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Gates of the Abbey

A limitless expanse of darkness stretches out before me. Gradual tones of blue crease onto the tight edge of blackness as stars tumble forth, their exquisite light ignited in brilliant gold. The painted sky of an illuminated church manuscript. Stars glitter and beckon in the night sky. Colours seep onto the page in rich blues and golden yellows. Although the stars depicted are decorative and two dimensional, this is where you long to go, to transcend the earthly realm and move beyond that which is human. Your convictions run deep knowing the day will come for you to return whence you came. The sky. The stars.

White woollen gowns clothe women lying prostate on the ground. Each woman is blessed with Holy Water and given the sign of the cross. Their hair has been shorn revealing uneven ends cut closely around the head. This is an abbey around the 12th century, France.

Stories from the Bible are being read aloud and those living within the household gather around a warm hearth in the evening, imagining the lives of Disciples and Saints. Each trying to find similarities between their own current lives and those they admire and beatify. A constant challenge for each individual, a want to put into place teachings from the Bible.

Dull grey skies press down upon an autumn day. A child, a very young girl, stands next to her father. With a large dowry in hand, he accompanies you to the gates of the abbey. The novice within admits you alone. It’s a difficult parting, for on the one hand there is rapt expectation, but on the other, incredible sadness in leaving the ones you hold so close and dear. A life of domesticity no longer stands before you.

Your outstretched body lines the ground. The other women lie beside you in their coarse woolen gowns. Cold flagstones are felt beneath you. A discernible trembling is felt, knowing that your life will be given over in service to Christ. Feelings of pride and elation rise, there is a fervent desire to share your accomplishments with your family, so that they too can acknowledge your sacrifice and duty as you pledge fealty to those above you. A deep joy gathers within you. For your future will be one in commune with God.

A tapered candle is lit. An intrusion is felt. A deep spiritual presence moves and shifts any outside interference to the side. Urgent discussions are held between two women. A sense of urgency pervades the scene. A situation has arisen that must be delicately handled. The Abbess is present. Your position in the abbey has given you freedom of movement, thought, and learning that you would not have been permitted at home. You work, as a group of women, exerting control in the local community in a manner that is assertive, bringing wealth and power over local authorities.

As golden stars fall from the sky of the manuscript, I view a curving shaft of energy as it moves through your chakras. Entering your right foot, the ribbon of light is blocked. Emotions felt are high. An issue is felt, emotional or spiritual, regarding your own sense of self or your relationship to Spirit. The balance you sustain in life, whether through your own personal belief system or the support of people around you is in question at this time. Focus on yourself at this time. Grounded energy, appearing as gravelly black and white granite, comes off your feet in multiple showers. Moving upward from your base chakra to your sacral chakra, permeability is here. A gradual easing is felt, severing ties within your memories, relationships and interactions with others from the past. Moving beyond your seat of stored memories, know that they do not bind or trap you in anyway. Your solar plexus moves clockwise, radiant and glowing. Life, as a natural process of spiritual evolution, requires a need to forgive others as well as yourself with the realization that making mistakes is part of the process. To restore peace and harmony when emotions are exhibited, energy should be defused and not escalated. Your heart chakra, spinning and diffusing a brilliant light, is sensitive to tension and stress. Around your throat chakra, tightness within the spin is felt, accessing self-repression and communication. Your 3rd eye chakra spins sparkling, your own intuitive abilities and inner perception are developing. Your crown chakra glows brightly as expanded consciousness and self-realisation grows. Loving-kindness for all sets in.

I ask for your guides and angels to present themselves. The warm, loving blue light of Mother Mary enfolds you. She is with you to give encouragement and enable you to establish yourself in society. Her comfort and understanding is expansive. The turquoise light of Archangel Haniel is seen around you, helping you to focus on self-expression through higher feelings and emotions as well as developing your unique individuality. Haniel is the Archangel of divine communication and assists to fulfill your soul’s mission by guiding you through visions, perceptions, personal revelations and angelic coincidences. Turquoise invokes the infinite blue emptiness radiating in all directions. Through this blue sky stretching out to infinity, you can gain an understanding of the expansiveness and true soul freedom if we allow our horizons not to become narrow and limited.

Viewing a timeline back into the past, I see firmly established foundations that allow you to be open to receive, but as with all partnerships, an even exchange of energy is needed in order to maintain harmony and balance. Success may have come in the most unlikely of places. At the present time, emotional satisfaction and happiness are felt with an accomplishment of goals. Hold on to these beneficial feelings when you need inspiration and positive energy. This is the right time to heal past memories that have been holding you hostage and forgive others and yourself. This will give you a clear and unobstructed path. The future may show weariness, but you do have the inner strength to complete what you’ve been working on. You can achieve what you’ve been working toward with resolve and inner reserve. The knowledge and experience you will gain will be an invaluable resource for you.


End of Reading




The Cathar

This reading is for Gary Carlson at http://www.icheckyoursoul.com/

Thank you Gary for the insightful Soul Reading.  I’m profoundly grateful for your kindness and support.  Herewith is your reading:

Light from the Great Galactic Sun penetrates and permeates the air around me.  An electronic buzzing noise is heard crackling through the still air.  A ragged man is seen running through underbrush as if being chased from behind.  Sweat and dirt marks his face.  Bushy long hair streaked with grey flies wildly around him.  A long beard marks the passage of time spent in seclusion.

Ascetic, pious, yet voluble.  Having spent months alone, withdrawn to a cave, your senses have become sharpened and heightened.  Hearing sounds others cannot, frenetic visions ensconce you, the taste of the wind, the smell of Jesus. Your kinetic senses vibrate with phantom menaces purging your soul, allowing only the Divine to remain.  12th century, Europe.

Abstinence, joy in liturgical hymns.  You seek the Divine Presence, acknowledgement within you.  A long garment, threadbare and torn, protects you from the outside elements.  For you seek that which is within, that Divine Spark, illumination.

Revered as a friar Brother, you feel your purpose is to renounce and negate all bodily senses in order to come closer to the Divine.  As a mystic, your devaluation of life’s pleasures in order to seek the Sacred, will keep you months in isolation.

Unbeknownst to you, as you distance yourself from life around you, as you rely more heavily on your inner senses, a purification ensues where life’s beauty is shown more clearly, more refined and engraved.  Your abnegation has ironically come full circle to reveal the clarity and beauty of life.  Thrushes twittering in tree limbs are heard in the distance, that which is within you is also without you.  Solace found within is also around you in Nature.  Every aspect of yourself is mirrored in that which you gaze upon, you touch and listen to.  This understanding is felt deep within you.

I withdraw from this scene to find you quietly speaking with your Brethren, your Brothers in Arms, your faithful flock.  Admonition is not among your words to them, rather respectful gratitude for All that is.  A Cathar monk, a learned man, a night of recompense.

I swiftly bring light over to you from the Great Galactic Sun.  A fervent prayer is issued forth, an intuitive motion of hands as Energy is quietly, measurably dispersed by you.

I ask to view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is wide open.  An expansive space revealing starlight and shine.  Your third eye chakra moves, revolving seamlessly.  I see a multitude of information being released from that which is received. Your throat chakra is infused with a protective light, that which issues forth from your third eye can thus be elucidated.  Your heart chakra glows with a warm loving light.  The light of Christ Consciousness emanates.  Your solar plexus illumines brightly a clear, yet meagre path.  Your sacral chakra is moving, adjusting to recent impediment.  Your base chakra is fluid in motion.  As the Earth moves, you move and flow with it.  I etherically see one hand placed upon the Earth to steady yourself with the influx of energy.

I kindly ask to see your guides.  You appear first, your most prominent feature being your eyes.  I see your gaze move slowly downward taking in all aspects assuredly.  Humility and a prescient quality surrounds you.  This is carried forth into your current life.  Standing, you fold your hands quietly before you.  An angel converges on your left.  This angel is one of your many guides.  I hear the name Daniel.  A mother to your right assumes her place behind you, her hands reach out to touch your shoulders.  The beautiful light of Archangel Gabriel envelopes you.  As a messenger angel, Gabriel assists all earthly messengers.

I ask to see a timeline.  Hardship, strife and battles encumber your life as a Cathar.  Seeking to transcend and move beyond these base concerns, you set out on a quest to sequester yourself, live alone, and reject all that is Earthly only to release yourself in the end, appreciating and knowing God is within All that Is.  At the current time, I see an account book laid out before you.  Clicking noises, addition, the economic woes of finding balance.  In the future, I see you contemplating before you a still, dark sea.  No movement is seen, quietude and solace are sought within this dark water.

End of Reading

An Odd Linen Cap

An angelic being appears by your side.  Middle Ages, 12th century, Britain.

A dark room, a candle lit on the table.  A woman sits before a table sewing.  Her eyes are tired but she continues sewing for with each stitch she comes closer to her goal.  A cloak.  A man is here, tonsure, hair cropped shortly around his head.  He is not clean shaven, his hair is quite dark.  This man demands coins from you, but you have none.  Feelings of distraught tiredness swell this room.

Your employ is as a seamstress in a market town.  There is an odd linen cap on your head, white and peaked.  Your eyes are sharp, but are slowly failing you.  A plight to use your eyes as a commodity in work.  Your hair is dark.

Insistence, impatience, debts.  This man is pulling a cart.  Subsistence living.  Debts accruing.  Your husband.  His temper will flash with fury as he engages in a brawl, culminating in his death and leaving you in abject poverty.  The wheels on the cart turn together, just as your lives have moved in unison.  One wheel does not move forward without the other.  Languishing, pining, this turn of events has left an indelible harsh feeling within you.  A tangle of restrictive emotions links him with you, holding you back.  Golden healing light appears, removing, clearing  and releasing these energetic blocks.  All is transmuted into pure white radiant light.

In the golden hue radiating outwards, I view your chakras.  Deep violet light is seen at your crown chakra.  A beautiful expanse, deep, wide, vast.  Illuminate particles sparkle and shine.  At your brow chakra or third eye, I feel messages are being received, processed, but are not considered or fully acknowledged.  There is layering appearing at your throat chakra, one layer placed upon another layer.  A protection of sorts.  A fear of not only being hurt by others but wanting to insulate yourself from harsh criticism.  At your heart chakra, I see and feel a slight opening allowing energy to pour out.  An imbalance which allows others to exploit your compassionate nature.  At your solar plexus, there is a bright, joyous light which kindles another light before it.  Purification and transformation ensues.  Examining old issues, allowing these to depart to create new movement and life.  At your sacral chakra, I sense careful balance in creating emotional stability.  At your base chakra, I see you sitting upon the Earth, grounded.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear in a heavy brown linen gown.  Awareness and perception accompany you as you kneel down in prayer, fervent in your desire for sins to be absolved.  Angels are around you.  The presence of Archangel Gabriel is felt, assisting you in overcoming fear.  As the messenger angel, she helps all writers or teachers with communication.  The Ascended Master Lord Lanto is also near you, assisting in learning, gaining wisdom and spiritual knowledge.

I ask to see a timeline.  Your husband has met a most undesirable end, insurmountable debts accumulate, forcing you into poverty’s clutches.  Your appeals to God appear fruitless as your grip on this life looses it’s tense hold.  You falter and sway in your poverty, never able to overcome it.  At the present time, I see light drenched skies, an open feeling of release.  A deep breath is taken as forward motion is felt.  All is well.  In the future, I see flat shadows of medieval figures appearing as computer generated cut outs.  There are several figures lined up.  They seem to be ghosts but are flat, graphic representations.

End of Reading