Golden Chrysalides

I just want to share this vision that was shown to me this morning. Many, here on Earth, are entering Golden Chrysalides, stepping into energetic golden circles. I watched them enter with arms outstretched, much as the Vitruvian Man standing inside his perfect circle. Some chose to crouch down, just as The Thinker, analysing their current condition. Each person seemed to physically incorporate that which they wished to perpetuate on a higher level. These chrysalides form a protective barrier around each person enabling them to move through the current forming energies. It’s a wonderful time to be here on Gaia. Stay safe knowing you are encased in beautiful, glowing light whence you will emerge as newly formed beings. Blessings to All.

A Reversal of Fortunes

A bright day unfolds with clear blue skies.  Wheat fields are almost ready to be shorn and barley has been cut, leaving only stubble behind in fields.

The murmur of birds is heard in the distance.  An unexpected intruder interrupts the scene.  Northmen, having gathered in groups, descend upon the fields; ruthless arrogance is felt among them.  A clamour of villagers seeks their closest kin, holding them tight, unwilling to let go.  These Northmen wreak havoc and terror with each dwelling they set alight.  Their intent is to destroy.

Drawn swords glint in the sun.  The villager’s fear is as palpable as the adrenaline rush of the intruders.  Villagers flee, trying to escape and elude their pursuers.  A scene of carnage ensues.

A child’s cry is heard as the attackers ambush the village.  A chilling scene follows of bodies strewn without care.  Black smoke seethes and grips tender wood and thatch.  High flames seize and crackle allowing moisture to escape.  The scorched remnants tease the air with putrid waste.  Britain around the 9th century.

A raiding party has descended upon your settlement in order to enrich themselves and disseminate fear. Your life has been irrevocably changed in the blink of an eye, all set aflame by the marauders from the North.  Deep in your heart is disbelief and immense terror.  Ashen faces surrounding you are in shock, all having been dealt a bitter blow.  Scenes of destruction around you are mirrored by an utter collapse within you.  Compliance, servitude, penury and lack complete the wheel of fortune. These men wreak havoc and take to ensure their permanence as well as your utter demise. They are able to bolster their rule by suppression, a reversal of fortunes and lamentable greed.

I see before me a sand hourglass; time is being shifted.  Each trembles with fright, their fate yet unknown.  A stoic acceptance of that which has befallen them slowly eases into their conscious vision.  The scenes of violence and destruction, however, are not pushed away or erased from you. This pain festers and lingers without alleviation.  A dark clot of emotional upheaval that is boxed, crated and wrapped, carefully guarding a most delicate, extraordinary and fragile part of your past.

I view massive amounts of light from the Great Galactic Sun pore forth into your crown chakra and a dazzling burst of white light extends and opens to reveal a deep expanse dotted with white lights. Your third-eye chakra rotates and spins slowly, heavily, as if weighted down by fear of the unknown and unexpected.  At your throat chakra a fluid movement masks itinerant feelings.  Your appearance concealing that which you really are, just as a cloak hides what is worn beneath it.  At your heart chakra, an audible sigh is heard.  A gentle, yet palpable love spreads out for humanity and all creatures.  A special bond here is felt with animals where communication can easily be developed.  A light emerges at your solar plexus chakra, radiating brightly, intention is placed to reach certain points where influence can help to manifest and create.  Your sacral chakra spins, a rush of energy, impulsive and impatient to create that which you see within you without.  At your base chakra, you are grounded and anchored.

I ask for your current guides to please present themselves. You appear first wearing a garment of thick woven cloth, your hair tied away from your face. Your eyes dart furtively left and then right, anticipating what will come next. The beautiful light of Master Lady Mary enfolds around you.  She imparts energies of intuitive wisdom as well as helping you to establish yourself securely in society. Her presence allows a stronger connection with Nature’s Elementals and this greatly benefits all life on Earth. The energy of the Master Sanat Kumara also surrounds you; he assists in realising that thoughts are real and can have form, even in another dimension.  These thoughts can have effects upon other life forms, not only on Earth but also in Universal Space.  The bright overarching light of Archangel Uriel is currently around you, reflecting the beautiful light of illumination. This light releases deep energy blocked within the system while invigorating and activating action and courage.

I ask to see a timeline.  After a scourge of violent attacks on settlements, villagers are unable to withstand the onslaught and must forcibly adhere to the victors and their impositions upon them. A time wrought with pain, terror and a complete disregard for human life.  With a fortuitous outcome, your life has been spared, yet the enduring horror of the raid remains deep within you, buried under successive layers of tears and mortar.  Although a new life awaits you, the deleterious scenes of carnage and wrath accompany you with every step you take. At the present time, I view feelings of happiness and elation. Good news, yet unexpected, permeates the scene.  In the future, I see bright squares of light reflecting down upon a room convened with people. Each person wanting to share their thoughts and position regarding their current views. All be will be heard, all acknowledged.

End of Reading

A Voyage of Discovery

The stern of a boat approaches.  Dark hair of an Egyptian profile emerges as the figurehead on the boat.

A voyage of discovery, a voyage of enlightenment, a voyage of adulation.  Cries of triumph arise from those on the docks.  The crew disembarks, among them a young man with soft brown eyes and dark hair.

Precious cargo has been dispersed along the way where trade and exchange have been initiated.  Coloured gemstones, lapis being among them, strewn in the ports of call.  A culture that is seemingly in tatters, is seeking to survive and expand.  Knowledge based in ancient texts must be assimilated beyond the local borders.  This is a voyage of intent belief with scouts having previously navigated the far flung locations first, relating of a preponderance of good will and trust.

The ship laden, the crew is a team specifically chosen to persist under duress and extreme conditions.  Those that have volunteered want to satisfy their own longing for adventure and with aroused curiosity, see and explore broader vistas.

Discussions and arguments arise on board about provisions and lack.  Those desperate to make the voyage a success quiet calls of ineptitude and sabotage.  Doubts are quickly dispelled as the objective of their journey, their prized destination, is held in place.  A deprecatory flutter and panic ensues when troubling storms force the crew to shorten their canvas.  However, this does not dissuade them from their distant goal.

Each think of imagined mythical creatures inhabiting the waters.  Although, the coast is constantly in view, trepidation and fear enter the hearts of many.  A dark-skinned man emerges in this scene with a wide smile on his face; one of the last of the crew to join the assemblage, he brings the group together.  He is the navigator.  Coptic symbols emblazoned on bronze and brass.  Engraved, likened images.  There is a transfer of these wares before the return voyage.

You are part of this group, part of the crew.  The dynamics of which operate as the lifeline of the boat.  Each individual imparting skills to ensure the survival and safety of all those on board.  Starry navigation, reading and moving within the constellations.  The adjunct navigator, steering all to northern lands.  As curse or conqueror, neither term encapsulates the deeper meaning and significance of this journey.

The enigmatic Sun.  Horus.  The House of the Dead.  Scrolls are just as important as the provisions, for knowledge will be imparted, gifted, and gratefully received.  The new colony will falter grievously in times to come.

I view your chakras as the Great Galactic Sun illuminates you.  Evenly spaced, radiant lights emerge at your crown chakra showing a higher connection to distant constellations.  At your third eye chakra, I see balanced rotations, energy creating an opening and closing movement.  Critical information coming in at intervals and then closing off.  Receiving information and regulating it.  At your throat chakra, voluble words, stored thoughts create a lethargic situation.  A need and want to verbalise and express yourself yet being hindered by forces without, thus creating a humbling situation.  Your heart chakra shines brilliantly; alignment of your inner and outer worlds wields compassion, love and effusive emotions within, which at times seem overwhelming.  At your solar plexus are binding connections of light.  Others entwined here are seen as soul connections.  A bright glow, a pulsing light is emitted, knowledge that achievement is within you.  At your sacral chakra is a dazzling light, a firm sense of self in the current physical life.  At your base chakra you are grounded with current energies of transmission.

I ask for your current guides to please present themselves.  You appear first dressed in seafaring garments.  An immediate scene of gusty winds blow forcefully against your face.  A swift, gliding, forward movement is felt and a cursory view of the beautiful blue sea is seen as the boat cuts deeply through the waters.  The light of Christ Consciousness surrounds you, His Love allows you to extend and freely share Love with all.  His powerful energies assist those attracted to natural healing where the correct balance of spiritual and physical well-being is considered.  The presence and light of Isis and Horus are also here.   The beautiful light of Archangel Uriel is around you, helping to boost action, bring life force and endurance within and showing illumination to those who feel lost and forsaken.

I ask to see a timeline.  Ancient Egypt, a time where our current maps do not reflect past land masses.  A great horn of plenty.  Starry skies enfold and envelope you.  You are adrift here, lost in a vast sea where knowledge and discovery beckon you.  Part of an exploration team, seeking achievements and knowledge, exporting trade in the hopes of securing closer ties and promoting a sense of mutual support.  As a Navigator, you steer the boat, you create your path, you move inexorably forward to an ultimate destination.  At the present time, I feel restless thoughts around you, as if you’re lighted path has been subsumed, your way has become lost.  We are all on unknown paths, but possessing courage and determination help light the way.  Rely on intuition and know in your heart that every step puts you forward in your path and every step forward is the correct one.  In the future, I see bright, blinding lights as if in a stadium.  Numerous people are together here, a show of strength and unity.

End of Reading











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































An Unacceptable Match

Loud words are heard; a vivid argument has broken out.  A young man, whose future has been precisely mapped out, argues with his mother.  His will against hers, a struggle that he will eventually lose.  Societal precepts, fervent religious dogma and expectations of one’s class dictate and form life around you, allowing for little deviation.  All follow strict guidelines and rules laid out before them by state and church authorities.  15th century, Toledo, Spain.

You work with your merchant father learning trade and commerce.  Business dealings bring you into contact with other parts of the city, other people and other religions.  The sight of a young Jewish woman captivates your eyes and you know in your heart that she is your destiny.  Anticipating objection, the vehement, vociferous disapproval for the unsuitable and inappropriate match was not completely unexpected.  A clash ensues between a stern Catholic upbringing and deep Jewish heritage.  You are willing to move beyond the constricting viewpoint of the church in order to be with this woman.  Numerous arguments and protests arise from your mother.  It would be an unacceptable match in her eyes, unforgivable to step beyond the strict boundaries held in place by society and church.

Heightened religious convictions stir the hearts of many.  Hostile feelings and prejudices prevail here creating contempt and hatred among all.  Yet you impart in a fleeting glance, a subdued emotion of fawning adoration for a woman placed beyond your grasp.  This initial emotion, having no recourse for release, gradually develops into the same festering anger that is felt around you.  An intense amount of torment and despair is suppressed within you.  You can do nothing but observe as events and people conspire against you and your happiness.

Events move swiftly, causing pain and emotional turmoil for those involved.  You watch as she, along with her family and many others, are expelled and forced to quickly flee to other lands.  You, however, remain steadfast in your convictions causing a further rift to develop within your own family.  You focus on yourself, refusing to relent to maternal pressure.

You allow light to flood into you as I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra opens into a vast depth of space, points of sparkling light shine here.  You are connected to Source.  I feel a heavy swinging motion at your third eye chakra; infectious laughter erupts as things reveal themselves not to be what they seem.  A gurgling noise at your throat chakra, a bubbling up of mixed suppressed thoughts and emotions.  It feels as if a fire has been lit at your solar plexus, an immense, volatile energy is present, a feeling of being, of change in the world.  As your sacral chakra spins, smooth undulating energy appears.  At your base chakra you are stable and grounded with Earth energy.

I ask your guides to please present themselves for me.  You appear first, your hair wild and long, this is your own way of expressing rebuke and censure for those controlling your outer world.  The yellow energy of Master Lord Lanto shines around you.  He offers assistance to all who feel drawn to greater learning and to the awakening youth of Earth, his knowledge and wisdom is freely shared and pervades various educational systems.  The brilliant light of Archangel Jophiel of the Yellow Ray permeates the scene, bringing happiness and joy into life.  The Archangel of Wisdom, Jophiel can help recover soul fragments that may have been detached through illness or depression.  His wisdom assists in having clear mental perception and inspiration.

I ask to see a timeline.  A young man, clean-shaven, wearing a dark coat and long hose, learns the trade of his father, a merchant craftsman.  His mother, a woman predisposed to arranging her son’s future, asserts her own will upon him.  Having relinquished his heart to a Jewish woman, he has made an intolerable match, both socially and religiously.  Discontent fuels arguments with your mother as you contemptuously dismiss her words.  The unyielding bonds of society, culture and religion cannot, at this time, be broken.  Just as a bird sits nursing a broken wing, you tend to your emotional pain.  All hopes and ambitions for the future have been crushed; you cannot take flight and escape that which binds you even tighter.  The heavy arm of the church and society foster an atmosphere of extreme enmity.  Your stance and counteraction to societal views cause inordinate grief within your family.  At the present time I see you viewing, amassing information through an indirect means.  This knowledge allows you to see unique perspectives through an undefined lens.  In the future, I see a solid white room, symmetric with few details.  All is arranged accordingly as light pours within.

End of Reading

A Battle Has Commenced

A mouth stretched tightly in pain extends into a grimace.  In the corner of a tight, dark room, crutches suddenly appear.   Agony abounds in this tiny, small space and is openly felt by all that are present.  The leg, the leg must go of one sailor on a frigate that finds himself in a most unexpected clash.  Vessels tottering on waves, there is absolute chaos.  Thick smoke and the smell of powder fuses clog and choke the putrid air.

The stifling smoke does not clear.  A battle has commenced.  The sound of creaking wood, clashing waves and musket balls.  Turbid wakes surround the ships holding men in position to do battle.  A burning stench permeates this scene off the New England Coast in the 1700’s, a conflict waged between a powerful, wealthy, colonial ruler and those that threaten its economic prosperity.

Impressments around Bournemouth and beyond filled the rank and file crew.  A tender to complete the cross-sea voyage.  A distant sighting allowed slight time to prepare vessel and crew.  Men wreaking havoc on one another to appease an imperial appetite for commerce and wealth.  Musket balls fall, damaging rigging and planking alike.

You are aboard the frigate.  I hear the word, “boatswain.” Not tall of stature, but equipped with resolve, determination and strength.  The musket ball cinches your leg as you cross the deck.  I look on as a cry of pain wrenches your mouth into a grimace.  The leg must go.  The surgeon on board works with utmost speed assisted only by a few men.  This surgeon is around you today.  Compassion, charity and concern are observed for this unforeseen act of God could have befallen any of you.  Help is rendered with a sense of duty, obligation and loyalty.  Your life is saved at this moment yet so altered.  Service that will be remembered.

A great ray of light is cast down upon this ship and crew.  Memories that are indelibly embedded in the space of time unravel in the light as I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra shimmers.  Many points of fractured luminescence shine here in this deep expanse.  At your third eye chakra I see a man whispering to your brow.  Guidance being given in spoken words.  Your chakra turns slowly as you reach out for stabilisation, acknowledgement and reassurance.  “This is real,” you are being told, “listen to your inner voice.”  At your throat chakra, a tightly held grip is felt, allowing no words to come out.  An alter ego self unwilling to allow truth to be heard.  The grip is firm.  At your heart chakra, a soft dewy morphing light of love moves and envelops all that is around you.  Truth holds the frequency of love.  This will continue to spread and grow as your reality changes and truth is revealed.  Your solar plexus spins as a tightly wound clock.  Feelings of anxiety mix with the perception of having too many choices.  Indecision is felt here.  A deep fire burns at your sacral chakra; resolve and determination are at the heart of any decision once it is made.  At your base chakra, I see you holding onto a pole as the Earth moves under your feet, ever shifting.

I ask for your guides to please present themselves.  You appear seated, your legs extend outward.  The beautiful green light of Archangel Raphael appears around you, helping to ease any perceived restrictions you feel at this time.  Green is found in the middle of the colour spectrum, equalising and balancing mental and physical energy.  Archangel Raphael assists to heal yourself and as you do so, inner guidance and love is found to heal others.  The Venetian Master is around you currently, he assists those who at times feel the need to control their emotional selves in which the ego has unknowingly gained dominance.  This master operates within the Golden Ray and assists with self-expression, which is important at this present time.  A medium sized brown and white collie dog sits at your feet.

I ask to see a timeline.  A woven, undulating tapestry is put before me.  We move swiftly to the point in the past where a service was meted out under dire circumstances.  A sense of gratitude to those who stood by you and assisted.  Beleaguered and weathered in service to country, your attitude to compassion and charity changes, as your own physical situation must adjust.  A reflection that may be remembered and brought forward today.  At the present time, I see a battle of wills, an internal struggle to find a means of action allowing your own truth to shine out.  In the future, birds are seen circling, emitting a wailing noise.  As gusts of wind change their course, they remain focused on that which is before them which is internally driven and unquestioning.

End of Reading



The Winds of Change

I see a tribal man from the South Pacific yelling loudly, intensely, piercing.  His face bright red from the effort.  Cowrie shells swing on his body.  Out of breath, he tries his utmost to convey a message of alert.  It goes unheeded and scatters to the winds.  Sharply tipped spears adorned with feathers fly before my eyes, harnessing speed, distance and flight.  You thrust your arm sharply behind you to dislodge a spear.  Whom it meets will cause a division of pain and anger.  New Zealand, 18th century.

A warring nation and a warring tribe.  Enmity and fear are felt here.  An unmatched and unbalanced game of warfare.  Derision and disapprobation of cultural differences create violence where legitimacy claims are not honoured.

The spears fly and wild frenzy lights your eyes.  A final battle waged where both sides refuse to cower.  Adeptly thrown, the spear quickly meets its target.  A quick languish of breath before the man dies.  The invaders have no understanding of tribal sense.  Their etiquette betrays ignorance and arrogance.  Their superior weapons give them an advantage that does not reflect their inner truth.

You look frantically around only to find other tribesmen in their final fight.  A spear cannot withstand the volley of musket shot.  Beating drums signal the end.  Odd men in foreign clothing have outmanoeuvered and overrun with their munitions and armoury.  A cold sweat runs down your back.   Defeat in a most untimely and unlikely manner.  Seen as savages with a warrior spirit, you are herded together, meant to acquiesce to those that now reign over you.  An invisible yoke has now been placed over you and your tribesmen.  It will take generations for this invisible yoke to fall away.

Chattel, war privileges.  A Privy Council enters to subject those tribesmen to life in servitude to the Crown.  Beads of sweat form on your brow.  The discrimination that follows is unlike anything you have experienced before.  Your life has changed.

Bitter rivalry ensues.  Tribal betrayal.  Swift birds mellow the scene.  The discharge of muskets disrupt their flight.  You seek the solitude of the forest, the cadence of the birds, a welcome reminder of who you are and where you belong.  Each step into the trees obliterates the scenes of destruction.  You are a free man in this clearing but as soon as you step out of it, your yoke tightens around you.

The winds of change: North, South, East, and West blow in every direction, causing turbulence and calm tides.  Merry be Thee.  As the Galactic Sun shines so high and bright, I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is stellar and vast.  Light signals emerge as many more penetrate.  Your third eye revolves slowly, wanting to take in every observation to analyse in a scientific way.  This analysation is done out of deep mistrust yet a need for clarification.  At your throat chakra a vision unfolds of a person seen but unheard, a scene of yelling with no response.  There are tentative tender feelings at your heart chakra, a reluctance to shine and be observed.  At your solar plexus I see a swirling motion creating a dizzying blend or mix of light, a want and need to radiate and be seen but yet there is something holding you back.  At your sacral chakra, I see open spinning, convivial joy, an acquiescence.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves.  You appear first with ceremonial cowrie shells draped around you, a ripped ear is pierced with birds feathers.  You assume a jaunty stance.  Beautiful blue light of Archangel Michael surrounds you, carrying faith and protection allowing  you to become a seeker of higher truth.  The Master Lord Maitreya’s energy flows around you, enabling you to raise your consciousness and be fully aware of who you are.  His energies encourage those who are predominantly intellectual to balance their thinking through acceptance of the metaphysical.  As smoke gathers into cumulus clouds above you, the story is woven together and kept in place here.

I ask to see a timeline.  You are a warrior during a time of tremendous change.  Deep cultural traditions have been affected along with the dismantling of your own society.  During a time of servitude, residual anger and distrust ensues.  A divisive lingering bitterness remains.  At the present time, I see scattered books and knowledge.  A treasure trove used to reclaim the past and put things in order.  In the future a great rolling tide gathers strength, a funnel of water moving and penetrating the path of least resistance.  A great, sweeping tide.

End of Reading


Like Two Black Buttons

The base of Mt. Parnassus, ancient Greece.  A woman is dressed in a white gown, flowing to the ground.  Eyes stare dully forward like two black buttons.  The gods are calling.  A summons to prayer. “Earthly wisdom, godly wisdom, let us be thy servant.  May we fare well in our intended duties.  Allow anguish to be lifted in joy as we gather together requesting assistance of the gods.”

A priestess in ancient Greece with hair of auburn brown; ringlets adorn each temple of her forehead.  The round curling hair acts as an energy vortex, for your insights come through the temples of your head.  At the slightest sounds, a breath of wind or the touch of a breeze, you shake your curls allowing the energy to dissipate and gather once again when the curls have settled.

Candles lit.  The Ides of March.  Turning tides.  Words begin and falter from your mouth.  Lips parted, an invocation to the gods is heard.  Forced.

There are those near you desperately wanting information and the assistance of the gods.  You are requested and compelled to provide, to give, and to supplicate to the gods.  You are their intercessor.  Rest is not to be had.  Weary and worked beyond your capacity.

Many priestesses are here.  Their work is unforgiving and unrelenting, walking between the Earth and the gods, relaying messages and beseeching protection from many sources.  The ceaseless nature of your work requires energy that is quickly spent.  An endless line of men and women await their turn, their moment to communicate with the gods through you.  For you are their portal to another realm.

The Great Galactic Sun shines forth to reveal your chakras.  Your crown chakra is an open, wide expanse, dark and vast.  Pinpoints of light shine here like beckoning stars. Your direct connection to Source continues today.  Your third eye revolves gently but surely.  Information is stored here for access at a later point in time.  Your throat chakra spins, receiving information clearly yet outward communication is hindered.  You are not communicating all that you see.  Your heart chakra pulses, light fractures and colour tinctures expand and extend into darkness.  As the light appears, your love spreads outward.  A bright light shines at your solar plexus that is tempered.  More can be revealed here, as if a lampshade has been drawn purposefully.  At your sacral chakra light spins evenly, gratitude is felt here.  Your base chakra is grounded at this time.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You sit at a table; a flickering candle placed before you illuminates your radiant face.  Master Jesus immediately appears behind you along with Mother Mary.  Their presence lightens your load, allowing you to express and freely share the love within you.  The intuitive wisdom of Mother Mary surrounds you, enabling and allowing you to find courage to seek your place in society.  Her love is with you and can always be called upon.  The beautiful blue light of Archangel Michael suffuses the scene, supporting balanced communication with yourself and with all others on all levels.  He inspires you to become a seeker of higher truth and hidden knowledge.

I ask to see a timeline.  Your highly developed intuition and gift of prophecy is utilized by many to reach the gods.  Many take the long trek to seek your knowledge, your vision beyond this worldly realm.  The temple light burns brightly near you today.  A temple guardian.  At the present time I feel upheaval and a subsequent settling back upon the Earth.  A feeling of being quickly gathered and gently placed elsewhere.  In the future I see and unimpeded access to that which you had not.

End of Reading