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Finding Respite

A  pliable transparent surface is perceived before us.  A young girl appears.  With beautiful creamy skin and straight long auburn hair pulled tightly together, she looks perceptive and curious.  She reminds me of a fairy.  The transparent surface is flexible, like elastic, and the young girl, with no trepidation and in haste, pulls an opening in the surface wider apart that she may be the first to have a view of the opening scenes.  1600’s Britain.

A woman in a white gown, she is trying to keep her gown clean and spotless but cannot.  Thick mud and dirt on the streets prevent this.  The hem of the dress drags in the dirt as she walks quickly forward.

A washerwoman.  I hear women arguing.  Several are working together sorting the linen.  The soiled clothes.  I hear water being poured, see lye and immense scrubbing.  Daily devotions in the House of the Lord.  The women argue over the workload, each offended and feeling inequitably overburdened.

An extraordinary sight is unexpectedly before us.  A group of angels take the body of one woman upward.  She has died of tuberculosis, consumption, lung disease.

Cotswalds.  The forest.  Spirits and nymphs.  Many a free hour spent in the woods.  Beech trees, oak, willow .  Streams and brooks flow gently through this forested area.  A stark contrast is shown between this quiet revery within the forest and the noise, alarm and dirt in the town.

A sense of endless toil yet never really achieving much.  Small coins travel the wooden floor and one falls between floorboards.  Finding respite from the constant exchange between grubby hands for services rendered.  The coin has found its way out of the tiresome nonsense as you would like to do.  Yet rise in the morning you must, boiling the lye and tending the huge vats of water.  The scriptures and Words of God redeem you and your commiseration.  For you know you are in the Hands of God.

The coin shines brightly in its new found home among the floorboards.  This shine reveals your chakras to me.  Your crown chakra is open horizontally wide.  A woman’s face suddenly appears before me.  Sensuous lips and meaningful eyes.  This face appears but for a split second of time.  This woman accompanies you, provides guidance and comfort from the angelic realm.  There are no words to be used here, communication is through feelings and emotions.  A guiding light for you.  At your brow chakra or third eye, a sense of feeble helplessness.  I am being told that you are complete as you are.  There is no need for despair.  You perhaps do not perceive how strong your intellect and intuition are.  “Remain steadfast, pay attention to your dreams and any sparks of inspiration within you.”   At your throat chakra, I feel tears.  A sense that communication is blocked and you feel perhaps misguided.  “Know that with every turn you take in your journey, we are with you always.  Call on us.  We hear you.”  At your heart chakra, an open, swelling, emotional front.  There is a lot of love here, waiting for the right opportunity to be released.  It’s a glorious sight, multifaceted as well as multicoloured energy.  At your solar plexus, I see issues being deliberated over.  Will you ultimately seize control and push your own intentions into place?  At your sacral chakra, I see a wide expanse shown before me.  Ultimate repository of wisdom and creativity.  At your base chakra, I see you as a balloon floating on a thread, moving with the wind.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  Archangel Raphael’s gleaming emerald light infuses the air.  Ascended Master Djwal Khul’s presence is around you intensifying the emerald green colour.  This colour helps you to balance positive thought and self-expression.  If you are working with herbs, voluntary work or welfare work, he can assist you.  Like nature, his love surrounds you.

I ask to see a timeline.  You are alone, walking among the trees.  The town is reached through the woods.  Smoke from odd fires burns your eyes.  There is no release, pent up feelings of the endless toil before you hardens your heart.  The scriptures are your key, your freedom, your release.  At the present time, I hear the word ‘conflagration.’  A merry meeting with several friends.  Tuned into wise words, the fire is spent.  In the future, an office appears, a meeting is taking place here.  The fire in your heart burns.

End of Reading


An Atmosphere of Tension

A bright ray of sunshine unfolds upon green grass.  I see shrubbery and trees around me.  Quiet stillness pierces the scene creating an atmosphere of tension.  I see you hiding behind greenery and shrubs, blending in with that around you.  I hear a quiet intake of breath as your eyes dart around.  Waiting.  Silently.  Patiently.  Waiting for the moment to kill.  Your quarry is the gentle deer.  Tentatively, it steps into your field of vision.  There is an infinite space of time as each of you carefully and warily turn your heads to one another.  A space of time in which your hunting skill will be tested.  Precarious steps are made by the deer, relying on instinct to quickly flee, but in no moment too soon, the beautiful animal is struck down by your arrow.  A triumph of man’s skill over the instincts of the deer.

This is the Middle Ages.  1600’s.  Europe.  A robber baron, one of many, utilising your connections with rich landowners around you to further your own personal agenda, hunting for pleasure.

I take energy from the Great Galactic Sun.  This I place on the ground in a circle around you.  I am able to see your chakras.   Your crown chakra is wide open, an expansive blue light emanates.  It feels like deep, quiet space.  The blue light illuminates and shines.  Your third eye revolves and spins.  At times affording you visions of splendour which you routinely dismiss as your imagination working overtime.  Your throat chakra feels rough, raw.  You, as an individual are heard but only after a significant amount of persuasion on your side.  Your heart chakra spins vibrantly as colours flick off of it.  These colours are reflected in that which you see around you.  “When you focus on your heart-space, a deep seated love is found here.   This you must share with All around you.”  At your solar plexus, I feel a solid strength.  Someone who possesses a deep knowledge of why you are here.  This strength is reflected in that which you accomplish, nothing is without reason.  At your sacral chakra, I feel a churning motion.  A change, a want and need for change.  At your base chakra, I feel a sensation as if you are gently floating above the ground.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You are lying on the forest floor looking up into a cloudy blue sky.  There are angels and several guides around you.  Archangel Michael’s presence is felt, his love and protection guiding you.  The Ascended Master Lord Maitreya is here, helping you balance your own intellectual thinking through acceptance of the metaphysical, encouraging you to be aware of who you really are.  Much love and support here.

I ask to see a timeline.  Your life is marked by the seasons.  Your preoccupation with hunting and controlling the land leads eventually to deep disappointment.  You ultimately must abide by rules laid out by others, rules which you were not privy to nor empowered to intervene with and change.  Circles moving above your station in life rotate and move whether wanted or not.  Your own dominance and power is brought into question.  At the present time, I feel collusion, intrigue and negligence moving in circles near you.  Though you have personally distanced yourself from this, nevertheless, you are affected.  In the future, I see a wide acreage, blooming flower pots.  All is well.

End of Reading