Tales of Old

Two women deep in conversation stand close to each other. One has a blanket wrapped tightly around her shoulders. The calendar, a cycle of seasons, is being discussed with the placement of spiritual days. The younger girl listens solemnly as the older woman recites the ceremonial days to come. Both women have long dark hair falling around their shoulders. This is North America, 16th century.

Spider woman, her hair drawn taut into the web she spins, intricately connects the stories she tells and all wait with bated breath to hear her words. Tales of old, remembered for eons gone, link the present time with yesterday and tomorrow. You are the storyteller, connected to Spider Woman.

The blanket covering your shoulders is infused with brilliant light and a star circle is placed at its centre. It sits at the middle of your back. Energy radiating off the blanket is pure golden yellow light and it shifts around you in a star pattern.

Gazing towards the stars, you feel a link, a pulsing energy that is not only understood, but is felt on the deepest level. Oral stories are told and passed down and you are among these storytellers. Yucca leaves, a pipe with swirling smoke move vertically through the air as if magically extending further out into space, the domain of your stories. The rising sun is your beacon and the setting sun is the door that closes upon each day before the sun rises again. You and your kin form a tight knit circle, the circle shown on your blanket enclosing a star.

Masks, lurid creatures, thunderbirds and hawks are seen in your world where dimensional differences are minimal, your connection to the past, present and future cannot so easily be separated. Your vision has developed here among these people, your ancestors and their place in time. The star continues to shine brightly radiating golden threads of light to connect with others as you share the creation story. As their link, you are highly esteemed and regarded as a seer and as you share with others your connection to the Star People grows stronger and the aura around your blanket becomes brighter.

A storyteller, a creation reader among the tribe, you are able to connect two realities where others can also feel the connection to the Star People. You are their conduit. Turquoise blue empowers you.  A stone sending bearing signals that you cherish and carefully wear. You sit and tell the old stories weaving new information and thoughts that you have received. It’s a communal life, seasonal and full of deep spiritual meaning. The yellow aura, the star cloak is around you now. You receive guidance, instruction and infused light messages, which are diligently passed on to others through you.

I step back to view your chakras. There are fine etheric threads holding your feet deep into the ground where the Agarthan connection links you to them. You are balanced at your base chakra. The energy moves upward encircling your sacral chakra. Here the energy is also balanced moving synchronously with your base chakra. Your solar plexus is wide open, the chakra moving and spinning reflecting brilliant light, allowing your intention and will to align. Your heart chakra spins balanced and open; an ever slight depletion is sensed from extended exertions, which are not physical but rather inner spiritual. At this time of forgiveness and compassion, please do not forget to take time for yourself and center in self-love. At your throat chakra, a raw feeling, interpreted as over exertion either through lack or too much communication or sharing. Your chakra spins here but fluctuates in speed, but when clear, any perceived creative blocks will be minimised. Your third eye chakra shines brilliantly and spins wide open. Perceptive dreams bring wisdom and insight. Your intuition has expanded bringing clearer visions for you. At your crown chakra, a beautiful, billowing of white light energy extends interdimensionally around you. Clarity extends through you as the connection with your Higher Self and Angelics is heightened.

I ask for your guides too please assemble themselves. You appear first, cloaked in the blanket still radiating the beautiful yellow star. The energy surrounding you is immense, palpable and awe inspiring. Your connection continues today. You bow your head down and pull the blanket slowly around your face as your eyes close. A Native American guide stands behind you to your right. He assists you and is present in dream work. The beautiful unfolding blue light of The Master Lady Mary is around you with Motherly Love bringing comfort and understanding.  The Archangel Raphael guides you at this time in all of your healing work. As well as encouraging personal growth, vision and intuition, harmony and balance are encouraged.

I ask to see a timeline. Upheaval and distress, discernible in the past, may have brought about heartache, loss or perhaps even disappointment, but all the strength you possess will allow you to move past the pain and propel you forward. Currently, a time of endings is close at hand, whether pertaining to changes in your personal life or career, you have the strength and courage to get through this transformational time, knowing that renewal follows every conclusion and opportunities do appear because nothing in life remains motionless. If, in the future, you are consumed with self-doubt and are unable to move forward due to being indecisive, realise that you have the strength, courage and power to make decisions, allowing a resolution to be forthcoming. Have faith in yourself; listen to your inner guidance and intuition. As a spiritual being, you have unlimited power at your command and your inner strength, willpower and courage can assist you in coping with adverse conditions in front of you or the many surrounding your life.

End of Reading


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