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Crouching Tiger

A spiraling energy descends as I step into it with my arms held high above my head.  I start to turn as my arms swirl into this incoming energy.  It looks like iridescent space dust.  I feel compelled to move, swirling, twirling as in a trance.  A whirling dervish.

Your namesake Archangel is around you.

I quickly see a glimpse of dirt, rags, sweat, a wild animal.  A confusion in me arises, do I really find myself in early human history battling a tiger?  Where does this tiger come from?  I am baffled.  Where am I?

Is this perhaps a Roman Coliseum in an “outback” province?  I hear nothing but see someone nodding to me in agreement.

Sweat, dirt, a roaring sound.  The crowd is undignified, vulgar, a bloodthirstiness clings to the air.  I cannot watch this animal tear you apart as the crowd eagerly does.  I do not understand the violence.  I remind myself, I am not here to judge, I am a mere observer.

There is something I am being shown:  the remarkable training that has brought you here.  You will die in the arena but this does not diminish your pride in the entire “journey” you have undertaken to be here.  This is an honourable way to die.

The noise of the crowd dies down as you slowly drift off, there is an intense focus on these final moments.  What you’ve been waiting for!  There is no need to strain your physical being, for you are suspended from it.  Beautiful.

Do I feel a distaste for cats?  The big cats as well as small housecats?

I am still twirling in this “energetic space dust”.  I feel as if I am in a timeless dust devil, the swirling energy effortlessly gliding and settling around you.  There is a feeling of utter defeat, exactly when one is beaten in a battle.  This energy you will need to recharge yourself.

Your namesake stands “huge” behind you, “You are loved!”.  There are other angels flocking to either side.  These angels envelope and comfort you.  They help you peel away your daily stress.

Someone has stepped forward on your mother’s side.  Shy, she does not want to be noticed.  Dark brown hair, thin face, a low voice: “We miss you and love you!”.  This woman wants to cry!  On your father’s side, I see a white-haired gentleman come forward, “We love you.”

I ask to see a timeline of your past.

You were taken as an orphan, turned into a slave.  You despise working for others.  They take you and train you for the “fights”.  There is no way out for you – you do not even think about this.  This does not cross your mind.  Your focus and intent is on defense, defensive positions and saving yourself.  You realise that when you are unable to defeat your opponent, you will accept, by the grace of God, your fate… your death.  You are a swirling mass of thoughts, preparing for when your time will come.  The noise, the crowd, others do not penetrate your inner concentration and awareness.

You currently find yourself in a “fix”, not knowing which direction to take.  “He must focus on his true inner needs and desires.  All can be attained.  He is creating his future in the NOW.”


The Facilitator

A vision of a white billowing underskirt in the wind.  This is a woman who appears during the daytime but also emerges at night.  During these nocturnal jaunts into the forest, meeting others, her daytime life appears a direct antithesis to her nighttime activities.  In the moonlit forest, she connects with animals, spirits, everything in the devic kingdom.  Chanting, moon festivities, such a deep earnestness in connecting with the Earth.  Her daily activities in no way hint at her nightly transgressions.  She is a Gemini in spirit.

The billowing white skirt is a metaphor for all that you conceal during the day: the beckoning moon, the calling trees and the howling winds of the night.  Your secret is safely tucked away in your heart.

Your nighttime endeavours allow your spirit to soar; unabashed, you perform your ceremonies, calling forth all spiritual and living things.  Earth celebrates with you, providing secluded locations, expanses in the forest.  You are one with nature.

Called forth energy from the Great Galactic Source.  A wide, straight beam of light enters into my crown chakra.

This light does not want to bend and be manipulated, rather, it’s being drawn like a magnet straight down to Mother Earth.  This is a deeply grounding energy that you have also called forth.  It is not maleable, it bends at odd sharp angles, extending out in different directions.  There is no need to force this energy out to you, for we are standing side by side, allowing the energy to pour forth from our crowns directly into Mother Earth, exponentially increasing the energy between the two of us.  As the energy returns its course through you, a yellow light emanates from your eyes.  Purely by looking at people, this beautiful energy will grace them.

You are able to harness and control energy.  You are a “facilitator”.

When I asked for your guides to assemble themselves, I suddenly felt a stampede approaching, the ground trembling, a roaring noise and so much dust in the air.  I could make no sense of this.  There is a “herd” accompanying you.  Suddenly, a lone bison appears in direct contrast to the deafening noise I had just heard.  You are a person of contradictions!

The bison is your beacon.  He represents the land you work with and your direct connection with American Indians.  I hear the word “Sioux”.  You work with this tribe.

How extraordinary!  You take knowledge from several spiritual practices and create, in yourself, a deep source of stored learning.

AA Michael is with you.  Very powerful.  There are many, many angels.  A medicine woman comes forth on your maternal side, she is a seer, once your mother, she is with you now.  She taught you much of what you know now.

I asked to see a timeline.  Europe.  You are a working in the hallows and glades of the forest.  You carefully follow the seasons and cycles of the moon.  You collect herbs for medicine, drying and bundling them up.  You work closely with nature, obeying the seasonal changes.

You currently live an “alternative” life, you like natural products.  Your connections with previous lifetimes eke through at times, compelling you to follow tradition during certain times of the year.  These are not holiday traditions but celebrating seasonal changes.  You are one with nature.

I see you conferring back with your “tribe”, your “soul group”.  As you walk barefoot on the Earth, your ancestral lineage connects more intimately with you, sharing a depth of knowledge you will understand.

The Doctor

I connected directly with Source.  He said He knows you intimately, you are very close.

One of your guides whispers to me the following message for you,  “Remember **you chose** every single incident that’s happened in your life for a reason, to clear your karma.  You are here to experience these things, to bare your soul, in order to undergo vast changes in yourself.”

At this point, I drew energy down into myself from the Galactic Core and immediately, my heart chakra expanded tremendously to accommodate a huge amount of energy to be sent to you.

You unwillingly appeared, a mere shadow of yourself, tentatively extending your arms and hands out to me.  The self-pity, loathing, and feelings of unworthiness were immense.  The energy extended from my hands as featherlight, sparkling particles.  Anything more substantial would have bowled your over.  You are very ill.

I gather that you have chosen to experience these basic painful problems in your body for a reason…

In another realm you are a doctor.  I see you with a white coat.  You have decided to experience this degraded human condition in order to understand the psyche, the pain, the emotions and physical turmoil.  This information you will take back with you.  You are not what you perceive as your physical human self.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.

A puppy dog comes bounding up to you, looking much like a beagle.  White, brown and black, full of joy, licking your hands.  You are also full of joy, being around this puppy.

AA Raphael appears, he is around you at this time in your life, helping in your healing, alleviating pain.  A group of angels formed themselves and grouped around you, very protective of you.  There is a group of “doctors” around you from off-world.  “You have forgotten why you chose to be here at this time.  You agreed to experience ALL of this in order to access records of it later.  Though a painful experience now, you will grow from this.  The information you are gathering is vital and so important to the data collection.  Please remember, you are more than your physical body.”  A gentleman appears who looks much like your father, emanating love.

I ask to see past life:
In England, a young man stands, waiting.  You are in love with a young girl, your face reflects your exuberant emotions and deep love.  This is the turn of the century, around 1900.  You are young and full of life.  I see forward in time, you have no idea you will soon be in WW1, an army doctor, a surgeon.  You will witness pain and suffering but will not experience it first hand.  You are in a protected area, far from the Front.  What you witness on your operating table is ghastly, frightening but you become immune to it all.  Only a witness to the pain and suffering a World War causes.

Current time:
In the grip of extreme pain.  “You consciously believe your past has to do with your current state.  This is far from the truth.  You have forgotten why you decided to incarnate at this time.  Please be aware, your past in no way reflects your current dilemma.  You have chosen to experience a patient’s pain and route to recovery.  This will deepen your own knowledge and broaden your skills in the area of healing.”

I ask to see a future timeline:
“You will take the knowledge gained with this lifetime and use it to better understand a patient’s position.  You will become more caring and loving in dealing with those with physical symptoms and distress.  Your wisdom and insight gained on Earth will guide you in your “mission”.”   At this point, I see you being guided and watched again by the team from “elsewhere”.  I ask from exactly where, and they only reply, “off-world.”  They monitor your vital signs and check your recovery progress.  This team is with you every step of the way.  Please pay attention to your dream state, your sleep state.  You meet with your “team” during this time.

“Please, before you go to sleep, set the intention to ask your guides to help you remember why you are here.  You are loved and supported.  Remember, you would not have taken this life on if you knew you would be unable to cope.”

At this point, your team shouted out to me:


This is the end of the reading.

A Deep Connection with the Amazon Rainforest

Felt impelled to call forth Energy from the Great Galactic Sun.

A tropical rainforest.  Dense green growth and lush foilage.  Distinct pipe sounds, like a pitch pipe, hunting at dusk.  I see you hidden, crouching behind the leaves, blowing into the pipe.  A melodic call drifts through the air, up, high into the canopy.  This is South America, you are part of a tribe here.  This life is what you would today refer to as “hunter/gatherer”.  Coexistence with nature, harmonizing with Mother Earth.  There is no animosity between all of you, rather a communal spirit, you work together as “one”.  A beautiful harmonization together.  Living with and from the forest.  I spy the tree canopy once again, shade, you are listening for a small animal to return the pitch pipe call.  Your group will catch this small animal.  You will keep blowing on the pipe, mimicking the animal sound and thus enabling you to locate it.

Amazonia.  You are in synch with nature.

I ask your guides to assemble themselves for me.  Immediately, I see a man with long hair and a beard.  I know/feel this is Lord Maitreya, so wise.  He is with you at this time in your life, guiding you so you seek and find the tools for self-empowerment, that you may raise your own conscious vibration.  In so doing, you are also helping those around you to raise their own vibrations.  Lord Maitreya is with you on this path of “knowing who you are”.

A beautiful angel appears, large with white wings, there is a complete gentleness surrounding this beautiful being!  There is a short discussion before a grey-haired woman with glasses and a round face appears on your mother’s side of the family.  Two gentlemen appear on your father’s side, both emanating love.  “We have a message for her.  Tell her she is loved, we’re following the progress she is making.  Bravo!”

A powerful mixture ensues as I pull this Energy from the Great Galactic Sun into my heart, this brew bubbles and surges and I hold it out to you.  I realise the great connection you have with the land, intimate tribal knowledge.  A sacred bond with beautiful Earth.  I hear the pitch pipes in the background as I pass off this energy.  I feel as if I’m in a revered ancient ceremony, gratefully aware of the honour associated with participating in a venerable ritual.  We circle the Sun energy between us and send it directly to Mother Earth.  We truly are “Earth Keepers”.

I ask to see timelines.  The scene shifts back to the rainforest and your deep connection with the Earth.  Living as One.  Viewing this lifetime is just a gentle reminder that you lived in harmony.  On your current timeline, I see you talking and talking, using your voice, “Please take care of your throat area!”  On your future timeline, I see a quick glimpse of silver hair and a silver jumpsuit.

“You are where you should be.”

Hawaiian Past Life

Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones

But what’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

Before I even started the reading, this particular lyric, for some reason, kept repeating itself to me when this sudden urgency overcame me that I must quickly do the reading and send it off to you right away.  “…it’s urgent!”

The Reading:

As I connected with Source, I noticed I was slowing myself down, breathing very deeply, allowing the breath to slowly come in and I forced the breath deep down into my lungs.  I exhaled slowly.  I felt compelled to do this several times in order to slow my energy in order to connect with you.  Are you feeling sluggish by any chance??  Uninspired, languishing away.  I was breathing slowly but heavily every breath LABOURED.

I hear Hawaiian words, their language, perhaps Polynesian.  A string of words, sentences I don’t understand, a cadence and intermingling of vowels and consonants.  I feel these things enveloping me:  Fire.  Fire God.  Pearlescent moon.  Drifting sand.  Anger and sadness.  A lot of residual anger here, feelings of loss, emptiness.  The light of torches and fire magnify your anger.  There is no forgiveness in your heart.  You will not give in, your strength will get you through this.  You are talking to gods, beseeching them.  Your anger seethes.

This anger from then is causing your laboured breaths now.  Your breathing is so difficult!  I can’t catch my breath.

I’m allowing beautiful, white crystal energy to flow forth.

This is a very difficult time for you.  FEAR.

It’s difficult pulling this energy through.  I feel a complete block.  You are not accepting the energy I’ve brought with me, you’re languishing.  I will stand, steadfast offering you this.  You are beautiful!

Pain in left palm as energy exits my hand.  You are there, smiling, palms facing towards me accepting energy.  Both palms facing me, I am stoking this energy, breathing prana/life force into you.  I feel as if I’m an American Indian Shaman!  These are my laboured , deep breaths!!!  I’ve created a circle now, the energy is flowing in a circular pattern from my hands to yours.  Every time it comes back to me, I add:  love, light, joy and prosperity.  By blowing this energy it has created a vorticular motion, like a tornado, whipping itself through you.  I’m trying to push dense, resistant energy out.  My breathing has become lighter now…  I’m now sending liquid gold light energy to you.  It’s liquid and flowing now.  I’ve wrapped your heart chakra with this liquid light because I feel it’s bleeding there.  Such a heavy heart.  “You’re not eating properly, you need to take care of yourself.  You are loved.”  Your heavy heart is dragging you down.  Your lower chakras are spinning too slowly.  Languishing.  I allow the vortex that was created to move into your heart center and spin the liquid light energy out so that it penetrates everywhere.  You are breathing easier now.  I want to cry.  It’s difficult to concentrate and gather thoughts coherently.  //  As the liquid gold light energy was spun into your crown chakra, an opening extended and a beautiful beam of light shone itself directly onto your crown. //

As I called your guides to assemble themselves for me, a flock of angels flew to you, these are your angelic guides.  Your guardian angels!!  Among you, I saw small men, pixies, fairy type creatures.  These comfort you and surround you.  Do you listen to them?  You are loved by them.  Seek them out in nature, they hear you, know you, love you.

A curly, wavy, white-haired wrinkled old woman came forth from your mother’s side.  Her face was small and gnarled, she emanated so much love!

I asked to see a Past timeline of yours:
Immediately, the previous scene presented itself.  This is very painful for you.  Forgiveness.  Arguments, anger, shells…. this
Hawaiian/Polynesian time.  There are blockages here from that lifetime that you are resolving now in this life.  “Remember, things repeat themselves until you learn.”

Current time:
I view you on a see-saw, you are trying to maintain the fulcrum, but this you cannot do interminably.  You must allow one side to fall.  This is your decision.

Future time:
You will have settled your differences.  Your heart will be equanimous.  You will shine for you are strong.  You are a shining and beautiful being!!!

End of Reading

Belly Dancer

Before the reading even started, pink roses formed before me and I instantly thought of Lady Nada.  Is she around you?  Lady Nada incessantly pervaded my thoughts…

Mother Mary appears, so caring and so loving, when suddenly, your own mother comes from behind her and steps forward, sending so much love.  Silently, your own father also comes forward and steps aside when..

I hear and see the clicking of a musical instrument.  Fingers moving, wrists twirling, clicking castanets.  In rhythmic fashion, mesmerizing and melodic, the castanets continue to be flourished as I realise I am somewhere in the Middle East.  Belly dancing, hips thrusting and moving.  Movement as languid and smooth as water.  Your hips swish in my direction when I become aware that you are entertaining a group of males.  You are with other women dancers, but you are the oldest, too old at this point to be wanted by the men watching you.  The girls watch your fluid movements and try to emulate and copy.  I see your eyes are also moving dramatically with the music.  Quite beguiling, the men love to watch you.

I see orange behind your neck, it is of such a deep and intense colour that it’s reflected into your hair.

“Star energy” was called forth at this point and this energy had a snapping, buzzing quality to it, like a light bulb about to fizzle out.  This snapping energy I held out to you, there was no need for our hands to meet, you knew and were expecting the energy to *snap* and *buzz* into your hands.  Excitement and enjoyment were reflected in your face.  I intuitively knew that you understand magick and alchemy.

As I ask your guides to assemble before me, Mother Mary comes again immediately to your right side.  “She is loved by so many!”  Your mother also appears and is very excited, babbling on about what exciting times these are now.  Your father stands silently exuding love.

As I ask to see a timeline, the belly dancer figure appears again, shimmying among noise and trinkets.  Your love for dance comes from this lifetime.  You can innately connect your soul with Source while dancing, turning it into a meditative experience.  I realise this is in Turkey.

You are currently struggling, stressed, paying bills.  You feel you are not living your life for yourself but for others.  You would like to change this and soon you will have the means to achieve what you would like in life.  Continue to hold on, all will come in good time.  “You are so loved!”

White Eagle

In a quick glance, I saw you in the distance appearing as a fuzzy, but distinct white and black shape.  As you appeared to come closer, I realised the left was white and the right was black with a line down the center separating the two colours.  Your shape or form was organic in nature, but there was a definite split down the middle.  At this point, you seemed to flutter away quickly, only to show yourself in an EXTREME close-up shot with white wings completely outstretched from side to side barring your chest.  The strange bit was, your chest was shining, dark iridescent wiring traveling horizontally across your chest.  You definitely wanted me to see this wiring.  It looked as if you were merged with some sort of technology carrying electrical impulses across your chest.  I felt tingling.

Definite sheltering somewhere during what appeared to be winter with very gentle swirling snowflakes falling randomly around you.  You are flying, covering vast distances and connecting with others, charging this electrical thing.  You are carrying this powerful electrical charge.  Very beautiful, but strange.  You soar easily, but what is important now is your depth of descending, meeting all criteria.

You are not what you appear to be.