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The Apprentice

I am told this is ancient Siam, but am inundated with feelings of Burma.  I see an apprentice to a sculptor watching many dancers move their heads from side to side, their arms, hands and fingers making slow deliberate movements.  This apprentice is watching the movements and carefully studying them.  What stays and remains in his memory will be carved into stone.  A remarkable gift, almost like photography, able to envision one clear precise dance movement and etch it into stone.

The young apprentice rarely leaves the studio where his master works.  Only now is he being entrusted to watch, remember, and visually recreate at a later time.  He is learning his craft.

The dancers entice with their eyes, their curling hands, it’s difficult to stay focused, his eyes follow the girls’ movements.  Only with great determination does he not become entranced, allowing his thoughts to wander from his craft.

A fine dust filled studio.  There are many young men carving figures here.  A colossal number of carved figures will be needed, the men work creating one beautiful piece after another.  A devotion to their trade.  A fine eye for detail, the ability to distill a moment in time and recreate this in polished stone is extraordinary.  Your master uses your talents, your visual acuity to stylize the carvings.  They will be placed on a stone temple, a gift to the gods.

Pounding chisels, a constant rhythm, forming, hammering and shaping sandstone.  Arguments break out regarding a stone quarry.

Chanting monks.  Robed.  They are bald headed.  Solemn, moving forward through the temple, chanting.  A long procession.  A temple being reconstructed, damaged through warfare.

There are two simultaneous paths advancing through this temple, one of prayer and asceticism and the other waging warfare, yet the two are inextricably linked.  Intense ritual moves throughout the temple.  Two opposing streams, one seeking peace and enlightenment, the other destruction and power.  Both lines of energy move through this temple, one causing it’s physical destruction and another it’s magical rebirth.  Both are here at this point in time.

Both sides beseech the craftsmen, both demand quick reconstruction.  One wants to grasp the power held within the temple and use it for promoting bloodshed, the other seeks to promote issues of faith and adherence thereof.  You, the craftsman sit at the crutch of these two seemingly opposing sides with mounting pressure to finish a job given to you.

I see a square of fabric wrapped around your legs.  You are barefoot.  Though chosen in your craft to create important depictions, you remain grounded and not full of ego.  A quantity of energy I move between my hands.  There is a bouncy quality to the energy.  Brilliant light escapes as I hand this to you.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is open, a vivid vast field of light, sparkles shine intermittently.  Your 3d eye is spinning, moving.  I feel much work has been put in and now you are reaping the effects of that work.  Your throat chakra spins, giving off a visible light.  A slight closure is felt, a type of protective mechanism, protecting yourself from others.  At your heart chakra, I feel a wide opening, a love, energy pouring and streaming out.  A need is felt that you ought to staunch this open flow of energy.  Your solar plexus is also shining brightly, a knowing of having this life, claiming your personal power and utilising this for good.  At your sacral chakra, I feel a relationship brewing.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear with the fabric around your waist, the tools of your trade in your hands.  A stone panel carved in bas relief is behind you.  A smile on your face knowing you have contributed much to a temple in construction.  Angels encircle you.  The presence of AA Michael surrounds you, radiating love and strength.  Ascended Master Jesus Sananda is with you at this point in time, strengthening your inner devotion and in so doing, awakening those around you.

I ask to see a timeline.  You are hewing the stone, carving meticulous and defined facial features.  One beautiful piece after another.  A chisel within your hands, a gift to reproduce as art, adding beauty and your own creativity to one piece after another.  An earnest desire to do the best you possibly can.  At the present time, I see issues about control and being confronted with things that were previously not considered.  Maintaining a relationship and having emotional stability.  In the future, I see a white band tied around your forehead.  Your face is solemn and bowed.

End of Reading


Teams of Stormtroopers

I hear the lyrics from Eminem, “The Monster”

I’m friends with the monster
That’s under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head
You’re trying to save me
Stop holding your breath
And you think I’m crazy
Yeah, you think I’m crazy (crazy)

Note to Reader:  As with every reading, please use your own discernment.

Stormtroopers, but they are not from war torn Germany during The Great War, they are from Mars.  I listen to the following narrative:

“A battle fought long ago with no consequent winners.  A battle fought for the sake of fighting, expressing extreme hostility and control over others.   This war has been somewhat captured in science fiction movies, but all have yet to understand the full destructive capabilities of those fighting against each other.  Modern military equipment today is antiquated in comparison to what was used at this time.”

“War is of a low vibration.  We succeeded in succumbing to our base emotions, being driven by an intensity of emotion that you on Earth would consider psychotic.  We did not hold back, we exercised no prudence or caution and we thought very little of others and the outcome of our actions.  Our elusive goal was victory over our pursuers, a want to control them.  We saw blazing flash fires, crashing vehicle modules and extreme intensities of heat.  Teams of stormtroopers in protective clothing would rush to scenes of violence, helping to either escalate the fighting or clear the scene entirely.  We saw no surrender.  All sides fighting.”

“I want to tell you these things in order to put a stop and quell violence and warfare on Earth.  You are all Earth guardians, having chosen Earth as your landing stage.  Do not betray the dedication and sense of responsibility that each of you hold in your hearts.  Your lives are not about destruction, senseless killing, and all calamity of horrors.  One must find love in one’s heart, love for fellow men, for Earth, for Creation.  I am but a reminder to all of those who follow in the path of destruction.  Ultimately it only destroys you, limiting your own growth.  I send this message with love.”

I watch in astonishment as a bright star suddenly vapourises before my eyes.  The shining light blinks into nothingness and I am left with darkness before me.  I observe shimmering light fall around you, sensing a need to soothe and console.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is a big expanse, a shining light is exposed here.  A deep connection with Source.  Your 3rd eye revolves and spins, but spins with intermittent black outs.  A sense of trying to gather too much information at once.  At your throat chakra, I sense an inner harmony.  A knowing of who you are in your heart and complete acceptance therein.  At your heart chakra, a blazing light shines forth, a love for humanity and the planet.  A need to keep everything safe here for millennia to come.  Your solar plexus spins, shining forth a joyous love for being here at this point in time.  Your sacral chakra spins, but dims at times.  A reluctance is felt to involve yourself too deeply in relationships.  At your base chakra you are grounded.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear as I quickly saw you at the start of the reading.  You are wearing stormtrooper gear, ready to move with your unit.  Attachment to base emotions is felt here as well as the realisation of the need to release.  The Ascended Master Sanat Kumara is here with you at this point in time, helping you and Humankind understand that thoughts are real and can have form, even in another dimension.  There is a group hovering around you.  Men in arms from the past, helping you and encouraging you to let go of suppressed thought forms.  These are your brothers.  I feel the presence of AA Michael with you, a beautiful, radiating love that encompasses all.  A knowing and ambition to fulfill your mission here.

I ask to see a timeline.  You and your team were caught unawares.  Liquidised, vapourised immediately.  Though your life was led in pursuit of fear, warfare, superiority, many lessons have been deeply ingrained within you.  Your depth of knowledge is accessed of this destructive era while here on Earth, spreading love and peaceful thoughts around you.  Avoiding conflict at all costs.  At the present time, I see a sports match being played.  Enjoyment at winning but in a confined, organised way.  In the future, I see you attending to others, helping in a most useful and caring way.

End of Reading

Defend the Royals

A man crouches down low in the grass, a helmet upon his head.  This is an odd looking, peaked, metal helmet that is not modern.  There is no visor on this helmet.  A clearing, somewhere in Europe, the Middle Ages, around the 15th century.  You are what today would be considered German.

You have your ear close to the ground.  I see you are wearing floppy leather shoes, soft and pliable.  I believe you are listening for horses, for a vibration on the ground, a low rumble informing you of incoming men, more horses, more soldiers.  “Defend the royals.”  I hear the lyrics from Lorde, “Royals”:

And we’ll never be royals (royals).
It don’t run in our blood,
That kind of luxe just ain’t for us.
We crave a different kind of buzz.
Let me be your ruler (ruler),
You can call me queen Bee
And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule.
Let me live that fantasy.

You are in service to someone else, a mercenary soldier.  Told what to do, where to go, and when to do it.  You are listening for an approach of horses in order to report back to camp.  This is vital information needed in order to secure, protect, and defend.

Only a cursory view have you ever been given of these royals.  Though appearing as ordinary people in fine clothes, you believe in your heart that they are above you, superior in intellect, station, and wielding unlimited power over others.  You do not question or waver in your beliefs.  You know this in your heart, and in so doing, you risk your life for someone else thinking they are better than you.

Ambushes, attacks, defensive fortifications.  Tactical fighting with weapons, knowing you have a job to serve.  Defend at all costs.  One of many soldiers, recruited, paid, doing a job that fills you with satisfaction.

I lean my ear close to the ground following a motion of silence from you.  Adept at scouting and listening, swift on your feet, your messages are quickly relayed back to camp.  A forerunner of tactical planning and strategic maneuvering, you are not fighting for noble ideals of courage, honour, valour, or bravery.

My hands are on the soft brown earth, I lightly brush the soil.  A boom echoes out.  Distant cannon fire.  I watch as energetic gold dust drifts down upon you like snow.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is open, expansive, a twilight of colours seen here, sparkling.  At your 3rd eye, I see a fluttery movement, a fear that you will miss something important.  You are quite capable of receiving pertinent information, but must not concentrate on the fear, for in so doing, you miss that which is around you.  Your throat chakra is slightly closed off.  A feeling of being pushed into a tight box, a box that you do not fit into nor is it agreeable to you.  At your heart chakra, I feel a pumping away feeling.  Love is definitely here, but not truly revealed.  Your solar plexus is shining brightly, spinning, a serious outlook on the enjoyment of life.  Try to lighten up!  Your sacral chakra is spinning, bright, but I feel a slight disturbance here.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear wearing the strange metal helmet.  A symbol of your position within the military unit, your devotion to service, a willingness to fight.  You take all this quite seriously, defending.  AA Michael is here, his valiant sword near him, his loving light surrounds you.  The Ascended Master Lord Lanto is with you at this point in time, offering assistance to those drawn to greater learning, especially through a spiritual Source.   A pack of dogs suddenly collapse at your feet, hunting dogs.  Panting, exhausted and overwrought, circling, and only wanting rest.

I ask to see a timeline.  I’m taken back again to the clearing, listening for horses coming in the distance.  You will run back to camp with an approximate time estimate.  Men hurriedly rush to be in defensive positions.  Alert and waiting.  You are part of the forerunners of stratagem and military planning.  At the present time, I see numerous things before you, and indecision as to what to undertake first.  Remain clear, rational, and start somewhere.  The importance is that you must begin.  In the future, i see a grassy area, this time you are not looking to the ground, listening, rather looking upwards, observing.

End of Reading

A Turkish Bath

I see an endless cloud of steam, drifting lazily into the air, twisting effortlessly into circular shapes.  I watch the steam curl, rising higher and higher until it finally dissipates.  I am unsure of where I am.  It feels like a lounge, a place of rest and relaxation.

A Turkish bath, the Ottoman Empire.  Eyes stare glassily forward, self absorbed, seeing nothing around them but thick fog.  You are here, in this bath, providing happiness for others.  A sense of evading life’s daily problems, not facing reality but escapism.  A chance for everyone who comes to you to indulge in a retreat, a respite from the endless boredom and problems in their lives.  You understand the need for a daily escape.

I feel as if I will swoon, there is so much hot steam and humidity around me.  Billowing, rising.  I squint my eyes and try to catch my breath.  I see you through the distant mist.  I hear distinct instrumental music in the background, a singer, a zither.  A feeling of resplendence, being in the Orient, overcomes me.

An energy that is static and non-porous surrounds you.  A dense energy.  It morphs and expands but allows little breathing room.  It is difficult to expel negative energy here.  Billows of fog build up in here, causing confusion, muddleheadedness and loss of clarity.  A cloud of steam, largely caused by disappointment in regards to relationships and emotional security.  A great need is felt here.  Perhaps low self-esteem is interlocked and intermingled here.  I must clear the the thick steam for it is hindering my view.

I gather a ribbon of energy from Source, creating portals for the steam to disappear.  I allow an input of crystal clear blue energy to fill this space.  As in physics with the conservation of energy, it is only transformed and transmuted.  Loving blue light engulfs you.

I view your chakras in the blue light radiating out from you.  Your crown chakra is open, a visible beautiful light is seen here, vast and wide.  Your 3rd eye turns, at times, sluggishly.  At your throat chakra, I feel an intense need and want to express yourself, but inhibition hinders you.  Your heart chakra spins and a brilliant light shines forth, illuminating love, but this love is kept within and must be released.  Your solar plexus is light and bright, an underlying joyfulness for life.  Your sacral chakra spins, but dims at times.  A definite point of imbalance, especially in regards to relationships.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear stepping out of the thick layer of steam, emerging just as a beautiful butterfly would from its chrysalis.  The blue light of Mother Mary surrounds you, emanating love and grace.  Intuitive energies of wisdom are sent your way in order to establish yourself securely in society.  AA Michael’s presence is felt with you, love and protection always at your side.

I ask to see a timeline.  You are in the Ottoman Empire, what would today be considered Turkey.  A bathhouse emerges from the fog and steam.  I understand what I could not see earlier.  You are working in this bathhouse.  Space and time converging, an epiphany and bloom in culture and arts rage here.  At the present time I see you engaged with others.  Thinking in an office.  Your present personal problems overshadowed or perhaps purposely buried under your current job, ignoring them, hoping the problems won’t surface.  In the future, I see you gliding along, happiness and disappointment are no longer present.  Gliding effortlessly.

End of Reading

The List of Requirements

I see a group of women laughing, they are wearing long skirts with flouncy hems.  They’ve quickly run past me in a group.  I must follow them, for there is nothing more to see here.

I watch a long skirt slowly sweep the sand on a beach.  The sand moves and forms a continuous pattern, an unbroken line that continues with each step forward.  Straight, unswerving and aligned.  1900, turn of the century, a beach somewhere on the East Coast of North America.

You are so immersed in your thoughts that you do not see your surroundings, a bubbling surf pushing foam onto the sand and a gentle breeze softening everything around you.

Thoughts stream forth in your mind, much like the patterned sand after your dress has smoothed it.  I feel someone who is straight forward, level headed, and rational.  You muse over thoughts of an engagement and eventual marriage.  Security and companionship are high on your requirement list.  These are indispensable to you.

Sequentially thinking things through, almost impersonal and unsentimental, focused only on your necessary requirements.

The man who has proposed to you is now having misgivings.  He believes he has chosen the wrong woman to become engaged to.  Frantic and nervous, he plots ways to end the engagement.  He is not farsighted like you, quite the contrary, a short term planner, given to expressing every random, capricious emotion.  He knows he has made the wrong choice and he desperately wants a way out.

You are devastated when given the news.  You find it difficult to understand someone of his nature, so fickle and impulsive.   You berate yourself for having been so blind, for not seeing this earlier.  You are a rational thinker.  This match would have caused you much grief later on, but the humility that you must now bear is intolerable.

This sorrow will lay buried deep in your heart for some time.  Buried so deep, no one can touch it.  Neither vindictive rage nor a need to seek revenge vents within you, rather you slip into restraint and composure around people.  Detachment.  I hear these lyrics from “Heavy Cross” by Gossip,

“It’s a cruel, cruel world to face on your own
A heavy cross to carry along
The lights are on but everyone’s gone
And it’s cruel”

I receive loving light from the stars above me and this I send to you.  This slight, this hurt, this rebuff, that you have suffered and experienced is mollified by this light.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra releases a brilliant light, it’s expansive with twinkling sparks.  I see your 3rd eye chakra revolving, but it seems to keep stopping as if you continually pause it.  A need to think about and analyse what you are feeling or seeing.  At your throat chakra, I feel an outside pressure.  This is not from you, but from those around you.  Expectations and meeting expectations.  From your heart chakra, a light escapes, this is a brilliant, shining light, which eagerly wants to expand.  A love for humanity.  Your solar plexus is spinning and shining.  I sense a slight waver of disappointment not being where you would like to be in life.  A need to find meaning in order to truly express yourself and your life purpose.  At your sacral chakra I see a spinning light, a blur of emotions here.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  I see you more fully now, smiling, hair piled high atop your head.  Your long sleeved blouse buttoned to your throat and many more buttons line the blouse cuff.  A long skirt sweeps the ground.  Archangel Michael appears, love and gentleness emanating here.

I ask to see a timeline.  You appear again in the long skirt. Your mind is made up to get through the disappointment of your broken engagement.  You do not allow your emotions to interfere here, but appear stoic to those around you.  At the present time, you are with someone, but feelings of emotional detachment make themselves present.  In the future I see luminous lights, glowing and illuminating your face.

End of Reading

A Viewing Room

I’ve put us into a viewing room, made entirely of glass, that we may have an unhindered view of the scenes that roll out before us.  I feel instinctively that I must do this in order to create a shield.  As soon as I have finished, there is a ricochet of arrows, a swift volley hitting the glass.  We watch in amusement, for we cannot be harmed, yet, they who are out there, beyond the glass, DO want to hurt you.

Medieval times.  Britain, Europe.  The volley of arrows hit the walls and the battlements around us.  I feel a racing heart, fear, anger, and a cold determination to kill as many soldiers as possible.  I watch in amazement as the men launch one arrow after another in rapidity.  Aiming and drawing the bow string so quickly.  Astounding and mesmerizing to follow.  It’s as if a quick round of modern bullets are being shot off.  The skill and agility of these men is incomparable.

I watch as one arrow flies in slow motion, piercing you in the right shoulder.  You scream out in pain.  Taken out in battle, you can no longer participate in the defense.  You seethe with unmitigated anger and are consumed with revenge.  You staunch the blood as best you can, sprawled here on the battlement.  The pain is unbearable, you try to watch the fellow archers around you, arrows flying in both directions, but you succumb to the pain.  You think only of your own deliverance, your imminent death.

You are but chattel here, an expendable soldier.  Your wound will heal, but to your dismay, your “firing” ability will have been compromised.  You will no longer be able to hold your cherished position as a bowman.

Camraderie and fellowship is quite apparent here, you all work together as a unit.  Putting yourself out there for others, you and your fellow archers have been well trained to do this.  It’s mechanical, involuntary, and automatic.  A killing machine.

The surge of battle, the thrill of combat is discernible, and renders you into an automaton.  The glory in the fighting is what you live for.  Loss of life means very little to you, it’s all about glory, and the adrenalin rush when in armed conflict.

I crouch down low, covering my arms over my head.  I try to shield myself from the barrage of arrows.  I imagine that each arrow turns into vibrant, loving energy.  White, glittering dust.  As each arrow hits the stone ramparts, it explodes into this energetic glitter dust.  My eyes follow the crenellated wall as energy from the Great Galactic Sun floods through me.  I send this energy to you.  You accept this energy with a wry smile on your face.

I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is a big expanse, twinkling lights are seen here.  Your 3rd eye is open, spinning, but it is as if with one eye closed.  You are not seeing the “full” picture.  You must “open” your eyes in order to see, do not be afraid of what you might “see”, for your guides are always by your side.  At your throat chakra, I hear “gurging”, an instance of conforming to the wishes of those around you, unable to express your true, divine nature.  Your heart chakra is spinning, an open glow felt here.  A love for humanity.  At your solar plexus, I view light, golden light shining forth.  You enjoy every aspect of “physical” life.  At your sacral chakra, I see movement, but slow movement.  An energetic blockage dealing with relationships.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You are dressed as a medieval soldier wearing leather boots, a tunic with “colours” on it.  A very masculine energy emanates from you.  The sheath of arrows is dropped to the floor, for you can no longer use them.  AA Michael is here, with you now, ever on guard.  The Ascended Master Paul the Venetian is with you at this point in time, helping to control the emotional self, where the ego has gained dominance.  Several cats have hurried in, I know not from where or why they are here.

I ask to see a timeline.  The battle is shown to me again.  Your “downfall” replayed.  Only with difficulty do you recover from this experience.  For you live to fight and now feel shattered.

At the present time, I see you reading books aloud, talking before others.  They listen intently to what you say.

In the future, I see you, a hooded sweatshirt on.  Feeling good and MOVING.

End of Reading


I’m looking at a harbour view.  Water slowly moving.  A hot sun.  Carthage.  Ships are in this harbour, a scene of safety and calm now.  The Punic Wars.  Feelings pervade me of continuous fighting without respite.  It is good to enjoy this peaceful harbour scene.

I receive light from the Great Galactic Sun.  You enjoy the sun and the relationship binds you to ever seeking it out.  A sun worshiper.

This impulsed light energy that I have received, I pass on to you.  You accept it gladly.  I view what you are wearing.  A short tunic, sandals made of leather.  A loose belt holds your tunic in at the waist.  I blink and see an imaginary helmet on your head.  This signifies to me that you were in these wars.  There is no time to think of them now, for the focus in on the calm waters.  Clear, blue, and cleansing.

I allow the energy to pulse through you for a minute.  I hear “the Eagle has landed,” a phrase that for a moment startles you, but for only a moment, for afterwards you stare blankly at the water.  Famished, tired, you would like only to extend this peaceful moment into eternity.  You have seen and experienced enough to last more than a lifetime.  Your enthusiasm for war, which once held you spellbound, has waned.

The military spark is gone.  You want only peace and to live out the rest of your days having never waged another war.  Your heart is heavy, you carry disappointment and discontent here.  You push all of the brutal experiences out of your mind and lock them away in a chest.  You will not dwell on them, for you have already lived them, they are finished.  Death and misery lay at the very bottom of this chest.

With the pulsing energy going through you, I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is glowing, emitting a most beautiful light.  Wide and expansive.  Your 3rd eye is open.  I feel you are open to receiving information, but close yourself off intermittently, blocking the signal, so to say.  At your throat chakra, I feel a hoarseness, as if you repeatedly and repeatedly say things, but those around you refuse to listen.  Your heart chakra is lovely, spinning, full of love.  Remember to love yourself.  Your solar plexus is exploding in colour.  A sense of living life like there is no tomorrow, enjoying everything to the utmost.  At your sacral chakra, I feel a relationship turnover.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You stand in your tunic, hands on hips and legs apart.  St. Germaine enters now.  He is with you at this point in time.  I feel the presence of AA Michael as well, standing ever ready with his valiant sword.

I ask to see a timeline.  A rush of battles are shown to me.  An untiring willingness to participate in offensive and defensive campaigns, but this untiring spirit to fight has now expired within you.  Unexpectedly.  Though being drawn into the next confilict, you wish only to rest and forget.  This is not allowed of you, these unexpected feelings, you must continue planning, fighting, killing.  You would most like to turn your back on all that has transpired, but you cannot.

In the present time, I see you driving, talking with someone.  On a trip, with an eventual safe arrival.

In the future, I see several men with you.  One in particular sticks out because of his smile.  Hanging out, just hanging out.

End of Reading