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The Journeyman

I see someone kneeling directly on to a stone church floor.  Your hair is cut short, looking squarish, framing your face.  Diligent and earnest in your prayers, you remain kneeling for some time.  This is the Middle Ages.

A journeyman, a wanderer, living off the charity of others.

I suddenly perceive a child turn his dirty face up to me, beckoning me with a finger to follow him.  I hear an echo of children’s voices, a hollow echo, bouncing off nothing.  The child points to ashes where a fire once raged.

You have come into the church, you have nothing, this is your refuge away from your daily toils and work.  Here you find a tranquil stillness, a subtle transcendental peace that affects you inside.  It allows you to weather any storm and always find the calm inside of you.  A man of meager earnings, yet you constantly seek this peace and serenity inside of you.

Terribly disfigured from fire as a child, you are seen as repulsive and repugnant by the local people.  Scathed, you try to endure the pain and loneliness, seeking to always move forward using your feet to move you from one town to the next.   A journeyman.  Your solace only sated in the church.  Here you find communion, companionship and the audience which you are continually denied.  You are loved here.

Your frequent escapes into the church placate your disappointments and your lack.  Forlorn and despondent,  you pour out streams of words that linger around the altar and rise up to the Godly heights of the church ceiling.  Extreme sadness is felt by you, the prejudice and scorn you face from those outside is constantly by your side.

Feelings of loneliness engulf me as well.  I understand your shelter in the church.  I reach for a handful of light energy, a mix of stardust and stars.  I hand this light to you.  This past life is only with difficulty emerging.  The emotions felt here are so tangible, so full of sadness and loneliness that we must seek to uplift them before we look further.

I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is wide open, deep, with pin-points of sparkling light.  Your 3rd eye moves very slowly, almost sluggishly, refusing to see everything around you, a fear is felt here.  At your throat chakra, I feel a distinct tightness, your self-expression and communication slightly blocked.  At your heart chakra, I perceive a glowing light, but not very bright, a sense of vulnerability and lack of trust is felt.  Your solar plexus is shining and spinning brightly.  Your will and intentions are set.  At your sacral chakra, I see a spin and light shine forth.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first, wearing worn out and threadbare garb.  Physically disfigured, you experience life as a vagabond, wandering from one place to the next.  You want to utilise the experience from this point in time of alienation, loneliness, trust in God, and poverty to better understand the human condition.  Ascended Master Hilarion is with you at the present time, helping to cleanse and heal the physical, mental and emotional self.  “We must all realise that Life is a cleansing and healing process.”  His love shines with you.  Archangel Raphael is with you.  His presence and emerald healing light surround you, helping you to find inner balance and harmony.

I ask to see a timeline.  I see you wandering, moving and walking endlessly.  You walk from one small town or parish to another, seeking not only employment, but solace within.  At this time your peace is found in every church you enter.  At the present time, I see you seeking and gaining knowledge.  This will help you to gather Light on your path.  The realisation that Life’s Journey is purposeful and with every detour, with every unexpected twist, comes new lessons to be learned.  In the future, I see you with a stern face, knowing your abilities.  Odd padded clothing, reminding me of a fencer.

End of Reading


Bird of Prey

A great hawk with wings aloft flies through the air.  As soon as the hawk’s eyes make contact, it flies straight towards me.  Closer and closer it comes as I watch the beak open slightly, looming ever closer to me.  I see a sudden close-up shot of small eyes, feathers and the prominent open beak.  It tries to nip at me, but I am protected in an energetic cloud.  It feels like it’s trying to destroy a tiny spy camera I have suspended in the air.

I suddenly see a man with short black hair.  We are in the Philippine Islands, 19th century.

The bird of prey I saw earlier is a metaphor for you.  You are using means of stealth, deception and cunning to take more than you are entitled to at this present time.  You work with another man, hatching your plan, deceiving your family members.  Devious and well thought out, your plan is leading you to abandon your moral compass.  Conspiring to deceive your parents for fear of lack, of having nothing later on, and feelings of entitlement are felt here, of knowing that you deserve this.  You will execute your plan of action as swiftly as the great hawk catches his prey.

A reversal of fortunes will take place, things falling seamlessly and seemingly effortlessly into your lap.  You are well prepared for this.  A coup in which you will enrich yourself by impoverishing those close around you, specifically your parents.

A business that is being run as a family enterprise.  You seek to be in sole control, want to exert your power over others.  The insistence that the business fall into your hands is a power struggle between you and your father, a patriarch, in control of his own domain.  He will not relinquish control and only regrettably hands the family business over to you.  Your plans are grandiose, immense, and inevitable changes are there for all.  Those who cannot move forward, incapable of incorporating change into their lives, struggle with your victory.  You shine light on a new path to follow and the business will flourish in your hands, but only after much wringing of hearts.

In order to satisfy your own ego, your own desires, their wealth, their livelihood is moved into your hands.  An intense desire for control, a need or want for that which others have.  Coveting.  You are amazed with your own power, your ability to change the fortunes of those around you.  A deep need to control and a thirst for yet more power.  You are determined to move forward, capturing yet more power within your hands.

I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra erupts into a vision of open, clear space, radiant lights glowing at points.  Your 3rd eye chakra is open, but stops at frequent intervals to gather information, focus, and clarity.  At your throat chakra, I feel a vibrating feeling, as if words echo and bounce off blank walls, a distinct feeling of not being taken for your word, not taken seriously, not being listened to.  Your heart chakra is open, spinning, a definite love for those that are around you and a love of self is felt here.  At your solar plexus, I see a bright light expanding out.  At your sacral chakra, I see light emitted, spinning, stability.  At your base chakra I feel a grounded feeling.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  I see your eyes shining brightly with a proud look on your face.  Choosing the correct time for the takeover creates immeasurable pride in you.  Ascended Master St. Germaine is with you at the present time, helping you to attain a simplified attitude to the real qualities of life, including the mystical.  He also offers assistance to those who are enmeshed  in rigid traditional concepts.  Archangel Raphael surrounds you with his beautiful green healing light and love.  Angels surround either side of you.

I ask to see a timeline:  Flanked by others who assist you in the business, the trade, you have clear insight as to what is before you and how the business will develop.  The task of leadership, now upon your shoulders, will bring many changes within the family dynamics.  At the present time I see you grasping at straws.  Literally, trying to find a stable place where you can plant yourself and finally develop ideas that occupy your thoughts.  A note aside, be wary of planting or entrenching yourself too deeply, be aware of the possible need to quickly move.  In the future, I see brilliant lights in the background as if outlining a landing strip.  Many, you among them, await the arrival of guests.

End of Reading

The Foiled Escape

I’m in a forest glade and see sunlight break through green foliage.  I hear the sound of flowing water from a small brook nearby.  Soft green moss grows on the forest floor.

A woman is hurrying through this forest, periodically looking behind her as she moves on.  Afraid a pursuer will catch up with her, she shakes with fear, sweat on her face, and rushes quickly on.  In her haste, she stumbles and trips over broken twigs and unseen rocks.  Her fate rests in her hands.

I catch myself almost hyperventilating, my nerves suddenly going into a panic.  I step back and breathe deeply, reminding myself that I’m merely an observer here.  After collecting myself, I observe you again.  I don’t know where I am.  It feels like Europe.  A forest in Europe, plentiful oak and beech.  It’s springtime, the sun is able to penetrate into the forest and pick out tiny green leaves.  I look at you.  You are wearing a long green gown, the hem of which reaches the forest floor, catching the dirt and dampness.  Your long hair has fallen down your back.  There is worry and fear in your eyes.  I see your pursuer.  A man with black hair and a thin mustache covering a mouth set in anger.  The hint of a sneer in his face.  He knows it’s just a matter of time before he catches you.

You are running now and out of breath.  You almost fall, but catch yourself on a tree.  Panting and scared, you grasp the trunk of the tree and try to hide behind it.  Your breath comes out loud and fast, you cannot calm down.

You are petrified with fear, nervous and scared as to what will happen next.  I see the man catch up to you.  You try to scream, but he quickly puts his hand upon your mouth, physically dragging you out of the forest.  We are in England, 18th century, the man is your husband.

I visualise the beautiful green healing light of Archangel Raphael and imagine this scene is covered in an emerald green mist.  I read your chakras.  Your crown chakra is open, wide, expansive, and bright.  Twinkling lights are seen here.  Your 3rd eye revolves, spins.  Carefully and decidedly you choose what you would like to see and would not like to see.  I feel careful deliberation here.  At your throat chakra, I feel a gasping sort of feeling, an inability to express what you would most like to.  Your heart chakra is open, flashing lights, a beautiful love is felt here, compassion, love of others, and trust.  At your solar plexus, I see a spin but with occasional dimming.  Anxiousness, wanting to please others, not believing in yourself but wanting to appease those around you.  At your sacral chakra I see a spin and light.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear wearing the long green gown, it looks like velvet.  You smile and turn to the side.  Archangel Raphael is here, allowing peace and harmony to settle about you.  I see and feel the blue light of Mother Mary, her comfort and understanding blesses you and her energies of intuitive wisdom help you now to give you courage in order to establish yourself in society.  Angels are around you.

I ask to see a timeline.  I see you in the long green dress again.  You peer furtively around you and run.  In love with another man and having committed adultery, you run.  An argument has broken out between you and your husband.  For so many years, fear has kept you in submission, when suddenly a spark flies in you and a sudden determination to leave, to run away, overcomes you.  You seek no reconciliation with your husband, but want the marriage annulled.  Your husband does not consent.  He will not and refuses to be without his trophy piece.  At the present time, I see you preparing yourself, getting ready either physically or mentally to challenge something.  I see these preparations.  In the future, I see you smiling with a friend, you are wearing an unusual white trim helmet.

Nothing Without His Horse

I see a man wearing a fitted cap with a tassel attached on top.  He is a warrior standing in place, looking all around him.  Asia.  Mongols.  A defensive wall, a wide steppe before me.  Windy, wild territory.  You are a horse rider, knowledgeable and able, riding with a hording army, razing an unspeakable amount of land before you.  Helping to instill fear and turmoil in every heart with the mere mention of the hordes you ride with.  Many men like you, able bodied and agile on a horse.

I see a face, a close-up of the rider, dark hair, wild eyes.  He moves swiftly and effortlessly among the others, bow and arrows on his back.  A well chosen weapon of stealth.  Several shirts or tunics worn with trousers and leather boots.  I see a blur, a rush of warriors on either side of me, a long line that continues on.   A long column of men, ready to kill, pillage, and destroy.  The dust in the air is palpable.

This is a fearless man, seething with rage and a powerful fighting spirit that cannot be unimbued.  The connection with his horse underlies his source of power and heightened abilities, for it is the horse that carries him such long distances.  He is nothing without his horse and he knows this.  The horse is an extension of himself, creating a force with super abilities, speed, strength, and stamina.

Sweat, leather, grease.  I see and hear the whir of arrows.  Every target met.  An expression of utter madness on his face and in his wild eyes.  Horse and man working as one, decimating a battlefield of men before him.  The goal is only to kill.  None are afraid to die out here on the steppe.  None.  All are fearless.

I sweep my arms around me, gathering glittering stars into my hands.  I watch as I let the stars fall onto you.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is wide open, expansive and deep, visible lustrous light is seen here.  At your 3rd eye, I view a quiet spin, making one revolution after another and constantly stopping.  I feel a need to control here, constant control, an unwillingness to let things unfold as they happen.  Your throat chakra is tight.  Also, control issues here.  Control over yourself and who you are becoming.  Your heart chakra is spinning and giving off an intermittent light.  Choosing.  Love is plentiful and meant for all, it transforms, expands and grows the more it is heaped on others.  This is not only beneficial to you, but to others as well.  At your solar plexus, I feel a strong, vibrant light.  Empowerment, focus and will.  Again, a need for control.  At your sacral chakra, spinning, a strong force of raw creative energy felt here.  You are grounded at your base chakra.  I must add here that the feelings I receive for your lower chakras are so strong and full of vitality, there must be an outlet for this whether creatively or by pure intention in manifesting things.  A definite ability to manifest or create.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear wearing bits of leather clothing, sweat, dirt, and a fierce look on your face.  A sheath of arrows grasped tightly and angrily in your hand.  Ascended Master Lord Maitreya appears radiating intense light around him.  He is with you at the present time, helping to detach from old ideas and concepts in order to express creative ideas not previously seen on Earth before.  He is assisting you with this.  The presence of Archangel Michael is also felt, extending love and pure light.

I ask to see a timeline.  The fierce warrior appears once again seated on his horse.  The passion, camaraderie and commitment to this tribe of men is intense.  The level of horsemanship and the relationship with the horses is remarkable.  A deep respect felt here for the horses that have turned the man from ordinary mortal to invincible warrior.  An indescribable respect.  At the present time, I see you talking, generating ideas, frustration felt at an inability to set things into motion just yet.  In the future, I see items being placed in a precise order.  Choosing and carefully placing them in an exact alignment.  Your breath is held.

End of Reading

The Apprentice

I am told this is ancient Siam, but am inundated with feelings of Burma.  I see an apprentice to a sculptor watching many dancers move their heads from side to side, their arms, hands and fingers making slow deliberate movements.  This apprentice is watching the movements and carefully studying them.  What stays and remains in his memory will be carved into stone.  A remarkable gift, almost like photography, able to envision one clear precise dance movement and etch it into stone.

The young apprentice rarely leaves the studio where his master works.  Only now is he being entrusted to watch, remember, and visually recreate at a later time.  He is learning his craft.

The dancers entice with their eyes, their curling hands, it’s difficult to stay focused, his eyes follow the girls’ movements.  Only with great determination does he not become entranced, allowing his thoughts to wander from his craft.

A fine dust filled studio.  There are many young men carving figures here.  A colossal number of carved figures will be needed, the men work creating one beautiful piece after another.  A devotion to their trade.  A fine eye for detail, the ability to distill a moment in time and recreate this in polished stone is extraordinary.  Your master uses your talents, your visual acuity to stylize the carvings.  They will be placed on a stone temple, a gift to the gods.

Pounding chisels, a constant rhythm, forming, hammering and shaping sandstone.  Arguments break out regarding a stone quarry.

Chanting monks.  Robed.  They are bald headed.  Solemn, moving forward through the temple, chanting.  A long procession.  A temple being reconstructed, damaged through warfare.

There are two simultaneous paths advancing through this temple, one of prayer and asceticism and the other waging warfare, yet the two are inextricably linked.  Intense ritual moves throughout the temple.  Two opposing streams, one seeking peace and enlightenment, the other destruction and power.  Both lines of energy move through this temple, one causing it’s physical destruction and another it’s magical rebirth.  Both are here at this point in time.

Both sides beseech the craftsmen, both demand quick reconstruction.  One wants to grasp the power held within the temple and use it for promoting bloodshed, the other seeks to promote issues of faith and adherence thereof.  You, the craftsman sit at the crutch of these two seemingly opposing sides with mounting pressure to finish a job given to you.

I see a square of fabric wrapped around your legs.  You are barefoot.  Though chosen in your craft to create important depictions, you remain grounded and not full of ego.  A quantity of energy I move between my hands.  There is a bouncy quality to the energy.  Brilliant light escapes as I hand this to you.  I view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is open, a vivid vast field of light, sparkles shine intermittently.  Your 3d eye is spinning, moving.  I feel much work has been put in and now you are reaping the effects of that work.  Your throat chakra spins, giving off a visible light.  A slight closure is felt, a type of protective mechanism, protecting yourself from others.  At your heart chakra, I feel a wide opening, a love, energy pouring and streaming out.  A need is felt that you ought to staunch this open flow of energy.  Your solar plexus is also shining brightly, a knowing of having this life, claiming your personal power and utilising this for good.  At your sacral chakra, I feel a relationship brewing.  You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear with the fabric around your waist, the tools of your trade in your hands.  A stone panel carved in bas relief is behind you.  A smile on your face knowing you have contributed much to a temple in construction.  Angels encircle you.  The presence of AA Michael surrounds you, radiating love and strength.  Ascended Master Jesus Sananda is with you at this point in time, strengthening your inner devotion and in so doing, awakening those around you.

I ask to see a timeline.  You are hewing the stone, carving meticulous and defined facial features.  One beautiful piece after another.  A chisel within your hands, a gift to reproduce as art, adding beauty and your own creativity to one piece after another.  An earnest desire to do the best you possibly can.  At the present time, I see issues about control and being confronted with things that were previously not considered.  Maintaining a relationship and having emotional stability.  In the future, I see a white band tied around your forehead.  Your face is solemn and bowed.

End of Reading