Intuitive Readings

An Intuitive Reading or Remote Soul Reading has the ability to move and change you in a beneficial way.  It can impart new understanding and awareness of past events onto your current life situation.  The meanings of the reading, when metaphorically interpreted, produce powerful insights.  As this knowledge is stimulated, expansion results, which can lead to balance, acceptance and healing on a soul level.

Intuitive Readings are done remotely and as I connect with your higher self, I allow your guides to accompany me.  I usually see a quick preview of you in a past life.  These scenes are usually revealed dramatically with details.  At other times, a story is composed that may be seen as a metaphor for your current situation.  Music and lyrics are sometimes heard which carry a deeper interwoven meaning.  I view your chakras, seeing and feeling colours and emotions.  I try to report as clearly as possible what is seen, but it is difficult at times to convey everything into words.  Energy is not always a language of words, but is felt as impulses, movement, feelings, colours, sounds, music, symbols and scenes.  I end every reading by sending the intended recipient Angel Light Healing.   All healing begins with you.

Your first name is required in order to connect with you remotely, but having a photograph sometimes allows information to be more forthcoming.

If you are interested in purchasing an Intuitive Reading, please click on the Buy Now button below and send me a comment with your first name.  Please email your details on the contact form below.

USD $50

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