Working Deep in the Shafts

A rugged man with flexing, ripping, burly muscles.  Sweat runs down his chest.  Heaving for air, his breath runs deep down into his windpipe and lungs.  I follow dense air into a dark tunnel.

This is a mine, a tin or iron mine.  Europe, around the year 10BC.  Hammer and anvil are before you.  A group of men operate the mine, toiling sun up to sun down.  Those who work deep in the shafts have the lowest stature among the men and fewer rights.  Those working closer to the exist were also closer to their freedom and rights as an attenuated Roman citizen.

Bellows-fire, a furnace is also at hand smelting that which comes from the mine.  You are smelting the metals together.  Heavy labour has accorded you strength and striated muscles.  A slave within a complex system, dependent on a supply chain yielding food and necessary clothing and tools.

A ticking noise is heard in the background.  Each day completed is one less day served in captivity.  Unbeknownst to you, once your servitude has ended, your life will not abruptly change for the better, rather you will continue to toil away daily.  Wishing and longing for a day in the future serves no purpose whatsoever.

I view your chakras.  A very deep purple is seen around your crown chakra, whirling stars and bright points encircle you.  At your third eye, I feel a wide opening.  Strands of DNA are shown moving swiftly, meeting, combining and restructuring.  At your throat chakra, I feel a raw feeling.  A voice making itself present and known without an audience, as words fall on deaf ears.  At your heart chakra, I view an enveloping green moving and radiating outwards.  Love encircling all it meets.  Your solar plexus glows brilliantly, yet at times waning as ambition falters.  Your sacral chakra spins and shines brightly, balanced.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask to please view your guides.  The glow of an intense fire lights up your face.  Wet with sweat and grime, wide eyes are turned in my direction.  Your work is your peace and solitude.  Here is your reason for Being.  An inner knowledge, a knowing that you are not enslaved within and the fact that this can never be taken from you.  The iron ore melts as intense heat radiates around you.  The Ascended Master Kuthumi is near you now, helping you with self-awareness and allowing you glimpses of understanding Earth’s mysteries.  Archangel Michael appears briefly, helping you speak your truth and encouraging you to seek ever higher truth and hidden knowledge.  His love suffuses this scene.

I ask to see a timeline of past, present and future.  A quick succession of scenes roll past, melding a hammer, sweat and heat.  Camaraderie and working together as a team is strongly felt.  All of you in this mine have but one goal, to become free men.  Unattainable and unrealistic for most during this lifetime.  At the current time, a heavy burden lies on your shoulders and a direction needs to be fixed.  Rely on your intuition and keep your goals in mind as you seek assistance from others.  In the future I view wide eyes, and feel a deep intake of breath.  The realisation dawns on you, a planetary city, a planetary scope.  A viewpoint far exceeding your own.

End of Reading


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