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The Collective – 3

Greetings Dear Ones!

We are once again by you, ensuring all is as it should be, monitoring the tensile strength of current deductors.  All is proceeding in due course.

An imminent change is underway, described by many as an energetic current that is far out to sea.  As this current moves to shore, it gains an impetus, gathering and collecting all that find themselves in it’s midst.  An impulse to fight the current, much as one would struggle against a riptide, creates undue imbalance.  For the least perturbance to your energetic systems, move with the tide, it’s gentle pull.  Move with the flow.

Many are dealing with inflexible thoughts, emotions and memories that are difficult to dislodge.  Remain with the current and all will suffuse, for All is One.

We continue to monitor and will duly update.


Under a Cloudy Sky

A young girl stands under a cloudy sky.  The wind rushes past her face, sweeping strands of hair loose.  A storm is approaching.  You delight in these moments before the rain breaks and thunder rolls in.  A woman calls you to come inside.  You are needed to help prepare an evening meal.  You fetch cool, clear water.  Staring into the wooden bucket, the reflection glitters in your eyes.  Denmark, 14th century.

Sagas of monsters, demons, gremlins are recited tonight.  All listen thoughtfully, carefully.  All know how the stories end.  Battles fought, monsters and demons vanquished to a nether world.  In your own mind, you creep into these stories, quietly weaving a new plot where you appear.  The drama intensifies where you have placed yourself.

A country life with endless chores, moving through the seasons.  You yearn for action, an adventure, a longing for the past, the times of your ancestors.  Fighting, pillaging and foraying into unknown wild territory.  You become the mighty heroes in the old tales.  Your imagination reels and becomes alive.

You seek daily reminders and signs of the glorious past.   Looking at a view of the coastline, the ocean water, the sun creating glittering, shining diamonds within the water.  A longing to leave, to move with the water.  Your dreams push aside the harsh work that lays before you.  Ever trying to live in another world.

Energy brought from the Great Galactic Sun is brought down.  I view your chakras as your face is turned upwards towards the Sun.  Your crown chakra is open, brilliant, a wide space, twinkling lights are seen.  At your third eye, I see an old Moai.  The face appears only for an instant and quickly disappears.  Your chakra is spinning, though unevenly, unbalanced.  I feel taking in information but not knowing how to process it.  At your throat chakra, I feel a tightness.  You, yourself, are limiting your ability to be and express yourself.  An underlying fear is felt of revealing yourself only to confront disappointment from others.  At your heart chakra, I feel movement circling inward.  Self introspection before moving outward.  A vibrant, glowing light is seen at your solar plexus.  Joyful laughter is heard, a smiling face, enjoying life.  At your sacral chakra, there is balance, emotional stability.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first, dressed in a long flaxen gown, a natural colour.  You have assembled your heroes behind you from the old Norse sagas.  The beautiful, loving, blue light of Mother Mary surrounds you, helping to create a stronger connection with Nature’s Elementals.  The Ascended Master St. Germaine is also here, his unconditional love radiates around you, helping you attain the simple, real qualities of life.  Archangel Raphael’s loving green light is seen, encouraging personal growth and creative balance.

I ask to see a timeline.  You are on a working farm in a village near the sea.  Time is held in constant suspense by your imagination.  The old sagas from long ago weave their way into your daily life.  At the current time, I see a stopping point of pause and reflection.  An inner search to reveal the best possible way forward.  In the future, an energetic cloud of white light, engulfing the backdrop of a city.  All is peaceful.

End of Reading

The Collective – 2

Dear Ones

The fluctuations of light bombarding your planet have now turned into a steady stream.  This will not let up but will continue until key objectives have been met.

During the past few weeks, many have undergone deep transformational changes.  For some, this is only a beginning, yet for others, a continued struggle to balance and adjust.  We salute your achievements!

Stories, history and remembrance have come to the fore for many, many people.  Core issues will continue to unfold in a myriad of ways until acknowledged and released.  A deep emotional purge is needed at this time in order to allow a shift within each of you.  Please continue in your individual efforts.

The Peace movement is on the world stage.  This process will catalyse many souls to lay down their weapons allowing forgiveness to filter in, instead of strife and contention.

We salute you Dear Ones!  For many, the journey has just begun, but for each and every one of you this is a journey of Hope and Love.