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The Craft of the Medicine Man

A river stretches out before me where deep lateral erosion forms a delta. A man appears with olive skin and a bare chest. His hair is cut straight across his forehead and bluntly cropped short around his head. A headband frames his small eyes and mouth. A feather quill pierces the nose. As he looks furtively left and then right, he grimaces. He does not want to be noticed by anyone. He squats on his haunches. The Yucatán Peninsula, 13th century.

A face flickers before me, at one moment seen with coloured paint and feathers, the next moment showing nothing but the clear face of a Mayan man. You are revealing your identity to me, allowing a glimpse into another world, that of a medicine man. Feathers, chants, bones, and skittles are woven into your domain. As you shift between countenances, you move between realms. You access a spirit world with your thoughts, your energy. This energy you easily access, it’s carried with you and brought to those in need of your services.

A language, a dialect, clicks and murmurs of words are spoken with earnest gravity carrying importance and meaning. A man of few words, yet the words are chosen carefully and then repeated in order to add emphasis. Energy received from beyond your realm is released through your words. A magician some may say, but in this lifetime it was the craft of the medicine man.

Striking coloured feathers, ochre and earth based paint line your cheeks. Beetle stings, beetle dung, compresses made of herbs and leaves, chewed leaves, grinding your molars flat. You quickly assess those that come to you, reaching towards nature to assuage, but it’s your words that carry import. The concentration, a quick deduction, unemotional and detached. You may be called an energy healer but you are known as the medicine man.

Wheels of life are shown to me, star constellations, natural herbs, your face twitches and contorts, your eyes roll, energy flows forth. A natural healer. I step back to view your chakras. Your crown chakra is immense, enigmatic, a chorus of light. I am being shown a connection, an energetic connection that extends beyond our plane. Your third eye chakra revolves, methodically and measured, it’s wide open and you are alert. At your throat chakra, I’m being shown a throat that has been slit and sewn shut, a finger points to this. Careful, guarded attention to yourself, your speech, your words. More observant than vocally expressive. A vow perhaps from a previous life to remain silent. You may speak now. At your heart chakra is felt a sudden deep sigh. Relief and buoyant expectation is felt here. A light flickers. Compassion is a alight. At your solar plexus I am shown expansion as yellow sunlight floods in where focus and intention can reign. Your sacral chakra spins, moderated, creative issues are set aside but can be brought forth. Your base chakra spins elucidating balance and stability. You are grounded at this time.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves. You immediately appear, the quill from your pierced nose serves as a focal point. Your hair remains short, cut evenly around your neck; black fringe frames your face. Serious and somber. The energy is palpable as you echo words long lost and long gone. A woman flanks your right. She is not of this world. She is effervescent, glowing; a sparkly substance resides around her. The beautiful light of Archangel Uriel suffuses the scene, bringing illuminating light and helping connect with divine order. Circles or globes of light energy rise before you, angelic presence is felt.

I ask to see a timeline. You work and dwell among the others, yet there is recognition of an exalted presence. You murmur words as you crouch low to the Earth, a stick in your hand. Creating outlines in the dirt, explaining the world forces, and oral tradition that you will hand down. A revered healer, your teachings are respected. At the present time, I see with tired eyes, a mountain of paperwork. A heart murmurs, palpitates and I feel resignation. A duty upheld. In the future, I see an inky dark sky bereft of stars. Whirled into a tumultuous cloud, you appear unnerved. Balance is the key operative here.

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The Beaver and the Hawk

A ring of fire erupts before me with flames leaping into the air.  Smoke curls and twists at awkward angles.  I see two North American Indian men standing back to back.  They each represent different tribes; their hair adornment is as different and distinct as their dress.

Gesticulating with hands, emotions full of anger shadow their faces.  Standing with their backs to one another, a telltale sign of disagreements, disaccord, and disharmony.  Violence and fighting will break out here, fires will seethe with rage.  Matters will be settled with war.  At the crux are salmon, food links, and a piercing disharmony in nature.  A cyclical interruption causes panic among the people. North America, 17th century.  I hear the word “Seneca.”

The image of a snow peaked mountain appears.  The yearly migration of animals in the surrounding foothills is observed in fast forward.  Your tribe, including your mate, have overstepped their territorial boundary in following the cyclical migration.  Disagreements erupt as anger spews forth.  Unwilling to arbitrate and settle in negotiation, a bitter chase and fight ensues.  The beaver and the hawk.

These disputes from the past penetrate your emotional aura. Obstacles appear where few exist.  Former circumstances regarding authority conflicts may lead to restricting yourself, imposing self-limitations and doubt.  In a broader sense, one may see this as a test and lesson.  Past issues regarding control sway your idealism and visions leading to long-term dreams.

I recede into the background and view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is a stellar space, dispersed with glinting, sparkling points of light.  Your third eye chakra revolves slowly, carefully opening new insights, you are moderating yourself.  Your throat chakra vibrates with raw emotion.  Hoarse with voluble thoughts, a want and a need to help and assist humanity.  Your heart chakra radiates a beautiful glowing light further amplifying your want to help.  As I view your solar plexus, it expands and then contracts quickly.  Shuddering anxiety is felt here.  Your sacral chakra spins as I am shown a wheel.  Emotional aspects are moving within the wheel to be dealt with.  At your base chakra, I see you firmly rooted and grounded.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first with long black hair, a long face and somber eyes having witnessed and seen so much in this life.  A beaded belt, wampum, a highly treasured possession girdles your waist.  An angelic guide, David, assumes a position on your right.  Archangel Gabriel’s energy is perceived around you, motivating and helping to balance body energy levels, creating a spiritually uplifting centre.  The love of the Venetian Master is with you at this time.  His guidance helps with self-expression through the arts and music radiating knowledge and knowingness.

I ask to see a timeline.  A tumultuous yet tenuous relationship, giving your personal power away to another, following their words not your own.  At the present time a calling, a want to be of service, setting your mind to achieving a goal is uppermost in importance.  A need to focus on what moves and inspires you.  Clearing out and then polishing that what remains will add stability and balance. “Take that which inspires you to create change in this world.  Your dreams are a rapid undercurrent for movement towards a unified goal.  Be the catalyst for change that you are.”  Be the dreamer, a guide.  Pay attention to your thoughts and dreams for intuitive insights to dispel self-doubt, obstacles, and struggle.  In the future I see a potential for beginnings, receptive to change.

End of Reading