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The Bitter Rivalry

I see you crouching down, knees bent, your body close to the ground.  I hear monkeys screeching in the canopy of lofty trees that rise above me.  Many, many tall trees are here in this rich rainforest.  A cadence of language I do not understand.  The Philippines.  I cannot sense a time period.

This is a story of a bitter rivalry between two sisters.  A sisterly rivalry that begins as healthy competition and escalates into disloyalty and betrayal.  Each trying to outmanoeuvre and out-position the other.  A rivalry that lasts a lifetime and plays out in every facet of their lives, whether wrangling for status within the village or finding a mate.

Two personal battles waged against one other, both desiring the same things and both seeking triumph over the other.  What is most coveted by each woman is support of the villagers, implying one is superior in all aspects.  Neither woman attempts to unify and strengthen love within their close family, instead a complete and utterly fanatical focus is on annihilating and controlling the other.

At the very centre of their conflict, a man is being fought over by these two women.  Unrelenting, obstinate and contrary, neither woman is willing to cede to the other.  The man that both desire is keenly aware of the intense rivalry between the sisters, but an inner pride exists, knowing he is being fought over.  It’s immaterial to him who the eventual winner here is, being more predisposed to thinking about himself.  Gratification, conceit and flattery bloom.  He watches, stands idly to the side, doing nothing to appease and console, but rather fans the fire at times, taking immense pleasure in watching the outcome between the girls.  His inflated male ego stoked, he puffs in glory.

The women heap abuse on one another.  Satisfaction eludes both women though, for as soon as one of them marries, achieving the pinnacle of what they both desired, a realisation becomes apparent.  What each really wanted was control and dominance over the other.  The battle, won and lost, continues to consume them both.  This is your life long battle.

The darkest night, I hear creatures, insects in the forest.  An alternate world that most are unaware of.  I humbly ask for beautiful green healing light to penetrate here, covering all that needs it.  I see you in the shower of green light, free, able to finally let go and release, a huge burden has been removed.  Lightness of energy quickly appears within you.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is a wide, open area, glittering with stars.  Your 3rd eye is revolving but very, very slowly, a reluctance is felt here.  Your throat chakra is wide open, spinning brightly, a sense of knowing and accepting who you are, you do not allow others to box you in.  At your heart chakra, I feel a wide sense of love here, love for those around you.  Your solar plexus also shines brightly, again a knowing that this life is but illusion, an acceptance of knowing there are lessons to be learned and cherishing each one that comes along.  You appreciate life and in so doing, exude an enjoyment in living within the present moment.  Your sacral chakra spins.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

i ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear, dressed very neatly in traditional clothing.  Angels settle quickly around you.  AA Gabriel is with you sending out love and acceptance.  The Ascended Master Jesus Sananda walks with you, helping you to express love, and in so doing, raising the consciousness of those around you.  His presence and love is with you always.

I ask to see a timeline.  You have won the sisterly rivalry, winning the man of your desires, but in doing so have exposed the lower depths of your soul to others.  Attached to you are words of deception and treachery.  You are seen as the cause of family strife and not reconciliation.  In the present time, I see you among friends.  Very cheerful and happy.  You are a source that brings people together, uniting instead of separating.  In the future, I see you wearing white clothes, these are not clothes of today, the material is odd.  You are with a group working together in assisting others.

End of Reading


Melodious Singing

A beautiful expanse of water before me, glistening and shining at sunset.  Beautiful rosy colours are reflected in the water.  Placid, calm, and peaceful.  A woman with brown skin and long brown plaits steps gently forward in the water until she emerges.  I see a red hibiscus flower in her hair.  A soothing, inner calm is felt here.  All is well.

A melodious singing is heard, many voices coming together in unison.  Fiji.  The islands of Fiji, 1800’s.  A time of change and encroaching colonial interests here.  A joyous celebration is being prepared in honour of a King for this momentous occasion.  Feasts are being prepared.  Holes are dug up in the earth where meats and root vegetables will be cooked.  I see a few native women, a sense of jubilation, their voices call out in song.  Melodious singing.  A lure and call to keep their traditions alive, a sadness that their previous way of life is changing.  There is a gravity to the situation with the song, a calling out, louder and louder.  A call for everyone to keep the traditions alive, to identify with their rich ancestral traditions.  A sadness is felt over the break with tradition, long standing traditions of the isles.  Many do not realise the gravity of the situation.

Peaceful, amiable, love is felt here.  An enduring call to all on this island, embrace who you are, your culture, your identity and not to lose sight of this important heritage.  These women sing this song in unison to me.  A tropical island paradise.

I listen, transfixed to their story, sung out in beautiful, melodious voices.  You are one of these women.  Upon finishing, you step away from them glowing, beautiful, and solemn.  This is your mission here, reminding others of their important cultural identity, their legacy for the future.

I fan out small seashells on the beach, pointing them in all directions, creating a circle of life, a never ending ring of love.  After the last shell is placed on the sand, I stand up and view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is immense, wide, opening to expansive energies.  Your 3rd eye revolves slowly.  Very slowly.  At your throat chakra I feel, and also see, a piercing, a small hole here that allows vital energy to escape.  I immediately bring down crystal clear stones to repair this hole, allowing the momentum and energy to continue spinning your chakra.  At your heart chakra, I feel crying, weeping.  I see tears being wiped dry and complacency slowly settle over you.  A trying episode has played out before you and now you would like solitude.  Your solar plexus is beaming bright light.  Acknowledgment to service is felt here.  At your sacral chakra, I feel apprehensiveness, a need to wait and see what a new relationship will bring.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  It’s evening and you appear with your brown plaits around your shoulders.  The red hibiscus flower still in your hair, wearing tribal dress.  The loving glow of Mother Mary envelopes you, she gives you courage to establish yourself in society.  AA Gabriel is with you now, bringing harmony and love.  Budding angels are around you.

I ask to see a timeline.  A strong singing voice is heard, an iconic lilting voice of the South Pacific.  Your voice is loudest, ringing clear, beckoning others in.  A nightingale.  You remind others of their place at the moment.  Your singing carries with it traditions and pride.  Others that hear you are reminded at once and acknowledge this living legacy.  At the present time I see you sitting relaxed, yet carefully observing those around you.  Making mental notes for yourself to mark this present moment.  In the future, an ever changing wardrobe shuffle.  I see, one wardrobe being exchanged for another.  Done with ease and delight.

End of Reading

Her Addiction

I feel a soft feline purring sound.  Rhythmic, comforting and warm.  A cat takes pride of place here, emphasizing knowing.  Offering protection as well as guidance into another world, a nonnatural world which the cat enters and exits at will.  This cat is a tour guide for me, so to speak.

Luxor, Karnac, Egypt.  I smell a mystical perfume unlike any modern perfume.  A deep scented oil, hints of musk and bergamot.  This oil is being smoothed onto a woman’s hair, creating a remarkable sheen and lovely smell that wafts behind her.  A woman utterly lost in fragrances and beauty.  This is a woeful need, a need that cannot always be satisfied causing short tempers, cross remarks, loud voices, and arguments.  Assuaged only when being made up, using costly products and dear oils.  A lithesome parade of beauty.

I hear these lyrics from The Beach Boys, “Good Vibrations”:

I, I love the colorful clothes she wears
And on the way this sunlight plays upon her hair
I hear the sound of a gentle word
On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air

The self-adulation of this woman is increased by the attention of her servants, heaping compliments and words of praise upon her.  This is her need, her addiction.

I follow the cat through the house, leaving the woman behind me, through an array of corridors leading outside to fresh air.  I hear people on the streets, vendors of food, a marketplace.  I see the people here and distinctly feel the frivolous nature of this woman, lost in herself.  I wander the streets, ever following the cat, meandering here and there.  Smells tempt me and colours tantalise my eyes.  I understand the woman now.

She is trying to reproduce, using herself, a reflection she sees in her environment.  Beauty and beguiling scents.  It’s difficult to recreate, but she is trying.  An intense desire to replicate nature at its best.  Highest admiration and praise for the natural world.

I stretch my arms up into a wide blue sky and heap violet energy into my hands.  I offer this to you and you accept with a smile.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra sparkles with light, is wide open to receiving.  Your 3rd eye spins and revolves but stops at times.  Your throat chakra is open.  A wide, open voice, knowing and proclaiming who you are.  At your heart chakra, I sense a silent patter.  A quiet, imperceptible movement.  A great love here, but kept hidden and unexposed.  Your solar plexus is bright, shining, spinning.  Laughter and joy felt here.  Your sacral chakra is spinning abruptly.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You are sitting on a stool covered with a length of fabric.  Your hair with its sheen, catches the sunlight and glistens.  A mimicry of the beauty found in nature.  There is a definite triumphal feeling here of having mastered what you set out to do.  AA Gabriel is with you at this point in time.  Ascended Master Lady Nada’s presence is felt.  “One must remain non-critical of themselves in order to manifest a more balanced attitude within.”

I ask to see a timeline.  You are in ancient Egypt.  The beloved cat follows you everywhere, a constant companion for your every need.  An inner knowing of the allure you produce.  Captivating to watch, you recreate and reflect beauty that you find in nature.   This is a challenge for you as well as an intense desire.  You freely give in to your every want.  At the present time, I see you talking with someone, giving information.  Informative, instructive, helping to form another’s opinion of things.  In the future, I see a handful of mewing kittens.

The Everyday Drama

A family drama.  Though this is no ordinary family here.  You are separated from your husband by miles of farmland.  Kentucky.  Around 1800.  You are working in the big house, cooking.  The family that owns you, values you so much that they are unwilling to part with you.  They do not want to consider trading for or buying your husband.  They do not want to share you!  They value you so.

Your happiness is not considered here, rather only their own.  It’s difficult to understand their point of view.  You are a house slave, you have never worked outside doing major physical work.  Your position in the household is revered and you know others respect you for this.  Pride shows here.  You cannot in any way compare yourself to others.

Clattering crockery.  Po’ cakes, greens, chicken.  You lose yourself in the cooking, the dramas inside the house, your own drama begins to unfold here.  Your concentration rests solely on the problems you SEE, you do not even consider more weightier problems, such as your involuntary servitude.  You do not see this.  It’s accepted matter-of-factly by you.

The days play out like a soap opera for you.  You also play a part here, an actress, not giving much thought to any conclusion or ending.  You live for the everyday drama, come what may.  You do not want this to end.

The man, you have given yourself to, is not interested in the daily dramas, the problems at the house or the scurrilous gossip.  He would most prefer an end to the drama.  To be with “his woman”.  Yet it is not within his hands to change anything.  You have “let go”, but he cannot.  You have an attitude of allowing God Almighty do what need be done.  “Letting go and let God,” will serve you well during this life, but not your husband.

I see a very black night, the moon is missing and not a star can be seen.  Several man have decided to attempt to run away, escape for freedom.  They do not want and cannot endure servitude.  They want to be free.

I hear the lyrics to “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”:

Swing low, sweet chariot,
Comin’ for to carry me home;
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Comin’ for to carry me home.

I looked over Jordan,
And WHAT did I see,
Comin’ for to carry me home,
A band of angels comin’ after me,
Comin’ for to carry me home.

I turn to you.  Anxious feelings arise.  You are crying, your husband is among the escapees, but you “Let go and let God”.  I send you a light sparkling mist for there is no need to think about the outcome of this drama.  The mist moves around you.  I view your chakras.  Your head chakra is expansive and wide.  A beautiful light emanates from it.  Your 3rd eye is revolving, slowly, as if you are only just beginning to realise and understand the infinite potential within you.  Your throat chakra feels slightly closed.  Problems with self-expression and blocked creativity hinder you.  Your heart chakra is shining brightly.  A beautiful, but “fragile” light radiates from here.  Feelings are present of fear, hurt, and wanting to protect yourself.  Your solar plexus is wide open.  Enjoying life, yet unable to completely put yourself “out there”.  Please, “Let go, and let God.”  Manifestation will be assisted in this way for you.  Your sacral chakra is moving.  I see a relationship forming.  Your base chakra is “floating”, you do not want to “let go.”

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear with a scarf wrapped around your hair, tied at the top.  You shift your weight from one hip to another as you hum a soulful tune. You are happy here.  Angels abound.  I see AA Gabriel with you now.  Ascended Master Jesus Sananda is with you as well.  His presence and Divine Love is with you always.  He helps in the stimulation of your inner need to express Love, so this may be shared freely with all.  Also assisting those interested in natural healing.

I ask to see a timeline.  I see you chatting, talking with the other “house slaves”.  Discussing whatever “drama” has appeared today.  Voicing your own opinion on things.  You are well-loved here and appreciated.

I see you at the present time in a dilemma about problems that have surfaced for you.  You are reminded, “Let go and let God.”

In the future I see toys.  I’m unsure of the connection here, but I see “building blocks”.

End of Reading

Relics of Old Colonial Days

I see a woman and a man, both wearing khaki clothing.  The woman has shoulder length blond hair, it’s very shiny and curled under.  The two of them seem to be peering out of a narrow horizontal window, peering into the bush.  It’s a dry heat here.  I’m told that we are in the “Savanna”.  The dry season when animals start to migrate and find new watering holes.  The sky, true blue sky, spreads out endlessly above us.

I look at the couple again and notice their sleeves are rolled up.  They have binoculars with them as well as firearms.  I am “told” that we are in Africa.  The male I am watching is a big game hunter.

The woman has a strange love affair with the land here.  A love that is more intense, emotional, and complicated than with her companion.  Every waking minute in this land is cherished and not forgotten.  East Africa.

The couple have money to burn.  On anything.  Spent on profuse excesses:  alcohol, food, hunting, servants.  Their eyes flicker over the massive plain spread out before them.  I feel the couple’s habits of excess has caused a rift to develop between them and those who “serve them”.  Yet the woman loves the land.  So contradictory in nature.  Loving the land, yet taking so much from it.  So the situation presents itself, a victim of circumstance.

They ferry the rich tourists to the densest animal spotting grounds, hunting grounds, trophy grounds.  They will rob this land, bleed it dry, taking what they want, just as a willful child would.  Egotistical and selfish.

Relics of old colonial days.  A time of extreme self-interest and ardent plundering of  the rich resources to serve the interests of only a few: the wealthy, the elite, the colonial powers of the time.  Few are there to protect the animals and the people of this land.

I take midnight stars from the sky and place the bright shining light among the African nations.  I take the same stars and hand them to you.  You slowly smile and I observe your chakras.

Your crown chakra is wide open.  I see an opalescent radiance here that spreads upward.  At your 3rd eye chakra, I notice it spinning but as if unbalanced.  You may perhaps get frequent headaches.  Your throat chakra is tightly closed.  You are holding in, not communicating what you would wish or like to.  Have no fear that you are unprotected or exposed to others, for your guides are always with you.  Your heart chakra is open wide, spinning, but there is a lack of trust here, feelings of being vulnerable and hurt.  At your solar plexus a shining light plays forth, an enjoyment of life, yet overly sensitive with those around you.  Your sacral chakra is open, spinning and at your base you are grounded.

I ask that the stars I have given you be used to balance your chakras and provide for any lack you may feel on your part.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear standing, but you now have a hat on your head to protect yourself from the harsh African sun.  You slowly turn your head toward the sun, the bright light glaring into your face.  Mother Mary appears, extending so much love toward you.  “You are so loved.”  AA Gabriel is here, a watchful gaze resting over you.  Angels appear on either side of you.  A woman has come forward on your right side.  Perhaps a grandmother or great grandmother.  She sends loving greetings.  There are several dogs here, running around, almost chasing one another’s tails.

I ask to see a timeline.  You are with your companion in East Africa expecting heavy paying guests to flush the house with wine and other spirits.  You are divided between having an income and “protecting” the land.  You are torn between living the good life by supporting the wealthy tourists appetites for new adventures and barely making ends meet.  You, yourself have become one of them in your actions.  Your love for the country is set aside as you ply the rich with what they desire.

At the present time, I see you are undecided as to a move or movement.  You are gradually moving in this direction and there is nothing, you will find, to hinder you.

In the future, I see a child, crying, crying and crying.

End of Reading

“Forgiveness is Eternal”

A very solemn stillness descended upon me.  Hues of purples and blues spread out slowly as if the colours knew exactly where to go.  A canvas being prepared for viewing.

I am in Polynesia.  The colours of the island’s flora and fauna are reflected onto this canvas: brilliant fuschia, vanilla white, striking purples and many, many shades of blue, from deep turquoise and teal to ultramarine.

There is a jealous quarrel taking place here.  A triangular love affair.  The beauty of the island is abandoned, I cannot see beautiful tropical flowers, coral reefs and colourful fish, but only FEEL intense emotions.  Emotions raging so violently that everything surrounding us is a blur.  These are negative emotions felt so intensely that it feels as if curses and oaths blindly fly around me.  Words are exchanged and emotions are attached to the souls involved in this jealous love triangle.

I see the tiare flowers, the fragrant tree in full blossom and so beautiful to look at, but I only feel contempt, hatred, and jealousy.  A blossom in your hair.

Two women, arguing over one man.  I see the man step lightly back, thus removing himself from the potent situation.  The women jostle each other, trying to use their charms to “catch” this man’s love.  With words and actions they fly at each other, casting curses to detrimentally hurt and destroy their futures.  Not only will this affect them during this lifetime, but a lingering residue will affect them both at a later point in time.

I start to send energy out to quell the hatred, the damage, the hurt.  Between the two of them, they have truly created duality, thus excluding the man they are fighting over.  From what could have been – growth, as represented in the number three, they choose instead the number two.

All must be in balance.  I loosen the cursed words long entangled in the “net”.  I allow them to dissipate and then transmute into the Violet Flame.  A rivalry that has outlasted centuries, the words are quickly transformed into love and joy.  Scars have formed here where words were uttered with such fervent hatred.  I send beautiful light crystals outward to this realm in order to heal and regenerate.

I see a beautiful full moon above me.  The moon that pulls the tides.  A moon that so decidedly wreaks havoc on your emotional body.  You have allowed the moon to rule over you.  Yet on a positive note, from the darkness of the moon, a clear light will emerge and dominate.  It’s all about balance and striving to keep balance in your life.  I hear “Wrecking Ball” from Miley Cyrus:

Don’t you ever say I just walked away
I will always want you
I can’t live a lie, running for my life
I will always want you

I came in like a wrecking ball
I never hit so hard in love
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was wreck me

I ask to view your chakras.  I follow a pinpoint of light from space as it descends into your crown chakra.  A magnificent orchestration of light is revealed, open, wide, grandiose.  I view your 3rd eye chakra, open and moving.  I watch it as I would would watch a pinwheel, at times circling quickly and at others turning slowly.  You are holding your throat chakra closed.  You do not want to reveal too much about yourself, especially to those that do not know you.  Preferring instead to wait some time to see if they are friend or foe.  Your heart chakra is burning brightly.  I hear the word “festivals”.   A love of being with others celebrating who you are.  At your solar plexus, I have a sudden intake of air.  Either digestive or stomach problems.  At your sacral chakra, I feel a beautiful spin and life force energy.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to assemble themselves for me.  You appear dressed, looking like a Polynesian woman, the fragrant tiare blossoms surrounding you.  Your movements are slow and fluid.  A beautiful angel appears, Archangel Gabriel.  He is with you at this moment.  Mother Mary appears in blue, her ever enduring love.  A female goddess energy is present, an “island” energy that penetrates the air.  Small angels come rushing in towards you.  “For you are loved.”  I hear a sound of harps and the energetic signature changes.  You carry this “frequency” within you.

I ask to see a timeline.  The negative words burst forth again.  Words uttered and received in fits of anger and jealousy.  I watch as the words fall silently one by one into the Violet Flame.  “Forgiveness is Eternal.”

You do not get this man you are after.  Anger flares up within you.  Oblivious to the idyllic surroundings, you live in bitterness and rage.  You have moved beyond this now, compassion is at centre stage.  I see you weeping, wiping tears away with your hand.  You have forgiven and are at peace.

At the present time you are developing your knowledge base.  You can openly provide compassion and understanding to those around you who are suffering and hurt.  “You are well looked after and loved!”

In the future,  see you in an open top vehicle, laughing wildly, enjoying everything around you.  You are in your element at this moment.

End of Reading

The Scotsman

I hear “Touch Me” (Hit Me) from The Doors.

A swirling snowstorm, a blizzard to be more exact.  The snow is thick with zero visibility.  I feel as if I blindly need to feel my way through this thick snow.  I don’t know where I’m going and am slightly apprehensive about what may lie ahead.  A collision course to be sure if my other senses don’t compensate for my lack of vision.  A dull dread sinks down upon me.  How did I ever find myself in this storm and how will I ever find my way out?

I make my way ploddingly forward, ever on alert, ever aware of danger up ahead.  This is an impossible and foolhardy course for anyone to continue on, blindly moving forward with nothing in sight.

A gentle twinkling of bright energetic snow falls down around me.  It’s glistening, bright, glittering white. Swirling, whirling snowstorm.  The wind howls with delight. This allows me to gather courage and continue on.  I’m greatly relieved and suddenly revived as to what my intentions are and why I am out here in this blasted storm.

I see the Sistine Chapel painting of Adam and God, their fingertips extended out.  Energy extends through my fingertips out onto you.  This energy will clear the area and make way for a newer, brighter energy.  As it circulates through you, there is an explosion of brightness as is exits your crown chakra.  The energy drifts slowly back to you and as it does so, I view your chakras:

Your crown chakra is open, stellar.  Your 3rd eye is partially lifted, as if an eyelid is slowly lifting up.  Your throat chakra is swirling.  A double spin, as if you’re leading two lives and maintaining two spins silmultaneously.  This is a difficult manoeuvre.  I see that as your energy is spent in living these two different lives, so it is difficult to view where you are headed, hence the thick blinding snow.  This is not something you maintain effortlessly, rather your whole energy body is strained in trying to compensate for the loss of direction.

In your heart chakra, I see a division of sorts.  Your heart is split straight down the middle.  Divided feelings, divided time.  A constant juggle, not only of your time, but of your emotions.  Worth, unworth.  A constant comparison as if one is being put upon a weighing scale.  I move down to your solar plexus area, this is wide open, accepting energy easily.  In your sacral chakra, I feel a “tightness” an inability to let go of someone, something and a feeling of being “trapped.”  You are grounded in your base chakra area.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me:

I see you sitting comfortably on a bench, your arms atop the back of it, hands hanging down.  One leg is bent and crossed, you are resting one foot over your thigh.  You are quite relaxed here, confident and self-assured.  I see you talking, your mouth is moving, head turned to the side, in deep conversation with someone.  There are angels behind you.  This is a man to your left with black hair and a black mustache.  You are conversing with him.  You are delighted to see him.  AA Gabriel is with you at this time, ministering strength.  Jesus is also by your side.  I see a close-up face of a man with short gray-black hair, an older man, with a full, oval face, he has stubble on his cheeks.  Sends love and bright loving greetings.  This man shows me his hands, these are work hands, large, strong and calloused.  A woman totters behind him.  Also with grayish hair, curly, short, she also sends loving greetings.

I ask to see a timeline:

This must be in Scotland.  I see a particular hat on your head with a pom-pom in the centre, a Tam o’ Shanter!  A sound of bagpipes is confirmation of my inquiry.  Clans, land rights, decency, leniency, claims against someone.  An argument has broken out.  Two men are swearing at each other, faces red and pumping.  The tension and anger are palpable.  A disagreement over land rights and one man is unwilling to compromise and back down on his position.  This argument will culminate in bloodshed.  Neither man willing to compromise his own position.  Grieving families, dealing with the losses of their sons due in part to the stubbornness of these two men.  Guilt and remorse are dominant feelings here and residual anger in the realisation that the argument was for naught.

Current timeline:

You are in a fix, being torn in two different directions and really not knowing where to go.  For your heart has settled comfortably in each direction and you are unable to decide which path to take. Yet this cannot last, the situation you’ve created for yourself.  Realise a decision must be met and a course put forth.  For in your current predicament, there will be no good outcome.

Future timeline:

A move of sorts, movement away from where you currently are.  There is a conviction in your heart that this is the best thing to do.  A course of action, decided upon and a visually “clear” future.

End of Reading