra spins open and evenly, an energetic pulse is felt as a forceful storm. At your base chakra a balanced spin, concordant with Earth’s energies. You are anchored.

I ask for your guides to please present themselves. You appear first, various emulsions and pastes are spread before you. Honeysuckle and rose scents punctuate the air. The beautiful, green healing light of Archangel Raphael surrounds you, telling you that you have brought into this lifetime a healer’s touch and knowledge which you perhaps could not account for. This is a gift that can be further developed and accessed. The beautiful energy of the Master Lady Mary is currently felt around you. As the Motherly source of life on Earth, she bestows intuitive wisdom and confidence. Her comforting ways, despite any religious beliefs that may accompany a woman, help create a strong connection with Nature’s Elementals. There is an American Indian guide also currently near you. A drum can be heard beating in the distance. She is an older woman, wise, with a very deep voice. Her song accompanies the beat of the drum. Perhaps you hear her too?

I ask to see a timeline. In the recent past, you may have felt immobilised by a sense of fear that has prevented you from making decisions or choices. This is you, holding yourself back, creating limitations caused by your emotions. By finding the courage to overcome these feelings, new people and conditions can manifest for you even when you’re unable to see that which is ahead. Know that you possess all the tools you need to free yourself; you’re forgetting how strong you really are! As soon as you cut through your limitations, you will be more open to access creative endeavours and ideas and with new beginnings will come a new sense of purpose. Tap into that force within you and use it to move forward, allowing your excitement and joy to affect others. Although you may be tired and weary from the struggle, now is not the time to give up. Access your inner reserves to see and achieve the desired outcome you would like to have. As you explore various avenues in your life, the knowledge you gain will be an invaluable resource that can feed your spirit and help you in your future. No matter what is happening around you, maintain positive thoughts in order to light the path before you and attract exactly what you are emanating. Keep shining your brilliant light.

End of Reading


A Battle Has Commenced

A mouth stretched tightly in pain extends into a grimace.  In the corner of a tight, dark room, crutches suddenly appear.   Agony abounds in this tiny, small space and is openly felt by all that are present.  The leg, the leg must go of one sailor on a frigate that finds himself in a most unexpected clash.  Vessels tottering on waves, there is absolute chaos.  Thick smoke and the smell of powder fuses clog and choke the putrid air.

The stifling smoke does not clear.  A battle has commenced.  The sound of creaking wood, clashing waves and musket balls.  Turbid wakes surround the ships holding men in position to do battle.  A burning stench permeates this scene off the New England Coast in the 1700’s, a conflict waged between a powerful, wealthy, colonial ruler and those that threaten its economic prosperity.

Impressments around Bournemouth and beyond filled the rank and file crew.  A tender to complete the cross-sea voyage.  A distant sighting allowed slight time to prepare vessel and crew.  Men wreaking havoc on one another to appease an imperial appetite for commerce and wealth.  Musket balls fall, damaging rigging and planking alike.

You are aboard the frigate.  I hear the word, “boatswain.” Not tall of stature, but equipped with resolve, determination and strength.  The musket ball cinches your leg as you cross the deck.  I look on as a cry of pain wrenches your mouth into a grimace.  The leg must go.  The surgeon on board works with utmost speed assisted only by a few men.  This surgeon is around you today.  Compassion, charity and concern are observed for this unforeseen act of God could have befallen any of you.  Help is rendered with a sense of duty, obligation and loyalty.  Your life is saved at this moment yet so altered.  Service that will be remembered.

A great ray of light is cast down upon this ship and crew.  Memories that are indelibly embedded in the space of time unravel in the light as I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra shimmers.  Many points of fractured luminescence shine here in this deep expanse.  At your third eye chakra I see a man whispering to your brow.  Guidance being given in spoken words.  Your chakra turns slowly as you reach out for stabilisation, acknowledgement and reassurance.  “This is real,” you are being told, “listen to your inner voice.”  At your throat chakra, a tightly held grip is felt, allowing no words to come out.  An alter ego self unwilling to allow truth to be heard.  The grip is firm.  At your heart chakra, a soft dewy morphing light of love moves and envelops all that is around you.  Truth holds the frequency of love.  This will continue to spread and grow as your reality changes and truth is revealed.  Your solar plexus spins as a tightly wound clock.  Feelings of anxiety mix with the perception of having too many choices.  Indecision is felt here.  A deep fire burns at your sacral chakra; resolve and determination are at the heart of any decision once it is made.  At your base chakra, I see you holding onto a pole as the Earth moves under your feet, ever shifting.

I ask for your guides to please present themselves.  You appear seated, your legs extend outward.  The beautiful green light of Archangel Raphael appears around you, helping to ease any perceived restrictions you feel at this time.  Green is found in the middle of the colour spectrum, equalising and balancing mental and physical energy.  Archangel Raphael assists to heal yourself and as you do so, inner guidance and love is found to heal others.  A medium sized brown and white collie dog sits at your feet.

I ask to see a timeline.  A woven, undulating tapestry is put before me.  We move swiftly to the point in the past where a service was meted out under dire circumstances.  A sense of gratitude to those who stood by you and assisted.  Beleaguered and weathered in service to country, your attitude to compassion and charity changes, as your own physical situation must adjust.  A reflection that may be remembered and brought forward today.  At the present time, I see a battle of wills, an internal struggle to find a means of action allowing your own truth to shine out.  In the future, birds are seen circling, emitting a wailing noise.  As gusts of wind change their course, they remain focused on that which is before them which is internally driven and unquestioning.

End of Reading



The Records of Atlantis

Now is the time to receive a Soul Report

The face of a young girl peers before me.  A long face with brown skin, dark eyes and hair.  She motions with her eyes that silence must prevail.  I watch as she clasps her hands together in a prayer position, moving them upward and circling around.  I follow her movements and feel we are falling into deep space.

Nothingness surrounds us, only stillness ensues.

The records of Atlantis.  Deep in space and time.  A chant, a dance, words are mouthed to me but I hear nothing.  A calamity.  I turn and see you turning a symbolic hourglass over.  Sand slowly tumbles to the side indicating a shift in time, setting things right, starting over.  Light footsteps echo upon a beautiful smooth floor, a young woman wearing a long gown emerges.  Your story is difficult to communicate, my throat feels closed up, your voice is silent yet you continue to move, expressing yourself by purely visual means.

Rocks, trauma, pain.  You are empathic, the catalysation of history, of a few defining moments, reverberate within you, finding no voice.  Stoic, you keep silent.  You insist on remaining quiet.

I feel my heart surge with fear and terror, a tidal wave of cataclysmic ruin.  I ask what you are doing here.  Chanting is your response.  A temple guardian, a string of words endlessly repeated.  You are in a large hall with others.  I see your mouths moving but hear no words escaping.  Your movements accompany your chants, orderly and rhythmic.  A sudden harmonic high pitched sound is heard as each of you hold and sustain your notes.  Galaxy guardians inciting strength and courage in tumultuous times.  Sounds that normally transport and elevate seize abruptly and suddenly.  A sense of utter loss, regret and hopelessness runs deep.  I step away from this scene of chanting women, the residual feelings are overwhelming.

I ask to view your chakras.  A purplish blue enfolds from your crown chakra, bright and vivid with pinpricks of light shining brightly.  Your third eye revolves yet you have placed a block here.  At your throat chakra, I feel tight constriction, an inability to express that which runs deep within you due to an internal conflict of fear and truth.  You stand unable to reveal yourself completely.  At your heart chakra, deep billowing love and compassion for humanity is at your inner core.  This love shines brightly and is visibly felt in your aura and beyond.  The constriction at your throat chakra affects your solar plexus, beautiful light emanates, yet you do not step into that which is your true self.  Your sacral chakra spins, feelings of relenting, allowing others to dominate, a sense of allowing your creativity to be bypassed is felt here.  At your base chakra, I see you spinning, moving and adjusting, yet remaining grounded with both feet planted firmly on the ground.  Remaining grounded is important to you.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first, in a white gown with gold trim above your waist.  Olive skin, dark hair and eyes.  Your eyes are warm reflective pools of feelings and emotions.  Peace and quiet rein here, an unwillingness to awaken that which is unwanted and uncalled for.  Poise, grace and humility surround you.  The sheen of white fabric you wear is unusual, sheer yet sparkling and shining.  A need for calm.  A light angel comes in on your right, a beautiful peach, pink colour surrounds it.  I hear the name Elizabeth the Mighty.  Soothing quiet, a calm orderliness ensues and is felt around you.  A father, a short man enters, smiling, talking, he appears old, having had a long working life.  The beautiful light of Mother Mary suffuses the scene, her presence enlightens your intuitive wisdom and grace, providing comfort and understanding.  Archangel Raphael’s beautiful green light is seen around you, as attuned to nature’s Elementals and the Devic Kingdom, helping to develop your divine vision and bring personal growth and harmony in balance as well as helping to release any pent up processes.

I ask to see a timeline.  A procession moves within a temple.  All are wearing white gowns.  A rhythmic chanting in cadences.  I am told this chant, this prayer, is usual to uplift and elevate but at this time is used to ward off tumult and chaos.  Lips move, words are quickly recited, yet no intervention is seen.  Hearing beats and chants alludes to the continuance of life.  The absence of sound vibrations is, in essence, the end of physical life, thus the allusion to silence signals an end.  Your silent chants will no longer be heard.  The distant echoes subside faintly within the Universe.  Life is sound.  At the present time I see smiles, hear laughter and idle chatter.  Pleasantries exchanged, delight in what everyday brings, come what may.  In the future, I cast the net of my vision outward to see you at a dizzying height, staring down at mounds of earth.  A smile lights your face.

End of Reading

A Harrowing Dash for Refuge

A grotto.  A deep cavern.  I watch one sparkling drop of water silently fall from the cavernous ceiling.  Glistening and shining.  The water drop falls to the floor, yet the sparkles contained within it remain in a tight circle, they do not scatter.  All remains within the rock walls.

You are on a horse, saddled behind a man, clutching him very tightly.  You cannot risk falling off the horse.  Heavy rain makes your long wool dress soaked as sharp winds lash and cut both of you.  Meant to be a quick jaunt, this instead has turned into a harrowing dash for refuge.  Europe.  18th century Ireland.

You have decided to take a chance and make a run for it, trying with all your might to avoid being transported.  The man you are with an accomplice, both of you against The Crown.  At this point it doesn’t matter.

Dark hair, blue eyes.  You know the grotto and seek it’s shelter.  Running like common outlaws, seeking escape.  Fear writhes within you.  Thoughts only on escape, the wind and rain slow your progress.  Lamentable fate of servitude awaits.

I view your chakras as I see you in the distance.  Your crown chakra, is radiant, glowing and spatially vast.  Glittering beautiful flecks appear here.  Your third eye is completely open, yet utilisation is not complete.  A fleeting glance of fear is felt, there is more potential here.  At your throat chakra, I visually see a mouth covered, preventing any voice from coming out.  This was not done by yourself, rather by those who are around you.  Stifling and preventing a blossoming effluence of your soul.  At your heart chakra is a beautiful, warming glow emanating outward.  Slow and deliberate, the glow wraps around and envelopes things steadily and purposefully.  At your solar plexus, I see a spinning and then a reverse in direction.  A feeling that you want to put yourself out there but then back-pedaling.  Fear, parental and societal conditioning reining you in.  You seek to overcome societal restrictions but are stricken at times with your own misgivings.  At your sacral chakra, I feel sparks of creativity and a passionate artistic nature.  This chakra is open and spins in a deliberate manner.  You are Inspired with creative thoughts.  At your base chakra you are grounded, connected to Earth.

I ask your guides to please present themselves for me.  You appear first in your woolen gown.  Woeful eyes hide a sense of hope.  Mother Mary appears radiating a beautiful blue light around you.  Her energies of intuitive wisdom assist you.  Master Lady Nada and Master Ragoczy are near, offering assistance in heightening the level of your Spiritual Self.  Master Lady Nada assists when you are over-critical of yourself, helping to create a more balanced attitude within.  Her love works with you.  Archangel Raphael’s energy surrounds you, helping you develop intuition and insight through balance.  He guides us all in healing work.

End of Reading

Under a Cloudy Sky

A young girl stands under a cloudy sky.  The wind rushes past her face, sweeping strands of hair loose.  A storm is approaching.  You delight in these moments before the rain breaks and thunder rolls in.  A woman calls you to come inside.  You are needed to help prepare an evening meal.  You fetch cool, clear water.  Staring into the wooden bucket, the reflection glitters in your eyes.  Denmark, 14th century.

Sagas of monsters, demons, gremlins are recited tonight.  All listen thoughtfully, carefully.  All know how the stories end.  Battles fought, monsters and demons vanquished to a nether world.  In your own mind, you creep into these stories, quietly weaving a new plot where you appear.  The drama intensifies where you have placed yourself.

A country life with endless chores, moving through the seasons.  You yearn for action, an adventure, a longing for the past, the times of your ancestors.  Fighting, pillaging and foraying into unknown wild territory.  You become the mighty heroes in the old tales.  Your imagination reels and becomes alive.

You seek daily reminders and signs of the glorious past.   Looking at a view of the coastline, the ocean water, the sun creating glittering, shining diamonds within the water.  A longing to leave, to move with the water.  Your dreams push aside the harsh work that lays before you.  Ever trying to live in another world.

Energy brought from the Great Galactic Sun is brought down.  I view your chakras as your face is turned upwards towards the Sun.  Your crown chakra is open, brilliant, a wide space, twinkling lights are seen.  At your third eye, I see an old Moai.  The face appears only for an instant and quickly disappears.  Your chakra is spinning, though unevenly, unbalanced.  I feel taking in information but not knowing how to process it.  At your throat chakra, I feel a tightness.  You, yourself, are limiting your ability to be and express yourself.  An underlying fear is felt of revealing yourself only to confront disappointment from others.  At your heart chakra, I feel movement circling inward.  Self introspection before moving outward.  A vibrant, glowing light is seen at your solar plexus.  Joyful laughter is heard, a smiling face, enjoying life.  At your sacral chakra, there is balance, emotional stability.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first, dressed in a long flaxen gown, a natural colour.  You have assembled your heroes behind you from the old Norse sagas.  The beautiful, loving, blue light of Mother Mary surrounds you, helping to create a stronger connection with Nature’s Elementals.  The Ascended Master St. Germaine is also here, his unconditional love radiates around you, helping you attain the simple, real qualities of life.  Archangel Raphael’s loving green light is seen, encouraging personal growth and creative balance.

I ask to see a timeline.  You are on a working farm in a village near the sea.  Time is held in constant suspense by your imagination.  The old sagas from long ago weave their way into your daily life.  At the current time, I see a stopping point of pause and reflection.  An inner search to reveal the best possible way forward.  In the future, an energetic cloud of white light, engulfing the backdrop of a city.  All is peaceful.

End of Reading

The Clock Ticks On

An owl sits upon a perch.  Wings completely outstretch as it takes flight, scenes unfold behind it.  Eyes are all seeing and all knowing.

You have moved north, there are factories here.  Enormous ones seen from your country eyes.   Machinery clamping down, there is the incessant noise of machines, never stopping, constant and methodical.  19 century.  Britain.

You earn a living here, having come hoping to earn a fortune, but instead are put under clock work employment, every minute is gauged either for or against you.  It’s a constant struggle against the clock.

You are at the prime of your life, hoping to do well.  You truly did not know what awaited you, the noise, the grime, the unrelenting work.  Once started, you realise there is no way to get out.  Your ambition along with your hopes and dreams slowly subside as the clock ticks on.  You willingly step onto a cog that never stops moving.

Days continue on in this employment, featureless, endless.  You are allowed one free day, a day that comes too quickly and leaves too soon.  The air in the factory is thick and heavy.  Many working here will succumb to a lung disease, you among them.

A testament to fortitude, tenacity and resolve.  After many months employment, you are not much better off than when you started.  Indeed, you have learned to persevere under the most trying of circumstances.

Blue and purple filter in around you.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is open, a white vastness is seen, glimmering in spots.  Your brow chakra or third eye is moving, scenes are being received, your intuition is bright.  At your throat chakra, I feel a bubbling, gurgling, sensing that communication is slightly blocked, self-expression and creativity being stifled.  At your heart chakra, a soft burning glow of light, intensifying and becoming brighter, recognising self-love and love for others.  At your solar plexus, I see spinning, light defelected, empowerment and self-belief reflected out.  At your sacral chakra, I see a slight movement backwards, initiating at your lower back.   I feel this relates to creative balance and remaining balanced.  At your base chakra, you are grounded with Earth.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear looking radiant and happy.  Angels appear on either side of you.  Mother Mary’s soft blue light is around you, aiding with your intuition and helping you to establish yourself in the community.  Archangel Raphael is also around you, helping you with creative visualisation, his energy, calming and relaxing, encourages balance and harmony.

I ask to see a timeline.  A rapid transformation ensues after your initial employment.  You do not give up, nor do you languish in self-pity for the current circumstances in which you find yourself.  Determination to continue, persevere, is an inherent strength within you and this carries you through.  At the current time, I see this determination being accessed again, enabling you to pull yourself through whatever predicament arises.  In the future, I see a road, an endless road ahead, it stretches out wide before you, exit ways appear with approach.  You create these side roads and exits in time.

End of Reading

Framed Within a Mirror

A dog is here, curled up asleep,  golden caramel colour.

I hear lively music, dancing, clicking heels.  Fabulous colours.  I’m being drawn into a whirlwind going round and round, dizzying but exhilarating.  The feelings of happiness are overwhelming.  Mexico, 19th century.

A girl’s face is framed within a mirror.  A young teenager, she gazes steadily at herself as she places flowers in her hair, red flowers.  She is busying herself for a dance, looking to every detail, smoothing her wide dress with her hands.  Picking up a fan, she walks the room, practising with it, opening, closing, fluttering her eyes.  Her dress swings with her as she moves this way and that, exaggerating her every step.  Lost in reverie, she is absorbed in herself and her movements.  Voices call her.

It is dusk, there are light strung up.  Many people are here enjoying themselves.  An immense party.  You are with a group of girls, laughing together, yet each looking with pointed eyes at perspective suitors.  Several gazes are directed at one young gentleman.  Tall, slender, dark haired, he laughs, thinking lightly of the girls’ interest in him.  This young man will break many hearts here, his callousness is seen by the women as masculine strength.

I hear invisible voices warning the girls, but the voices go unheeded.  Each girl, so wrapped up in themselves, they do not hear or sense the entreaties.

You and one of your friends are rivals for this man’s interest.  A difficult life will follow for one of you, having pursued this young man.  His indifference, unsympathetic attitude, and shallow capacity for love will create imbalance in the relationship.  The party continues, a joyous festivity in which all participate.

The softest angelic whisperings are sent.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra, open, spacious, tiny filaments of light are seen.  Your brow chakra or third eye, is moving slowly.  Perceptions are slowly shown to me, as photographs, one after another.  You can perceive and know at a higher level but you prevent yourself from this.  At your throat chakra, I see you mouthing words but others around you fail to listen.  Frustration in communication and allowing yourself to be heard and have a voice.  At your heart chakra, a vivid light here, deep feelings of compassion for others yet love is held back, held fast onto.  At your solar plexus, visible light is seen here, vibrant and focused.  You know what you want to do and achieve.  At your sacral chakra, I feel a closing motion, you do not want to feel pain.  You are grounded and level with Earth at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear with your wide flowing dress, the red flowers in your hair.  The festive mood is still prevalent here, feelings of joy and happiness are felt.  Ascended Master Jesus is with you, helping to open yourself in order to express love that you may share it freely with all.  The Ascended Master Lord Lanto is also around you, sharing knowledge that you may teach and guide others to develop spiritual understanding.  Archangel Raphael’s beautiful luminous light is near you, helping you develop your intuition and personal growth.

I ask to see a timeline.  The party is coming to an end, many people have left already.  Dawn will soon arrive, red and orange reflecting onto the hard ground.  To savour these last moments a bit longer, to stretch out the night endlessly, just to continue in this happiness at this moment.  Elation and satisfaction reflect in your face.  At the present time, I see a furrowed brow contemplating problems.  With no solution in sight, frustration sets  in.  In the future, I see two hands together and feel a sense of acceptance in your current circumstances.  All is well.  All is as it should be.

End of Reading