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Cowslips and Daisies

A bright green pasture full of cowslips and daisies basks under an intense blue sky. I watch butterflies wink coquettishly and display an alluring flash of colour when I hear the word, “Scarborough.”  This pasture is used as common grazing land.  A shuddering din and clang, noises from a mine extracting precious minerals are heard at another distant location, linked together here by a road.   You have been lured to the field by the abundance of wildflowers, wanting to sit in the sun for a span of a few hours in order to escape your daily workload.  A brief respite to relieve the clinging winter chill left in your bones. The sun shines brightly and white clouds can be seen in the blue sky.

This is Wales around the 4th century.  Roman troops have pushed their way through and have, over the years, changed not only the landscape but also the commercial wealth of the community.  Brigands as well as upstanding citizens want to exploit the mineral wealth.

Your dress is from flax linen, coarse and long. Holes have been mended to make your appearance respectable. A galley of men, not quite a legion, have marched though this area, bringing watchmen and relief troops for a Roman fort.  Accommodation has been granted to those of higher rank to sleep in dwellings where small tokens, gifts of beads, are exchanged for room and board.

Your family had, at one time, accompanied these troops on a march ever northward, crossing wide tracts of land, before arriving at this current location.  A small fortune could be amassed if properly planned out.  A type of crude tavern is erected offering plain food and the occasional bed.   A constant supply of workers from the mine as well as soldiers into the frontier, guarantee an ever flowing supply of coins. The work is burdensome.

The end of a passing era has started here, a changing of the guard and those ruling the commerce of the local area.  You will watch troops withdraw and relinquish control, a time of considerable uncertainty.  Wealth around you will not disappear, although men will soon cease to call upon the family establishment.  You instinctively brace yourself for significant changes in your life and community.

I stand back to view the sun shining down upon you and as I do so, I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is an open, grand expanse.  Multifaceted lights sparkle here.  At your third eye chakra, I see a deluge of information coming in, a sense of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin. Balance must first be obtained.  At your throat chakra, I feel a sharp tightness and a sense of constriction, a sluggish spin.  Opportunities are not utilised to express yourself.  At your heart chakra, a beautiful, spreading glow of energy and love moves ever outward.  Your solar plexus chakra spins in a loose ellipse, feelings of intermittent ambition followed by a lack of insight derails plans put into place.  A constant shift and desire to maintain balance yet unable to.  At your solar plexus, there is a swift movement and current of energy with an ability to tap into your inherent creativity.  At your base chakra, I feel a sense of being grounded and see an etheric tie with quartz crystals.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me. You appear first in your flaxen gown, arranging crystals in a perfect line.  The brilliant sunshine of Archangel Jophiel descends around you, bringing joy and upliftment.  He assists in building connections that align you to your higher self, guides, and angels and this helps you to absorb new information and approach life in a new way.  The beautiful, loving, blue light of Mary, the Universal Mother, enfolds around you as she brings her gifts of intuitive wisdom.  The Master Lord Buddha’s radiating love also resonates around and within you, instilling the richness of wisdom.

I ask to see a timeline.  The past reveals a need to move on and leave behind a difficult cycle in your life that has come to an end.  This implies going forward, moving into calmer waters and realising that lessons have been learned from which you have grown and become stronger.  With a healing process under way, it’s possible to set goals and desires to ensure a positive future.  Synchronistic events can now be easily seen, allowing conditions and people to enter into your life for your highest good.  At the current time, balance and harmony is needed in your inner as well as your outer life.  What you perceive to be happening around you is really an externalisation of an inner process or conflict that you may be currently experiencing.  There must be a state of balance emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually in order to make rational decisions.  One must be responsible for choices made as well as ones made in the future.  In the future, the qualities of patience and letting go of control are essential.  Being able to pause and assess that which is in front of you or re-evaluate goals that you’re seeking is prudent.  Take time to review and remember what has worked well for you in the past and not what others believe to be true.  Reflect and plan how you can handle potentially complex situations that may arise.

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