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“Shine Bright Like a Diamond”

I am drawing down white crystalline light.  You accept it through your fingertips and as the energy moves inside you, it glows, giving off an effervescence.  Angels are present with us now.  The energy courses through you and enters into the ground, it is sent to Inner Earth.  The energy returns through you, exiting your crown chakra, and is sent into the universe like a diamond.  I hear these lyrics from Rihanna, “Diamond”:

Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamond
Shining bright like a diamond
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky

We both watch this beautiful moment.  I hear the quietest of voices beginning to tell me a story about a far away planet, another galaxy, warfare.  Destruction and pods of souls exiting this planet as refugees.  I’m unfamiliar with this planet, but carefully listen to the story.  I hear the name Aldebaran.  An exodus of the planet occurred, there is no one that can return home, for everything was ultimately destroyed.

A mixture of very dulled emotions felt here, sorrow, anger, and hope.  It’s only the slightest feelings I get here.  Almost unemotional.  These feelings have long been processed and worked through that they now are looked at with detachment.  Though unemotional, the feelings are still perceptible and are still present among these people.

You have incarnated on Earth to bring your divine gifts and show others unconditional love.  You are one of many, helping to raise the consciousness and light here on Earth.

I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is open, immense, expansive.  A direct connection or conduit here.  Your 3rd eye is open, spinning.  You’ve forgotten your gifts!  These gifts are slowly opening up for you, slowly.  Each presented in turn when you are ready.  Your throat chakra I see as being tightly closed up, and then as a time lapse, slowly opening.  Your true, divine nature slowly being “released”.  At your heart chakra, I see bright, vivid light, shining so brightly.  A heartfelt love for Gaia and humanity.  A joyful love expressed in doing your job here.  Your solar plexus is spinning, albeit, waning slightly.  Slight confusion over how to best enjoy life and physicality.  Your sacral chakra is spinning, open.  I see your base chakra as if you are slightly “lifting” off the ground.  You are ready to “move”.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  I see the family of souls hovering close around you.  Protecting you.  They care for you dearly.  These star beings are around you now.  The angels are still present that were here at the beginning of the reading.  Ascended Master Jesus is with you, helping to awaken and strengthen devotion within the hearts of humanity.  He assists with any natural healing practices.  AA Raphael is with you, beautiful green healing light emanates here.  “You are so loved!”

I ask to see a timeline.  In quick sequence I see the destruction of the planet and the many craft that take away those who have survived.  This is your legacy that you wish to never see repeated.

At the present time, I see you continuing with what you’ve started.  Strengthening your knowledge as you gain more experience.  “Please continue your work here.”

In the future, I see silver tracks before you.  Two of them.  It’s outside, you look at them and then look up.

End of Reading


“And yet it dominates the things I see”

This is Tsarist Russia.  I see a woman, her hair done up atop her head.  She is wearing a ball gown.  It’s particularly cold in this room where she sits, there is no fire burning here.  A partial cord of wood sits unlit in the fireplace.

Pallor in her face.  Hunger.  Yet she dares not move into a warmer room.  She wants to “suffer”.  She is uninterested in others gathered in the other room.  Wanting no conversation, she prefers instead to be alone in contemplation and grief.  Thoughts cross her mind about her own misfortune, a constant “Why me?” pierce these thoughts.  Only seeing the the small picture, focusing on her feelings and emotions.

I sit with her awhile.  Sadness and melancholy fill our most inner being.  I allow it to penetrate, feeling every emotion with her.  I hear the lyrics from Mumford & Sons, “Roll Away Your Stone.”

Roll away your stone, I’ll roll away mine
Together we can see what we will find
Don’t leave me alone at this time
For I am afraid of what I will discover inside

‘Cause you told me that I would find a hole
Within the fragile substance of my soul
And I have filled this void with things unreal
And all the while my character it steals

Darkness is a harsh term don’t you think?
And yet it dominates the things I see

I suddenly see a very young girl being pulled in a sledge.  Mid-winter.  Merry voices, blankets of snow, birch woods.  Just as suddenly, it’s spring with knee-deep mud everywhere.  Illness is raging in the household.  A parent on the deathbed.

A girl’s uncertain future looms before her.  She will be forced to marry a man she does not love, but rather detests.  A relationship full of hatred and bitterness develops between the two.  There is no way out for her.  Her misfortune is the misfortune of all women past in unhappy marriages.

She tries to withdraw from herself, but the frustration with her situation eats away at her.  Self-pity grows within her and emotions rage on.  A vicious cycle forms of revolving negative thoughts propelling further self-pity.  The circle goes round and round.  Imbalance.

We must stop this hurtful cycle of negativity.  I look up and request loving pink light to envelope us, seclude us.  I ask AA Raphael, with his beautiful green healing energy, to come to us.  I allow a fusion of the two colours to descend around you.  I view your chakras.

Your crown chakra is an open expanse.  I see small pink and blue lights here, expanding love within you.  Your 3rd eye is open, moving slowly but carefully, trying to pick up every detail around you.  Your throat chakra is flaring, slight irritation here.  Perhaps, a result of being misunderstood by others around you, you are unable to make your points clear.  At your heart chakra, an immense burst of love.  Though at times misunderstood, you have forgiveness sheltered here.  A love for those around you.  Your solar plexus is bright, revolving, spinning.  Your are shining a bright light around you, attracting many toward you with your joie de vivre.  Your sacral chakra is also spinning and you are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You come forth, deliberately slowly, a mournful face, for you cannot disconnect from past emotions that continue to hold you down.  Mother Mary appears around you, emitting a loving light.  AA Raphael is with you now, his healing light encircling you.  Angels arrive.  I feel as if I am witnessing the presentation of a church painting.  Absolution, compassion and mercy.  So much love here.  A slinky cat enters into this tableau.  Refusing to be still and lie down, the cat darts around everyone, it’s tail slinking past them.

I ask to see a timeline.  In the cold room, your husband enters, beckoning you to please come out.  You are listless and don’t respond.  You have no feelings for this man, your energy is instead spent only on yourself.

I’m taken to the present time.  I see you sitting on a couch, enjoying yourself.  A vast distance separates you from the unhappiness of the past.  You enjoy being around others and cheerfully help those around you, offering caring advice.  You know how to care for and love others.

In the future, I see a tunnel.  Rushing through the tunnel.  Flashing lights going off.  Your transportation is absurdly quick.

End of Reading

A Pioneer

Blue skies and red earth below my feet, a tribal African energy resonates outward. I hear a language I do not understand, singing together, body movements in perfect unison with their voices. Ochre, mud, red clay is smeared on their skin. A steady drumbeat resonates within me, I want to move with them.

There is a multitude of wild game around us, exotic animals from my viewpoint. The rhythmic beat is infectious. The singing draws forth deep emotions and primal urges. I feel free, uninhibited by anyone and anything. I move as I feel guided, I sing as the melody pushes up within me emotions that were always hidden on the surface but now exposed and bared. I move with the group, as one.

I feel a connection with the land, the soil, the people. I hear “salt of the earth.” You are the backbone that so many lean upon, though weary yourself, you can take the load of those so reliant upon you. I visually see the Earth crack below my feet. Your connection with “the land” is deep and all consuming. Through your toil and sweat, so many souls have rested their weary feet upon “the land.”

A darkness descends suddenly as brightly twinkling stars appear. Stories are now being told, ones that have been handed down for years. Your religion, your faith. A long lineage of stories that have been handed down countless generations. You understand the importance of elders and their knowledge. You seek to preserve this knowledge, use it and likewise, in due time, hand it down to capable hands. Wise beyond your years, you understood early the importance of passing down crucial information.

I see in front of me, on the right, a shaft of white glowing light. It’s a beautiful light that compels one to come closer towards it. This light is electrifying, glowing and emanates a radiance of love.

Yellow-green prairie grasses are blowing in the wind as an intense sun light bears down upon you. A searing wind cuts into your face and touches your dry cracked lips, seeming to never let up. Your throat is parched, your skin is brown on this South African plain. You are in a covered wagon crossing what feels like an endless expanse of land. You are new settlers here, colonizers of new territory.

This perilous journey is not for the faint-hearted, one must have one’s wits about one, constantly on guard for an ever present danger, whether from beast or the elements. Your mind constantly turns to thoughts of a new life, a new start, as homesteaders or farmers. The harsh conditions do not dissuade you, but rather galvanize you to continue on. A pioneer.

I see broken wagon wheels, broken axles, horses under strain, open cooking fires, extreme harsh weather, but courage and determination move you on. An inherent feeling of proprietary rights, you are strong in your conviction of land claims. You give yourselves this “right.” The feelings of expansion, movement, colonization, proprietary notions are not present in today’s time but are distinctly and overwhelming felt back then.

I slip into the sheath of shining white light I saw earlier. I breathe deeply several times allowing the energy to penetrate into every pore. I see you advancing towards the luminous light and I beckon you to enter as well. We stand so still, breathing deeply and allowing the beautiful energy to penetrate into our deepest core. I view your chakras as you stand in this light:

I see an intense “rain” striking down into your crown chakra. Silvery streaks flow incessantly down, just as an intense rain. Brilliant, energetic silvery rain. Your 3rd eye is revolving slowly and appears upside down. Around your throat chakra area, I feel as if speech is being spurt out, at times consistently, at other times inconsistently, but always as an “outburst,” coming all out at once. A radiance of green, heartfelt, loving energy permeates your heart chakra. Happiness to be with those around you, this loving radiance extends outwards around you, enveloping those around you with a glowing warmth. You solar plexus is sending forth energy, perhaps you are giving out more energy than you should. Overextending yourself. This you need not do, for your life force energy is being used by those around you. Please refrain from overextending yourself, and allow the energy within you to recharge yourself and not others. I feel a pelvic, perhaps hip problem around your sacral chakra area. You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me:

You are sitting on a bench wearing a “patrician” dress. Perhaps a certain time period in Italy fascinates you, for you are richly dressed in embroideries and fine cloths. Your hair is braided up and bits of lace hang about your collar. Several angels fall in behind you, multicoloured and beautiful. AA Raphael is here. I am being told that you are a “healer,” you have a healing ability. A man has come forward, he has black hair and a black mustache. This man radiates and sends loving greetings. There are more souls crowding in on both sides of you. People you have known, but have now forgotten. They send loving greetings and are so happy for you and the strides you have made here. There is a pure white cat here with long hair. It looks like a Persian cat. The cat fits perfectly with your patrician clothes.

I ask to see a timeline:

I’m brought again to the African plains. A reminder surfaces to accept the “natives” around you. For the old notion of expansion and colonization does not fit in today’s society.

In your current time I see you sitting at a desk. I do not know if you are writing or thinking about writing, but there is considerable time spent contemplating and reflecting. You are encouraged and helped by your guides around you.

In the future I see a sadness in your eyes, knowing your life is coming to an end. A journey in itself and many mixed feelings as to opportunities taken and perhaps those missed. A smile on your face, for you KNOW you are soon FREE.

End of Reading

“I don’t care, I love it.”

I’m sitting in the “crook” of a huge tree.  There is a massive expanse of green foliage above me.  It’s wonderful to sit in this tree.

I hear the lyrics for this song from Icona Pop:

“I Love It”

I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone.
I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn.
I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs.
I crashed my car into the bridge.

I don’t care, I love it.
I don’t care.

the words continuing on and on as feelings of defiance make themselves felt.  The lyrics drum on in my head with special loud emphasis on “I don’t care.”

I see you now in an intersection of a run-down neighbourhood.  I see you standing on the corner of these streets, energetic red flames flaring out all around you.  You enjoy the smoke and spectacle you are making.  This is the “hood.”  You relish in your devilish pranks, mayhem, chaos.  Your anger is mollified with every outbreak of violence.  You continuously stoke your fires, as a revving engine, ready to burst forward at any minute showing your scorn for those around you and your surroundings.  Intolerance, total APATHY.  You desire action and now.

I sweep my arm above me into the stars, grabbing what I can of all the “loose” energy you’ve dispersed out there.  It’s a difficult job gathering this intense energy you’ve randomly and wantonly thrown away.

I light a candle and watch as the match burns and disintegrates.  Pure satisfaction in the destruction.  I add another match to it and watch as the orange flames rise even higher.  Yes, utter satisfaction here.  I change the flame into a violet flame of transmutation.  I allow the fire to burn out and with it your seething tension, anger and frustrations are swallowed away in it.

I breathe deeply and allow this anger to leave me and in it’s place comes a complete calm.  A soothing balm.  I ask that this fiery energy of yours becomes transformed into positive, constructive, creative energy within you.  An energy to draw inspiration from and drive.  For this is just a willful phase you are going through, this too will pass.

Creative force energy, I draw down through me from Spirit.  There are Native American guides assisting me here.  They are with you at this time.  I see smoke around them, they are blowing smoke….  for they know you and know exactly what is needed here.  Impudence, insolence, and disrespect surround you yet the Native guides do not leave your side.  The smoke is being blown on you.  North, South, East, West, I feel a dizzying spin.  I feel I’m on drugs.  Words are only formed with much difficulty and concentration.  I ask for white light to penetrate us.

A fine mist of glittering white energy descends upon us.  Inner Earth beckons you.  I allow the energy to filter through me and as I do so, I view your chakras.  I see you shaking, almost as someone coming down from drugs.  Underneath your brazen exterior, you are kind and gentle.  Now I realise, this is just a mask for you, protecting your fragile self, your most inner self, from intense pain.  You elicit pain to protect yourself from feeling pain.  The soothing energy runs through you, gentle and unassuming.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me:

The group of Native Americans are there with their “smoke.”  I see angels flutter to you.  Around these angels I see beautiful hues: blues and pinks.  Soft and calming.  I see AA Raphael with his healing energy.  There is an older woman with straight hair, a severe face, quite a serious demeanor.  She is with you, supporting you in all your endeavours, encouraging you on and advising you not to waste your abilities.  She says to balance yourself and your emotions, for doing so will “fuel your fire.”  There is an old man with white hair and eyeglasses.  An outpouring of love and support.

I ask to see a timeline:

Horses, ponies, I hear “Pony Express.”  I feel an immense love for the great outdoors, the expanse of land and riding.  You are among other men.  This suits you for you have little patience and feel almost a contempt for women.  A hard life here, it is not easy, but this excites you.  These are “hard” rides, you push the horses you ride to exhaustion.  You drink and gamble away your earnings.  A dissolute life but it suits you “just fine.”

I currently see you with a passion, a desire to achieve something, anything.  This is entirely possible and within your means.  You understand that balance is the key, maintaining calm, achieving equilibrium.  For the extremes from anarchy to total apathy cannot be maintained and should not be continued.  You are a master of your own destiny.  You can “create” your own show.  There are those waiting on the wings to help you.  Still, I view you at the crossroads, muscle shirt, bare arms, wanting to cause trouble.  Your face leering for others to goad you on.  Stop and see the immense constructive possibilities within you “to create.”

In the future I see you directing others.  You have become a source of encouragement, strength and grounding for young people.  The will look up to you with a sense of respect.  You’ve been in their situation before and completely understand.

End of Reading