Through An Hourglass


A vast arid landscape emerges in the distance. Scorching hot, dry air swirls and falls as sweltering heat rises. Time flows steadily through an hourglass, twisting and evading the imperceptible downward trickle of sand. Languor is pervasive. Ancient Egypt, circa 1500 BC.

Water lashes a sandy marshy shore where lithe green stalks stretch out to greet the sunlight. Wind blowing in from the north gradually moves crystalline granules of sand through turbid water to the banks of a wide river. The silt drifts slowly down river and shifting sludge slowly coats the river bottom. Layers of erosion move time and shift the river, current and all. Loosely dressed, you wade out into the river, arms held high above your head. The water rises almost to your waist and presses your gown close around you. Your hands try to shield the bright sunlight from your eyes.

Thickets of reeds rise high above the river, their heads thrust out to the sun. Cut and collected, the reeds are hauled away on your shoulder in bundles. You move slowly to the water’s edge, but as the current pushes you back, you dig your toes into the sandy river bottom. The bundles of reeds are stacked neatly into piles on the bank of the river. In the cloudless sky above, an ibis spreads its white wings and takes flight. This is early morning and the work has only just begun. The harvest will continue till midday, but your work does not cease here. Intricate weaving, devotion baskets and rudimentary utensils are made with the collected reeds. Your work is set before you in rhythmic motion with nature. A deep yearning for knowledge and learning is held within you. Though inaccessible during this lifetime, your interest is peaked and awakened at this time. Compliance within a rigid order and society is valued here.

Water buffalo lurk near dusky water. Dancing celestial stars move and transform a dark night sky. Seasonal and rhythmic, you work within nature. Unimpeded by upper hierarchical laws. Your freedom is the natural Earth. Moving among the grasses and tall reeds, touching the water, your learning at this time is only through nature and earth’s living creatures. Although to an outsider you are seen to be living in poverty, your life is rich in physical and tactile sensations of the natural world, positing a seed that pushes within you a need and want for further knowledge and understanding.

Stirrings of infidelity emerge out of the night’s darkness. Your partner, unfaithful and dishonest, creates division within you. Solace is found in the reeds, the water, the endless weaving. Feelings flow from your fingertips and infuse each reed with an emotional overlay. The unwitting recipients of your woven wares further perpetuate and disseminate your emotional turmoil.   I watch as you move slowly through the water, pushing against the current and stepping deftly over debris. Sunlight streams directly overhead and the following is heard from ‘Dust in the Wind,’ Kansas:

                                   All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity

Brilliant white light flows into your crown chakra revealing an immense expanse, limitless in transcendence. Radiant lights appear here with strong connections. Your third eye charka revolves slowly, adjusting to self-perceived limits. You are not limited but your perception must adjust and change, thus allowing your inner vision to illuminate and shine. Your throat charka spins rotating methodically and measured. Words chosen with care and meaning, you protect yourself and are protected. At your solar plexus the brightness cascades and lights up that which is far beyond. The effluence of light is warm, loving and encompasses that which you surround yourself with. A deep love for mankind and nature is felt here. At your sacral chakra a feeling of uncertainty or bated breath causes slower revolutions, the chakra spins measured. This feeling or retention of worry does not serve or benefit in any way. Allow emotional concerns to dissipate and as such will be resolved. You are firmly grounded at your base chakra.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves. You appear first. An odd piece of cloth is wrapped tightly around your head. A loose shift hangs on you. Your simple life reflects in your wide smile, accepting of limitations and seeking to work within the confines of your life situation. You accept all that is. The delicate light of Archangel Ariel surrounds you, assisting to provide a deeper connection with the environment and animals. There is a pull, a connection to Agartha with a “watcher.”

I ask to see a timeline. The past perhaps was a difficult period to get through but necessary in order to see the bigger picture. It’s futile to get caught up in it but rather pause and observe for clarity in order to move forward in a positive direction. Life is about learning and taking the knowledge from previous experiences and applying it to similar situations in the future. Possibly competition reared it’s head and if so, you can ask yourself, how can you shine above the rest? At the present time, you may begin to see a positive situation where opportunities to form connections or alliances can create something new. As with all partnerships, ensure there is an even exchange of energy where you are not energetically drained causing potential disharmony. Success sometimes comes from the most unlikely of sources and in many forms. Keep an open mind. Be aware that you possess the inner strength to complete things you have been working on. You may view this as a struggle, but even so, gather your inner reserves to achieve an outcome you desire. Take a step back and realise what you’ve been through. What you’ve learned along the way can be seen as a valuable resource. All experiences feed your spirit and offer you knowledge for the future.

End of Reading


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