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Cowslips and Daisies

A bright green pasture full of cowslips and daisies basks under an intense blue sky. I watch butterflies wink coquettishly and display an alluring flash of colour when I hear the word, “Scarborough.”  This pasture is used as common grazing land.  A shuddering din and clang, noises from a mine extracting precious minerals are heard at another distant location, linked together here by a road.   You have been lured to the field by the abundance of wildflowers, wanting to sit in the sun for a span of a few hours in order to escape your daily workload.  A brief respite to relieve the clinging winter chill left in your bones. The sun shines brightly and white clouds can be seen in the blue sky.

This is Wales around the 4th century.  Roman troops have pushed their way through and have, over the years, changed not only the landscape but also the commercial wealth of the community.  Brigands as well as upstanding citizens want to exploit the mineral wealth.

Your dress is from flax linen, coarse and long. Holes have been mended to make your appearance respectable. A galley of men, not quite a legion, have marched though this area, bringing watchmen and relief troops for a Roman fort.  Accommodation has been granted to those of higher rank to sleep in dwellings where small tokens, gifts of beads, are exchanged for room and board.

Your family had, at one time, accompanied these troops on a march ever northward, crossing wide tracts of land, before arriving at this current location.  A small fortune could be amassed if properly planned out.  A type of crude tavern is erected offering plain food and the occasional bed.   A constant supply of workers from the mine as well as soldiers into the frontier, guarantee an ever flowing supply of coins. The work is burdensome.

The end of a passing era has started here, a changing of the guard and those ruling the commerce of the local area.  You will watch troops withdraw and relinquish control, a time of considerable uncertainty.  Wealth around you will not disappear, although men will soon cease to call upon the family establishment.  You instinctively brace yourself for significant changes in your life and community.

I stand back to view the sun shining down upon you and as I do so, I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is an open, grand expanse.  Multifaceted lights sparkle here.  At your third eye chakra, I see a deluge of information coming in, a sense of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin. Balance must first be obtained.  At your throat chakra, I feel a sharp tightness and a sense of constriction, a sluggish spin.  Opportunities are not utilised to express yourself.  At your heart chakra, a beautiful, spreading glow of energy and love moves ever outward.  Your solar plexus chakra spins in a loose ellipse, feelings of intermittent ambition followed by a lack of insight derails plans put into place.  A constant shift and desire to maintain balance yet unable to.  At your solar plexus, there is a swift movement and current of energy with an ability to tap into your inherent creativity.  At your base chakra, I feel a sense of being grounded and see an etheric tie with quartz crystals.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me. You appear first in your flaxen gown, arranging crystals in a perfect line.  The brilliant sunshine of Archangel Jophiel descends around you, bringing joy and upliftment.  He assists in building connections that align you to your higher self, guides, and angels and this helps you to absorb new information and approach life in a new way.  The beautiful, loving, blue light of Mary, the Universal Mother, enfolds around you as she brings her gifts of intuitive wisdom.  The Master Lord Buddha’s radiating love also resonates around and within you, instilling the richness of wisdom.

I ask to see a timeline.  The past reveals a need to move on and leave behind a difficult cycle in your life that has come to an end.  This implies going forward, moving into calmer waters and realising that lessons have been learned from which you have grown and become stronger.  With a healing process under way, it’s possible to set goals and desires to ensure a positive future.  Synchronistic events can now be easily seen, allowing conditions and people to enter into your life for your highest good.  At the current time, balance and harmony is needed in your inner as well as your outer life.  What you perceive to be happening around you is really an externalisation of an inner process or conflict that you may be currently experiencing.  There must be a state of balance emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually in order to make rational decisions.  One must be responsible for choices made as well as ones made in the future.  In the future, the qualities of patience and letting go of control are essential.  Being able to pause and assess that which is in front of you or re-evaluate goals that you’re seeking is prudent.  Take time to review and remember what has worked well for you in the past and not what others believe to be true.  Reflect and plan how you can handle potentially complex situations that may arise.

End of Reading


The Winds, the Sun, and the Sea

A mature woman with long, dark brown hair and almond shaped eyes appears before me.  The woman is beguiling and full of feminine graces.  She leads me through a cavernous passageway lit, occasionally, with oil lamps.  An island with natural caves and the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea create a peaceful, natural environment for an idyllic, secluded altar.  Poseidon is worshipped here.  This is Ancient Greece.

A group of women meet regularly and at appointed times during the year when requested by those in authority.  Strict adherence to a protocol of prayer is required in order to summon deities and spirits, and to also call upon the remarkable monsters that plague the seas.  Numerous water sprites attend festivities and feasts.  The winds, the sun, and the sea creatures are each, in turn, called upon to ensure safe passage of crew and cargo.  A rough voyage or a clear sail, the gods will indicate a safe transit and passage of goods through these waters.

The women are here now, welcoming young girls who are brought by their parents to be instructed by the older women.  As a practicing cult, it receives acolytes who gradually learn the rituals and ceremonies that are so important to the region.  The young girls, once initiated, maintain the diverse practices that are required.  Blessings are given before vessels set sail.  Mariners and merchants hold you all in esteem; you ensure their vital link with the gods.

Gentle rippling waters resonate within the caves.  A constant, quiet reminder of being surrounded by the sea and all that is within it.  Feelings of buoyant joy are felt here and complete happiness penetrates the clear blue sky.  Joyful communion invigorates your psyche and allows harmony and balance to predominate within yourself.  You stand upon a fine line that delineates, on the one side, the physical presence of objects and people around you, and, on the other side, a constellation of the non-physical aspects from deep within.  This line is straddled and walked upon during this lifetime.

I watch as a column of white light enters your crown chakra filling the brilliant, deep expanse with beautiful, glittering, white light.  It expands and shines ever so brightly. Your third eye chakra spins unevenly with visible light factors fluctuating.  A recharge and restoration of balance would be beneficial to create a smoother and fixed flow of energy.  At your throat chakra, light appears to enter and then exit intermittently creating an irregular spin.  Light flickers and wavers creating imbalance.  This corresponds and responds to the imbalance of your third eye chakra.  At your heart chakra, a lovely green light expands outward, spreading love and beautiful light. Balance is felt with an outpouring of love for humanity.  At your solar plexus chakra, light emerges fluidly and a clear focus is felt here.  This can be maintained with intention.  At your sacral chakra, a lightness of being is perceived, the spin is balanced emitting a beautiful light.  Emotional stability is sensed here. You are grounded at your base chakra. The light seen here is a balanced spin.

I ask for your guides to please present themselves. Archangel Jophiel’s energy is presently around you bringing joy, wisdom, and soul illumination while helping you to strengthen your connection with your higher self, guides and angels.  His gifts include intuition and joy and he can help in any situation requiring clear mental perception or inspiration. The beautiful, blue light of Master Lady Mary or Mother Mary surrounds you providing comfort and understanding as well as bestowing energies of intuitive wisdom.

I ask to see a current timeline from your past into the present and future. A transformation in your past, just as in the cycle of a butterfly, has occurred. The transition allows previous situations to end and new beginnings to open up. Life is cyclical and as we move, changes present themselves and permit us to see a new path forward. At the present time issues regarding clairvoyance, intuition, and higher levels of consciousness emerge. Balance is important to maintain in order to create a working harmony and assist you with intuitive inner guidance. Your future, in regards to looking at that which is physically around you, requires flexibility and determination when confronted by a vast array of choices.  Where a decision is needed, weigh your options carefully. All changes emerging are considered part of a positive future. Connections are everything.

End of Reading

An Unacceptable Match

Loud words are heard; a vivid argument has broken out.  A young man, whose future has been precisely mapped out, argues with his mother.  His will against hers, a struggle that he will eventually lose.  Societal precepts, fervent religious dogma and expectations of one’s class dictate and form life around you, allowing for little deviation.  All follow strict guidelines and rules laid out before them by state and church authorities.  15th century, Toledo, Spain.

You work with your merchant father learning trade and commerce.  Business dealings bring you into contact with other parts of the city, other people and other religions.  The sight of a young Jewish woman captivates your eyes and you know in your heart that she is your destiny.  Anticipating objection, the vehement, vociferous disapproval for the unsuitable and inappropriate match was not completely unexpected.  A clash ensues between a stern Catholic upbringing and deep Jewish heritage.  You are willing to move beyond the constricting viewpoint of the church in order to be with this woman.  Numerous arguments and protests arise from your mother.  It would be an unacceptable match in her eyes, unforgivable to step beyond the strict boundaries held in place by society and church.

Heightened religious convictions stir the hearts of many.  Hostile feelings and prejudices prevail here creating contempt and hatred among all.  Yet you impart in a fleeting glance, a subdued emotion of fawning adoration for a woman placed beyond your grasp.  This initial emotion, having no recourse for release, gradually develops into the same festering anger that is felt around you.  An intense amount of torment and despair is suppressed within you.  You can do nothing but observe as events and people conspire against you and your happiness.

Events move swiftly, causing pain and emotional turmoil for those involved.  You watch as she, along with her family and many others, are expelled and forced to quickly flee to other lands.  You, however, remain steadfast in your convictions causing a further rift to develop within your own family.  You focus on yourself, refusing to relent to maternal pressure.

You allow light to flood into you as I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra opens into a vast depth of space, points of sparkling light shine here.  You are connected to Source.  I feel a heavy swinging motion at your third eye chakra; infectious laughter erupts as things reveal themselves not to be what they seem.  A gurgling noise at your throat chakra, a bubbling up of mixed suppressed thoughts and emotions.  It feels as if a fire has been lit at your solar plexus, an immense, volatile energy is present, a feeling of being, of change in the world.  As your sacral chakra spins, smooth undulating energy appears.  At your base chakra you are stable and grounded with Earth energy.

I ask your guides to please present themselves for me.  You appear first, your hair wild and long, this is your own way of expressing rebuke and censure for those controlling your outer world.  The yellow energy of Master Lord Lanto shines around you.  He offers assistance to all who feel drawn to greater learning and to the awakening youth of Earth, his knowledge and wisdom is freely shared and pervades various educational systems.  The brilliant light of Archangel Jophiel of the Yellow Ray permeates the scene, bringing happiness and joy into life.  The Archangel of Wisdom, Jophiel can help recover soul fragments that may have been detached through illness or depression.  His wisdom assists in having clear mental perception and inspiration.

I ask to see a timeline.  A young man, clean-shaven, wearing a dark coat and long hose, learns the trade of his father, a merchant craftsman.  His mother, a woman predisposed to arranging her son’s future, asserts her own will upon him.  Having relinquished his heart to a Jewish woman, he has made an intolerable match, both socially and religiously.  Discontent fuels arguments with your mother as you contemptuously dismiss her words.  The unyielding bonds of society, culture and religion cannot, at this time, be broken.  Just as a bird sits nursing a broken wing, you tend to your emotional pain.  All hopes and ambitions for the future have been crushed; you cannot take flight and escape that which binds you even tighter.  The heavy arm of the church and society foster an atmosphere of extreme enmity.  Your stance and counteraction to societal views cause inordinate grief within your family.  At the present time I see you viewing, amassing information through an indirect means.  This knowledge allows you to see unique perspectives through an undefined lens.  In the future, I see a solid white room, symmetric with few details.  All is arranged accordingly as light pours within.

End of Reading

Cartloads of Pestilence

I find myself in a dark room, a wooden floor creaks below my feet. A man with a thick dark moustache and dark eyes appears wearing a white shirt, a wool vest and a coat. A mop of thick dark brown hair curls and waves uncontrollably. A comb has tried unsuccessfully to tame the loose locks. 19th century, Ireland.

I hear arguments, voices yelling impassioned words at one another about property rights and jurisdiction. Voices that have continued on into the present day. A need for one to morally stand his ground, an impassioned plea that goes unheard.

Dirt and dust collect in the corners of this room. Your boots kick the dust up as you pace the floors, your anger reluctant to dissipate. This room is your cottage, a fitful state of penury. Although you have tilled the soil, seeded the land and shifted boulders, you have no rights to that which you toil upon. The taxes you pay as well as the rents for the land creates destitution, lack, and a bitterness that engulfs and overflows your entire spirit. You can do no more.

I see withered, diseased crops before me. Cartloads of pestilence. A shadow of fury and deep anger mixes with despair. A sense, a feeling of being utterly broken and ruined falls upon you. Anxiety is high, desperation and anger fuel your soul. You long for an escape from this misery, you search your restless mind as you pace the room. Tithing and taxes. You are finished.

A compulsive hatred of social class and the inequality that accompanies it. A need and want to change the system, be the man that you are. Rank feelings of disgust, loathing and contempt for those that control this base system. These feelings compel you to move your feet, to make strides forward, extend yourself and leave. You release what you have shouldered and what generations before you have been saddled with. With each pace forward in that tiny room, you prepare yourself for a new life. Your anger severs the foundation that was given to you at birth and creates a resolute feeling of strength that allows you to cope.

Under the darkest midnight sky you leave, never to return. There will be no traces of your desertion, no witnesses to see you flee. Your anger continues to provide strength and propel your feet forward. For you will walk with a decent stride to escape your fate. A ship laden with human cargo is your destination; your feet carry you here. Placid water stretches out before you and not a tear or sentimental thought is lost in these shores. You leave behind misery as you reach towards the coast.

As sunlight strikes the top of your head, I view your chakras. Light from the Great Galactic Sun flows as a conduit to your crown chakra. Sparkles of light move in this vast void, immense with lucid colours streaming through. Your third eye chakra revolves slowly and carefully. A need to analyse and think through all information that comes through here. “Sometimes all cannot be fully explained or accounted for within the confines of present human thought. Be open to that which is not in your realm of patterning and thought imprints.” At your throat chakra, I feel a scratchy rawness. You are heard and you make others hear you. An audible and intelligible voice. I see your lips moving and there are times when others hear nothing thus creating this scratchy rawness. Protect your voice. At your heart chakra, a glowing light penetrates beyond our vision of sight. Strong, luminous, a caring heart for humanity. Your solar plexus shines brightly and clearly, occasionally a slight shadow falls across it as it spins. This anger from the past, the issue of social equality and contempt for authority is present. You may create your destiny with intentions of positive force and value. Your sacral chakra spins quickly, is aligned and stable. You align yourself with the Earth and shift when needed. You are grounded at your base chakra. I allow residual energy to flow into the core of the Earth and return through your chakras. The pattern that is created is that of an ankh.

I quietly ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me. You appear dishevelled wearing a wool coat and trousers, a look of defiance and defeat crosses your countenance. You sit with your head back and arms outstretched. The beautiful light of Archangel Jophiel permeates the scene, inspiring and clearing mental perception. He brings soul illumination and helps strengthen your connection with your higher self.

I ask to see a timeline. Your past stretches out before you with generations of people making a hand to mouth movement, continuous motion. Generations. A cycle you have stopped during this previous life. Acknowledgment and gratitude surface from those before you that had to endure the same fate. You allowed your deep convictions of fairness and endurance of austere conditions to compel you to move and create change. A pattern has broken. At the current time, I hear giggling laughter. Brief enjoyment before a door appears, a decision must be made whether to open it or not, with lasting repercussions. In the future, I see a wide gulf, an ocean of water with its tides. You decide not to move or align with current thought. You are your own active will, accepting the challenge of asking questions of your own inner source.

End of Reading

A Crystal Grid

Colours of sunset reflect on the horizon, magenta, orange, pink, violet and blue.  This is not Earth.  A star constellation to the south.

Messages come in.  A crystal grid programmed elsewhere.  Atlantis.  A group leader of around five people source information using a system similar to our computers today.  Incoming patterns and information are stored with access in dual time.

To right the wrongs of the past is an enormous undertaking.  It weighs heavily on your shoulders.  This time you do not want to take one misstep and so move carefully, albeit, slowly ahead.

“The grid alignment has been adjusted and all incoming Source values are continuously applied.  Communication through all open circuits is noted.”

Your dreams are interwoven with energetic grid placement values, determining your mission.  A high pitched noise, a plethora of incoming information that is instantaneously analysed.  There is no sense of time here, it all just happens.

An intense energy that feels overwhelming is halting any attempt to access past information.  I allow beautiful pink and white light to permeate everything.

I see a big hall, a very high ceiling, voices are on edge, working quickly to counter and stop earth movements.  A time of intense stress, voices raised, all working to diffuse the incoming energy.  All are taken unaware, unprepared for the magnitude of the situation, the consequences which entail.  No one foresaw the ultimate loss of control.  An underestimation that took everyone by surprise, including you.

This information, the dramatic results are held deep within you and others.  “Lest we forget,” is an anchor, pushing and moving you on.  This link with the past allows you to work with others on the energetic grids surrounding us.  A sense of responsibility for something, perhaps, you are unaware of.

Light blue light filters down upon you.  Electronic processing.  Your crown chakra is open wide and glittering, flashes appear like diamonds.  At your brow chakra or third eye, there is a forward facing channel of light .  It feels like a screening device, for filtering and receiving information selectively.  At your throat chakra, a sense of being inhibited by the society around you, despite this, you continue shining your light.  You will not be marginalised.  At your heart chakra, a deep outpouring of love.  A sense of responsibility here for others, but this is not on a conscious level.  At your solar plexus is what I would describe as a spiraling storm, a winding or curling movement indicating energy escalating in movement.  Your focus and ambition being guided in a certain direction.  At your sacral chakra, a sliding movement, hovering, not anchoring onto one relationship.  At your base chakra, you are solidly grounded with Earth.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear as you did in Atlantis, wearing a white gown, tucked at the middle.  Determination is felt here.  The beautiful light of Mother Mary is around you, strengthening the energy of your intuitive wisdom.  Archangel Jophiel is here, helping you connect and align with your higher self and allowing you to feel laughter and joy.

I ask to see a timeline.  Your group has just been given orders to intercept and change incoming transmissions.  A definite feeling of urgency, there is a loss of communication.  Your group is now isolated and on their own.  There is not, however, enough time to change the directions of the impending signals, energetic waves.  I see everyone taking cover.  Regret in not fulfilling orders, frustration with the complex situation.  A need to set things right.  At the present time, I see a safe idyllic spot.  An inner place to hideaway for a time, before being brought “out”.  In the future, I see you with a group of people.  Some of these people you have known before.  Projects continue on.  Planning and coordination are tantamount in this case.

End of Reading


Move as the Geese

Geese flying south, so high in the sky they appear as geometric figures.

North American Indian tribe, Algonquin, 1700’s  I hear drumming, calling.  Many voices, together they hastily construct huts.   Women, children, each occupied at this site.  Storing grain.  A thumb moves dark kernels of corn in her palm as she contemplates the horizon beyond her.

Sitting close before a fire, golden light reflects on cheerful faces.  Harvest finished.  Your group will move on to a winter camp with plentiful game to hunt.  Two young children cling to you, through you they learn the ways of their ancestors, how to grow food and find wild edibles in order to survive.  You weave beads, handiwork greatly prized.

Raids, movement, justice, revenge, all these things encircle your group as a fence forms a barrier.  The fence of your adversaries, crowding you, pushing you ever further toward the frontier.  You feel threatened and barred.  A mix of revulsion and loathing for this imaginary fence.  The corn, the path, the geese.  Your journey is long before you.  Traversing rivers, movement, fires.  A cyclical movement.  Aware and ever present.  Division, warface, truce and peace.  At the end is Peace.

A beautiful cloudy sky above you, delicate pinks hang among the clouds as the sun moves ever westward.  “You are part of the Peace.  We walk with you now, we hear you, we know you.  For all is as it should be.”  Your heart closes tightly, as purse strings draw closed.  Holding everything in, carefully arranged lest it fall out.  “You may open the purse now.  We are with you.  Our love, our presence is always beside you.”

I see a red sun glowing in the sky.  It’s rays gleam and shimmer down upon you.  I view your chakras.  There is the feeling of a shift, an agitation, being bounced from one reality to another.  A wavering reflection that suddenly crystalises.  Your crown chakra is open, a shaft of light descends into this quiet, vast expanse.  At your brow chakra or third eye, I feel fluttering, becoming accustomed to new images, new insights.  At your throat chakra, an expelling of something.  Words, perhaps symbolically pushing aside a blockage, a conscious decision to come into your true sense of self.  At your heart chakra, a small opening, afraid to widen for fear a gushing will ensue, taking you along in the flood.  There is a lot of stored love here.  At your solar plexus, a light that shines and becomes stronger, brighter with each day.  A willingness to extend yourself to your full potential.  At your sacral chakra, I hear a pinging sound as if I’ve dropped something into a deep well.  Isolation.  A deep isolation within yourself.  At your base chakra, I see you aligned with the Earth.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear as the North American Indian, baskets before you.  The Ascended Master Jesus Sananda is with you, helping to express your inner love so that it may be shared with all.  Archangel Jophiel’s light radiates around you, helping you clear your mental perceptions so you may absorb new information.  He will help you creatively, in order to uplift your self-esteem, feelings of self worth.

I ask to see a timeline.  Weaving beads.  Your hair falls down your back in braids.  You are part of the culture, the movement of tribes, sourcing food, creating shelter.  Your life has been a ceaseless flow, enduring hardship, difficulties, not only with European settlers but also other North American Indian tribes.  With each passing season you move as the geese, seeking food and peaceful shelter.  At the present time, I see you in deep thought.  Your present concepts having shifted and changed.  As you moved in your past life, so you are moving now.  Adapting, changing in order to deal with that which is before you.  In the future, I see a serene face.  All is quiet.  A deep sense of satisfaction that you are where you need to be.

End of Reading