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A Pioneer

Blue skies and red earth below my feet, a tribal African energy resonates outward. I hear a language I do not understand, singing together, body movements in perfect unison with their voices. Ochre, mud, red clay is smeared on their skin. A steady drumbeat resonates within me, I want to move with them.

There is a multitude of wild game around us, exotic animals from my viewpoint. The rhythmic beat is infectious. The singing draws forth deep emotions and primal urges. I feel free, uninhibited by anyone and anything. I move as I feel guided, I sing as the melody pushes up within me emotions that were always hidden on the surface but now exposed and bared. I move with the group, as one.

I feel a connection with the land, the soil, the people. I hear “salt of the earth.” You are the backbone that so many lean upon, though weary yourself, you can take the load of those so reliant upon you. I visually see the Earth crack below my feet. Your connection with “the land” is deep and all consuming. Through your toil and sweat, so many souls have rested their weary feet upon “the land.”

A darkness descends suddenly as brightly twinkling stars appear. Stories are now being told, ones that have been handed down for years. Your religion, your faith. A long lineage of stories that have been handed down countless generations. You understand the importance of elders and their knowledge. You seek to preserve this knowledge, use it and likewise, in due time, hand it down to capable hands. Wise beyond your years, you understood early the importance of passing down crucial information.

I see in front of me, on the right, a shaft of white glowing light. It’s a beautiful light that compels one to come closer towards it. This light is electrifying, glowing and emanates a radiance of love.

Yellow-green prairie grasses are blowing in the wind as an intense sun light bears down upon you. A searing wind cuts into your face and touches your dry cracked lips, seeming to never let up. Your throat is parched, your skin is brown on this South African plain. You are in a covered wagon crossing what feels like an endless expanse of land. You are new settlers here, colonizers of new territory.

This perilous journey is not for the faint-hearted, one must have one’s wits about one, constantly on guard for an ever present danger, whether from beast or the elements. Your mind constantly turns to thoughts of a new life, a new start, as homesteaders or farmers. The harsh conditions do not dissuade you, but rather galvanize you to continue on. A pioneer.

I see broken wagon wheels, broken axles, horses under strain, open cooking fires, extreme harsh weather, but courage and determination move you on. An inherent feeling of proprietary rights, you are strong in your conviction of land claims. You give yourselves this “right.” The feelings of expansion, movement, colonization, proprietary notions are not present in today’s time but are distinctly and overwhelming felt back then.

I slip into the sheath of shining white light I saw earlier. I breathe deeply several times allowing the energy to penetrate into every pore. I see you advancing towards the luminous light and I beckon you to enter as well. We stand so still, breathing deeply and allowing the beautiful energy to penetrate into our deepest core. I view your chakras as you stand in this light:

I see an intense “rain” striking down into your crown chakra. Silvery streaks flow incessantly down, just as an intense rain. Brilliant, energetic silvery rain. Your 3rd eye is revolving slowly and appears upside down. Around your throat chakra area, I feel as if speech is being spurt out, at times consistently, at other times inconsistently, but always as an “outburst,” coming all out at once. A radiance of green, heartfelt, loving energy permeates your heart chakra. Happiness to be with those around you, this loving radiance extends outwards around you, enveloping those around you with a glowing warmth. You solar plexus is sending forth energy, perhaps you are giving out more energy than you should. Overextending yourself. This you need not do, for your life force energy is being used by those around you. Please refrain from overextending yourself, and allow the energy within you to recharge yourself and not others. I feel a pelvic, perhaps hip problem around your sacral chakra area. You are grounded at your base chakra.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me:

You are sitting on a bench wearing a “patrician” dress. Perhaps a certain time period in Italy fascinates you, for you are richly dressed in embroideries and fine cloths. Your hair is braided up and bits of lace hang about your collar. Several angels fall in behind you, multicoloured and beautiful. AA Raphael is here. I am being told that you are a “healer,” you have a healing ability. A man has come forward, he has black hair and a black mustache. This man radiates and sends loving greetings. There are more souls crowding in on both sides of you. People you have known, but have now forgotten. They send loving greetings and are so happy for you and the strides you have made here. There is a pure white cat here with long hair. It looks like a Persian cat. The cat fits perfectly with your patrician clothes.

I ask to see a timeline:

I’m brought again to the African plains. A reminder surfaces to accept the “natives” around you. For the old notion of expansion and colonization does not fit in today’s society.

In your current time I see you sitting at a desk. I do not know if you are writing or thinking about writing, but there is considerable time spent contemplating and reflecting. You are encouraged and helped by your guides around you.

In the future I see a sadness in your eyes, knowing your life is coming to an end. A journey in itself and many mixed feelings as to opportunities taken and perhaps those missed. A smile on your face, for you KNOW you are soon FREE.

End of Reading


The Scotsman

I hear “Touch Me” (Hit Me) from The Doors.

A swirling snowstorm, a blizzard to be more exact.  The snow is thick with zero visibility.  I feel as if I blindly need to feel my way through this thick snow.  I don’t know where I’m going and am slightly apprehensive about what may lie ahead.  A collision course to be sure if my other senses don’t compensate for my lack of vision.  A dull dread sinks down upon me.  How did I ever find myself in this storm and how will I ever find my way out?

I make my way ploddingly forward, ever on alert, ever aware of danger up ahead.  This is an impossible and foolhardy course for anyone to continue on, blindly moving forward with nothing in sight.

A gentle twinkling of bright energetic snow falls down around me.  It’s glistening, bright, glittering white. Swirling, whirling snowstorm.  The wind howls with delight. This allows me to gather courage and continue on.  I’m greatly relieved and suddenly revived as to what my intentions are and why I am out here in this blasted storm.

I see the Sistine Chapel painting of Adam and God, their fingertips extended out.  Energy extends through my fingertips out onto you.  This energy will clear the area and make way for a newer, brighter energy.  As it circulates through you, there is an explosion of brightness as is exits your crown chakra.  The energy drifts slowly back to you and as it does so, I view your chakras:

Your crown chakra is open, stellar.  Your 3rd eye is partially lifted, as if an eyelid is slowly lifting up.  Your throat chakra is swirling.  A double spin, as if you’re leading two lives and maintaining two spins silmultaneously.  This is a difficult manoeuvre.  I see that as your energy is spent in living these two different lives, so it is difficult to view where you are headed, hence the thick blinding snow.  This is not something you maintain effortlessly, rather your whole energy body is strained in trying to compensate for the loss of direction.

In your heart chakra, I see a division of sorts.  Your heart is split straight down the middle.  Divided feelings, divided time.  A constant juggle, not only of your time, but of your emotions.  Worth, unworth.  A constant comparison as if one is being put upon a weighing scale.  I move down to your solar plexus area, this is wide open, accepting energy easily.  In your sacral chakra, I feel a “tightness” an inability to let go of someone, something and a feeling of being “trapped.”  You are grounded in your base chakra area.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me:

I see you sitting comfortably on a bench, your arms atop the back of it, hands hanging down.  One leg is bent and crossed, you are resting one foot over your thigh.  You are quite relaxed here, confident and self-assured.  I see you talking, your mouth is moving, head turned to the side, in deep conversation with someone.  There are angels behind you.  This is a man to your left with black hair and a black mustache.  You are conversing with him.  You are delighted to see him.  AA Gabriel is with you at this time, ministering strength.  Jesus is also by your side.  I see a close-up face of a man with short gray-black hair, an older man, with a full, oval face, he has stubble on his cheeks.  Sends love and bright loving greetings.  This man shows me his hands, these are work hands, large, strong and calloused.  A woman totters behind him.  Also with grayish hair, curly, short, she also sends loving greetings.

I ask to see a timeline:

This must be in Scotland.  I see a particular hat on your head with a pom-pom in the centre, a Tam o’ Shanter!  A sound of bagpipes is confirmation of my inquiry.  Clans, land rights, decency, leniency, claims against someone.  An argument has broken out.  Two men are swearing at each other, faces red and pumping.  The tension and anger are palpable.  A disagreement over land rights and one man is unwilling to compromise and back down on his position.  This argument will culminate in bloodshed.  Neither man willing to compromise his own position.  Grieving families, dealing with the losses of their sons due in part to the stubbornness of these two men.  Guilt and remorse are dominant feelings here and residual anger in the realisation that the argument was for naught.

Current timeline:

You are in a fix, being torn in two different directions and really not knowing where to go.  For your heart has settled comfortably in each direction and you are unable to decide which path to take. Yet this cannot last, the situation you’ve created for yourself.  Realise a decision must be met and a course put forth.  For in your current predicament, there will be no good outcome.

Future timeline:

A move of sorts, movement away from where you currently are.  There is a conviction in your heart that this is the best thing to do.  A course of action, decided upon and a visually “clear” future.

End of Reading

I’m Gonna Getcha Getcha Getcha

A shining light up ahead, an old-fashioned gas lamp post. This is turn of the century London. Swirls of fog and mist curl around the light, causing it to dim suddenly and then quickly brighten. A man in a top hat and long, black coat looks furtively from side to side. Anxious, scared, ill at ease. This man is trying to run away from his past. I look behind him and at a distance see two men following in quick pursuit. The anxiety and pressure cause the man to falter in his steps, allowing his pursuers to gain on him. He will be forced to pay his gambling debts one way or another.

I hear the lyrics from Blondie, “One Way or Another”

One way or another I’m gonna find ya
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha

I turn swiftly and effortlessly around in the blue mist. My arms are held high, palms open to the sky. I allow blue and violet energy to sink into me as I turn my back to this scene, for this man will be beaten to a pulp. A bruised and disfigured body will be found in the Thames – unidentifiable. His gambling debts finally paid off.

I feel a course of energy run through me and give thoughtful thanks to Source for all that has been, all that is, and all that will be. Your “lesson” is also my “lesson.”

I see you step up beside me, entering into what looks like a small elevator, yet is no elevator. Pulsing, coloured lights gently appear on each wall, pulsing and seamlessly changing colour, tout suite. This is an “energy chamber.” Frequencies of light are projected outward to enable healing to ensue. We remain in here for some time, allowing the varying colours to seep into us completely. After some time we emerge refreshed, calm and completely awake. I view your chakras after you emerge from the energy chamber:

Your crown chakra is wide open, still, immense with glittering flecks suspended in it. Your 3d eye is revolving slowly, as if in slow motion and as I would blithely turn a Tibetan prayer wheel, I only slightly brush it to turn faster. I see and feel a “hole within a hole” at your throat chakra area. Perhaps this is an indication of having two voices, two lives, one encased within the other. Your heart chakra is open and flowing. A small perception of “heartache” is perceived here, a yearning for something that cannot be had. There may be a connection with a double life here. At your solar plexus area, I feel an expansive energy, joy for life, living and enjoying the physical aspect immensely, satisfaction in physical sensations that comprise life here on Earth. Sacral chakra moving and base chakra also moving. Grounded.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me:

I hear a flurry of activity as if a scene needs to be perfectly set up as in the theatre. I see many “costumes” from different periods in history flash by me. I gather you are trying to find the perfect costume to set off your unique personality and life story. You delight in this “fantasy.” When you finally emerge, it feels quite “staged” and “rehearsed,” not at all spontaneous. You appear as a character from a Shakespeare play, kneeling down on one knee and gesturing into the air. Vanity, grace and charm encircle you. You inherently know this is an “act,” and take pleasure in every costume change. As you take to centre stage, AA Michael appears, angels filter in behind. AA Melchizedek is here as well, helping to keep you “grounded.” A woman with soft eyes, straight light brown hair appears. She emanates loving light. A taller man appears behind her when I see bright spots of light on either side of you. I imagine these are souls with you on your current path, nudging and reminding at frequent intervals when you are willing to “listen.”

I ask to see a timeline:

I see the bloated body floating in the Thames river, face down. I view the scene from above and know there is remorse in your heart for having led a life of vice. On the other hand, an absolute thrill courses through you, as an extreme sportsman seeking an adrenalin rush or an addict in anticipation of the morbid “high” he’ll soon have. A weak folly of yours that you know you must work on.

In the present time I see you head down, working at something, spending long hours, feeling unappreciated and not being paid nearly enough. For whether you have a little or quite a lot, it’s never enough.

In the future time I see you at a cabin, high in the mountains, regaling stories by a fire, happy and secure that you have an audience before you.

End of reading.

The Vast Field of Flowers

I started your reading twice before and both times you showed me a vast field of flowers….

I see you in a vast field of wildflowers, the stalks are knee high.  You have a beautiful smile on your face as you walk through this field, hands lightly brushing the tops of the flowers as you continue on.  A warm sun beats down upon you, so happy, so carefree….

And another time:

I’m in a meadow with tiny, sweet fragrant flowers.  Multicoloured flowers.  I see you viewing them carefully, surveying each one.  You are able to take in all the flowers with a glance and intuitively hone in on the one tiny flower you are seeking.  This is your “world” view: taking in the the broader happenings around you, yet you instinctively, and always go exactly where you are called or wanted.  This larger scene plays out around you, not disturbing you.  For you are concentrated and able to shift your attention to the point where it’s needed most.

You are a “carer,” taking care of those around you, providing nurturing love when needed.  You assess and then dole out, just as a nurse or doctor.  I would liken your role as “acute support team.”  This is a highly trained skill, having taken numerous lifetimes to perfect.  This is why you are here NOW, for you have “trained” for this.

Your hands sweet over the carpet of tiny blossoms, eyes like a hawk watching and knowing.

Please keep this field of flowers in mind, for it will appear in your reading!

The Reading:

I see a woman sitting alone, quietly crying.  She does not want to draw attention to herself, nor does she want others to see she is crying.  A weariness surrounds her, as if the weight she has been carrying on her shoulders has suddenly become apparent to her.  Though she realises these are not her cares and worries, she has humbly and submissively carried them – and for far too long!

The two of us decide to take these cares and worries, finally allow them to detach and transmute into joyful, positive energy.  We work together pushing each item into the violet flame; it’s hard work but we manage it.

Your crying has stopped, you manage to turn your face upward and show me a smile.  You have traveled so long with this “luggage” that you are afraid you cannot cope without it.  For this is codependency and you must learn to remove yourself, not attach to anything or anyone and MOVE ON!  You can do this!

I see you, as I fast forward to the future, the wind in your face, hair blown back and an enormous smile stretching out to greet the sun.  You have managed to break free of the vicious cycle and you are finally “free!”

I summon energy down from the Great Galactic Sun.  A rosy, pearlescent mist descends upon us.  Within this mist is the presence of Lady Nada.  I happily put my arms high in the air, twirling in the beautiful energy.  I allow it to penetrate through me and as it does so, I send it deep into Inner Earth, grounding as I do so.  Pale green and blue are added to the pink swirling opalescent mist as it arises out of Inner Earth, assuming qualities it heretofore did not have.  This is a beautiful grounding energy.  I extend my palms out to you, sending the energy forth, and as I do so I read your chakras:

A glittering light emits from your crown chakra, very beautiful to watch, wide and encompassing.  Your 3rd eye is open and is what I would call a “lazy eye,” too much effort perceived by you in order to activate it.  I see “bubbles” coming from your throat chakra, these are thoughts and messages not received by everyone intended, for they pop before arrival.  This is due in part to miscommunication and misunderstandings.  No one seems to see things in the same light or have the same sense and reasoning about things.  Perhaps an apple talking to an orange.  Your heart chakra is a veritable sea of openness and love.  For your love for people, animals, things is immense.  You “embrace” everyone with your love, this is one of your “gifts.”  Your sacral chakra is quietly buzzing.  I sense things are not as they should be here.  Tense hips.  A pain in my groin area.  You are grounded.  I “hear” that you have an ability to “heal” with your love.  Please utilise this!

I ask for your guides to assemble themselves for me.  Lady Nada immediately presents herself.  I see loving Mother Mary, a protective figure in your life.  I see you in a long dress, you recline yourself on a carpet of small blossoms.  This is where you recharge yourself!  This is where your “love energy” is replenished!  (Very exciting to see this!!)  Delicate pastel angels are around you, but Lady Nada and Mother Mary work with you intensely.  An older woman has arrived.  Short hair, slightly curly, wearing glasses.  She smiles and sends out so much love.  An elderly man also comes forward, he seems to walk with difficulty.  Love emanates out from him.  A tabby cat is there with flashing eyes.  This cat follows you around.

I ask to see a timeline:

I see you nimbly moving threads around.  This looks to be a lacemaker.  There is a small bonnet on your head.  This is Europe.  The speed and agility of your fingers is amazing.  You expertly know exactly where each thread needs to go.  Your eyes will suffer for this work.  You take pleasure in creating, but the long hours and your aching back displease you.  There seems to be equanimity, not questioning, only living.

I see you currently with your head buried in a basket.  You are eagerly looking for something without realising that what you are seeking can possibly be somewhere else.  Sometimes one must look elsewhere, rather than in the most likely of places, to find what is really needed.  Widen your circles, your vision and your own clarity will not suffer for it.

In the future, I see you running madly, absolutely free.  You have learned to break through the mold that was put before you.  You have finally crossed the “threshold” and are now free!

End of Reading