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The Beaver and the Hawk

A ring of fire erupts before me with flames leaping into the air.  Smoke curls and twists at awkward angles.  I see two North American Indian men standing back to back.  They each represent different tribes; their hair adornment is as different and distinct as their dress.

Gesticulating with hands, emotions full of anger shadow their faces.  Standing with their backs to one another, a telltale sign of disagreements, disaccord, and disharmony.  Violence and fighting will break out here, fires will seethe with rage.  Matters will be settled with war.  At the crux are salmon, food links, and a piercing disharmony in nature.  A cyclical interruption causes panic among the people. North America, 17th century.  I hear the word “Seneca.”

The image of a snow peaked mountain appears.  The yearly migration of animals in the surrounding foothills is observed in fast forward.  Your tribe, including your mate, have overstepped their territorial boundary in following the cyclical migration.  Disagreements erupt as anger spews forth.  Unwilling to arbitrate and settle in negotiation, a bitter chase and fight ensues.  The beaver and the hawk.

These disputes from the past penetrate your emotional aura. Obstacles appear where few exist.  Former circumstances regarding authority conflicts may lead to restricting yourself, imposing self-limitations and doubt.  In a broader sense, one may see this as a test and lesson.  Past issues regarding control sway your idealism and visions leading to long-term dreams.

I recede into the background and view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is a stellar space, dispersed with glinting, sparkling points of light.  Your third eye chakra revolves slowly, carefully opening new insights, you are moderating yourself.  Your throat chakra vibrates with raw emotion.  Hoarse with voluble thoughts, a want and a need to help and assist humanity.  Your heart chakra radiates a beautiful glowing light further amplifying your want to help.  As I view your solar plexus, it expands and then contracts quickly.  Shuddering anxiety is felt here.  Your sacral chakra spins as I am shown a wheel.  Emotional aspects are moving within the wheel to be dealt with.  At your base chakra, I see you firmly rooted and grounded.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first with long black hair, a long face and somber eyes having witnessed and seen so much in this life.  A beaded belt, wampum, a highly treasured possession girdles your waist.  An angelic guide, David, assumes a position on your right.  Archangel Gabriel’s energy is perceived around you, motivating and helping to balance body energy levels, creating a spiritually uplifting centre.  The love of the Venetian Master is with you at this time.  His guidance helps with self-expression through the arts and music radiating knowledge and knowingness.

I ask to see a timeline.  A tumultuous yet tenuous relationship, giving your personal power away to another, following their words not your own.  At the present time a calling, a want to be of service, setting your mind to achieving a goal is uppermost in importance.  A need to focus on what moves and inspires you.  Clearing out and then polishing that what remains will add stability and balance. “Take that which inspires you to create change in this world.  Your dreams are a rapid undercurrent for movement towards a unified goal.  Be the catalyst for change that you are.”  Be the dreamer, a guide.  Pay attention to your thoughts and dreams for intuitive insights to dispel self-doubt, obstacles, and struggle.  In the future I see a potential for beginnings, receptive to change.

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