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Open Your Hands

A vulnerable child, taking handfuls of candy, more than can possibly fit in its palms, is unwilling to share.  Although the fists are tightly squeezed, candy spills onto the floor; though there is more than enough for all…

I see you bringing a fistful of energy down from the Great Galactic Sun.  Brightness and shine escaping through your fingers, although your fists are tightly held.  You are trying to hide this *bright* energy from others, you want no one to see what you have in your hands.  You are unwilling to share, afraid it will be taken away from you.

This *bright* energy is love, it’s capable of moving and spreading among people, causing them to adjust and transform.  You have within you the ability to move others.  Please open your tight fists and allow this *brilliant*  energy to move where it needs to go.

I’ve taken this *bright* energy down through me now and I’m offering it to you.  I coax softly and tell you that this will not be taken away from you.  You will ALWAYS have this!  You allow me to open your hands.  Hands that were squeezed so tightly shut.  For this is YOUR ability, to gather this beautiful golden light energy and offer it to others.  They will not take it away from you, for this cannot happen, for you are an infinite source of this energy.  This is you!

Wondrous things happen when you open your hands.  Nothing is taken, nothing is removed.  *Pops* *Bubbles* *Fizz*.  I hear this as the energy is released out of your palms.  Like a fizzy drink, you’ve held this energy in for so long that carbonation has formed.  A golden yellow light, capable of recharging, creating happiness and release amongst those around you, escapes.

I bring the bright energy up into the Universe through you and as it returns back, it’s smooth, beautiful, gliding and sublime.  It remains yellow and soothing but no longer “fizzy”.

I ask your guides to assemble themselves for me.  You are standing, posing to be more exact, with your head turned to the side, one leg completely extended.  Mother Mary and the Venetian Master surround you.  The Venetian Master is with those who practise “self-expression”, working within the Golden Ray.  His love and Golden Light is with you at this time.  Angels abound around you.  A pleasing, colourful radiance is extended out onto you.

Your mother comes forward, radiating love, kindness and gentleness.  She extends her hand out to you, smiling and offering words of praise.  She has never left your side, always near you, a constant presence.  Rest assured, she is there.

I ask to see a timeline:

There are big trees around.  We are in a forest clearing.  A glade.  I hear horses coming in the distance and the clatter of carriage wheels.  This is Europe, France.  I see strange suits and opulent wigs.   There is a quick exchange of words.  You are in a hurry to get somewhere, for you are late.

Your appearance is extremely important to you.  This fixation on yourself and your clothes leads one to think that you have led a most idle life.  Boots, stockings, breeches, waistcoat, coat, costly materials, luxurious fabrics, your whole attire has been meticulously attended to.

Your appearance will decide the outcome of a “meeting”.  This is a life of “illusion” and you lead it well.  Greed.  Indulgence.  Privilege.  You have forsaken many of your ideals to lead this conceited and self-centred life.

In your current timeline, “I see you in limbo at the present moment with a few choices available to you.  Weigh each individual offer carefully and know in your heart that you will make the “correct” decision to move forward.  Place at your disposal, those who you’ve done favours for.  Now is the time to utilise and see what others can offer you.  Do not limit yourself for you are capable of so much.”

In your future timeline, I see a school, a business.  You are kept happily busy, doing what you enjoy most.

End of Reading


Wreaking havoc

I caught a glimpse of a tiny dust devil in the distance.  It was very small, inching its way forward.  Too small to be destructive, but definitely the potential was there to “cause trouble”.  This dust devil likes to wreak havoc among unsuspecting people it comes in contact with, “shaking things up” in order to agitate, adjust and shift boredom.  It’s very unassuming but does the job thoroughly.  This dust devil is you.

A dog appeared “whining”.  Not willing to let go and be apart, he let out a long howl and settled down to whine some more.  I think of a hound dog as I look at him with his long ears.  There are many “spirits” here, pushing, crowding around, but the dog simply came forward.

As I called forth energy from the Great Galactic Sun, I see your arms stretched forth, greeting the warm rays, sunlight upon your face.  You are a sun “worshipper”.  A most unusual but completely symbiotic relationship here.  You anticipate the sun, offering thanks in return. This is unconsciously done, but well received.  “Thank you!”

Fistfuls of energy I pull from the Galactic Sun that were extended to you much like fist pumps.  Very strange, indeed!  Fist pumps.  This is how you are “expecting” this energy.  Pounding, like a bass instrument.  Resistant yet forceful.  Beatboxing.  Jibes.  Fist pumps.

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves.  The “dog” whimpers forward and lies down by your feet.  You sit, knees wide apart, hands and arms on the armrest.  A most regal pose.  You assume the attitude of nobility, “a king”.  Relaxed, yet with a sense of authority.  You are smiling, for you know that this is “an act”.  You enjoy playing the part, knowing full well you can assume any role you would like.  You have a good sense of humour.

There are many angels around you.  Guides, loving relatives, ancestors are there as well.  Souls you know from “elsewhere”.  It’s very crowded.  A “druid” has come forward.  He has short, jagged, black hair.  He is instructing you at this time.  Loving AA Michael stands behind you.  “You are much loved, sorely missed.  Enjoy your space of time, brother.”

I ask to see a past timeline:

Riding a horse.  My view caught a glimmer of gleaming metal.  Narrowing eyes turn to look at me.  Sharp.  Shining.  A sword.  This is someone riding astride a horse in knights armor.  We are in the Middle Ages.  Europe.  Who are you?

I see and hear someone explain how to tend the horses.  The hay.  The feed.  It’s exhausting work.  There is also field work.  Heavy labour.  The fields are harvested in the summer and you also help bring in the harvest, although this is not your main “job”.  You are living on a manor, tending horses, preparing them for tournaments.

Stables, cobwebs, and many horses.  They’re beautiful, magnificent creatures.   You also help with the “smithy” work.  I understand that you help where you are needed, but your main function is tending the horses.

A burly man, eating bread at the table.  A very physical life.

In your current timeline, I see you sitting atop a fence, a blade of grass between your teeth.  Contemplating, wondering.  There are choices to be made but you prefer to continue sitting on the fence as you push everything out of your thoughts.  You will deal with it “all” later, not now.  Procrastination on all fronts.  This seeps into your feelings and emotions as well as your job.  “Deal with it later.”  A fear of facing exactly what is in front of you.  These things will not go away, will not magically disappear.  “One must make a decision to confront things and FINALLY deal with them.  You must be consequent with yourself.”

“He knows where he wants to go.  He knows how to get there.  He knows what needs to be done.”  I see someone giving you a big push, shoving you forward – propelling you to move.  “Though this need not be, for you are stuck inertia and this is quickly remedied by your own mindset.  Change your attitude, your focus, and allow yourself TO BE the agent of change.”

End of Reading

The Light Bearer

A moth caught my attention this morning as I contemplated doing your reading.  My mind instantly thought of how moths are irresistibly attracted to light, drawn in completely and only with difficulty are able to detach themselves and fly off again.  Ever drawn in.

I felt drawn to light a small candle as I started the reading.  Perhaps it was the moth…. but I felt my mind being drawn to a temple where a flame stands alit.

“We know her.  She is a “Guardian of the Light!”

I blink, and hear the 23 Psalm:  “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…”

A brightly lit flame shines in the distance.  I’m attracted to it as a moth to light.  Soundlessly, I walk closer, eyes only focused on the flame, intent only on getting closer to it.  This is a “temple flame”.  You are with a group of women tending this wondrous flame.  Stoking the fire, ensuring it never goes out.  This is a long tradition and you are one, of many, continuing it.  Your days are long, tedious, but you willingly tend to this flame.  For it is a great honour!

Greece.  Islands.  Blue Sea.

The water’s edge laps upon your toes.  I see your toes through the crystal blue sea.  You step slowly backwards, the hem of your dress damp.

Pearl dust floats down around us, coating everything it meets.  We are drenched in it.  Our arms, high in the air, are trying to catch this magical stuff.  It feels as if a miracle has just happened and we can barely contain our excitement.  A beautiful sight to behold as the dust settles down on us.

I ask your guides to present themselves.  You appear holding a few wildflowers, quickly picked for your “pose” here.  Too funny – you have a sense of humour!  You are sitting on a garden chair and women with long dark hair flock around you.  These are your fellow “light-bearers”, you are loved by all here!  A woman descends, I feel grace, mercy.  Kwan Yin.  She anoints you with oil on your forehead.  “For you must continue on in your journey.  Ever learning, ever searching for truth.  You are a Light Bearer!”

This light from aeons past has accompanied you here now.  You are vanquishing darkness with your torch.  “Continue your journey, dear one, for it has just begun!”.  So much love emanating.  You are among this sisterhood of women, your presence here, at this point in time, is so very much appreciated!

As soon as I ask for a timeline, I see long, white robes, gold braid around your waist.  Your “coiffure” is arranged delicately atop your head.  A procession is being held inside the temple.  At this time of the year, “special ceremonies” are held in honour of this flame.  An honour to tend and keep the flame going.  With this group of girls you will remain.  You will not marry.  Your life will be spent tending the flame.  Honour and veneration.  All is well.

I see you currently at a crossroads, not knowing which way to go.  Doubt, confusion reign here, but you inherently know which path is “yours”.  “Trust yourself!  For in this time, you can easily achieve what you set your mind to do.  You are a most powerful being.  You are loved!”

I hear this quietly murmured, “City of Light!”

Walking the Labyrinth

I saw you within energy that felt like translucent bubbles, one on top of another, weightless, clear, yet forming a wall.  A myriad of images, reflected in the bubbles, create an impenetrable wall.  This is a dizzying effect and I don’t know where to look first.  A kaleidoscope of ever shifting scenes and images: people coming and going.

Just as there are many scenes going on in the bubble wall, so are there many interpretations.  None is correct, yet all are correct.   “Expand your thinking and allow yourself to grasp this concept.  Your own view of how you see things is reflected in the bubbles just as another interpretation can been seen from a different vantage point.  Many views from many different perspectives.”

I feel a very different energy emit from the Great Galactic Source.  A rumbling ensues.  It feels as if it needs to move mountains, shift things.  Rumbling vibrations are felt as I pass this energy over to you.

The rumbling energy I viewed earlier is “blasting” through you, cleansing each chakra on its way.  I see each chakra spinning with a clearer, positive energy.

There are many woodland animals around you.  Rabbits, with their long ears flattened down, are not on “alert”.  A full second of time extending into infinity, this moment of non-fear.  They scamper away.  “Suspend yourself in this infinite moment, lose sight of your fears, worries, stresses.  Find this still moment in time within yourself.”

I ask to see a timeline, we are transported to the time of Mary Magdalene.  You are with the “cross followers”.  You are with a group who will visit each station of the cross, pausing, praying as you go.  Pilgrims.  You worship and follow Jesus.  You have chosen this Faith of your own Free Will.

The scene shifts to a church floor.  It’s a labyrinth.  A spiral on the church floor.  A journey within.  A journey without.  This has been your path during this lifetime.  You are following the spiral and hope to attain the Centre.  Every move inward, corresponds in your heart, to the Stations of the Cross.  Your Faith is firm.  Redemption and Salvation.  You willingly follow “the course” of life, for deep within you, you realise and understand that this is where you want to go.  You are One with God.

In your current timeline, “You find yourself in crisis after crisis.  As soon as one crisis is mitigated, another comes up.  This will continue unless you get to the root of the problem.  Your stress arches way beyond what you visually see, having repercussions that, at first, seem unconnected.  Focus your energy inwards, your “breathwork” inward to bring more peace about.  For you are nurtured and loved.”

“As all of us have Free Will, your expectations may be set up for disappointment.  Please accept the choices of others around you and realise these choices are made for their own soul journey.”

I ask your guides to please assemble themselves for me:  Mary Magdalene dressed in blue, small angels come around you.  You are sitting down, quietly waiting, a serene smile on your face.  Mary Magdalene is ALWAYS by you, a constant source of support.  A gentleman appears on your father’s side, an old woman behind him.  They know you.  They send love and are so very proud of you.  Your “pilgrim” soul group is with you.  They are those who walked the stations after Jesus’ death.  Your faith tested and held true to you.  This group is with you, full of love and support.

The Ground Crew

An echoing BOOM, a repetition of words that I could not stop, words that repeated themselves endlessly.  I am in a cave.  Echolocation.

“You are part of the “ground crew”.  Although you are in faint disbelief of your “gifts”, you must incorporate them to reflect the coming times.  For you will be asked for.  Yes, you are part of the “ground crew”.  You have chosen to be of service to others.  You have come during this most important time.  For your gifts are needed and will be welcome in the “coming times”.  You must continue to develop yourself, reflecting your abilities, you will be in great demand by others.  Your “abilities” traverse the universe, go beyond the mundane.  Yes, you will be in great demand.”

I see a juxtaposition of two very differing lives:  one as a Japanese martial artist, another as an ascetic monk.  I am being shown these two lives for a reason: spirituality.

I hear a Japanese drum; a single resonant tone.   Someone is with you, talking to you: “You must learn to grown out of your comfort zone.  You must train your body and your young mind in the ways of the old.”  This is the voice of your Japanese “Master”.

I see you in a “dojo”.  You were a disciple trained in martial arts.  You have harnessed your self-discipline and now you focus on your energetic abilities.  Your ties with the ancient Japanese arts are long and deep.

I see, hear, feel ancient Japanese clothing, customs, moral codes, codes of ethics, honour and reverence for elders.  “Do not forget your heritage!” I hear this as a strict request, “You are not to waver, you must pursue what you came here for.”

An ascetic monk is quietly revealed to me.  Hair closely cropped except for a shining bald crown area.  I hear murmured prayers in the background.  You lead a life of steadfast prayer, devotion, and complete surrender to your Faith.  Your life is ordered, disciplined.  You possess nothing.  You are frugal and sparing with all that you touch.  Your frugality is known among your Brothers, and for this, you are respected.

An existence measured in ritual, ceremony, prayers.  Your focus is on a plane of existence beyond the mortal one before you.  Every one of your steps is measured and you do not deviate from this course.  You are supported by your “Fraternal Brotherhood”.

Before I could summon energy, I hear a “whoosh” sound.  The energy came so quickly!  Knowing exactly where to go…  Magnificent.  Exquisite.  Energy from the Great Galactic Sun.  A shining, brilliantly bright energy.  My hands glow with it.  I look down at my hands, watching this amazing energy radiate a yellow glow.  You are also there, standing beside me.  I suddenly feel quite reckless and turn to see you smiling at me.  We are imagining how we will loosen this energy.  Like teenagers perpetrating a most wild folly, our imaginations run rampant with ideas.  This is a fresh, young, vibrant energy.

We are in agreement: we will watch as the energy is unleashed, watch the unexpected outcomes, the surprises, rather than manipulate and form it.  We know and understand that in the disorder and chaos this energy may bring, harmony will ensue.  For energy innately knows where to go and where it is needed.

You are smiling.  The ground beneath us shifts under our feet, but you are unfazed and pay no thought to this.  This is one of your “abilities”.  Although grounded with Earth’s energies, you can transcend this, gliding and moving where you are needed, yet remaining centered and balanced.  You are one of Gaia’s “crew”.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  A huge magnificent angel appears, wings changing colour.  I see a deep, vivid blue.  I perceive this to be AA Michael.  He surrounds you with his magnificent presence.  You are part of a “crew” of angels.  Your “crew” is beside you now, doting on you, watching over you.  A grandmother appears on your mother’s side.  She is with you at this time.  I feel a closeness, a love, a tender bond.

I ask to see timelines.  We jump again to the monk’s life.  There is something intrinsically important from this life that frames your current life.  I see you kneeling, bent, in devoted fervent prayer.  You have forsaken your life for a deep connection with God.  Your life is devoted to Service.  You have moved beyond being an Initiate, you’ve entered Sacred Space.  It is this Sacred Space you are accessing now.  Deo servio.

In your current time, your memories are awakening within you.  You are able to access “areas” that others, currently, cannot.  This information you access is in Service to humanity.  “Please continue with your endeavours for they are greatly needed in this time of planetary ascension.  Our love, our appreciation, and our depth of gratitude knows no bounds.  For you are One with Us.  God is Love.”

On your future timeline, I see you continuing in Service.  A traveler, traversing time and space.  For your experience will ever broaden, enabling you to extend your current domain.  Your Service will be greatly needed.”

End of Reading

Cloud Cover

A great harvest moon in the sky.

I’m atop a whirling tornado of energy.  Such an interesting vantage point, seeing things from above!  The rotating and twisting energy funnels down.  I gingerly gaze into it, watching the twisting rings spiral down, mesmerized by the procession.

I see a face.  A woman crying, her eyes crinkled.  She cannot stop the tears.  She dries her eyes and calms down.  We are sitting together and she is about to tell me a story.

A willing listener, I am there lending my ear, offering support and perhaps even a clear vision of what has just transpired.  For when one is involved in a conflict, one’s emotions are immediately clouded, just as on an overcast grey day.  Emotions that seem to spring up to the cloud cover, only to bounce back with more intense energy.

With exasperation and tears she relates the details of an argument, putting forth her own side of the story.  I listen sympathetically and don’t interrupt.  For this is her story, not mine:

Bickering, arguing.  You go one way and he the other way.  There is no turning around.  No looking back.  Each go their own way.  I hear this lyric:

You can go your own way!  Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac

You turn to me with your tear-stained face.  “What do I do now?” you ask.

I feel the energy whipping into a strong, swirling, twisting pattern.  I watch it gain momentum.  When it hits, destruction will lay in its wake.  For that is how it should be, for this energy will cleanse and purify all that needs it.

I am mesmerized by the spiral, the beautiful nautilus shape.  I stand back in awe and silent detachment, watching.

Purify.  Cleanse.  Revitalize.  Shift.  Regrowth.  Excitement.  A willingness to start anew is in the air.

I ask for your guides to assemble themselves.  Jesus instantly appears.  He is by your side.  I see a man with a close-cropped dark beard.  I feel this is St. Germaine by your side, helping to raise your own consciousness, restore balance and harmony in your life.  I see ancient guides, these are American Indians.  Their faces are painted to invoke the spirits of the gods.  Your feet walked the same sacred ground as theirs.  This tribe was feared by others, they utilized their own powerful connection with nature to conjure ancient spirits.  This tribe walks with you now, please listen to their footsteps, the silent footfall beside you.  Recall their knowledge, passed down to you, about life in harmony with nature.

I ask to see a timeline:I see you in “pre-times”.  This is a continent that does not exist today.  You are with a tribe that attaches deep significance to movement and words.  You are acting out a dance, limbs splayed, your hair, matted coils, flies out in all directions.  I see you creating a movement with your legs and arms.  This is a dance of pure “freedom”, for you truly are “free” in this space of time.  Your energy radiates gratitude, happiness and pure joy.  Total, unadulterated feelings are expressed in this dance.

I see you currently in upheaval.  A battle.  Warring.  “Your imbalance at this time can seem upsetting, but you must work through your emotions and work on forgiveness.  For you have this within you.  For, in the past, as you harnessed the “Earth energy” around you in your symbolic dance, so you can now.  For life abounds around you; partake in nature, feel absolved, feel joy and gratitude again.  You will regain life’s footing.  You are One with God.”

End of Reading.

Going to Sea

I had to still my heart and find a very quiet “space” in order to connect.  A soft energy gently fell, as the lightest snowflakes in winter.  This energy has a pearlescent quality to it, small particles floating in the air.  So fine and featherlight.

An exciting rush sweeps through me.  A group is very happy that this connection has been initiated.

It’s a window.  I’m looking through a window glazed with four distinct panes of glass.  I cautiously peer through the upper left window pane to see a quiet harbour scene.  I think: embarcadero, slips, yachts, cruise ships, but this is not the modern world.

You are waiting for someone.  You occasionally peer out of this window, halfway hoping someone will return.  Your focus is on the “homecoming”.  Imagining and playing it out in your mind’s eye, complete with dialogue.

As I peer out, I see sailing ships with wooden masts, these are tall ships.  This is a time where your waiting depended on the wind.  Everything “flew” with the wind: your thoughts, your cares, your kisses, your dreams, the sails, your life.  An eternity of waiting.  This dependency makes you cry out at times and cross at others, but generally, with spirits lifted, you await each day in anticipation of the safe arrival of the “crew”.  You are an optimist.

I dare to glance through the upper right pane of glass in the window.  I see the “homecoming”.  Embraces, kisses, this is late 18th century, England.  As I turn away from the window, you show me your hand.  Ink stained, I watch delicate fingers carefully write words using a quill pen.  You place your heart into these words.  Every letter you post is more than words on paper.  You worry the receiver does not acknowledge this.  Is unaware of this.

In the bottom left glass pane, I see a “tavern”.  Men meeting at night.  You are not privy to this meeting yet are informed of the proceedings.  Shipping, supplies, deals, procurements.  You keenly follow the goings-on with a heightened sense of interest.  You are fully aware of the risks attached in going to sea with valuable cargo.  Your life depends on this.

The ever constant wind.  Patience.  I peer out of the last remaining window pane.  Now you are standing by my side, we two, peer out together.  Happy, expectant, knowing the voyage was a success.  We are in exuberant anticipation of the “reunion”.  For the first time, I turn and examine your clothes curiously.  You are wearing a poufy bonnet and a long gown.  You have a shawl around your shoulders, covering your bodice.  Your cheeks are a delicate pink.  You turn and smile at me.

I find myself in the softly drifting energy again.  Tiny energy particles falling down upon me.  Pearlescent, pale, beautiful.  I ask to see your guides.  You are sitting on a bench with very straight posture.  You are chatting with those around you.  I feel AA Michael is around you, perhaps you are unaware of this.  I feel a deep connection with the seas, the oceans.

This energy cannot be forced.  It’s nebulous and falls where it needs to around you.  I allow the energy to just “be”.  It drifts down upon you, your eyes are closed, a drifting nebulous, formless mass.

I allow the energy to rise up from your heart area to climb above your head.  You are now showered with these tiny opalescent beads.  Patience.  Time.  This cannot be rushed for this is a “slow” energy.  I see a cake being dusted with icing sugar but in very slow motion.  I am given to understand that one must be patient, things take time in order to finish an exquisite creation.  This is a metaphor, I understand, for the energy descending down upon us.

I see you again on the bench, others are gathered with you.  You have their rapt attention, telling of one incident or another.  This is a “group” you know intimately.  They wait eagerly for your “stories”.  You are part of a “soul group”, a traveling group of sorts.  Perhaps, not always the “adventurer”, you, nevertheless, share in the process/experience/traveling without ever having taken part in it.  This is traveling “vicariously”, but no matter, you are still energetically connected to what has been seen and experienced.  You “exchange” stories with this group.  Angels around you, AA Michael protects you with his sword.

Sea gods, wind gods, ancient revered gods.  Sun, compass, wind.  I see you spinning on the compass willing to go “where the wind blows you”.  “You are loved.”

I ask to see a past timeline.

On the high seas, a ship wreck occurs in treacherous weather.  The crew and cargo perish.  You are stunned when given the notice.  Your “vicarious connection” is now severed.  You feel at such a loss, the daily anticipations, casual glances through the window.  It’s finished.

Currently you need to focus on communication.  Self-love.  You feel something is grinding to a halt.  As with the window panes, you are viewing the world from inside but as soon as you move outside, your view will extend and vistas will unfold before you.  You cannot sit behind a curtain, looking outside, move outside, move with you dreams!  YOUR creations are OUR creations!  You are creating in the NOW.

End of Reading.