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Free Soul Readings for Month of December

Due to overwhelming response, I now have a waiting list for free December 2013 Soul Readings and cannot continue this offer any longer!!

Thank you so much for your interest in receiving a reading!!

I will publish the readings in December 2013 and January 2014 without names and perhaps you will “find” yourself among them.

In grace, abundance, joy, brilliant love, and light….



The Alpinist

A mountaineer, climbing carefully and slowly ascending, fully aware of his surroundings.  A 19th century Alpinist.  He is not wearing modern gear, but rather old-fashioned clothing, a brown wool coat and nondescript grey trousers.  There are boots on his feet which are tightly done up and metal cleats attached with wide bands.    A type of leg warmer sits around the tops of his boots and calves.  A floppy hat on his head.  I would like to say this is the Alps.  He turns towards me and I see that he has a shaggy beard.  He grins, turns back around and continues up an easy incline.

I’m being shown this scene as a reminder of the extreme courage, great determination, physical challenge, and exceptional mental acuity needed for this sport.   A need to go within oneself in order to have the intense focus, the blind courage, ambition and desire to achieve, to put yourself out there in ultimate peril.  I hear the cleats on ice.  I see a wooden-handled ice axe and rope, coils and coils of rope.

A burning, fervent need to conquer this mountain, reach the summit.  A passionate desire that is not easily understood, yet we can all step back and admire the athletic and mental challenges a mountaineer faces.

I see a small “Hütte”.  You’ve reached a particular elevation, but are not yet finished.  You will prepare a hot meal of soup here, have a good night’s rest and continue the following morning.  You are challenging your own inner limitations, rock climbing, ice climbing.  You seek to stretch your physical limits with mental challenges.  This is your “hobby”.

As I view you from above, your struggles are apparent to me.  I stretch out my hands to you, having taken “icy” crystals from the summit and hand them to you.  Good-humoured, one hand on a pick axe, you take the crystals with the other hand and deposit them in your pockets.  I view your chakras, the crystals lining your pockets.

Your crown chakra is luminous and wide open.  Shafts of light can be seen entering here.  Your 3rd eye is open, revolving, but not being fully utilised at this point in time  Your throat chakra, spinning, giving off a “humming” sound.  I see someone who likes to talk, converse for hours on end.  Always talking, yet a most earnest listener as well.  Able to give insight, opinions, and advice to your friends.  Someone who can see a larger picture and convey this to others.  Your heart chakra is spinning wildly.  Warm, immense, a love for people, humanity.  A want and need to helps others.  Please do not slip into others emotional needs and problems in trying to help them, rather try to disconnect so you do not take on their problems.  Moving down to your solar plexus, you want to enjoy life, but limitations are at hand.  Shining brightly, rotating, there is a wane in the shine at points.  Your sacral chakra is moving and you are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask to see your guides:

You present yourself first, standing with one foot placed on a bench and knee bent.  You are still wearing the clothes you were wearing during the mountain climb.  Lying around you is an assortment of old-fashioned instruments and tools, everything you would have in your “kit” for a climb.  You radiate pride in your accomplishments, pride in your tenacity, and pride in your own tactical awareness.  A seasoned athlete in his milieu.  A vibrant blue engulfs you.  AA Michael surrounds you with brilliant love, a guide in your trek forward in life.  Ascended Master Lord Lanto is with you at this particular time, as you gain wisdom and knowledge.  A row of angels come in and are before you.  An old man shows up on the right, from your mother’s side of the family.  This man sends loving, light greetings.  A dog shows up, a beagle.

I ask to see a timeline:

The bundled up figure appears again, ever climbing, moving forward, challenging himself.  A connection with the precipices, mountains, stones.  You become recharged standing on these rocks, stones that took millennia to form.  A mountainscape that draws you in and fascinates you.  A calling to put your hands on the rocks, a transference of energy that is not apparent to you.  A love of these mountains, that runs as deep as the veins of iron ore deposited here.  You are reaching to God.  Exhausting yourself physically and challenging yourself mentally.  You are at the limit of awareness of your abilities but continue to seek a higher awareness by climbing higher, reaching further pinnacles in physicality as well as spirituality.  The climbing is a salve for your soul.

At the present time, I see your contemplating a few ideas, nothing concrete, yet playing with ideas and perhaps pursuing these things at a later time in the future.  You realise you are in a “hold” right now.  Needing to finish what you’ve now started before beginning a new project.  “Do not be rash in your decisions, contemplate every idea fully before pursuing something as a foolish folly.  You are surrounded by love and support at all times.  Give heed to guidance you may see or feel.”

In the future I caught a quick glimpse of a strange looking city, a city that has never been seen before.  You are working here.  You possess knowledge and a determination to succeed.  These things keep you here.  Weightless, magnetic vehicles.

End of Reading

Too Young to Die

There was a traffic accident where 4 young people died and I instantly got the girl, there was a girl in the car.  She didn’t want to die…  She was sobbing to me and telling me that she didn’t want to die, not like this, not so young…..

Sending light and love…

“My eyes are just holograms”

A most interesting incident occurred.  I watched characters, which seemed to step out from an anime movie, come to life.

A black haired young man appears, drawn and animated, he squats down and turns on his heels peering out of a glass dome.  His hands are touching the inside of the dome as he looks steadily around him.  Intent on seeing or finding someone, there is an aspect of exposing or discovering something about his surroundings.  This young man is seeking to KNOW his environment, understand where he is and the mysteries of his world.  I hear these lyrics from “Twist in My Sobriety” by Tanita Tikaram:

Look my eyes are just holograms
Look your love has drawn red from my hands
From my hands you know you’ll never be
More than twist in my sobriety

I feel disillusion, disappointment, disgust with society.  Your visions shattered.  I see you seeking understanding and truth without religious connotations.  You wish to understand who you are, what you are and where you came from.  You look around, shaking your head, acknowledging those who live in the “illusion” as fools.  For you know there is more to it than that which you were taught/indoctrinated at school.  Skeptical and ever searching for truth, knowledge, and the basis of your very existence.  Philosophy and theology are thrown aside, only considered when in dire need.  Your fantasy, intellect and intense desire spur you on.

Another anime character appears with you.  The script has now slightly changed – your script, for you have written this drama.  I see you both in shadow, fists tightly closed as an unseen camera rolls around you.  A dolly-in take of sparks showering above both of you.  These sparks allow you to fly.

I watch you closely and observe your chakras:

Your crown chakra is open, expansive, like deep space.  Light glitters and shines like flecks of intense sunlight.  Your 3rd eye is revolving slowly, completely open, you are able to SEE and HEAR.  Around your throat chakra, I hear a gurgling noise.  You are not allowed, you feel, by society to be who you came here to be.  You feel let down, disappointed and I feel extreme dissatisfaction.  Your solar plexus is also expansive, allowing a massive amount of light energy to shine outward.  Your sacral chakra is open, moving and you are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask to see a timeline:

I see a young man with bright blue eye, brown hair, mustache, wearing a helmet, wet, sweaty and dirty, cowering in the trenches.  Helmet is slightly askew.  This is WW1.  You are the poet, the outsider, the dissenter of your unit.  A war that you find despicable, pointless, you have become the skeptic.  You are affable and well-liked here among the men.  What you most desire is a cease-fire, a truce, an end to the torment of casualties and daily deaths.  Part of a cavalry unit, fighting in the trenches, you have become completely disillusioned.  Eventually you will be wounded and sent back to England to recover but the war does not leave you unscathed.  Embittered and morose, you write, lending an outlet to your bomb-scarred memory.  Patriotism, nationalism and honour for your country has been expunged.  You do not see yourself as a war hero, you KNOW you were used as a pawn.

In the present time I see you sitting at a desk, your hands covering your ears.  Unable to tolerate the rhetoric around you.  You SEE and KNOW the truth, though many around you are blind and unwilling to see.  Maintain your stand!  This will facilitate the eventual release of all truths.  Your insistence and desire will infect others in wanting to see and hear the truth.

In the future I see you leading a crowd of people, an activist, an agent of change.  Your desire for truth and change has compelled others to follow in wanting the same.

I ask to see your guides:

You come forward, waving a brightly coloured rainbow banner.  You stand in the forefront, a smile on your face, ever the “truth seeker”, igniting in others the same want for transparence and truth.  AA Michael stands guard with you, his shining sword at the ready.  He is your fellow “soldier” of Light.

I am shown again the scene from the trenches:  A brief moment of calm, a moment suspended into eternity.  No reverberations of gunshots, grenades and explosions.  This moment of calm creates a nervous tension within you that is difficult to control.  You would like to close your eyes and pretend that your surroundings are but a hellish recurring dream.  You want to disappear, hide somewhere, and not face this reality.  Your heart beats nervously, expectantly and dreading the next onslaught of gunfire.

Please be aware of this suspended moment in time. You are the activist.  The creator.  The artist.

End of Reading.

A Hoodie and Shades

I see a young man, edgy, jaunty, wearing sunglasses, head covered, sinking into invisibility, becoming one with the crowd.  A hoodie and shades – your mask is on.  Appearing much like the unabomber, quite self-effacing.  A person who does not want to be recognised or seen, and so remains “hidden” so as not to come to the fore.  This person seeks no attention.

I hear a track of street jams, one following another, the lyrics blurting out to the point of confusion.

For this is where you are right now: a point of confusion, directionless, unambitious, pointless.  You easily could listen to music alone, drink alone.  Being alone does not frighten you but being aimless and directionless does.  The frightening realisation that you are responsible for the creation of your own life falls heavily on your shoulders.

I see a woman that seems to warp out of quick silver and stand with her legs apart.  She wears a tight silver jumpsuit.  I watch as she outstretches her arms, palms wide open and see sparkles fly onto you.

Is it cool?  Trying to look cool?  Is it just a mask?  You are hiding your true divinity.  You are not allowing yourself or others to know who you really are.  Please step into your divinity, accept who you are and allow others to see you in your true light.

I view your chakras:

Your crown chakra is buzzing, heavenly and wide.  Your 3rd eye is wide open, staring and stuck in a close-up view.  You are trying too hard in one direction.  Please step back, relax and do not be so intent on only one way of seeing or doing things.  I feel a stifled cry around your throat chakra area.  You are so accustomed to wearing your “mask,” you do not want to reveal yourself at this point in time.  You will eventually, so please do not be too hard on yourself regarding any reluctance that appears at this point in time.  Your heart chakra is wide open.  A constant flutter is felt here.  A sway in two opposite directions: one being hurt or feeling hurt and another being happy or feeling happy.  Please realise that to wrap yourself emotionally in one direction only causes imbalance.  Love yourself at all times and always, for others will love you as soon as you learn to love yourself.  Your solar plexus is blindingly bright light.  The energy you have “brought” with you will be utilised in a most magnificent way.  Your sacral chakra is chugging, feeling sluggish.  Please get enough rest, remain balanced and in control of your emotions.  Your base chakra is grounded.

I ask to see a timeline:

I discern the top of a Roman helmet.  You are a Roman soldier.  I see a sun-tanned face yelling out orders to soldiers in large group formation.  This man is on a chariot, yelling out orders, horses tugging violently forward.  Dust pounds the air.  You are respected equally by soldiers below you as those above you.  You are defined entirely by your soldier’s life, victories, triumphs, defeats in battle.  A sense of moral duty, adhering to a code of ethics, encompasses you.  You will eventually be killed in battle, having sacrificed your entire life to noble notions, a sense of righteousness.  There is nothing here for personal gain or egotistical needs.  I hear the lyrics from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, “Can’t Hold Us”:

Caesar make you a believer. Now I never ever did it for a throne.
That validation comes from giving it back to the people. Now sing this song and it goes like
Raise those hands, this is our party
We came here to live life like nobody was watching
I got my city right behind me
If I fall, they got me. Learn from that failure gain humility and then we keep marching ourselves

Can we go back, this is the moment
Tonight is the night, we’ll fight ’til it’s over
So we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us
Like the ceiling can’t hold us

You are not fighting for prestige, power and fame, rather for “the people” and to share your glory with them.

In the present time I hear the beat tracks again, droning music in the background and feel slow movements.  Things are not moving fast enough for you, and at this point in time feel yourself “stuck,” unable to extricate and propel yourself forward.  Inertia is present and you would so like to move forward.  This feeling of being “stuck” is partially due to choices you made yourself and also those around you.  Please focus, literally focus, on exactly WHAT you would like to achieve, see, do.  Only when you place your clear focus on what YOU want, will you shift your momentum.

In your future, I see a man wearing a casual blazer, a smug smile.  Decisive, full of intentions and CREATING.

I ask to see your guides:

You come forth with a blazing half-sun headdress upon your head.  This is a headdress of some sort signifying a connection with the Sun.  You are wearing a short tunic, a Roman soldier’s uniform.  You appear as a standard-bearer; it is a great distinction to carry the standard.  Appeasing your heritage, your birth-right, and honorable, noble intentions.  Feathers burst from your helmet, pride and honour radiate out from you.  You appear muscular, very fit and in the prime of life.  Your legs are slightly apart maintaining dignity and pride.  An enormous angel appears, AA Zadkiel.  This angel is instructing you at this time.  Ascended Master Jesus is beside you, walking The Way, opening ground, emblazoning a way, forging ahead for others to follow.  You have not yet stepped into this role, instead, “hiding”, “waiting”, “observing”.  This is fine, for at the right moment you will utilise the opportunity to forge ahead and BE the mission you came here to pursue.  I see dogs, several dogs stretched out on a carpet before you.  A life of privilege allows you to have these dogs.  “Take this time to observe as any military commander first observes before making any tactical moves.”

End of Reading

The Sit Model

I see a very young woman with an enormous amount of long hair.  The hair is so copious that it slightly twists around her.  I am mistaken in thinking this is a mermaid.  A faint whisper, “1919.”  I see the woman again, this time her image is encased in glass, stained glass.  An arts movement that has forever fixed her image for eternity.

I see a man with pasty-white skin, wearing a hat, small eyes and thin mustache.  France.  This man is an artist.  The young woman was brought to him as a “sit model.”  He and other artists will use her for numerous sketches for their art work.  She is very young, pubescent.

With each session, this man will gradually disrobe her, discarding one article of clothing after another, and eventually seduce her.  A love affair, art, glass, beauty, emotions and stillness.  A love affair between the artist and “the sitter.”

As he draws each line, a palpable irritation flares in him blurring the want and need to express visually what he sees and an intense desire to touch “the subject.”  A blossoming of colour and hues radiate from his hands as he entertains thoughts of this woman.  A pure expression of vital lust that he wants to explore in his art.

The woman is of slight build, slender yet well-proportioned.  She holds absolutely no feelings for this artist.  Ambivalent towards his treatment of her.  She is interested only in receiving payment as a model, in which her modesty is only slightly shaken.  Earning money by posing in the nude, there are no inner qualms, rather flattery at being admired and looked at by so many men.  This gives her a sense of equality, power, leverage and influence in this male-dominated society.  I hear these lyrics:

Iggy Pop “Real Wild Child”

I’m a real wild one
An’ I like a wild fun
In a world gone crazy
Everything seems hazy
I’m a wild one
Ooh yeah I’m a wild one

I grab light energy from above.  Your eyes are soft and you are smiling as you take this exquisite light energy from me.

An atelier in Paris.  This woman will die at a young age from the “disease of the lungs,” tuberculosis, but not before empowering fellow friends with ideas of equality and women’s rights.  Pushing and pursuing the rights of women is in her core.  Equality and a sense of purpose.  A catalyst, spurring others to join the women’s rights movement.

An electrifying energy comes out of your hands as the light flows through you.  I view your chakras:

Your crown chakra is a wide open, glittering expanse.  Your 3rd eye is also open, but staring straight ahead, forgetting to look in other directions.  I see a mouth sewn tightly closed around your throat chakra.  You are unable to communicate properly, you cannot say what you truly feel and see but must keep quiet.  Yet you are bursting to let out all that you know but I feel those surrounding you prefer you to keep quiet.  Your heart chakra is rumbling.  A quiet pitter-patter is felt here.  Feelings for someone flitter around.  You have an open love for humanity.  Around your solar plexus is a bright expansive light.  The Universe shines through you which you radiate outwards to others.  Your sacral chakra is tightly squeezed in and you are completely grounded.  I allow the energy to filter through you and watch as the energy exits the soles of your feet.

I ask your guides to assemble themselves for me.  You appear as a nymph.  An oriental touch to your long gown.  You appear as if you’ve walked off the set of a silent movie.  Long hair undone, falling around your shoulders.  You have slippers on, also with an oriental flare.  You project extreme confidence.  Angels are here at your sides.  Divine Mother Mary, Ascended Master Serapis Bey are here, helping you to control your emotional self.  There are also young children here, sitting on the floor, gathered around you.

I ask to see a timeline:

I’m taken back again to your days as a “sit model.”  I feel impertinence, nonconformance to society’s norms of the day.  You push boundaries for women, releasing in your own way, a tiny rivulet that will eventually join other tributaries, gathering current and strength to create the great flood of feminism of the 20th century.

In your current situation I see you talking with others, making plans, agitating those around you.  For you cannot subdue your catalytic nature, the impetus for others around you to hit their own boundaries and push past their own self-imposed limitations.

In the future I see an old woman taking delight in that which is around her.  Her environment stimulates and creates a very active mind.  This woman looks cheerfully around and sees the myriad ways in which society has changed for the better.

End of Reading