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The Magnetic Pivot

A lovely soft, pink, feminine energy surrounded us like clouds coming in.  This energy is gentle, maternal and full of love.  I see you step through this pink mist and emerge refreshed, joyful and happy.  You enter “into” this mist occasionally to empower yourself, recharge your energy and find true peace and happiness.  Your calm and balanced nature gently affects those around you.  Ever so gently.  I see you as a “calming factor,” a magnetic pivot that attracts people to you.  You utilise the energy well!

I’m pulling balloons down from the sky, each one attached to another in an endless procession.  I feel quite like a magician, pulling coloured scarves out of his sleeve.  The significance of the balloons, a meaning, you ask?  Quite like the magician, each balloon carries a “gift.”  These are not physical gifts but energetic ones and I see you presenting the balloons, one after another to children.

They love their gifts as you tie them around their hands, lest the “gift” drift off and disappear.  So kind, so gentle and ever so patient as each child steps forward.

I also take a balloon and “float” up to the upper atmospheres with it.  I see the beautiful blue Earth from above.  In contemplation, from this perspective, I understand that you have come to Earth to help at this time, giving your gifts.

I view your chakras:

Your crown chakra is wide open, a beautiful sheath of light extending wide out.  Your 3rd eye is open, though not being utilised at this time.  Around your throat chakra, I felt a tightness, a gurgling, sounds wanting to come out but being inhibited by those around you.  Expectations of those around you inhibit your inner self, your inner being from being “you.”  Your heart chakra is so wide open and this is one reason why you are here now.  Your love is so wide, encompassing, you have so much to give!  Your solar plexus is bright, shining, golden yellow.  There is a vibrancy here in your joy for life.  At the sacral chakra area and the base chakra, I felt a groundedness.  You had to “ground” yourself in order to be here at this time.  A difficult step for you to do, nevertheless, you accomplish this everyday.

I ask your guides to assemble themselves for me:

You presented yourself in a long, flowery dress, long hair, looking much like a “hippie” from the ’60s.  This “free energy” surrounds you, with flowers in your hand, you turn to me and smile.  Mother Mary is by your side, she is a “guiding light” in your life.  There is a semblance of female energetic souls embodying “goddess energy.”  You work within this energy.  A rabbit pokes his head into view.  I don’t know “where” he came from, but he is there.

I see you moving slowly, deliberately, in tune with that around you.  These are slow movements, you are moving with the Divine Sun.  Graceful, lithe, balanced.

I ask to see a timeline:

This is Greece.  There is something atop your head.  A crown of some sort.  Long, flowing gowns, a belt with almost a celtic knot in the center.  This knot is an important part of the “ceremony.”  Someone tied this knot for you, you did not do this yourself.  You are in a “vex” of anticipation of what is yet to come.  Solemn, processional, a ceremony that you are taking part in.  Lights, gods, goddesses.  You are fulfilling a path put forth to you by your parents.

Current time:  This is a precarious position you are in.  If you move in one direction, it will affect those around you, yet if you move in the opposite direction, you will also affect others.  A quandary.  What to do?  You must look deep within yourself and analyse what YOU truly want, not what other around you want.  For when YOU make your own choices, what follows through comes easily and without a burden of guilt.  Exercise your OWN free-will, do that which gives YOU freedom and happiness.

Future time:  A crying child, a family home.  Happiness and joy in what you have around you.

End of Reading


A Longing to Leave

A woman emerges with long, blond, straight hair; her eyes are electric blue.  She is a Pleiadian and she is one of your “guides.”

We are on a beach with warm, golden sand.  The sand glistens like crystallized brown sugar.  I’m enticed to sink my toes into this warm, glistening sand.  This woman does not have a voice, our conversation is telepathic.  I hear a song as we sit on the beach together: “Wake Me Up” by Avicii:

“So wake me up when it’s all over
When I’m wiser and I’m older
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn’t know I was lost”

I’m being shown this beach because there is a “longing” to leave.  The water and horizon stretches out endless before you, but you do not want to go out into the water just yet.

She wants to show you that it’s okay to leave the beach now, it’s okay to wade past the shore, it’s even safe to go out into the deep waters.  Your guides are constantly by your side!  Please journey out and experience what life has to offer you.  You know there is more out there, more you would like to experience, yet you vacillate.

I feel a tiny current of fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of the journey.  Fear of movement.

The Pleiadian woman and I pull down a new “backdrop,” a new scene is being set before our very eyes.

Vast, open space, glittering stars, fluid colours moving like fog: blues, greens, yellows.  As if standing on a broad, open air stage, we allow this “fog” from space to envelope us and conceal us.  This concealment is important; it’s as if we’d like to “slip through the night,” so all are unaware when and whence we’re going.  As the colourful fog surrounds you, I read your chakras.

I allow crystal, white, pure energy to flow through me.  The energy turns from white to yellow on it’s way to you.  This is unfamiliar to you.  You are unsure if you want to accept it.  I do not coerce, I allow you time and complete free will in accepting or denying this beautiful light energy.  Only hesitantly do you reach out and slowly extend your hands.  You are uncertain and unsure.  I remind, light is love.   You are undecided as to something that occurred in your past.  I understand.  I allow the packet of “past energy” to transmute in the Violet Flame.  It disperses as pure radiance out into the Universe.  You suddenly show me several more packets of energy needing transmutation.  We throw each packet, one after another, into the Violet Flame.  These are turned into pure white brilliance.  You now allow new energy to come “in.”

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me:

Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene immediately appear, both radiating so much love.  I see a magnificent white guardian angel behind you.  This angel, with golden wings, has “saved” you at times.  As I understand, your incarnation at this time is in tandem with the “Divine Feminine.”  You are part of a collective, adding brilliance and light to counter the “Divine Masculine” that has so embodied our society today.  You are part of this movement to counter that.

There is a woman here, short hair and glasses.  She says she is trying to talk to you, but you do not hear her!  Please try to become aware of her presence around you, there are messages she would like you to receive.  There are also several cats lying around, dozing on one another.

I ask to see a timeline:

A robust woman comes into view.  Round, red cheeks.  This is the turn of the century, a baker’s wife.  You enjoy selling the bread, sweets and cakes that are regularly baked.  You immensely enjoy the townsfolk, chatting with them, talking, and most especially gossiping.  This will get you into a bit of trouble in the town, this gossiping, sniping behind others backs.  Causing problems for others where heretofore were none.

At the present time, I see you in a dilemma about your future, being unsure about taking steps in one direction.  Please, rest assured, that no matter what choices you decide on, they all, eventually, will get you to the same place.  Think, create, and manifest abundance, joy, and what you want out of life.

In the future I see you settled and happy with someone.  Although at times, fear ripples through you, as insecurity overcomes you at times.  You fear you will lose this person.  Balance must be maintained in any relationship.  As others around you allow you your freedom, so you must do the same.

End of Reading

“I don’t care, I love it.”

I’m sitting in the “crook” of a huge tree.  There is a massive expanse of green foliage above me.  It’s wonderful to sit in this tree.

I hear the lyrics for this song from Icona Pop:

“I Love It”

I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone.
I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn.
I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs.
I crashed my car into the bridge.

I don’t care, I love it.
I don’t care.

the words continuing on and on as feelings of defiance make themselves felt.  The lyrics drum on in my head with special loud emphasis on “I don’t care.”

I see you now in an intersection of a run-down neighbourhood.  I see you standing on the corner of these streets, energetic red flames flaring out all around you.  You enjoy the smoke and spectacle you are making.  This is the “hood.”  You relish in your devilish pranks, mayhem, chaos.  Your anger is mollified with every outbreak of violence.  You continuously stoke your fires, as a revving engine, ready to burst forward at any minute showing your scorn for those around you and your surroundings.  Intolerance, total APATHY.  You desire action and now.

I sweep my arm above me into the stars, grabbing what I can of all the “loose” energy you’ve dispersed out there.  It’s a difficult job gathering this intense energy you’ve randomly and wantonly thrown away.

I light a candle and watch as the match burns and disintegrates.  Pure satisfaction in the destruction.  I add another match to it and watch as the orange flames rise even higher.  Yes, utter satisfaction here.  I change the flame into a violet flame of transmutation.  I allow the fire to burn out and with it your seething tension, anger and frustrations are swallowed away in it.

I breathe deeply and allow this anger to leave me and in it’s place comes a complete calm.  A soothing balm.  I ask that this fiery energy of yours becomes transformed into positive, constructive, creative energy within you.  An energy to draw inspiration from and drive.  For this is just a willful phase you are going through, this too will pass.

Creative force energy, I draw down through me from Spirit.  There are Native American guides assisting me here.  They are with you at this time.  I see smoke around them, they are blowing smoke….  for they know you and know exactly what is needed here.  Impudence, insolence, and disrespect surround you yet the Native guides do not leave your side.  The smoke is being blown on you.  North, South, East, West, I feel a dizzying spin.  I feel I’m on drugs.  Words are only formed with much difficulty and concentration.  I ask for white light to penetrate us.

A fine mist of glittering white energy descends upon us.  Inner Earth beckons you.  I allow the energy to filter through me and as I do so, I view your chakras.  I see you shaking, almost as someone coming down from drugs.  Underneath your brazen exterior, you are kind and gentle.  Now I realise, this is just a mask for you, protecting your fragile self, your most inner self, from intense pain.  You elicit pain to protect yourself from feeling pain.  The soothing energy runs through you, gentle and unassuming.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me:

The group of Native Americans are there with their “smoke.”  I see angels flutter to you.  Around these angels I see beautiful hues: blues and pinks.  Soft and calming.  I see AA Raphael with his healing energy.  There is an older woman with straight hair, a severe face, quite a serious demeanor.  She is with you, supporting you in all your endeavours, encouraging you on and advising you not to waste your abilities.  She says to balance yourself and your emotions, for doing so will “fuel your fire.”  There is an old man with white hair and eyeglasses.  An outpouring of love and support.

I ask to see a timeline:

Horses, ponies, I hear “Pony Express.”  I feel an immense love for the great outdoors, the expanse of land and riding.  You are among other men.  This suits you for you have little patience and feel almost a contempt for women.  A hard life here, it is not easy, but this excites you.  These are “hard” rides, you push the horses you ride to exhaustion.  You drink and gamble away your earnings.  A dissolute life but it suits you “just fine.”

I currently see you with a passion, a desire to achieve something, anything.  This is entirely possible and within your means.  You understand that balance is the key, maintaining calm, achieving equilibrium.  For the extremes from anarchy to total apathy cannot be maintained and should not be continued.  You are a master of your own destiny.  You can “create” your own show.  There are those waiting on the wings to help you.  Still, I view you at the crossroads, muscle shirt, bare arms, wanting to cause trouble.  Your face leering for others to goad you on.  Stop and see the immense constructive possibilities within you “to create.”

In the future I see you directing others.  You have become a source of encouragement, strength and grounding for young people.  The will look up to you with a sense of respect.  You’ve been in their situation before and completely understand.

End of Reading

The Lemurian Connection

I saw you, looked directly into your face and suddenly felt I was taking backwards steps, into the unknown.  Apprehensive, but not fearful, I continued moving in this backwards motion until I “fell.”  As if in a bizarre dream, I felt like I was spinning in a downward plummet out of control.  It was quite unpleasant.

I see a silver haired woman with bluish toned skin.  Her blue eyes are shaped like large almonds, and when one peers into her face, the eyes are the most dominating and captivating feature.  I ask her who she is, she tells me she is a Lemurian and slowly pronounces her name for me: Lan-ai-ah.

The truest aspect of herself is openly revealed, unlike our present times, where everyone “hides” their true identities.  No one really genuinely knows anyone.  We have been disconnected in experiencing who and what a person really is.  It’s hidden behind curtains of affectations, curtains representing true emotions, feelings, thoughts at any particular time.  This was not how it was in Lemuria.  “Everyone was open, sharing, honest, for it must be so, for everyone saw and felt instantly your intentions, your true self.  So it was.”

“The Lemurians lived in peaceful coexistence with each other.  Everyone benefited from a “shared” society.  It’s quite different today.  Technology is at times not shared, nor are other science breakthroughs.  All people on your Earth do not share.  There are some that do want to share knowledge, but for the most part, it is quite an unequal society on your Earth.  The platforms of wealth and poverty that you have today did not exist in Lemuria.  For everyone shared, everyone was considered equal.”

“The most important point: nature was in coexistence with society.  For every living thing was accorded respect, dignity, and an intense joy for only “being,” at that moment in time.”

She wants to share these thoughts that we may broaden our own minds, that our compact ideas, things we have been taught as a culture, as a society, can grow and encompass ALL instead of being an exclusive society.  “For you must all work together to achieve a lightened grace, a beneficial time for all who are here at this point in time.”

“Lemuria was beautiful, green, peaceful, coexisting with all in nature.  You can achieve this in your society.”

Lan-ai-ah has handed me an ankh symbol.  I diligently pass this on to you.  For you will know when this will be needed.  You accept it gracefully with a smile.

Universal Energy I bring down through me.  It’s a cavalcade of energy, absolutely enormous.  This energy is needed to use in tandem with the ankh.  As I send it to you through your hands, spinning flat discs take off, many of them spin around you.

As the energy descends through you, it exits through the souls of your feet, it’s then sent to “Inner Earth” and as the energy makes it’s return flow, I feel you have a connection with “Inner Earth.”  They know you.

The energy has now changed, it’s glistening as tiny diamonds.  As I part from you, your arms extend to show me the powerful ankh.  I nod reverently to you.

I ask for your guides to assemble themselves for me.  I watch as you talk to many people around you.  You enjoy talking.  I watch your mouth in constant motion, there is much you want to say and share.  Mother Mary’s presence is here, her grace extending out to you.  Jesus is here, expressing an outpouring of love.  His energy of love extends out to all you talk to.  There is a woman present, quite short with gray hair.  She sends loving blessings and light.  A man slowly comes forward behind her, also full of loving greetings.

I ask to see a timeline:

The Lemurian woman comes forward again, emphasizing acceptance of ALL for who and what they are, without any type of prejudice, for WE are ALL ONE.  All are beautiful, as WE are beautiful.

In your current time, I see a struggle to pay bills, stay on top of things, a constant worry that you cannot get ahead.  Your stamina and determination will get you through this difficult time.  For keep in mind, the dedication and perseverance you have invested are forming you in a most positive way.

In your future time, you will have more freedom on your hands, more “enjoyable” free time to engage in “your” interests not those of others.  You create and are creating your own future.  Be careful in the construction.

End of Reading

The Care Package

Note to the Reader:  This reading surprised me.  I wrote as I “received” the information.  Please use your own discernment.


I see a star map, brilliantly outlined against deep space; tiny stars appearing, twinkling and then disappearing.  The stars seem to want to indicate a map to me in the solar system.  Vega.  You are from the star system Vega.

You find everything on Earth strange and difficult to adapt to.  You cannot assimilate properly.  You are easily affected by negative energy and negative thoughts that are casually cast your way.

My attention is drawn to a tiny blossom falling into a river current.  Although tossed and turned in the water, the blossom manages to stay afloat…  barely.  For this is not a weak current but strong and heavy, with eddies and flows and at times turbulent and wild.  The tiny blossom, with innocent eyes, looks out upon this wild ride with equanimity.  Being dropped into the river suddenly, there is nothing this blossom can do at the moment except, “weather” the current.

The twinkling stars fade into stardust at the tips of my fingers.  I rub my fingers together with the stuff and feel a pulsing beat rushing through me.  The stardust surges with a vengeance, much like the pulsing river.  As it hits my heart chakra, an unusual swirling and mixing starts.  This stardust is churning emotions within me.  I “shoot” the stardust to you:  Messages from home, unearthly emotions, a “care package” of sorts.  It was as if you had finally received a long awaited letter from home!

You are unable to truly reveal your true self, your gifts, your true identity and this is stifling you.  Tears wanting to come out, where none can.  Holding so much in.  A weeping heart, a longing to go “home”.  You are not at home here and there are many that you miss.  Your will is so strong and this is why you are here now.  I allow the star energy to filter out into the night sky, becoming ONE in love and beauty.

I ask for your guides to assemble themselves:  Lord Lanto steps forward.  He is guiding you at this time on Earth helping you to raise your vibration as well as those around you; he works through educational systems.  AA Gabriel with beautiful “golden” wings is also around you, helping you to feel grounded and deflect negative energy around you.  There are energetic “sparks,” “stars,” “souls” around you.  Pinpoints of shining light energy.  They comfort you.  I see you smiling, sitting, feeling quite at home among all.  There are “star beings” behind you.  Support and love from all.

“You were “selected” to come here, one of many candidates that applied.  Your deep earnestness and strong will, your ability to complete previous “journeys,” previous experiences elsewhere, helped in the decision.  You are the right one!  Though you do not see it, cannot realise it, you are completing your journey magnificently.  If you held our vantage point, you could see the difference you are making on Earth.  Your vibration is helping so many around you attune to new ideas and new experiences.  You are helping and allowing others to wake up.  We are indebted in gratitude to your devotion in service to humanity.”

You have been on other planets in other realms, but this is your first time on planet Earth.  I see no previous lives when I move backwards on your timeline.  I’m given quick glimpses of other realms.  In each case, each travel, your destiny was known to you.  This is the first time you have been blindly “dropped off.”  Confusion, self-doubt and self-worth enter at all times into your conscious existence.  Please do not allow these doubts to overshadow your work at hand.  Though “blind,” you have navigated brilliantly through this point of human expansion.  Your contribution is massive and please do not underestimate yourself!  “We send loving greetings and blessings that you continue in your exemplary journey here at this most momentous time in human history.”

End of Reading